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UFL – Reveal Trailer | gamescom 2021


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The first trailer for the free-to-play football (soccer) game UFL.

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  1. there are a total of 24 of us Aliens living secretly in your so called wonderfull “Earth” at this moment.

    reading these comments from you humans is very funny to us

    • @Skeet Teeks there are a total of 24 of us Aliens living secretly in your so called wonderfull “Earth” at this moment.

      reading this comment from you just another human makes us think …do you Skeet Teeks want us to visit you tonight 2:48am?

    • It has been in the making since 2016. As for release date it’s next year. More news coming for an exact release date.

  2. And it does not have the Real Kits or badges plus the real Leagues and u people saying it could be better then fifa dont make me laugh😂😂😂

  3. Fair to play? They really know who their audience is 🤣 . I hope this game is better than fifa and all fifa player migrate to this game.

  4. Will it come for PS4 too?
    If it’s confirmed, I’ll download it and then I’ll play this new football videogame!
    Tell me it’ll come with Edit Mode, Leagues, Cups and other offline modes, please…!

    • there won’t be. It’s F2P model is online game only. They will monetize this to no end. No F2P is fair to F2P players. They soon turn to whales for money…

  5. Este es el unreal engine en que tiene que trabjar Konami no la payasada que hicierkn en la demo

  6. It’s not FIFA but it’ll be monetized like it. Oh, Free-to-play, you almost feel like the lesser of two evils now..

  7. Por fin algo distinto!! Se ve increíble Gracias por atreverse 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 lo estaré esperando con ansias… se ve muy prometedor 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻😬

  8. I’m interested. Lets see what you’ve got. High time a competitive football game company showed up to shake complacent and lazy EA sports.

  9. Interesting for Small Content Creators like me, if you do a change to it very early than you can maybe grow very much because you did it before the other Creaters do so… EXTREMELY Interesting

  10. It would have a chance only if they made it a one big game that will last forever with updates instead of selling the same game every single year, and with this strategy if it succeeds FIFA and PES also will follow the same way.

    • So how would they make money then? They have to sell something, I’d probably be ok with having a crappy looking stadium that you can only upgrade with real money, what would you be willing to accept in the shop?

  11. Hopefully the don’t forget about switch users like ea sport ( because you are not even trying) and konami (you never did it so far)

  12. There hasn’t been a serious 3rd contender for football games since “This is Football” franchise, all the way back in early 2000’s. Let’s see, unreal engine has so much potential…

  13. Todas mis esperanzas en esta compania y juego.
    Konami ha arruinado el mejor juego de futbol que existio.
    Todas las canicas por Strikerz Inc.

  14. This game is probably going to be a combination of both pes and fifa🤔. Pes being the gameplay and fifa being the graphics😬😂😭.

  15. fkng ubisoft has made almost every sports game but no football game, I’m kinda curious what their football would look like.

  16. I’m looking forward in seeing what they’ll bring for us. New ideas, new gameplay, new engine. Well why not…

  17. The football gaming community really needed competition. This monopoly type thing has to go. Fifa and Pes players are all about loyalty more than the gaming experience itself. I’m glad someone is challenging em

  18. Brand new game, haven’t seen any footage but expectations are already through the roof, so when it comes out and it’s decent but not the fifa killer everybody wants, the angry mob will take over and tarnish the game’s rep

  19. The problem is EA just have too large of a budget and experience of making Fifa that for this to even be a competitor in anyway it’s gonna take at least 5-10 years, hate on Ea all you want but every year they release the football game overall that mostly looks and feels like real football, there’s no other company that comes close and if you try say Pes your lying to yourself or else it wouldn’t be free too play next year the game is not responsive what so ever🤦🏻‍♂️😪

  20. If it’s not like fifa or PES and it has the authentic kits, stadiums, faces, and squads of players, I’m def trying out this game and rooting for it. It would be a slap in the face to EA and Konami

  21. Vaaaaaaai UFL acreditamos em você!!! Tomare que façam um jogo incrível! Não aguentamos mais jogos mal feitos com foco no online!

  22. This has piqued my interest. How far along is development on this, anyone know? I’ve read Strikerz Inc. has been working on it since 2016 but now sure when we could expect a release date.

  23. For this kind of game it’s hard to get excited if they don’t show gameplay. I’m not thrilled about it being free to play, but I’ll check it out

  24. They should make it where you can prevent a player from retiring are where you can bring down their age and put them back in their prime year’s!so your favorite players can continue to play

  25. Please make a Football game aswell ( American Football ) we are really tired of Madden , and 2K delayed with us on they Arcade NFL.