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#UFL #Newfootballgame
Another brand new Football game is announced and its called UFL!
It sounds promising but once we get some gameplay all shall be revealed!

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  1. Apparently its been in the works for 5 years folks. Really looking forward to seeing what they’ve been up to!
    What you all thinking?! 😈

  2. I’m very concerned about the seemingly online focus, very rare for an online game to be anywhere near as good as a single player-focused one in my experience. Free to play was the final nail in the coffin of the downfall in quality for PES and this being the same is not looking good. But I wish them well as we need another great sim game to challenge FIFA.

    • @tvhsongo Yeah that’s the reason it’s popular. Because kids love online games. The older you get the more you appreciate single player

    • i disagree. any football game made now days should have online as their #1 priority. in fact on ps5 .. every mode offline should play same online.

    • to challenge fifa?, lolz fifa is a joke, it never was is or will be a sim, pretty sure EA would even admit to that, it’s a football game, never a month of Sundays is it a sim……i’ve installed it 3x in the past cos of positive fb, and each time i uninstalled it within a week, usually within a day, awful unrealistic ping pong mechanics, and who gives a monkies about licences when 3rd party developers make sll the custom files, and they are better than fifa, in truth the only plus fifa has EVER had over efootball/pes, and that includesn 22 btw , is a complete league structure giving the player the option to play from eg in England Div2 up to the prem, this is something i wish they had added to Efootball/PES years ago……..

      Football one game ONE name, period

    • Konami made lots of money from mobile players this Year that why they are more focused on mobile now than Console and PC… Just like PUBG mobile did

    • No video game company should give priority to a shitty platform for gaming like mobile. Unless they make games only for mobile.

    • @Moyi inconito They did… But you know on mobile they always have this way of making you spend more than you want. Mobile gaming is al about looting players unfairly… You have no choice. Do You? When every game in mobile is online and You will have to play against users that have the best players bought with real money… You won’t wanna lose every fucking game. You sure must spend to meet up with Your online opponents… That’s total looting and it happens with mobile games more

    • @Mr Faro Never call mobile players shitty…. They spend more than You do… Trust me… I’ve played mobile games and it’s all about money… Gone are those days You get games on mobile for a low price.. With great stories… These days Developers are so lazy and greedy that the only thing they do is making online games and then selling in game stuffs for a very high price… You have no choice… Do You? You gotta spend to meet up with Your opponent cauee I’m sure no one will stand steady ass whooping

  3. Finally a third option. Hopefully they’ll listen to their users, as they stated it is made by fans.

    • Yes, edit mode would be great. But maybe you dont need one because its online only. Think you create your own club, own designs for jerseys and stuff… maybe there are a few ones from real clubs you can choose from. But i bet they focus on “make your own design” first to safe money…. licensing is pretty expensive.

    • @Mad Marcsen That would be cool still if the gameplay is great. If they get the gameplay right, things like edit mode and a singleplayer career could be added later. The fact that they got the west ham license though tells me they are interested in having real teams

  4. Bring it on – need some new blood in the genre – PES and FIFA have had a monopoly and got lazy. I’m an offline player but if it shakes things up a bit then great. (West ham are partners) Better trailer and marketing than eFootball tbh.

  5. I hope companies starting football games start to realise that there’s a whole “career mode”/offline community, we seem to be being shut out more and more as this year goes on…

  6. Five year in developing…and all I hear is a crabby talking nothing to show of what have been they’re working on.. it’s a mehhh

  7. It could just be a massive gimmick just to shake up the big boys doubt that like but still until I see actual full on gameplay I ain’t falling for none of this

    • FIFA 21 is awful, awful. I play it most days, if not everyday and I’ve gotten really good at it to the point I can comfortably beat the AI on legendary most times. But it’s an awful, arcadey game just the same.

  8. ”Simulation” football and ”no AI involment” doesn’t fit in the same sentence..
    This whole idea that AI should not involve at all is fucking dumb..You’re controlling only 1 of the 11 of course AI should help to some point with the others for the game to feel and look like football..Otherwise they’re just standind still like they’re braindead and midfielders don’t track back and don’t cover any space or passing lanes like it is the case in the last two Fifas and will be in 22 also..Even PES now will have this shitty 1v1 project that EA introduced and controls will be dumbed down and probably there won’t even be a second man press function..

  9. Bumping into the word “dreams” made me intensely joyful. I hope this doesn’t turn out to be something that abuses our hatred towards current agenda about football games.

  10. i just hope 2K Sports will get into the football/soccer ring as well, making something like “MLS 2K”, with focus on one league (MLS) only (because 2K Sports’ habit is the focus on one event only; NBA, WWE, NFL and so on) instead of different leagues across the world.

