Saturday, June 25, 2022



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UFL™ Developer Diary Series | Episode #1: Animation –

Stay tuned as the worldwide gameplay reveal is scheduled to be shown at the end of January!

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  1. These models im sure wont be final but its always worth taking a look!
    Leave your thoughts below because why not eh 😉

  2. I don’t know, and I ain’t no expert, but I don’t think that these are rendered graphics, just in the viewport, so hopefully they’re much better, would love to see how it will do against PES and FIFA

  3. Rookie error: Releasing developer diary before releasing *THE ACTUAL GAMEPLAY.*
    The players don’t want to see this, they wan’t gameplay. This is the problem. They release it too late, and by then, no major improvements can be done. Joke.

  4. The problem i have is UCL has no offline mode it’s purely online and i hate FUT and MyClub so the devs are after your money.
    PES and Fifa are graphically alot better, UCL at the moment is like shopping at Happy Shopper Ricky.

    • @delpinsky But why does EA make billions of profit every year on Fifa’s FUT ? We aren’t the marketed customers , like you said you wouldn’t buy anything right ? But Timmy who spends thousands a year on FUT does with his Dads credit card their the customers EA and Konami want not us.

      Devs exploit these customers online , in FUT every pack of players you get are based on their overall but dda (dynamic difficuly adjustment) or scripting it’s called alter those players stats, the game cheats so even if you have 99 rated player icons in game you still lose matches being not your fault.

      In Fifa 20 FUT a YouTuber did a experiment on how much it would cost to get the very best players and all the packs the result was over 200 thousand pounds.

    • @delpinsky PES 21 on PC with mods is really good i have it myself, i currently play Fifa 21 with mods on PC at the moment because i played PES 21 to death lol.

      The football game market you really haven’t a great choice of decent games outside of EA or Konami unfortunately why EA and Konami are greedy now…Sad.

  5. Everything good,they show you what you need,didn’t hide anything or made whole paragraph of nonsense or made something that looks like energy drinks ad.My only problem is that I don’t have a console :/

  6. I’m looking forward to the gameplay reveal it would be so great to have another football sim game as an alternative

  7. Id rather player models look like than than konamis that look like theyre fat af. Or fifa that goes from really skin to short and chunky. These player models, despite being a little on the thin side, still look athletic.

  8. I think the models are ok, Footballers are very lean and skinny, I think Fifa and sometimes PES bulk the models up a little too much at times

    • Exactly…footballers are Skinny, they have no upper body muscle as they don’t need it, it’s all about stamina and leg strength. (That guy from Wolves, Hulk etc being exceptions) PES players are way too wide, stocky, they look more like Rugby league players tbh.

  9. The problem with having “too good” animations is that the gameplay may be severely limited, unless you have an unlimited budget, time and the best professionals available to animate and test every edge case. You need to use some sort of procedural system, and unfortunately then it will be less precise.

  10. Made with Unreal Engine wasn’t a good sign in 2021 to be honest… (eFootball, GTA Trilogy “Definitive” to name the few). Let’s just hope this time it turns out at least playable

  11. The player model represent the player in real life. Thin & well balanced ratio. I think u re accustomed to pes player model ttb. They re bulky & certainly not realistic. Ufl player model certainly match fifa’s but i hope they make it more organic.

  12. Not too bothered about player models tbh, (most footballers are Skinny little runts tbh, they ain’t Rugby players) gameplay is king though and if it’s smooth, fun and fairly realistic game play then great.

  13. I am back to PES21. FIFA22 seemed promising in the beginning, I bought it, thought there is something interesting there but then some update made it the FIFA we do not want to play… Now back to PES21 with Sider Mods including the Gentleman’s gameplay and I am not going back to FIFA22…. Let’s see what UFL has in store for us!

  14. There’s nothing EA will do in life that will make me buy Fifa 23. After the embarrassment called Fifa 22, I’m done for real this time.

  15. Ricky don’t be so harsh to fifa mate. As a veteran pes and fifa player i can assure you that fifa 22 with some sliders is really good and quiet realistic. It’s a great package. Especially career mode ( master league)

  16. This is basic to any animation in gaming and movies. So, it comes down to the skill of the designers. Year one of any game will have issues if we are going to nitpick. Take that into consideration.

  17. I think this is going to be a big flop… you can not release a game in 2022 and still not have any gameplay to show… I wish, but I think that game will be forgotten as soon as released unfortunately

  18. Animation and animation in game are 2 completely different things, it will never look that fluid, but at least those animations seem to look good.
    Only way to surpass FIFA and pes animation fluidity, is AI.

  19. Mocap’s nice but it’s not the hard part.
    The hard part is making all these mocap animations transition smoothly ingame.
    2:36 This for instance? This looks like pure marketing bullshit, they made that entire animation only for the video, it’s not gonna be in the game, because it can’t be.
    Unless we’re talking intro cutscene.

  20. why would they do any work on player models etc when they are clearly still working on MOCAP AND ANIMATIONS as the video clearly states. None of the graphics should be judged yet. It is just silly. None of this can be judged. The animations might be simplified in the release version too so even those can not be analysed too much.

  21. Its very diffucult to make the feet not slide ingame especially for football games . There are multiple factors when it come making the foot plants perfect eg. player inputs that drive the animation , sometimes its the ball drives , or even physics ..
    when you just look these animation like they have shown in Unreal or motion builder it will look fine , cause its just playing one animation file (one FBX file). But when you play the game your character that you control access multiple animation from the library just for running now when you added collision, physics , quick input from player .. its defintely going slide. Feet slide is the worst in Fifa its crazy but if you want quick and responsive controls they will end up sliding. It would take alot of computing power and alot for resources to get clean foot plants.

    These animation that they have shown is nothing in my opinion its just regular mocap data . They still need to show actual gameplay.

  22. nothing of these matters so much… GAMEPLAY, true and simply, the best win, equal oponents, equal result, 99,99% about footbal , 0,01% can be something else, a bug, a glitch , that’s we want, about football and simply game about passes, some skils, where is possible to made it, some crosses, some freekick, but everything balanced, good GK ,no stupid defending, no speedy gonzalez ultra speed attacks, basic formations and tactics, about footbal, not cricket,not hockey, not ping pong(table tennis)… you know what I mean. GOOD LUCK UFL !

  23. animation transition and gameplay, would definitely kill ea and konami’s product . Especially efootball, because they have no future since that broken game LOL

  24. Most footballer are thin and and lean. Micah Richards look massive and he was 13s and he was consider huge. At 12 ,11 stone I’d be very slim

  25. I know they can’t but I’d love to hear the opinion of this studio on FIFA and Pro Ev and what they have become. Great video mate.

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