Saturday, June 25, 2022



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This video is about a new football game that is UFL and it will feature a new way of playing the Football simulation. Its completely free to play and fair to play and is developed by || ||
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    • @Tungsten tUKtUK Are you stupid or something? It will be a just a name change man. All licences are staying.


    • The licensed club, leagues, tournaments, players, nationals will stay.

      They just couldn’t use FIFA name on a tournament like FIFA World Cup / FIFA Club World Cup anymore.

    • the player licences are from FIFPRO no affiliation to FIFA. The club and league licences are from the clubs and leagues themselves the only thing that will change is the name and no World Cup mode. The fifa licence is the most useless licence ea pay for. Ea were paying FIFA around $40m a year now FIFA wants $250m a year so ea told them to go fuck themselves and rightfully so.

  1. Why people are so hyped on ufl? There is not even an official gameplay and people say it’s already better than fifa. Guys wtf

    • @I don’t care see that’s what frustrates me the most ik single player is probably amazing but FUT and pro clubs gameplay are so irritating I wish they would just separate multiplayer and single player gameplay

    • @Black Hippy but the dda needs to be in the game for stats and cards in fifa to work we can’t haven56rated cb be shooting like Ronaldo

    • @Samir Scripting means, Game itself give advantage either to youor your opponent based on different factors. If you keep on winning every match you will find it so easy and start losing interest, so game will make you lose matches by itself to make u feel challenged

  2. EA is a billion dollar company can’t compare UFL to a smaller brand starting up Next year it’s said EA is going they own road without FIFA and starting they own Game name

  3. I really hope this will be as good as fifa or even better. A football game without DDA would feel so good, please god.. please make this game good.

    • Me2. I only play manager career mode with an authentic club. I like to have realistic sliders so it’s not fast paced. And on ps5 this year it’s good.

    • Who cares, no one will listen to you, UFL is focusing on simulation football online gameplay, since FIFA is the only game that has it right now and ppl are FORCED to play fifa bcs no other game has it (FUT)! this is already 2021-2022, wth ppl play career mode 🤣🤣

    • @ameronice Wtf is wrong with career mode. I don’t like playing online. As do many others. I don’t give a sh*t about fut. Same with pes it had a masterleague I played it. Now that’s fucked it’s just fifa left. There are sliders and slow gamespeed and I play on manual. So wtf is wrong with a career mode? Online is not for everybody you know. I 🤮 on it.

  4. People keep complaining about FIFA, but yet they keep buying the foOkin’ game. The fact is FIFA is the best football game in the fOokin’ world out right now, UFL hasn’t even revealed any gameplay footage yet. I think FIFA will be staying for awhile, mates.

  5. Game looks OK. But people calm the f down on already claiming this game is gonna be a PES and FIFA killer. This is what’s wrong with yall before every release of any game. We’ll only see if the game actually gets released how the performance is. Past years most hyped games have had terrible releases, so don’t get so hyped up.

  6. If no offline mode than how would the game be fair to play grind till our fingers falls off I would rather play career mode- and be able to buy and sell players

  7. Nobody cares about graphics… Like aslong as it looks good, then its fine. What matters is gameplay, how their FUT alternative will work, and the online community willing to play it.

    If any of those 3 fail, then nobody is going to leave FIFA.

  8. EA is just like a Samsung company they are talented in terms of phone so recently now other brand are becoming more better than them that’s is how this game will compete with FIFA

  9. UFL developers are definetly not smart man. Why are they focusing on online modes when they know they will NEVER IN A BILLION YEARS surpass fifa. On the other hand, career mode is definetly not that good in fifa, so they could easily be better than fifa on career mode. Which would make a lot of people to start playing UFL. After that they could slowly focus more on the online part. Which will be easier since they already will be having active players

  10. Everybody shits on ea. But at least they still make a career mode. And with good sliders like the OS ones, and slow gameplay the game is realistic enough for me on my ps5.

  11. hope its good, but these videos and Strikerz asseretions are not enough. Take your time do a good job, but your company has no track record so i am just going to wait and wish you luck.

  12. Too many times weve seen stuff like this and it mostly turns out be a piece of crap or never gets released.always gets pushed on to a couple of more years and then gets cancled. i think ppl need to stop hyping it up. there has not even been any gameplay yet. Efootball is the worst football game ever made but the models youve shown are not from 2022 man city and liverpool arnt even in the game the models from pes 2020.

  13. this is definitely a big hit to konami lol. anyway i can’t wait to try the game, the important thing in these games is graphics and gameplay and also great mechanics i hope we get better then what we’ve seen in efootrash

    • @A M you score the same 5 goals over and over, there is 0 creativity, ball physics, realism of movement etc… maybe the best FIFA game, but FIFA will never be not-scripted, even with manual passing

    • @eazy-e the certified g FIFA 22 is probably their best FIFA yet…ON PS5. It’s a beautiful game and plays so smoothly. They really stepped up their game for the next gen consoles. I hope they keep it going

    • @Ferrari Khan well if I talk about a game I mean all platforms and as u might see fifa circle is almost done, so at this point it’s not relevant anymore if it works right now, from this point fifa 22 community is only downsizing.