  11. 5 years is a good time. Why compare it to GTA? Rockstar is a massive studio. Different budgets. Loooks ok but glad there are more players in this small world of football.

  12. No pc support sounds depressing. It’s 2021, games should be able to support pc in this time and age. Only possible reason for this – no anti-cheat?? Hopefully I’m wrong sigh

  13. We need a new type of LMA game and this sounds similar however I’m also worried about the online game hopefully they do add a offline mode

  14. Not really interested in this game but wish them well in the long run. Online only does not interest me in the slightest so I think i am sticking with PES 21 for the foreseeable future.

  15. There’s this whole thread on twitter from the main idea guy of this and talks about all the important stuff
    U should check it out

  16. They have 5 years in development but ea and Konami have more than 10 years of experience, it’s going to be hard to compete against them

  17. I’m guessing Konami already got wind of this game and the other free to play football game(GOALS) coming out. Probably was one of the reasons they decided to go free to play as well.

  18. Of course I’d love them to kick out (hehe) a great game, but sports games are ridiculously difficult to make properly. Keep your expectations accordingly.

  19. Can’t help but wonder as a startup, how are they going to get the real players to come do the face scans..could this be like a subsidiary of Konami secretly reviving PES with this new co, funding and passing them the face scans assets.

  20. Alot of big words from them. If they stay 100% behind their words, this game would be great. We’ll see what they present to us…

  21. I love the idea of the editors you can d/l for PES. With it you can edit Master League. I wish I can design my own football game. Pro Evolution and ISS from Konami is light years ahead of fifa. Its realism and the psychology. Fifa always copy from Konami even though fifa have the finances and popularity.

  22. It contradicts itself at points.
    eg the following two sentences can’t both be true:
    1) “UFL will be the first football game in which it’s based on opponents skill ONLY”
    2) “UFL is a football simulation game”

    Point 1 = Arcade
    Point 2 = Sim (obviously)

    Point 1 is also blatently not true as nearly all the games from the 70’s and 80’s were like that as they couldn’t put AI into the games.

  23. 5 Years in development Cycle and they aint got shit to show, CGI trailer is a sorry excuse for a preview.

    They can’t even make the Pandemic as an excuse, we needed some concrete info on this like a trailer or gameplay.

    This will most likely be another bull-bull situation.

    • 1. The shown Twitter account is not official UFL, its just someones new site.

      2. Officialy its “on all major platforms”. For a game that is developed in UE it doesnt make sense to not being released on PC, since the player base is not a small one and, technically speaking, there is nearly no effort to do so because of UE (that is why Konami is switching too).

      Personally i had an Xbox once, tried PS, its nothing for me cause of the limitations you have. Wouldnt buy one again just for one game.

    • @Mad Marcsen Agree. I never got a console and use a PC. I tried consoles at a friends place and everything felt very limited. Once you game on PC, u will never go back to consoles.
      I have been playing PES since 2006 and modding the game on a PC always made it more enjoyable.
      Unfortunately these days the gaming companies market new consoles as “next gen” and exclude PC’s – which is ridiculous. FIFA 22, apparently wont have top features on PC.
      It’s all bout the money, exclusives and PC gets left out.
      Don’t understand why UFL won’t make a PC build. Maybe they have signed deals with Sony and XBOX.

  24. the only thing that concerns me is the whole online thing, if its online only and the game is not popular, then how do you play? what if you live in a country where football is not so popular (australia) and you cant get into a game? dunno, feel like they shouldve clarified

  25. You know what we football fans need, all the modders community from PES and FIFA to make a team with someone that’s techy enough to make a game engine and use all the skills modders have learned throughout the year, that would be a great game by the fans for the fans!

    • @Craig Barlow yes, I know, we need an indie developer or some former Konami and EA employees to get together and make a free to play game hiring some modders from both games communities or to make the game modding friendly, what I think football games lack nowadays is the drama that you see on the pitch, I know they add it through cut scenes, etc, but they look souless, hopefully new football games come in the future, this PES is looking nice, but I feel it lacks aggressiveness when defending specially.

    • @Vic22 And we need someone like Knight MD to tell what the game lacks and what the UFL team can do to make the game better.

  26. Competition is always great to the big boys, however F2P looks kinda Esports focused too could be the games downfall no one can seem to get that right

    • FIFA is a good game. eFootball unfortunately, is as bad as it can possibly get. Excited to see UFL! Don’t know what the 4th one is.

  27. really cool and very interesting video content that you share, football friends, best regards and success from me, Giriboy99 funny GAMING🙏🏻🙏🏻😊😊⚽⚽🔥🔥

  28. I don’t have big Hopes. Trailer looks great but it’s like pre rendered for sure and actual game looks probably maximum like Efootball level in terms of graphics and animations…. but maybe just gameplay it’s going to be good itself….

