Saturday, June 25, 2022



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UFL snaps up another ambassador and we take a real quick look at the latest little gameplay snippet!

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  1. The keeper animation is very nice. Not a fan of the way De Bruyne strikes the ball tho, almost as if there’s no weight to the ball (very reminiscent of fifa)

  2. I hope ufl’s gonna be enjoyable, I hope it’s gonna be game that appreciates players’s tactical knowledge instead of being centered around pace and dribbling like fifa.

    PES aka EFootball on the other side…eh, konami should just let it die, it’s just pointless to torture the fans with broken game from year to year.

  3. eFootball is dead I would rather play pes 2021 for another year (ufl is not releasing on pc 😭) than playing eFootball 2022

  4. There is nothing wrong with the player model other than thier faces. UFL is not trying to replicated the weird pes player models

  5. not create this game even for pc platform is an absurd bullshit , giving only priority to consoles I do not see it right as a thing , the
    manufacturer must realize that in 2022 with 100 thousand strimmers in the world if not more, pc players etc etc not to release UFL already from the beginning on pc is a scandalous thing. I would like to know what justification they have I would really like to know.

  6. I’m mostly still playing PES I played just over 40 matches in the last campaign in efootball to get Raul I’ll do the same on this next one though I do hope they sort the game out, KDB is a great get for UFL looking forward to the gameplay reveal on the 27th

  7. Ok we understand that ufl will not have the Premier League rights…..cause of the black shirt he wears…… and also pes doesnt exist anymore… efootball is called now.

  8. So far nothing spectacular in visual or animation compared to PES21 with mods… Goalkeeper is realistic vs PES21 but both player and goalie seem to lack a touch of weight and gravity…

    The pace and complexity of the AI is what makes a new gen football game different. AI that learns, adapts and follow a virtual management AI that learns and adapts makes it fancier than anything out there… Yet PES21 is still closer to a basketball game speed than real football even with tweaks etc unless one plays again another human in ways that simulates real football…

    PES21 with mods is the best for now but against the AI, we still have these drama algorithms that makes goal scoring, player controls and defence easy or just impossible… Some call it scripting, I am not sure, it seems like adaptive algorithms to remove the straight forwardness of a match and probably establish a threshold for the scores based on teams, difficulty settings etc.

    Animation, gravity, weight, natural movement transition etc. PES is the best so far but still needs some finetuning… Especially the goalkeepers

  9. Hmm De Bruyne shot animation doesn’t feel right, in my opinion. it feels powerless, compared to the shot he did. But I can’t say much. Looking forward to see the gameplay footage, though!

  10. It’s not even nearly as good as pes 21 which is actually pes 20. The game will launch in a few days’ time and yet they showed us an incomplete footage of the game? I doubt where it’s going to be a good game.

    • @TheTrueBrits I am following u for over 5 years always respect ur point of view. If u do the same try it as I told u just once & if u still find it bad just turn the speed up & will become like pes 21.

  11. Important things to be considered from this video.
    1. The animations are silky smooth unlike PES or FIFA’s robotic animations.
    2. You can judge the graphics based on thier previous ambassador videos, according to me these graphics are way better than FIFA or PES because the game is developed on unreal engine.
    2. The gameplay feels slow like in real life.
    3. Crowd looks great.
    Overall it will be a great game and as these guys are constantly in touch with the community, sky’s the limit for improvement.

  12. I play eFootball every time I game, used to play master league 10 years ago but now days I only ever played PES online anyway but eFootball does take a bit of time to master but there is a decent game in there! Yes it has problems & I’m sure will be improved with the patch & I really want the edit mode added. I’m not really expecting UFL to be any good to be honest.

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