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Using Klopp’s Real-Life Tactics in PES 2021: False no.9 & Attacking Fullbacks | Tactical Realism #1


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Get the PES 2021 Realism Mod here:

In this episode, I examine Klopp’s unplanned and incredibly successful 4-2-4 formation from late 2020.

Watch the Full PES 2021 Realism Review here:
The 3-month PES 2021 Realism Re-Review here:

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Manual Shooting Realism Video:
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  1. Get the PES 2021 Realism Mod here:

    Watch the Full PES 2021 Realism Review here:
    The 3-month PES 2021 Realism Re-Review here:
    Manual Passing BLEW MY MIND:
    Manual Shooting Realism Video:
    30-year Soccer Gaming Review:

    Patreon Tip Jar:
    I’m most active on Twitter:

  2. Really, Pes online has to be the worse game I’ve ever played, ever…. And as for realistic looking you have to be kidding check the mouth animation on the player models and shirts look like dresses on players, crowds are dead, just some of the reasons I hate Pes and never play it. It’s not the same since PS2 days.

  3. Another great video and great info. Good job bro. Keeping doing, we love it. And why not gameplays with you on the screen. Like pes career modes.

    • There’s an old series on a now dead channel called “ItsFluHere”, by Fluorescent Fifa. He made that series as an introductory tutorial for people who never played with full manual controls. Mind you, it was made for fifa 12 (one of the last years where full manual was actually full manual; you can feel how there’s some kind of assistance from fifa 14 onwards, even in full manual, and the same is valid for PES). It should be helpful and if you have access to fifa 12 to actually train with that game, your transition to modern “full manual” controls will be smooth as silk.

  4. Tips for console gamers:
    • Play at Summer/Fine and Winter/Fine or at Winter/Snow at Day time for the best quality.
    • Play in Serie A, because they’re the only league who Konami gives the actual Scoreboard to.

  5. I play a 4-2-3-1 counter attacking style and it works just as well with my advanced attacking midfielder joining in on attacks and also pulling defenders out of positions with dummy runs and chipping in with goals too.

    Honestly, I think the game has less to do with formations and more to do with the ability of the personnel on the pitch.

    You can have 5 up top if you wanted, but if neither of them have a good footballing brain or can hit a barn door, it would be a waste of resource up there.

    Good video regardless though.

  6. great video and great break down of the formation with an excellent presentation.konami could easily use any of your videos as a trailer for the game

  7. Another masterclass video 👌 it’s amazing to watch your evolution since the first PES 2018 realism review and also the amount of work you’re putting in to the channel, simply the best PES content for sure.
    You definitely deserve huge recognition from Konami, at least a copy of the game 😅

    • @2SANDER7 memes Yeah I don’t know if that will translate into PES 2022. We’ve seen how Hideo Kojima can use Fox Engine way better than PES Developers could. Looking at Messi’s face, it looks like a clear downgrade from what Unreal 5 is capable of. Also, we need an AI to use these tools to generate good faces. It will take an eternity to model faces one player at a time using this tool.

    • @KnightMD nah it won’t be that good, for football game is to many details, but honestly I expect a good upgrade because many faces, especially the default ones, are horrendous

  8. this type of video is my favorite, precisely because I love to apply the game philosophy of a coach in the master league! keep up the good work you do

    • Sider is very complicated tbh which is why I put together a pre-installed copy paste version. You can find other pre installed mods, Spoony Pizzas made a video about how to install those 🙂

  9. Man I love your videos…but realistic off ball player movements 😮. Bro I see my off ball players stopping their run when there is clear goal opportunity space in front of them. Players running towards their own goal on a counter. Players stopping runs as soon as I pass to them. And the worst….they move out of space and behind an opposition player just as you are going to pass to them so the cpu can intercept and start their attack. The off the ball is the worst thing about this game for me. You don’t experience this ?

    • I experience many weird movements esp in defenders, but don’t forget that everything good about this game is just relative to the horrible competition’s gameplay.