  29. Em optimistic about this game. We as a football fans have more options now at our disposal. To me gameplay is what makes or breaks a game. Waiting for gameplay

  30. new football games popping up left and right and still…is it too much to ask for an immersive singleplayer football simulation? GOALS and UFL are not interesting to me already. It’s shame.

  31. I would like them to succeed in making the best football simulation ever! We don’t need any official licensed teams, just give the community option to edit and update leagues and teams.. total support guys!

  32. I remember how many companies used to try to make football games but never got a following because they didnt do it like PES or FIFA and this seems to be an online game, not everyones wants to play online all the time tho, sometimes you got your friends over and wanna play with them or you gonna play co-op career mode or just play tournaments with the friends or just play alone and not online all the time
    A majority of players in my country always want fifa or pes
    its gonna be difficult to win a following considering online gaming isnt something everyone is into

  33. I used to play FIFA, I play it with a sim approach, switched to PES since PES 2021. Best simulation football game I have ever played. Hopefully UFL will live up to the hype

  34. Not worried about how difficult it will be for UFL. If fifa and efootball cannot give the people what they want and UFL is doing that?, It’s a win for UFL

  35. You can’t call yourself a football simulation if there’s no offline modes.

    WE NEED a game with licensed LEAGUES and TEAMS, with the possibility of playing the Premier League, Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1 etc…

    • This game will be heavily based on an “Ultimate Team” kinda mode. There won’t be a lot of licenses for teams or leagues. It even states “Create your own club and build your team from 5,000 licensed players”

  36. I remember the joy I had when ‘Anthem’ fell flat faced and never to be seen again! That’s just me in a nutshell when it comes to Live Service Games.😟

  37. All I want is a fun in depth mode like Ultimate Team that ISN’T pay to win! You should be able to earn all the best players in the game from PLAYING the game. Nobody should have an advantage from using real money. Playing modes like FUT Champs with EQUAL teams would be a lot of fun! Reward players for PLAYING your game.

  38. So the football boot picture wasn’t pes. I’m a bit worried about efootball but I also want this game to be successful. If there will be good offline modes,edit mode,and a good,realistic gameplay,they got me. Hopefully we’ll see more soon

    • Yep, used to play it a lot after being disappointed with PES4 on the PS2. Played a lot of TIF2003 and 2004 I think, you could dive in those games 😂

  39. Instead of licences, I would’ve preferred all made up players that you could get to know and love. Something different from Fifa and Pes

  40. 5 years in the making and couldn’t even show anything….that’s a flag for me…I mean they know people are gonna wanna see something plus show what u got show that you really do have something…..get people hyped.

  41. If it’s online only then it’s not for me unfortunately. Still excited to see someone else taking a crack at making a good football game.

  42. Not a fan based on what they say. They have just admitted that their ai does nothing and is useless to ensure ‘the better player always wins’. This does not sound like a simulation but more like subutio

  43. I remember on the ps1 and ps2 the amount of football games available with their own unique take, some more arcady and ridiculous than others but the variety was staggering

  44. Sorry, I lost all interest when you said “online only”. So we’ve got two brand new football games on the way, both online focused. What a disappointment.

    • @Wake no. It’ll be announced in the future I guess. I’m thinking the modes will be similar to the modes available on the mobile version

    • @Wake no. Was talking about offline as well. It’ll be like mobile when you start off on day one. Then they release other modes as dlcs in the future

  45. With FIFA’s gameplay stagnant and Konami’s killing off of PES the time is right for another company to strike! There’s a reason we suddenly have UFL and Goals popping up out of nowhere. Hopefully they provide some quality competition.

  46. As much as I would like these new games to succeed, there’s no way they can compete with Fifa. Not even considering the licenses, the investment needed to make a next gen football simulator is just too big for a small company.

    • @Patrick Vieira Nothing really has changed, we knew it would be with bugs and unfinished, it’s a free to play game, it will need time to grow, that’s why there are updates. I expected a better version, but still what I said is basically true.

    • @Wake no. No offense, but eFootball will never overtake FIFA. Ever. Coming from someone who was really excited for the outcome of eFootball too.

    • @Patrick Vieira don’t think so, sorry, if FIFA goes free to play, they may stand a chance, but FIFA business model, cant survive.
      Konami suck on engine transition, they are a small company, but the core gameplay will always be there, and having that for free, means future is for Konami, and all free to play games.
      Right now UFL is a bigger threat to efootball than fifa.

    • @Wake no. Don’t be sorry pal, you are more than allowed to have your own thoughts and opinion about it. I get where you’re coming from; we’ll see what the future brings us.

