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With PES 2022 moving onto the Unreal Engine this year, there’s no doubt the potential is there for Konami to produce the goods! Big question is can they? We only hope so!

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⏱️ Time Stamps:
Intro: 0:00
PES 2022 Trailer from Last Year: 00:46
Unreal Engine 5 Chit Chat: 01:52
Potential of the Unreal Engine 5 (MetaHuman): 05:08
Fox Engine vs Unreal Engine: 08:08
Article Discussing PES 2022: 08:57

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  1. I know that faces wont look like this, maybe next next gen but the point here is to show the potential of the Unreal Engine. Fingers Crossed we at least get that feeling that Konami have been working their butts off to bring that PES feeling back!
    Leave a comment with what your looking forward to 👀

    • Why did you use that faces when you could have used a captured face from any star player to compare accurately.

    • I dont know if we are getting that level of quality faces on this first year with the unreal engine but with no doubt is one of the best engines for video games and i hope konami can make a godd use for it and bring the best pes we have seen, i have my hopes up, still enjoying pes 2021, it would be interesting to confirm wich version of the real engine they are using, 4 or 5?

  2. Honestly ur one of my fav youtubers man. The fact u dont do this full time makes it even more great that u post almost everyday. Keep it up bro

  3. Terry F.Gaming last Friday was the first PES channel to cover this on the 12th February…It’s very exciting if PES 22 has this tech .
    Edit mode in PES hasn’t changed since 2015 six years of Konami not improving a improvement feature imo as the default faces look like car crashes.
    I don’t expect too much from Konami as in the past all they’ve done is disappoint.

  4. Has it been confirmed that PES 2022 is going to be using UE5 rather than UE4? I’m not even sure that devs are even using early versions of it yet. UE4 is still great tbf. But that trailer definitely wasn’t made in UE5 because it’s not released yet, including to devs.

    With that said, apparently, UE4 assets can be upgraded to UE5 without much hassle, so we’ll see.

  5. I don’t want to get my hopes up so honestly, I don’t expect Konami to have anything like this. Let’s hope they outdo all of our expectations

    • Yes, I would love to have the choice like for player, start with an existing or create your own or edit. That would be awesome

    • I don’t care if Konami wants to sell out the game to another developer I would not mind. As long as they don’t lock the customization.

  6. If anything a game like PES is perfect for testing the new UR face editor. UR must have been working on it for a few years now so could be ready to use. Who knows if we will see anything like this is PES 22 though.

  7. I am expecting to be disappointed with edit mode honestly. I don’t think Konami can catch up now. But I am just gonna stay positive and hope at least the gameplay is good and the edit mode would be at least slightly better.

  8. I just have no expectations lol, but I’d love to get manager editor that’s good instead of playing as manager models that don’t look like me. I love that I can get accurate faces on career mode for my manager. PES needs to get with the times

  9. Faces won’t really look like that.. too much going on in a football game..
    Konami can still update their faces and player models by a mile using this engine though.

  10. I can’t wait for this game… its gonna be so fresh, good, and realistic… which is the best thing in gaming… REALISM
    I want them to improve master league because thats the only thing i play lmao

    • I thought I am the crazy one… I never played any online modes in PES or FIFA. I only play the Master League or career mode whatever they called it…

    • @Customized jel ti postane dosadno malo nakon dve sezone? Ja uzeo sevilju, isvojio sve, prešao u man. city, doveo sve najbolje igrače i onda me smorilo sve…na top player igram, inače

    • @Međed Momo ma dosadno ubi boze, ali ako maknu regenove, dodaju cut scene koje zapravo imaju smisao i poprave gameplay bit ce puno bolje

  11. I’m excited since I’ve used the engine, but it still depends on Konami how much they do with it, there’s a lot to improve but we can absolutely make wishlist and all that but it all depends on Konami, and despite the controversy and all their problems, I still trust that PES 2022 can be a great game

  12. Looking at these videos just runs the risk of running up your expectations. But remember this is Konami. They are lazy developers.