  10. The game encourages realistic flow of play. I particularly love when after a long spell of passing, you make a through ball, landing just outside the box, for the striker to control it and slot it home. Masterclass

  11. Hi KnightMD, great video as always. I have a question: how do you believe the game decides which attacker will be designated the ‘false 9’? in the formation you presented you had 4 forwards: Mane on the left as CF, Salah on the right as SS, Jota on the point as CF and Firmino behind them as SS. Why is Firminho selected by the game as false 9 in this setup? do you know?

    • In my experience false nine will always be the CF, unless there is a SS in the formation. In that case the SS will always be the false nine. Deepest SS will be false 9 if there are multiple like in the example.

  12. Can you link a picture of the full tactic?
    Missing some of the defensive instructions.
    Great video! Easiely your best one yet.

    • I have used every tactic and mod you’ve posted
      You taught me manual passing also
      This seems to be the best. Can’t wait to practice

    • @David Google FIFA is shit. Passes are laser guided, every goal is exactly the same type of finish, fast build up and direct play is the only viable play style and every game finishes 7-5 because defending is so underpowered

    • @Just Because yeah but pes is also trash mate, both are arcade af, fifa 13,14, 17 were beautiful, dunno why they ruined, and PES 6,7 were amazing

    • @Just Because Are you dumb? You can literally turn off passing assist and what is so different about the pes goals compared to fifa? nothing

  13. Excellent video!

    I was just wondering… How long do you have your halfs set to? I find myself altering it every other game, so just looking for input from someone who obviously has greater experience in PES than i do.

  14. So what is the exact tactic you are using? Seems Like
    Long Ball
    8-10 Support

    Middle or Wide
    Aggressive Or Conserative

    Advanced Instructions
    False 9
    Attacking Fullbacks
    Tight Marking

    Can you please complete this

  15. Another fine production! I think PES 2021 with the mods is close to realism as i have seen especially when watching this videos. However, I recently tried FIFA 16 which believe it or not has good gameplay unlike its more recent editions

    • Fifa 17 was the last good fifa. Play it with full manual controls and look for realistic sliders on operation sports forums. You won’t be disappointed.

  16. Its really great video. but I don’t think this formation works well without manual long pass. I personally don’t play long balls. but I cant wait try it out with 3-3-4

  17. Hey man, do you have any tips on how to imrpove close quarter passing on fuma? I can’t seem to get the power and direction right for 5/6 short pass combos!

  18. You are a master at this job. Your analysis and content are stimulating. While doing these analyzes, which software do you use the Graphics in the Videos? Thankyou.

  19. Nice video, makes you wanna play the game.. What about your formation without the ball . Do you still have 4-2-4? I guess you will be in trouble when the opposition full backs move forward since your wingers stay up waiting for the ball.

  20. Game looks good but that gameplay can be a “whole lot” better. The game doesn’t use real life physics nor
    is the response any good as well. Super annoying and sadly that is the game mechanic which means that
    is how the game functions in its entirety which also means Konami will keep going along with this. At this point, its just
    creativity and the loyalty of the older fans that’s keeping this game in business.

  21. hey! thnx 4 the vid.a couple of questions…
    1: you can not set fabinho as DMF on that formation so he is placed as deeper central dmf?
    2:Is not “attFBs” instruction supposed to have one midfielder to “cover”as it says so in the description of the instruction? so maybe setting fabinho as DMF not necessary but for making sure that he s the one to cover instead of the other (less defensive minded) CMF.
    3:How do you handle subs with this much front motion. have defensive on one of the FBs?