  47. Well it’s a skip for me I’ve no interest in online football. I’m only after career mode. so guess I’ll be sticking with fifa. don’t need another online football game full of mirco transactions thanks

  48. we need better fans in this game, the fans in fifa are so unrealistic ,if you look at games like leeds v everton, both sets of fans giving stick, great atmosphere, and players reacting to the stick like DCL, we need this

  49. Simulation based, that is very reassuring. I’m very excited. As long as there is manual controls and it’s actually based on simulation I’m good, don’t care about it being online only, playing offline football games is like a kick in the balls because the AI sucks ass.

  50. for years we all have been asking for a new developer so this is the moment. i hope the word -simulation represents the core vision

  51. Why is every football game now shit on pc or not on pc. FIFA aren’t giving us new features, they’re not sure this UFL is coming out on PC. We have more powerful specs than consoles and there are tons of us. I don’t get it…

  52. Ok, then we have free2play (efootball), fair2play (UFL) and pay2play (FIFA). Wow. I would prefer a time machine and go back in time. Not too far, I don’t want to play against Morlocks.

  53. A new kid on the block. That’s good, for sure, as it brings a bit of competition in the market. I like that they give emphasis on the word “simulation”: that’s the most promising for me. I understand that the free-to-play games are the future, as they can be easily adaptable to every platform, but it’s a real challenge to create a simulation game that fits everywhere. In marketing terms, it means that the companies, old and new, have seen an expanding market that is the free-to-play games and they set their foot into it. Not bad, in fact I would do the same thing in their position. In my eyes, it seems like the create-a-team/ club thing, where you “buy” your players among all the existing footballers around the world and you develop them in whatever you want, and there will be one global league of the various different teams, where you clash with others online. There are many mods in the existing games too, that means that we’ll have a stiff competition here. If I would play this game? No. I’m not fond of online versus games, for purely personnal reasons. I want to create my own competitions and play offline, thus I give more importance to gameplay, stats and having the existing teams. Nevertheless, good luck, I hope the best for you. Have a nice time.

  54. they are probably going to make the game so good and popular that they will make money as pretty much a billboard in game for sponsors… or something like that

  55. Would love to see 2K make a football game aswell. But this gives me the bit of hope that Pes and Fifa just dont give me anymore 😪 🙏

  56. Can take 2-3 years to make a new IP and thats with a well developed studio especially if making a football game from the ground up, so I can understand the development time. Sounds really promising. With this and hopefully Efootball turns out good then we have a lot to look forward to

  57. I mean, Im willing to pay 60 dollars per year for a good football game. Why isnt anyone interested in taking my money?

  58. Thinking that there won’t be single player mode at all with them saying no AI , with no AI there’s can’t be s single player game. Music to my ears tho free to play no pay to win and have to manual defend. Can see it been a difficult game but if your not good at football games it’s not going to be game for you, but there’s still fifa for the basic gamers who need AI to get them wins

  59. The only thing i ask is to it actually be a SIMULATOR, im tired of fifa bullshit wingers running at lightspeed, cb opening spaces and “defensive” midfielders doing everything but bein defensive xD

  60. simulated football games are needed why ? cause real FIFA manual players want a simulated game where AI and assisted controls are scraped and the skill level in shooting,passing,and defending is dependent only on the player EA and FIFA series have made millionaires out of gamers that practice on assisted controls and make it seems like they are awesome lol 8hrs of practicing assited controls to get in a spot on the field to shoot a finesse shot does not make you a great makes you a noob who searches for spots on a broken game to use. Football is about practicing everything to get better how are you getting better using assisted controls? Manual simulated football is the way to go i wish these guys all the success.

  61. Naaa after watching this video, this game is 100 percent fake. If it happens great. But looks to good to be true to me, and that video showing “ the team “. Could it be some just wanting investment for a fake project. Looks so suspect to me.

  62. I’m all in favor of another football game to give FIFA and eFootball some competition. I really wish that they would make a game like VIVA Football from PS1 that was released in the late 90’s, but with modern graphics and gameplay.

  63. I hate that football games are going free to play because i feel likes its a cheap way to get people to download their game and play it.

  64. i love the way you are ignoring that murican insult to the beautiful game…. quick point licences have nothing to do with the quality of a football sim, in fact to me they are a worrying sign…..keep it up man….Football one game ONE name, period

  65. Ye they say no corporate bollocks but just wait till they start making money then they just go do the same as ea and Konami and fuck the community off and don’t care for the game anymore just the money

  66. Bro please pleaaaase do wel UFL ! we must see EA get competition for their trash game! Who ever is better will win. Love it please!

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