    PES 2022 will no doubt look gorgeous. The graphical leap when they moved to Fox Engine was massive. But the gameplay has been terrible. Too many bugs. Too much nonsense.

    I’m expecting the same thing – beautiful to look at but buggy, poor ai and dodgy gameplay.

    Hopefully I’m wrong. But it’s better to keep low expectations.

  13. Remember Konami stated that in mid-2021 there will be a beta for PES 2022 so i would expect there maybe a teaser and more info in May at least.

  14. The potential is great. The Unreal Engine comes with multiple assets and tools that can enhance certain areas of the game. The Fox Engine held up despite its issues, but out with the old, in with the new.

  15. Don’t get why you are so hyped about a new engine?! Yeah t looks nice but apart from that, what benefits does it have for pes gameplay wise? That’s what I like to know.

    • Its a brand new engine that’s why.. We havent had a serious upgrade since 2014, whether it was a disappointment or not, it still had more animations, better physics etc. This isnt just some season update. So yeah, im going to at least have some excitement over it. Barely enough in this world as it is, especially after the shocking 2020 we had

    • I hope your positive gut feeling is right, I really do! But konami could have done so much more with the game in the past 4-5 years and they simply refused to do so. I don’t think the engine was the problem but a lack of motivation / inspiration / time was. So if this is the case then I new engine would make hardly any difference. But again, I really hope konami knocks it out of the park with this one and I will stop drinking vinniger now….

    • First…. How do you know konami is working 4-5 years on this title? Where is that stated? And 2, the ‘New’ engine will provide us better judgement by the ref’s? No scripting? No dump AI teammates? Etc. It’s an engine not a magical tool that makes the game stand out.

    • @Drisico 1980 yes to all you wrote down

      Edit: if you dont know, they are following the steps of the consoles. So under the 4-5 years they have developed the new pes 22 on UE

      In reality all those pes from the ps4 era could have been called season uppdate.

  16. I think that even if KONAMI doesn’t implement this edit mode, there is a possibility that we’ll be able to convert faces from this tool to PES as it’s the same engine… or they can add the support for that themselves.

  17. I’m not hopeful at all given Konami’s record on new engines and consoles. I’m expecting it to look good but be very bare bones in terms of content, and it will take a while for any mods (if at all) as nothing can be carried over.

    Hopefully they’ll use this opportunity to remove all those animations that have been around since PES 2008, as well as fix the awful replay camera angles which have been terrible for over a decade now.

    Hoping for the best but expecting another PES 2008/2014

  18. No game will have these faces the consoles won’t be able to run them let alone PCs these faces are made for demo purposes and have been made probably after years of work but my god have Konami got to improve the default faces they are straight of the early 2000s

  19. The game has got worse over the last 4 years, how could anyone be excited. You can use all the tech in the world, if you fix games and have shit online, it won’t make a hapeth of a difference what engine you use.

  20. I’d be totally content with PES fixing the referees/fouling physics. 😬 super excited though! They should take their time and make it as perfect as possible!

  21. The issue we will face is how long will we wait for mods for kits, names, leagues, visual additions to league screens, matchday screens, it’s all well and good looking nice and new. But if we have to play as Man Red, Man Blue and the other names people will jump back to fifa

  22. It would be cool for young players to physically age as they grow and develop. Hair turning white, wrinkles on their faces, etc. Don’t know if anyone would play that many seasons in ML but it would be weird to see your 18 year-old wonderkid still looking like a kid when he retires at age 34.

  23. I really think they should do something for Become a Legend.. cuz it’s dead.. i really love BAL but there hasn’t been any updates for it in many years and it is really not exciting anymore.. it’s just the same every year.. I hope to see something new in the BAL mode cuz it’s my favourite mode.. who else loves BAL??

