Sunday, June 26, 2022



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This video is about a new football game that is UFL and it will feature a new way of playing the Football simulation. Its completely free to play and fair to play and is developed by || ||
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  1. This game is gonna be mad! Based on the information given in this video, personally I love the fact its playable on every platform I thought it was only gonna be on next gen due to the graphics in the video

  2. Need to add a online mode and career mode so it’s a basically a free fifa so that EA will go bankrupt and will learn not to steal money from us

    • @Mazen Khaled ur actually dumb. ‘🚨🔴EXCLUSIVE: UFL will feature a “Custom Club” mode when it’s released, you will be able to create ur own badge, own kits and use different stadium templates at LAUNCH. You can build your squad by “Transferring Players in and out”, with over 5000 Licensed Footballers included.’ – reliable Twitter account, futzone. They also said there selves that you can create a kit badge and stadium and transfer players, not buy, transfer.

  3. It’s said that’ it’s a simulation game which means you control nothing….. How the fuck is that competing with fifa

    • Hopefully this goes great so that fifa can step it up a notch. They have been copy and pasting bc there has been no competition

    • @Said Santoyo Yeah thats the Problem.Cuz other games Like Racing Simulations have actually competition(Projects Cars,Forza Motorsport,Gran Turismo…..)Ea doesn’t have that with Fifa(maybe Pes but they actually offer too less licenses……)They need competition to step up their game with fifa.Well maybe it’s gonna happen with this Game(Ufl) or an other game.

  4. Why can it be played only on online?They should have know that not all places have good/no internet connection at all.Offline mode should come in.

  5. It’s unreal engine the graphics surely will be great
    But the most important thing in a football game it licenses or it will be just another pes game with better graphics

  6. Since it’s a free to play game, it won’t have career mode and story mode for sure. Online mode only. You can’t even play against computer. So I don’t think it can ever replace FIFA. The reason why people play FIFA is it’s mode versatility. It has career mode, online mode for ultimate team, pro club mode, story mode, and Volta

  7. Hey FIFA…. Rest in Peace 🤘🏻😎🤘🏻
    At least, if they still wanna charge 70$ for their warmed up game every year 😂

    • It takes way much more for Fifa to die. Way way more. Only way to stop EA is either going super drastic by not buying FIfa or at least don’t spend money on FUT. But these 2 scenarios are almost impossible as millions are still paying a full game price + gods know how much on FUT. EA doesnt care about customer feedback, as they still get immense revenue from FIFA, why would they care.

  8. I’m so happy to see FIFA get some competition. The monopolies on sports games have been terrible for the consumer. I Want to see somebody come for NBA 2K next!

  9. Maybe finally something that will make me come back to playing football games. I have gotten bored with FIFA and I don’t like the lack of freshness in the title and the release of almost the same product every year. Another player on the market is needed, I wish them the best because maybe thanks to this game I will return to football games, because FIFA and PES have already discouraged me.

  10. Это кто, это что? Я думал американское что-то, когда на гейм-стриме смотрел, это хоть понятно бы было, а тут ШИЛОВЫ-МЫШКИНЫ смешно. СНГ, белоруско-русюшное Г уха хаааааааааааа МАЖОРИКИ ДЕЛАЮТ ИГРУ, ДЕНЬГИ ЗАКОНЧАТЬСЯ И УСЕЕЕЕЕЕЕЕ! В офисе EA-FIFA смеются над идиотами! Жду FIFA-22 куплю обязательно.

    • эм, российские компании типа playrix, wargaming, gaijin зачастую прибыльнее еа и прочих гигантов, хз к чему ты это высрал. Деньги вряд ли кончатся, у них есть некие инвесторы, которые уже оплатили пять лет разработки, так что даже если деньги кончатся, то они легко найдут новых инвесторов на таком этапе, когда игра уже почти готова

    • @Радмир Кукей Мозги себе купи в России космодром восточный достроить не могут воры. В Белоруссии
      Батька картошкой кидается и корова мычит в недоразвитом СНГ. EA-Ржут над вами дураками. Fifa-лучший футбольный симулятор в мире таким и будет всегда.

  11. I want Asia super league (malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand)
    Aff Suzuki cup
    Manager mode, create club, stadium, and more..

  12. Immagine this game Will be relase for switch too. finally another football game for switch players. Now there s only fifa (It’s the same game from 19) so i Hope this can be relase for switch. Pls

  13. I feel like Ufl will be Nintendo switch, even tho this game is unreal engine, Nintendo have other unreal engine like fortnite so…

    • Closer to biggest flop as with many games released in this generation we will have to wait and see if this game is any good

    • @Volcanic Ash you know that unreal engine is used in many games right?
      Just because its used in fortnite doesnt mean its going to be smiliar. You sound like you have zero knowledge about games

  14. things they need to succeed:
    -Listen to the community
    -Create 11v11 (such as pro clubs)
    -Focus on gameplay
    -Keep it free to play

  15. What’s the name of the game with a girl flying at the beginning of the video????? 🙏Help, guys🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏

  16. I will always be an EA SPORTS supporter and also Konami I will have to play rhis new game to believe that it has a chancw to defeat fifa and pes

    • Never in a million years did I think I’d see the words “I will always be an EA sports supporter” u don’t know much about the company do u??