    • Because the attacking fullback spend the game sprinting along the sideline, better use your subs there, as well as for the 2 midfielders

  22. Great vid! I just wanted to know if the AI is also that intelligent when you’re in the Be A Legend mode. I play FIFA’s Player Career mode at Ultimate difficulty, AI players still seem like they’re headless and playing without (ironically) intelligence. Not to mention the fact that your in-match rating gets slaughtered when you cover for your out of position teammates saying that you’re out of position 😶

  23. Incredible work Tarek. Lots of substance compared to popular YT videos. Also, this video is EXACTLY why PES has its dedicated core fans and also why it will never be as popular a FIFA. PES is for the connoisseur sim head and FIFA is for the online quick Esport fix. Not everyone can see and understand the intricacies in this game and that’s why we can’t get into FIFA after truly experiencing PES

  24. Hey dude! Great content all round! I was wondering how I can get a hold of your mod folder, since I’m from Russia and doesn’t seem to let me donate from here.

  25. Urgh, I just uninstalled the game because AI tactics are the same regardless of who you play. Deep line, hoof it long, now I wanna reinstall again, this game is like an abusive spouse

    • Lol it’s just the graphics that look good because of the Realism Mod. But here in this video I’m talking about the gameplay which I haven’t changed.

  26. For some reason I feel that there’s a difference in gamplay when you compare exhibition mode or cup and master league. The game is so smooth and fluid in exhibition but it gets so stiff comparatively in master league. Has anyone else noticed this? I really wanna enjoy some beautiful gameplay with master league’s tactics and signings.

  27. Great video as always. How many times your teammates make a move in an open space, you make the pass in front of them and then suddenly they stop moving? for me this behavior it is very often and its very very frustrating.

  28. hey can u plz help me with a thing?? The seat designs of stadiums with no crowd are not appearing in master league, I’ve tried in exhibition and the seats have beautiful real life designs, what should i do??

  29. Bro Excellent video as always But the name of the player is DiOgO with an “O”.
    ( Di-oh-go Jota)

    Keep doing a great job,
    Cheers From Portugal

  30. Great video my friend and a very good formation. About defending, what is the rest that you use about defending, line, compactness, pressing and containment area? Have you tried Mane, Salah as wingers and wing back for defending? Because 6 players to defend I think they are not enough🤔

  31. Tbh your just showing 2 or 3 moments that the tactics or AI works it spends the whole game by doing slow pointless animations or the strikers running back and asking for the ball showing clips of a game can make any game look good it’s a mess also try that online its a corrupt game and correction pes has only become a “realistic” or another stupid word that they call it “football simulator” in the last 4 years it was never like this and its biggest downfall

  32. When I remember right you are always playing the Vanilla Konami Gameplay, right?! And your reviews shows a working and logical anticipated tactical game, what I can confirm when I follow your Videos. Why are than so much Gameplay mods out there to try making the gp “better, more realistic”?? I asked myself this question everytime when I follow some gp threads in Forum like Evo Web. Searching for an answer to make the game easier? More goal scoring? Idk, included myself. When I watch your Videos all make sense what Konami gives us. So I wonder is there anything you personally have to claim about the game/gameplay what is in your opinion not logical? Many claim about the behaviour of the AI, it´s overpowered and so on. Like the Ai gets every ball when we trying to pass to our next Team mate or the unbalanced of AI ball Possession considered to ourselfs. Maybe I don´t understand PES and should go back to Fifa.

    • The gameplay is only ‘perfect’ when compared to the competition, but no the gameplay is not perfect in absolute terms. The gameplay mods attempt to try to fix several issues but in my opinion gameplay is too difficult to tamper with and when you fix one thing you ruin something else. It’s a very delicate balance and I prefer to leave it untouched.

  33. Man I need some help. It’s been two weeks since I made a contribution and I still couldn’t get the mod. It’s too big, each part has 20+ GB of size and the instructions say to “extract it” but the parts aren’t compacted. The download quota is always exceeded and the size of the parts doesn’t allow me to download it all in one ssd. What am I supposed to do? Need some help pls. Thanks

    • Hey buddy other mods are even bigger. At 106GB this is by far the most compact all in one with all the stadiums, turfs, kits etc. As for the download quota issue, I will upload it to onedrive because many people are trying to download it at the same time from Google drive so the quota gets filled up real fast.