  24. I played FIFA from 1995 to 2000 where i changed to PES till about 2008 when i reverted back to FIFA. This year PES came on to Xbox game pass so i gave it a whirl and let’s just say FIFA21 got dropped like a bad habit. Rekindled my love for PES and looking at the Unreal engine for the next installment is going to be mind blowing. I really hope Konami secure a lot more licenses this year for PES or at least the option to edit kits or download files for Xbox. Bye bye FIFA… Heeeeeelllllllooooo PES 😎

  25. graphics nice and good but its all about the gameplay. the look was never my problem but the gameplay has to be a new level, otherwise all the bling bling is worthless. and if konami can do that? we will see

  26. I think the graphics – especially the scanned faces on the PS4 gen of PES have always been good quality, definitely better than what FIFA has produced. The generic, non-scanned faces on PES though are notoriously hideous and require a lot of manual building to look reasonable. I think the graphics will obviously get sharper and more detailed on next gen. I think that’s probably the easiest thing for Konami to improve on but I wouldn’t be too fussed even if the graphics improvements are small. For me I’m hoping with the new hardware will allow them to complete redesign the playing engine and build as close to real life physics and human intelligence as possible. That has to be the main area of focus and they’ve had two years to get this right. First release on new gen is always hit and miss but hopefully the capabilities and hand here we finally see football games hit a new level. My second hope is the new memory allows to have almost unlimited editing potential. Always confuses me how Ubisoft, Rockstar etc can build millions and millions lines of code and develop huge 100 hour open world universes but sports games struggle to build acceptable AI for 22 players in a confined space.

  27. If pes 2022 is crap then they may as well just call it a day! They’ve got everything they need to destroy fifa so now it’s upto them!

  28. To be honest no matter how good the faces are on the new engine, it all comes down to how good the in game editor is. That’s the bottleneck. In saying that, modders will do some amazing things with this new engine.

  29. This is the only game I’m hyped for this year. Nothing else even comes close. I’m buying a family member a new gaming rig for this game so that they can run it, flawlessly.

  30. Given UE5 and PES22 development cycles do not really coincide, it’s unrealistic that PES22 will have this type of facial detail. It will have been created with UE4 with what, 6-10 months at most of UE5 access. Honestly, this is the cherry on the proverbial cake if it does actually look like this, it’ll be decided by the core gameplay and wether it plays like an actual football game or if it’s a vehicle to sell micro transactions.

  31. I’m a pes fan but I dont really enjoyed it for the last couple of years too heavy mechanics and some many other issues hopefully pes22 its the difference…..

  32. I don’t trust Konami to get the gameplay right. Anyone remember the Fox Engine and PES 2014… jesus talk about a broken mess of a game. I have visions of PES 2022 being a disjointed mess.

  33. I’d love them to improve there cutscenes and Redesign the ui for Master League just give use somethings new also id love them to bring back that u can make ur own manager too

  34. Yes, it’s gonna look outstanding. But if it’s not moddable how much fun can we get from it? We all know how poor the KONAMI licenses are. UE games are well known to be very hard to mod.

  35. As much as I would love to see this in PES, I can’t help but think this feature is unlikely to be applied in PES 2022. Unless they’ve made some sort of agreement with Unreal where they’ve been told about the feature to be used in devs games for an easier and convenient implementation and are able to use it in the next instalment, I can see it happening in PES 2023, but maybe not this one upcoming. They’ll probably have a more realistic player creation system in place but not to a high level of customization and rather a very limited amount of selections for styles of hair (& beards). However I hope I’m wrong and that they implement this as it definitely would make it a lot easier for them to focus on other aspects of the game for next gen.

  36. That’s good to know how pes have improved for the past few years and with this new engine this year it would be great to see the graphics and all great stuff!!