  17. I think this will be best because its Unreal engine which is engine used for pes for last 2 years so the reality will become best as Pes so FIFA will be out of the league

  18. Dude, grow up! How come you’re getting flowed into these stupid marketing?? Never heard anyone talking about a Cinematic Trailer that seriously.

  19. I want football game where in master league i can build club stadion etc.

    Its not hard to make but fifa and pes wont do that, diks

  20. Dont get me wrong, its good that fifa and pes are getting some competiton but what worries me is what is gonna be like to split exclusive rights (teams, leagues, stadiums) with 3 football games…

  21. Most seem to forget that this is probably a CGI trailer and doesn’t really depict any actual gameplay, so it’s hard to be excited at this early stage. Furthermore, it’s way too soon to write off eFootball as a game which “hasn’t delivered” (according to the narrator), as this is still a work in progress as well. It will take at least half a year to see what these titles will actually deliver before any (tentative) conclusions can be drawn. From my perspective as a PC gamer, I simply can’t be excited about FIFA 22 or UFL to be fair, as both companies behind these iterations have forsaken PC gamers altogether.

  22. Most CGI cinematics are done in render engines used for for films. But I believe this was done in unreal engine. The level of detail gets better the closer you are to the object. I am excited to see new competition

  23. I’m not convinced yet, I gotta see some real gameplay. I hope it isn’t Arcady like Fifa, I like the simulation experience

  24. Soo sick of fifa ut and rainbow card teams… every full of legendary card teams… I cant wait.. even if it’s worse than fifa I’ll still play this over fifa aka candy crush bs ass game

  25. i swear can u imagine them doin as same as League of legends like players own skinss haahahahhahah free game but i can try to open packss for skin lol it will be amazing 😀

  26. I’ve seen the official gameplay and it just looks like a copied version of PES if not even PES itself celebration menu, realistic, and overall gameplay so I to be honest think it’s nothing to be worried about FIFA’s next gen of its game looks like it’s coming a bit realistic like PES with goal net realistic movement and re done animations and scripts

  27. I hope this turns out good and FIFA is getting saturated as there are no significant changes taking place. This will push FIFA to straighten up and talk less about the new tech gameplay all the time with the same thing .

  28. Makes sense they started in 2016 since Fifa only got progressively worse from there if not earlier. Im sure it takes some years to plan such a big project and set everything up aswell so it must have been more than 5 years of work.

  29. Well, let’s see the actual game. I have high hopes for the new console generations and unreal engines. But let’s wait, after all its not easy do make a good football game.

  30. I have no doubt about we’ll see another crap game soon… Unless the entire development team get fired from the company this game will go no where for sure…

  31. If the league can offer payment on winings on every match, preferable in crypto currencies, that means will be huge and everyone will benefit

  32. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 clueless fool you are …e football is pes 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 unreal engine 5 has taken over Pes now efootball and konami are the creators of Pes lol efootballs Pes 2021 lol it’s our since last year

  33. I’d rather pay for a full game with all the modes from day 1. The fact that you gotta be waiting for new content all the time just makes it worse.

  34. FIFA is dead if everything that is shown is true. Personally, I think it’s great cinematics but I think with Unreal Engine they can reach these kinda heights. So just gotta hope that it will be a real contender for FIFA.

  35. Also, if they will create graphics when the stadium looks great in the daytime, not only at night, it will huge advantage, because many people when they play FIFA prefer to play at night because they can see better and graphics look so much better. So if they can beat FIFA in those areas where EA company struggles they might succeed.

  36. Looks nice even it is not officially out, I cannot wait for the official trailer of the game, It should be allot better then Fifa.

  37. Every game is best in trailer ( except efootball) untill it releases, then the real shocking things appear 😂😂😂😅😅😅😅

  38. Like a generation before, this is has the whiff of Actua Soccer about it. Fresh new idea, great for a while, but capitalism squashed it in the form of EA. This is no different.

  39. People acc think this game will take over ? They have one team liscensed the game looks good but I doubt they will be adding skill and the game will run like fifa most likely . Basically a poor mans fifa …..

  40. I’m not gonna get my hopes up since they are promising everything to be free. How will they make money? I’m not sure they’re gonna be able to run everything by selling cosmetics, hope they don’t go bankrupt before they release it.

  41. Imm tryna not get hyped because everytime I do I seem to be let down. But I hope its gonna be as good as they are making us think it’s gonna be because I’m sick of ea fuckin me over in ultimate team.

  42. Fifa has taken has taken so much attention in football gaming industry, if a new football videogame is in the works it really needs to do something that sets it apart from the competition

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