      You surely can find an ssd bigger than 106gb, that’s not big at all!

    • @KnightMD thanks man! Yeah, just thought it wouldn’t be downloaded directly as it is, thought it would have been compacted. So, I just need to cut and paste the downloaded files into pes folder?
      Also, can’t wait for the new download options. I really appreciate your job and your attention

  34. I remember re-enacting Arteta’s 4-2-3-1/3-4-3 Vs Man utd last year on my PES 2019. It actually worked exactly like in real life. PES is awesome for that

  35. I really hope you make a review about body contacts, duel ball winning, and man marking
    If you compare with real life football, I think it’s still far away from the reality
    It’s too easy to get the ball from the opponent by side to side body duel

  36. U inspired me to use manual passing last year and I’m happy that I made the change because I have more control over the passes which is useful

  37. Hi, what’s your opinion on FUMA killing stats like passing and shooting as ultimately the player determines the success etc?
    Do you think this is the case and that PA1 and basic are better to appreciate player stats?

    • What’s wrong with hating a game that is selling trillions of copies by simply buying the exclusive licenses and releasing a gambling game of cards with a football theme, misrepresented as a football game. You do know they use algorithms to make players better or worse in a way that makes players buy more cards, right? They can enjoy the cash, but I’ll hate what they do and make it painfully obvious that there’s a better game out there that is actually more like football.

  38. I stopped playing Fifa,same game every year. Same goals,actions…but when I started playing PES it’s more like football. More actions,more animations,more tactis and you can score really beautiful goals. Can’t wait for PES 22.

    • Yeah fifa is basically the same every year. Im so tired of it. The only think they do is change the game from fifa 20 to fifa 21 and then they just put the prices up. So tired! Also playing pres now

    • Mee to. I start playing PES when it become free….and is something different, dont know how explain but the ball and the passes feel soo well. The only problem are the number of leagues, i think KONAMI need to create more fictional leagues and cups, so then the modders can bring this reality easily

  39. Please start a mycareer / become a Legend series. Maybe as a CM or a CAM, to showcase the passes, in a small market Premier League team like Crystal Palace or West Ham.

  40. As a PES player, all I know is just steal the ball, launch an attack from the flank and crossing into the box while my titan Striker waiting the ball and score a heading goal. I know nothing about tactics 😂

    And after watching this I learn some stuff about tactics and formations. Thanks mate

  41. But you added a realisum mod to make the game better,both games are fucking pure shit hence why you’re adding a mod if the game was good it wouldn’t need mods or anything adding

    • It’s just a visual mod. I’m talking about the gameplay here. But yes there’s no reason they couldn’t make the game look that good without mods.

  42. Men this is, so far, your best video. How you apply real life Klopp’s tactics in the game and how you analyze his tactics is AMAZING

  43. FIFA is a cash cow because of licenses. That’s it, period. If PES was ever able to obtain the same licenses FIFA would be finished.

    • why do licenses matter for anything? both games are out with the exact players and exact teams. if people aren’t playing pes, it’s not because Man United are called Man Red. Juventus is called Piemonte Calcio on FIFA. fifa is more popular because it’s a card collecting game

  44. When I had PES on my psp around 2011-13, the team settings were really quite simple rather Fifa which was more like a real life of football. Now, PES is far better than Fifa

  45. ​Let’s be honest. Who has changed from playing FIFA to PES because @KnightMD PES video?
    Nice video as usual 👍

  46. Man, Benfica needs a manager and I will recomend you with your tactics!!!!
    P.S, That game looks amazing compared with the Konami game !!! It makes me want to buy a PC

  47. Defending is super shit by the looks of it, ball is just beside the defender but yet none of them are making challenges lmaooo realistic my ass

    • @kunal Exactly, you don’t know how good defending is. Strong attackers can hold off defenders, like in real football. That’s what you’re seeing in game. And it’s funny how you’re trashing pes when you play football manager, a game that has a terrible match engine. Based on your comments, it’s clear that you either know nothing about football, or you’re just hating on the game for no reason.