  37. It’s great if Konami can get the most out of the Unreal Engine. But I care about the actual gameplay, physics, controls, modes, ML… than the beautiful “realistic” graphic.
    What’s good of a soccer sim if only the graphic is realistic but not the physics…

  38. With pes having unreal engine in their pockets I’m worried for fifa to be completely honest. Unreal engine is going to make the game look and feel better. Super excited because unreal engine is getting a lot of attention at the moment

  39. The Unreal Engine definitely gonna be amazing but not just PES 22 or 23 unfortunately, as long as Konami is behind it its just gonna disappoint as always..

  40. It would be great if we could add our own face into somehow with pictures or cam scan and gets automatically generated that would be epic

  41. Hope 3rd company show’s up eventually and ends up fucking both Konami and EA for treating customers like shit all this time ,until then Football Manager to the rescue.

  42. Honestly, I would take PES20/21 graphics if we had better controller response, upgraded physics collisions (and thus referees), and cleverer/reduced obviousness in scripted balancing. FIFA has been playing the “looks great, plays like airball arcade game” for years, and I still can’t touch it. Graphics is not what made PES great, it just makes it ‘competitive’ marketing-wise.

    • I don’t think ps5 runs pes 21 in ps4 Pro mode. The game looks on the ps5 like it’s being run on a base ps4.
      It’s the only game out of about 50 I’ve tested that feels that way. It’s very sluggish and blurry with massive stutter and unbearable input lag even when I’m playing offline.

  43. This is stupid, Fox Engine is perfect for PES and Konami spent millions developing it with Kojima over years. I’m yet to play an Unreal game which feels tactile and fun.

  44. PES 2022 is in development currently, right? Do you really think that PES 2022 is made on UE5? The game started development last year. UE5 however was scheduled for this year (2021) PES 2022 will use the same well and known by now UE4. Kinda pointless mentioning UE5 on PES since it will probably take at least another year for the move from UE4 to UE5. There will be a learning curve and if UE5 is like older versions it will need serious optimization or it will be a dumpster fire and a resource hog. Just my two cents though

  45. The game is a fuckin mess online. Doesnt matter how good it looks if 2022 still suffers from bad netcoding input delay and p2p matchmaking I cant be asked. Master League has been a dead horse for years now so I tryin to hear that the game has more to offer than only multiplsyer.

  46. I remember everyone going crazy for the Fox engine which lets be honest has been pretty shit. Hope the unreal engine lives up to it.

  47. Pes call their game Epes but online is the worst part of pes.
    Nice to see some faces but even in ML the newgens are old players instead of nieuw players with new faces.
    I dont play Myclub anymore due the Huge i]mport lag, Pes have bad servers for years.
    Everybody that knows pes Knows that during the year its always a step forward and 2 steps back.
    You can imagine how much that frustrate when you see a game with huge potential but it has been done by some group of amateurs.
    The only good part of Pes is if you like to play the game against a friend sitting right next to you.

  48. Looks good but if the controls are still the same then it’s a L I mean who is there right mind think it’s right to point the stick away from goal to take a low driven shot and the skill sticks wack

  49. I have started saving money to upgrade my PC before October, and I’m doing it for unreal engine PES. new PC, new Pes, new Engine.

  50. The true test of how far PES has come will be how well it plays online. How much scripting will be involved, how much control do you have over your players, will pace finally matter, will the COM favour the most popular playing style, will lag cheaters be dealt with, has the team AI improved? Etc.

  51. Konami will dissapoint and f*ck it up.. PES fans say FIFA i pay 2 win.. sorry but Konami make it year in year out more about pay 2 win. Years without any improvements of my club, ML, BAL,.. At least u have alot modes in FIFA that give you free packs and free coins. In PES u just play ranked matches.. Gameplay may be the best of a game but if you have to play meaningless game after game it gets boring very soon.

  52. Easy way to remember the difference between stalactites and stalagmites. The TITES ” tights” go down, The MITES go up. LOL.

