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Intro: 0:00
UFL New Partnership: 00:34
CR7 Interview: 03:43
Latest Transfers: 09:06

Stay tuned as the worldwide gameplay reveal is scheduled to be shown at the end of January!

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    • Bro. Played and playing pes 22. Brah… i wanted to destroy that game. Its total trash. Like why on earth did they put out that crap. They should suffer for that lets hope ufl can fill the gap.

  1. Can’t wait to see gameplay from UFL. Nice that there will be at least few licensed teams. Celtic hell Yeah!! Loved to Watch them back in a days, when Larsson played!

  2. I wasn’t particularly bothered about UFL to be honest. However as a Celtic fan, I am now interested. Initially I was worried about the impact this might have with Celtic’s license with Konami but then I remembered that eFootball is a mess and pes is dead. So fingers crossed UFL is decent and can fill the void.
    I think for UFL to succeed in any capacity it has to be easily modable and have a good modding community.

    I was excited back when Konami acquired the Celtic license but I feel like they never really did enough with it. Apart from the stadium and player face scans, they didn’t do much. No tunnel cam or aerial views of the stadium pre-match.

  3. True Brits saying _”Mix it up”_ makes me feel like he watches Poet & Vuj, which just makes me love the brudda more. Keep it up, and don’t forget to mix it up!

  4. This is the only thing released by UFL thats got me actually interested in the game (celtic fan). Still unimpressed with the updates and info weve got so far. Awaiting the gameplay trailer to see if that can draw me in atleast a bit. But If there is never going to be a career mode option then I probably wont waste my time with the game.

  5. Nice idea, mate, that you bring us some transfer news. It’s nice to see some good transfers, nice idea. I would like to have some transfer news every now and then. Have a nice time.

  6. Even before it’s out Fifa 23 or EA Sport’s 23 whatever it’s called will still outsell any other football game , i find it hilarious that gaming news outlets make shit up.
    As for licensing i don’t care as UFL isn’t offline , i only care about offline 100%…Just use mods and boom you have any team.

  7. Football fans are that desperate they will accept anything as EA’s game is just not changed since Fifa 17 when they moved to the Frostbite engine, in order for Fifa to changed EA needs to move to another engine but they won’t because they still are making profit.
    Konami is the only hope with E-Football eventually when they release offline content this year be interesting what they actually give us……So modded old Fifa and PES games is the only answer at the moment….I’m playing Fifa 21 but modded.

  8. As a 47 old grownup agree completely Ricky kids are crybabies we are living in a world full of snowflakes who will complain about anything….Ronaldo is right.

  9. Tielemans is heavily linked with us (Arsenal) Arteta is a massive admirer of him and Rodgers had to come out recently saying he’s happy at Leicster lol clearly he isn’t and it’ll be interesting where he goes this summer…Utd are in chaos as usual so another rebuild lol, Liverpool maybe are interested.
    This January we are loaning in Arthur from Juve very close, in the summer we want Guimares of Lyon and we have daily Dusan Vlahovic links lol.

  10. Ronaldo absolutely right and your review perfect. Youngsters are snow flakes. Example Good player greenwood, I have seen him manyyyyy times going for himself alone doesn’t wanna pass. Their is so much team spirit lacking in ManU, remember the words from movie GOAL, the name in front of your shirt is more important than the back of shirt.

  11. what is ronaldo actually talking about
    juventus before ronaldo: 2 ucl finals
    juventus with ronaldo: couldn’t even reach the semi-final and lost to underdogs every single season
    and he promised to win the champions league lol XD
    he even said they didn’t have the mentality to win the tournament
    yea sure, reaching 2 finals in 3 years is definitely a symptom of not having the right mentality
    it’s the coach players have to listen to, not him, even if he won all the trophies and awards in the world
    and if they don’t listen, it’s the coach’s fault not theirs, because he is unable to motivate them and make them listen
    if it was players’ fault no coach in the world would ever be successful

  12. I would gladly exchange Rabiot for Pogba at Juventus 😎 I would keep Arthur and let him play in the starting eleven as DM, leaving out Rabiot and placing Locatelli in the midfield line instead of DM.
    I m not sure about Aubameyang…I would prefer Azmoun from Zenit in Juve.

  13. Whenever you say Manchester United, it sounds like you’re saying “Mancheshire United”. Is it just me? 😂 come on Ricky sort it out mate!

  14. Loftus-Cheek is underrated. He is super talented, but something about him makes some coaches not interested to give him enough chances?!

  15. Couldn’t agree more with your snowflake talk 👏. Its so true, and ppl are ridiculous. Its like saying to ppl its about participating. No its about winning!!!!!. Its going to get to a point where even last place in the Olympics will get a medal. Wtf will be the point in even having it then. Ppl need to grow up and get a spine 👍 and even as a city fan I agree heavily with Ronaldo there 👍👍👍

  16. You didnt speak about the surprising transfer of coutinho. It needed alot of talking. you can be doing a video on transfer weekly Ricky. will help keep up

  17. Rangers should go the same way. Both Scottish teams despite having more global support than the majority of the premier league teams are drastically overseen in FIFA.

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