  48. is what he means by manual shooy and pass that one done with holding l2 down or the one chosen at the assistance settings?

  49. Also with fluid formations, you can pretty much do whatever you want, I only ever use either hug the line or wing rotation attack instructions because with fluid formations, I can put my players wherever I want in attack and defense. It’s such an underrated feature, I’m surprised most people don’t talk about it.

  50. I respect your work, PES looks amazing, and its hard to play, totaly diferent from old PES (…. – 2019)
    But I dont think PES is better then FIFA.. You have same tactic in FIFA game, + more movemants, more and complex dribling, passing, shooting, more controlls.. FIFA have easy AI, but if you play PvP, Online or with your friend, that can be problem, becouse if you play with player who know tactics and who know how to play, FIFA can be beautifull game, ultra realistic 🙂
    I’m trying to learn PES on MANUAL comands, but its HARD, to much concetration you need 🙂

    • Those tactics don’t function properly, because the pacing of the game is too fast for you to think while playing. And fifa having more complex moves just play into the problem because of how fast the gameplay is. Overall, it’s just unrealistic, in every sense if the word. So I’d say pes is better than fifa. You make a reasonable argument though, unlike alot of the fifa fanboys on these videos.

  51. This is what I don’t get u need mods so it’s not the base game so console players can’t do that. Do mods on Fifa and it will be the exact same as what your talking about now. Also the graphics are trash they make everyone look 30 years older

  52. Lol if you can see with your eyes you can see the difference between the good gameplay vs worst gameplay FIFA is far better ok

  53. We seem to use a pretty similiar tactic for our teams 😛 I’m playing Everton in Master League right now, and I’m using a similiar tactic. 4-2-4, but with 2 CFs and 2 wingers (basically 4-3-3, but CAM is now the 2nd CF), and the rest of the tactic is really similiar to yours. I recommend trying out the Tiki-Taka advanced technique, it actually helps pull out some of the passes. I’m not sure how it works, but it just helps me, both in long and short passing.

    EDIT: My 4-2-4 is a bit different. It’s almost like 5-0-5, with backed out CDM, and CAM up front.
    So it’s 4 defenders + CDM, 2 front wingers (not midfielders), and two CFs + CAM.

    • @KnightMD oh, okay, whatever works for you and whatever works for me i guess 😛
      you’re playing master league with your liverpool? i mean i see you playing them all the time, but no transfers are being done, etc., do you play friendlies most of the time? 😛

  54. You guys are delusional, football games are all shit nowadays. This game looks robotic. Maybe new hardware generation can allow a leap forward but unlikely

    • @KnightMD Yup, it’s got some serious uncanny valley going on. Until animations catch up with visuals football games will be worthless to me. In the old days animations were ahead of visuals, now it’s the opposite

    • @nubl37 Ok and? Does that have to do with anything he said in the video? He’s talking about tactics, you are the delusional one here, because he never said that the animations weren’t robotic.

    • @RiqueTC 00 I’m referring to all the numpties in the comments waxying lyrical about how great the game moves, one of the top comments is about how “organic” it is

  55. Grate video that’s the real difference between pes to fifa realism and if you have a PlayStation or PC definitely the best way to play as you can get all the mods through pesworld and others.

  56. Fifa is scripting shit, pes is scripting shit but more realistic gameplay. If comes one fair football game bye bye fifa crap and dirty konami pes

  57. I love your your content I really do but one must agree this is the worst pes21 ever for starters the thing that’s killing pes is simple Ai aggressively pushing you off shoving you vs the irresponsiveness it takes too long to pass or shot the ball unless you use Manual passing

  58. Fifa gameplay used to be way better than PES’ back in the 2010s days but now the situation has changed dramatically. I believe if PES has all teams’ logos and kits then no one will buy Fifa anymore.