  53. You’re talking about faces which will never show up with this detail in a football game, while you could’ve been talking about all the features that we were talked through in that same UE5 demo video. Animationwise, etc.

  54. I wouldn’t expect too much for 2022, it was the same marketing trick when we switch to new engine in 2014 and it went horribly wrong. It is like having an RPG game with amazing graphics but really bad storyline.

  55. I know most of you guys are into my club and all that. But honestly if I were an important decision maker in Konomi I would make sure to overhaul on Become a legend and add a competitor to Pro Clubs as well one that is filled with so many of the desired features that EA has not added for years. Trying to steal the hardcore FUT and Manager Career players is going to be more difficult. But if they just are a few steps ahead in terms of Become a Legend and add in a superior pro Clubs mode. A whole lot of us “control one player” enthusiasts will switch to PES in a heartbeat as EA has neglected us for years and we are sick of it!

  56. I’m getting fed up of EA’s fifa gameplay with its silly ping pong scripted crap so decided it’s time to give PES another go with its better realism and game physics. Unreal 5 Engine could potentially overtake fifa like it did in the winning eleven days.😍

  57. The past 4/5 years EA hasn’t done much to improve the game. I think gameplay this year for FIFA is horrible, its the same every year. I’m hoping with PES 22 really gives EA – FIFA something to think about, because PES 22 can become something really exciting with the new engine. Hopefully the start for something good to come!

  58. if they don’t have full license and details realistic(stylish) they will not defeat the world video games of soocer, 🤔

  59. I would rather see more detail put into the master league than fine detail in faces. We need better referees and improvement in teams playing differently to each other. Differences in speed from league to league

  60. He makes it sound like there aren’t any issues with pes gameplay. All the realism in the world makes no difference if you’re playing against a psycho AI whose moto is insane shameless scripting and cheating. In a nutshell I’m not expecting much from pes2022. Unreal engine or not. Most of the fundamental issues I have with the game have nothing to do with engine but down to deliberate decisions made by the developer’s to undermine master league to push players on to their more favoured MyClub. That will not change any time soon. Master league AI will remain just as insane if not more. Furthermore the fact the unreal engine Dan do this or that in theory is neither here nor there. The question is how much of it will make into the game. Expecting improvements in graphics and lighting but the idea that per generic faces will look anything like the character’s in the video is just wishful thinking.

    People, without a world class offline AI all this unreal graphics engine does not matter.
    If the AI is shit like in PES 2018, 2019, 2020 then I will continue with my good old PES 2017 the game with best AI that continues to surprise me even today.

  62. I would like to create my own manager, male or female. I would like a woman’s league in here. I would like to have he commentators say something different then they do for 5 years now.. Etc Etc.. PES is a relic… and if they do not change drastically, they will go the way of the dinosaur…

  63. Are you sure that they are using UE5 and not UE4? I believe UE5 was made available to developers after Konami had already started with Next gen PES.

  64. I won’t let pes 22 break my heart like cyberpunk did, I am just going to expect nothing and try to enjoy the game no matter what

  65. Guns blazing????!!! lololol – Konami usually struggles on their firs iteration of new engines / generations, then you couple that with pandemic. I’m just hoping we dont lose any features for the first outing

  66. why go through all these Graphics and Visual improvements if the focus is mostly for online game modes I’ve been a pes fan since the days of winning Eleven & Pro Evolution Soccer …. Konami has a proven track record of disappointing the fans by not delivering on their promise …neglecting the offline game mode like ML and Become a Legend and only focusing on MyClub … Be wary PES fans seeing is believing

  67. U guyz remember how long Konami lied to us promising more injuries to be added in game , like head injuries when players clash heads…. where have the strechers disappeared to when players where seriously injured and had to be carried off the field … Its nice to be able improve on the editing mode but the true test for pes2022 is the action on the field..what improvements they make to the ML offline mode…I don’t trust them all bark and no bite…lmao

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