    • @eazy-e the certified g downsizing to what. What other franchise there available…and don’t say PES or eFootball. Foh and get with the times.

  14. How I wish those devs that left Konami would join the team making this UFL and make it way better than PES (not the efootball trash)

  15. lets just hope the gameplay itself doesnt disappoint. the graphics are pretty good though, and yes id play it as its free, i aint gonna be paying 80 pounds for fifa.

  16. i like everything so far except one thing the fucking camera is wierd as hell, one good thing about fifa is the camera hope we can have something smiliar to it

  17. fifa just broke the acords with ea sports…….and any game company could buy the license .hope will be a good game

  18. I don’t put much belief on a game whose official ambassador is Zina. Then again I’d be happy if they prove me wrong, but I highly doubt it.

  19. hate to say it but UFL will be released – streamers youtubers hype it up play it for a few weeks and then go back to FIFA and youll never hear about UFL again. It will be played by a somewhat small community and that’s it. i don’t know what it is about FIFA but us as a community always seem to go back to it ( buy it each year ). You can use the excuse but if UFL is good we wont need to go back to it, i guarantee you that you will still play FIFA over UFL more because thats just the way it is, an addiction.

  20. Cannot wait for this game. They took a good dig at EA. But I’m a little disappointed that there won’t be a career mode. But they can add that in the years to come. Love how it’s free to play. Nice card design and I like the star rating system. Will defo be getting this game!

  21. There are some actual full-on gameplay videos out there on YouTube for this game. It looks better than FIFA. Very impressive for a company on it’s first voyage. While FIFA 22 has some impressive details and animations, the actual overall gameplay seems inferior to UFL. There could be a lot to be excited about here. I only hope there is an offline career mode. With the beauty of this gameplay, it would be a shame if it didn’t.

  22. For everyone who disliked, this is still WORK IN PROGRESS so the nets will update, players will update, everything will get update

  23. Ea lost fifa rights too so yeah the football game market is open ground now. This game should keep getting better and better as they will have big updates each eason to change gameplay graphics ect

  24. I used to love pes , so i was forced to play fifa , which i hate soooooooooooooooooooo please !!!!! be a decent game

  25. It looks better when fifa … because fifa is same old engine and E football is NOT PES OK GET a clue just made by same company

  26. You don’t know what you’re talking about because Efootball is not yet on Unreal Engine 5, it is still on 4. So not next gen.

  27. Thanks for the video, good work = subscribed!

    About UFL: I think its about patience and expectations. My hope is rising slowly, seems like they know about communication and that could be kind of key to success imo

  28. I hope we’ll have a more realistic gameplay. If there’s something like a manager career mode with a lot of customization without too much fuss, then it’s a must buy for me. I really wanna try something that can compete or maybe even be better than Fifa

    • @SLOWMONUTKICK EA will definitely pay FIFA enough for their licenses so there’s no chance EA will just let that license go. It might take 5+ years for UFL to get attention from FIFA because they’ll be in EA’s shadow due to popularity

    • @돈이지 So you obviously dont know that EA is dropping FIFA next year then? Although the player/stadium licenses arent owned by FIFA only the FIFA branding and tournaments etc.

  29. Love this u know now that EA lost their special partnership with FIFA a lot more games will be coming out in the football video game space

    • For ea is better to lose fifa license because now have enough money to buy more licenses like serie a full license russian league etc,and buy more servers in other europe

  30. and if you believe this you probably believe in Santa claus too ,I very much doubt they have the license to reproduce the big clubs images and I don’t have to remind anyone who is a football fan west ham isn’t a big club

  31. UFL will hurt more Konami then it will FiFa, UFL will take number 2 spot quick if they deliver, fifa with the Champions licenses, Volta, and career mode will stay as top dog

  32. Wish the UFL’s final product will have graphics of pes 2022 and physics of 2022 , I know the video says the graphics are similar to FIFA but still

  33. Hope this one comes to destroy Fifa. Their monopoly is absurd, it’s clearly a casino for younger people and theres nothing being done about it since there’s no other option to play football without
    it being Fifa.

  34. i am gonna get this game because the game i have currently that i now end up regreting fifa 21 it is not as it used to be back in the old days

  35. UFL gameplay system îs 99 % like Pes …it îs funny to hear an arcade player talking about FUMA lol

  36. As far as I’ve seen this is only for consoles..and if they don’t release for PC.. they can say goodbye to the expected sales..because the trend in the world is to make games more for PC..because of the strength of graphics cards..which consoles can’t follow..

  37. I love FIFA but EA is just not it cheif. I love how they charge 70 fucking dollars for a copy and paste game. Like the thing that pisses me off is I bought the game for 70.00 and the next week ultimate edition is 40.00 on ps5 store like LMAO

  38. It looks OK, but I am seriously worried that it could turn out like efootball which is horrendous.

    Also I am one of the many people who loves to play career mode, not having all the licences and no career mode is a real issue for me, if they do eventually provide a career mode then they need to make the code open so like pes did we can add kits and badges.

    I just don’t feel like we will see a full football game again and that saddens me.

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