  59. First and foremost, I’ve been playing mostly fifa for years (12 up to 17, if we’re talking about modern fifa, as I started with the first one on the Mega Drive). I don’t play football games anymore since my ps4 died. I’m a full manual player as well (Fifa 17 with Full manual controls and realistic sliders is probably the best experience I’ve had with a football game). I really liked PES 2017’s demo (or the last one I played, I think it was the first one under that new name).

    PES in full manual, is amazing, even though I still have a few problems with goalkeeping being subpar. Fifa isn’t perfect either; hell, I would say fifa has some huge problems that made me not buy the game after playing FIFA 18.

    But I love this video. All of it. Everytime I see a brother promoting full manual controls, I’ll be there to encourage others to follow their advice and go for it. Give it a try. Full manual controls offers a whole new dimension to these games, and makes them look and feel more like real football.

    Keep doing this! Almost 10 years ago, a guy (who has left youtube) known as “Fluorescent Fifa” made a series to introduce people to manual controls. I would love to see some kind of content like that aimed toward newer players who are still playing with assists.

    • Yeah buddy I have a video showing my first steps into Manual Passing called ‘Manual Passing BLEW MY mind’ check it out

    • @KnightMD oh, I definitely check that out! Hope your channel grows fast, man! Content like this is, unfortunately, scarce, and badly needed. It’s a shame that most people on YT only play full assisted and more often than not, trying to exploit the game’s glitches and AI.

  60. Can you please help me with a patch where the stadiums, scoreboards and balls are already applied? I’m finding it very difficult to manually put in everything 🙏🏻

  61. It is hard to control players and shots on PES. But once you knock in a 32 yard screamer you’ll never going back to FIFA.

  62. I just hope PES22 become a legend mode will be revamp. It’s just good for now.. it can be better. Just think they slept on that mode a lot. Still a lot better than Fifa Be a pro.

  63. You really really love football and PES game realism. You explained it all flawlessly so it makes me reasonably follow your guidance, especially about the best formation for manual passing and manual shooting player.

    My attacking is more sharp and dangerous now. I even beat Chelsea 2-0 in FA Cup Quarter Final (Master League – Legend Difficulty). <~~ of course this happened NOT from a first try since I lack on dribbling skills haha. So I think you deserve to be mention as PES REALISM MASTER, Dude. Thanks for your share and keep up the good work!

  64. This is good against pc, but when you play competentive online it does not work, they play always with 4 cb, and diamond or 3 cf,
    Also another problem is stamina, fb lose it fast

    • Imagine watching a video this in depth, and replying to it with something this stupid. This very comment is proved wrong in the video.

    • Lol, c’mon give them a break. People keep forgetting that when we play midfielders as CBs, not only are we getting shit CBs playing against EPL strikers, but we also lose the midfielders we paid to play in these positions. Jota is also a big difference maker. He shouldn’t replace Bobby, we should go back to our successful 4-2-4 as in this video with Bobby dropping back as a false no. 9. We just need good CB coverage for these attacking Fullbacks

  65. Bro you make me want to get this game so much, I never have had a football game. Do you recommend me to wait for the 2022 game. I will for sure watch your review first

  66. Problem is console players can’t get this experience so its a little bit of a farce all you guys saying its better overall experience than fifa… yeah if you mod the core of games and add more its bound to make it a more complete experience. Fifa for xbox, pes on pc or playstation its simple.

    • Keep in mind we’re talking about just visual mods. The reason we are willing to go through these pains is because the core gameplay is solid and worth playing. I agree about Xbox since nothing in the game is easily fixable.

  67. Looks like the defender’s AI is very bad. They are watching a ball passing through them long enough, never marks their opponents, never charging them either. What a shame! It is not realistic to play and win in football with that many gaps between the defenders and midfielders and attackers, For these kinds of AI, this passes are possible.

