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In just over 24 hours time we will finally get to see some gameplay!
I will be covering the gameplay reveal tomorrow so join in folks around 3PM EST!

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  1. For me the most important question is: what is the underpinning physics engine used within the Unreal Engine? Is it HAVOK….or some other physics engine? Is it a custom physics engine? Will the game be upgradeable to Unreal Engine5 later in the year? Will they be using metahumans for player faces and models later in the year as they keep updating? All this must be asked of Eugene. Cheers!

  2. Hope I’m wrong…but my prediction is we’ll see gameplay snippets in rapid fire, cutscenes and promises…FIFA style. You’ll have to break it all down, and watch in extreme slow motion, to be able to make any determinations about the quality of this game. And unless they’re offering an offline/season mode, I’m not interested.

  3. I just want a game with amazing ball physics and more than 3 ways to score a goal (looking at you Fifa…), the entire game can be textureless if they nail that

  4. If there is no offline which UFL has confirmed it’s a purely online game i’m not interested whatsoever.
    In gaming normally when a game is ‘free to play’ there is warning signs straight away so expect microtransaction hell these devs aren’t doing this for fun or for us their doing this to make money so please understand this.

    I will always support new games especially football games which compete with EA and Konami because more competition means EA and Konami have to get their finger out and actually make their game more attractive to the customer so we the consumer gets a better product.

    • @Release the peace And their already included in FUT yes you pay say the price of the game but all that is included in the game…If you have to buy kits ,stadiums etc from UFL they are more desperate than i thought.

    • @Craig Barlow they have said it’s not pay to win and that is why they have made the game as fifa is basically the more you spend the better chance you have, if they go against what they have said then their whole purpose is basically pointless. It can be done if you look at games like rocket league for example, very popular but you can’t buy anything that gives you and advantage as such. Hopefully they will stick to their word but time will tell.

    • @Release the peace Yeah i just see promises they can’t keep imo because eventually they will want money and people aren’t stupid enough to pay for stadiums,kits etc….It’s why EA Sport’s makes billion profit a year fans buying player packs the UFL devs will want a piece of that pie.

  5. This game will 100% be based off FIFA.. 100% Even the people they’ve got involved with it Spencer, MattHDGamer shows that. Plus it’s all online based and will be like FUT.. They know where the large majority of the fanbase is, if they can make it similar to FIFA they’re onto a winner. This will be more arcade than simulation, I guarantee it.

    • i dont mind being arcade, go play pes with mods and u can have a realistic and better solo experience, as a multiplayer even if its arcade fifa is better but the problem with fifa is not only being arcade, is a 50% P2W, and it has a lot of scripting…if UFL is arcade but is based on ur skill rather than luck and glitchies then its gonna be good

    • If that’s the case then it’s a lost cause from the beggining… PES also aimed to the online audience this year and bankrupted…

    • @vally99 Completely agree. I’m more than happy for this game to be more arcade than simulation. I just want a FUN and FAIR football game, is that so much to ask in 2022? Sick of microtransactions and shit gameplay on both FIFA and eFootball. This game really could be turning point in football video games. I just wish they actually charged a fee for the game and then get rid of every microtransaction in game.

    • @Joao Albuquerque its not lost from the beggining, PES also had script and pes script was even worse because the gameplay was slow, pes failed because people waited 2 years only to make an even worse game than pes21…i hope UFL doesnt fail but either way we dont have any good football game at the moment

    • @SuperMillwall1885 yes man i agree and i feel you, i dont like arcade gameplay that much, or at least this year the game is fast as fuck, but the script man and microtransactions ruin the game, hell i made 3 times in a row rank1with gold chiesa in attack but why do we have to struggle with teams that cost over 5 mil coins? when our team is like 300k…i dont get any good walkout for 5 years, all the time i struggle to make a good team only to lose a game i dominate against a player who doesnt even know how to make 1 skill and only press sprint button….if this game is good they may charge a fee and i dont mind, i just hope is a fair game where people cant give a single dollar to buy a player….:)

  6. i dont expect much , too difficult to do a football game from scratch. fifa coulnt figured it out in 20years. only sesbass and his team had some clue what they were doing

    • It wasnt easy to make a care in the 90s now it takes few minutes because of technology …so u cnt say its hard nope i beg to differ

  7. Models of humans look well in Non football games than it does in football games. Games with kicking action or scenes get it better than football game developers.

  8. They gotta have an edit mode like PES, or at least very close kits and team names/crests to rival FIFA’s licenses. That said, gameplay is a must but unless you’ve got big budget, time and a basis, you can’t build it from the ground up

  9. Graphics are very important like gameplay…we are in 2022,we cnt be playing a game with good gameplay and bad graphics and vice versa.

  10. No one can beat fifa at this moment. This UFL is kind of DLS for console. FIFA is just the best even though the fifa game is far from perfect.

  11. Good physics and gameplay i would be happy, with just decent graphics. It has to capture what makes us all love football.

  12. Just saw the Gameplay trailer… Looks to me like some old fashioned arcade football? I am not referring to the (Marketing) cut scenes that are there I think to camouflage the real gameplay that they chose to show very briefly and from an unrealistic high camera angle… The players movement is nothing natural and they are skating too… I think if they had any convincing and cutting edge real gameplay to show, they wouldn’t have opted for the cut scenes and blabla that looks like any other trailer for any football game out there… Not impressed personally and again PES21 remains the best with all these latest mods…

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