  68. In this video Firmino isn’t a false 9, he’s a 10. The false 9 refers to an out and out striker that drops deep to draw out defenders and make space for wingers.
    Regardless, you need a job at Konami for the way you make this game seem so enjoyable

  69. You’re playing a long ball direct style of football
    which is precisely the opposite of possession football

  70. FIFA series just have updated the entries for some years. EA concentrate on only ULTIMATE. I hope the company without innovation to perish.

  71. To anyone trying to score manual finesse shots, recently I have been able to score some goals that even looked like assisted ones. I don’t know if this was an update but I have never score manual goals like that before.
    I think the most important things are to see the position of the goalkeeper and have some space to execute. In my channel there are 3 short videos so you can see how the goals were
    Commenting here because that’s the biggest manual pes channel I know, and would like to know if anyone notice that change too

  72. But then again, the Cbs dont join on corners when taking one, when the all is assorted it has the sorted players in it, the man marking system is bugged as well as the switching players system, ive been playing pes for over 6 years now although it is a great gane its far from perfect and what it could be. I can see why if its ur first time playing pes from switching over from fifa can be a big deal.

  73. There is only 1 reason that I’m not playing pes its because of the team license it just doesn’t complete me seeing my team being called Chelsea b

    • @KnightMD He also brought in Davies. A 25 yr old CHAMPIONSHIP player. I’m not saying that you had the best options, I’m just saying that Klopp did bad business. He also should never have bought Thiago. A 26 million WASTE that never fitted Liverpool’s style of play. I’m sorry but Kopp is in danger of being sacked.

    • @Rob Coward loool nobody wants Klopp sacked. Davies was meant to be a substitute for 3 CBs. No EPL regular would want to be there. Thiago is incredible tbh nobody blames him for what went down this year. Again, the team has been playing midfielders as CBs this past 3 months. We lose the midfielders and gain shit CBs in the process. Then even those midfielders playing as CBs got injured and we ended up with even shittier CBS and our second choice midfielders. It’s a mess that nobody could have predicted. It would be bad business to buy world class substitute CBs in the preseason when nobody could have predicted all those injuries. Hazard cost 100M. It wasn’t bad business because nobody could have predicted those injuries. You don’t go after the fact and call a decision bad business based on what happened after and not when the decision was made.

    • @KnightMD But Thiago was always going to be a bad bit of business. He never fitted your style of play, even before you bought him. Your forwards have also been terrible this season. They are all suffering from bad goal scoring form. They have been together for too long and Klopp needs to change up his front 3 next season or he’ll be in trouble.

    • @Rob Coward Forwards will suffer when Fullbacks can’t push forward to support them without having decent coverage in the back. Forwards need to be fed.

  74. U call this realistic. The defenders stop to make the attack look good. U can do this in fifa but you need to actually know how to do it.

    • Defenders stop to make attackers look good? Jesus Christ, fifa fans are dumb. Yes I call it realistic because it is, have you watched even a little bit of football within the past 5 years? And no, you can’t do these tactics on fifa, because the gameplay is too fast to even think while playing. The only thing that matters in fifa is speed. Nothing else.

  75. I got my hands on PES 2021 pretty late, around april 2021. I played ML for two days and automatically found myself using these very tactics. Its nice to see that even experienced players use this tactic because it is simple in theory but hard to execute

  76. People especially FIFA fans have a habit of critisizing PES because of its ‘alleged’ robotic movement animations and bad A.I. I can’t speak for others in this regard as I’ve not played FIFA in quite some time but I’ve never had more entertainment in a football sim like PES. It’s so beautiful to play with the tactics given and they work flawlessly. The on pitch player movement with the ball at your feet, the passing are so satisfying to pull off. For me atleast, the best thing about the beautiful game of FOOTBALL is to pass the ball around in the opposition half to look for space while dragging CBs and CMs out of their positions. PES lets me do it so well. IDK why people look to put this game down just to praise FIFA. As a FOOTBALL fan, it’s unfortunate.

  77. I bough all mods that you mentioned but I really dont know how to mod, I watch videos and I get really confused could you or someone help me out?

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