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Nearly 48 hours later after the very brief gameplay reveal, I give my thoughts on why I think some of us have been a little bit to critical maybe…🤔

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    • You are right my friend, we have to wait, we older players (42) have seen the begin of all gameconsoles but this generation of children only want to see the best and they don t see behind the scenes and they don t know hoe hard it is to make such a game. I am patience and there must be more then only scripted

    • it looked a little better than fifa online 4/fo4 at gameplay
      has 2vs2 and 3vs3 exactly like fo4
      fo4 despite being released in 2018,the engine is a old one like playing fifa12 or fifa13
      if ufl devs would had a decent gameplay,they would showed with some confidence…but instead they did the opposite
      i’m mostly online gamer so i will try the game but from those few seconds ufl gameplay looked kinda assisted
      efootball and fifa at least have some degree of manual defending which means you as user need to time well your tackles
      from snippets the goal scored,the defender was so far from forward and forward could had even time to eat lunch inside the box…felt a dumb-ish gameplay
      the passes looked like an old fifa,too perfect like error touch doesn’t exist….in fo4 gameplay error touch doesn’t exist
      devs didn’t talk about different types of shoot or passes which is so discouraging
      i feel in my guts that ufl in terms of gameplay will be so outdated like they had to come with ufl gameplay 4-5 years ago

    • cmon ricky they said gameplay reveal and showed nothing. for sure people criticise that. its ok to introduce yourself but that was just a puff.

    • They are trying to compete with Fifa at their own game (fut), that’s just ridiculous.
      Imo the only way a new football game can succeed is by selling a product to a niche not covered by fifa. So for example a game similar to modded pes 2021, or a game focused on career mode (like a playable football manager). In that way you sell the game to those who are not happy with fifa and you won’t have a lot of competition, you can’t think to beat fut by creating the same thing with less resources 🤦🏻‍♂️

  1. Yes! Let’s give them a chance and with feedback hope they improve. They seem to want to connect with the community unlike Konami

  2. I really hope it can compete but ngl from what I’ve seen in that trailer it does look very similar to fifa and looks like they’ve re-skinned ultimate team. Similar animations and even graphics to fifa.

  3. I would steer clear of any football game that merely focuses on online matches (especially when it’s for free) as it does have its own limitations. What I like the most is an offline and realistic approach and by the looks of it, efootball pes 21 will remain the jewel in the crown of football games for the next few years in terms of realism and immersion.

    • @ArgiGames ProNL and for commentary I usually switch to different languages and every now and then. I’m fluent in 2 and decent in 1

    • @IONS LEGACY 2055? Really? It’s impossible! There are not enough players to keep the game going for that amount of time. What type of players are there? Regens, false players?

    • @Efootball | PES Goals & Highlights you got the usual but then you see players like regen Scott Mctominay as 91 rated along with fake players hitting or exceeding 90 overall.

    • Its kinda stupid if you think about how PES fucked themselves up. They would maybe never catch up to fifa due to FUT, but they had so much sales because of their offline modes. Instead of improving and making it their niche, they just went in all kind of directions and ended up shooting themselves in the foot. Master league and become a legend modes were miles ahead of anything fifa did. Now fifa 22 career mode hasnsome bugs fixed and seems decent enough to play in, PES has lost the battle and probably the war.

      FYI, imo, UFL will shill out to beat FUT and will fail miserably. Maybe im biased, but any game that focuses on online play, will never be favoured by people.

    • @Efootball | PES Goals & Highlights also players retired and come back as youngsters it’s an never ending cycle. On my ML Zlatan just hit his prime dude going bananas rn with 3 ballon d’or in in the row

  4. i’m not too interested in another online free to play game. i want another PES style game with a Master League, realistic gameplay etc. i don’t care about licenses, just put it out on PC & allow it to be easy to mod

    • @Efootball | PES Goals & Highlights nah Spoony & TTB are soccer game youtubers. it’s their job to cover games like this. they can’t make strictly pes 21 videos forever so they need some different content. & yeah i’m definitely staying on modded pes 21 until a real competitor comes up

    • @Efootball | PES Goals & Highlights Pretty much a stupid comment without any proof that Ricky and Spoony where either told or paid to promote UFL. Another one of your nonsense YouTube comments

    • @Efootball | PES Goals & Highlights he’s just a YouTube creating dumb to think they are even known by gaming companies

    • @ChrisN78 well, you’re going to be disappointed when you know Spoony himself said he was approached by UFL. It’s only logical to assume that UFL just like Konami talks to content creators like Spoony and Ricky. There’s nothing wrong about it. But it’s certainly wrong to speak without any prior knowledge. It’s never wise to ignore the fact that stupidity consists in the inability to read comments properly.

    • @That’s Me you’re dismissive of the fact that Ricky and spoony are STRICTLY pes content creators. Do you want a proof? Watch their latest videos in which they play a game. What is it? Yes, it’s pes 21 even two and a half years after it was released.
      Both of them tried FIFA 22 but then they stopped posting videos as fifa is not enjoyable. However, covering latest news about a new football game is just a small portion of their channel. So, they are likely to stick to PES and possibly a revamped efootball for ever.

  5. Neh. It looks like a very obvious FIFA clone, I don’t need hours of gameplay to see that.
    I can understand if someone else needs more, but I don’t see how that should be my problem, either.
    I’ll give it a try because it’s free, but in the meantime, I have other things to worry and care about.

    • Absolutely spot on! This game is deemed fun and playable solely by fifa fanboys and kids with no prior knowledge of a good football game. And of course this was what Konami did for efootball which was a huge mistake, hence ruining their legacy and reputation.

    • Playing football games from the era of old PCs, through PS1 & till PS5 nowadays, I think we have the experience to understand in a glance what the game is.

  6. 3:58
    They claim they have been working on this project for the last few years. So, this clearly is no match for KONAMI. In my eyes, this game is a mobile game and I don’t particularly like their simplistic approach towards the game. I don’t one whit take this game seriously.

    • The answer to that is simple. This game is a very online focused game. And PC has far too much cheating.

      Also – quick note. PC is not the biggest player base when it comes to sports title. Sports game sell far bigger numbers on console than PC.

  7. I was when it first came out…though the idea of it could be Interesting. I really hope they have a edit mode..similar to PES, and then we can create the European leagues.

    It’s still very early days on the UFL brand, so this time in a couple of years…you could see league licenses being added

  8. The player models are terrible especially the structure of the players backs . Their backs are as flat as a wall my Lord !

  9. I’ll give it a chance, Pes21 online is horrendous, efootball is horrendous, fifa22 best football game but many faults… lets wait and see

    • To be fair, PES 21 online is only horrendous because of the scummy tactics people use. Playing in a private league the game is an absolute joy.

    • @GaleKast i play a private league and it can be just as bad.. not tactics wise but man the blocking of the ball when it goes through your player.. 1/2 the goals i concede feel like bullshit.. But you are correct myclub on line the players are wankers, long ball kickoffs .. abusing the long ball tactics this year spamming it or 4312 longball. u dont see many good goals.

    • @Wild Bill oh yeah true, there is still some crap but I can deal with that a lot better when playing against someone actually playing football. It’s not perfect but it’s probably the best they have managed online since 2013 and that was plagued with spammers too.

  10. Was seriously hoping this game would be releasing on PC day 1 alongside consoles. As someone who primarily games on Nintendo Switch and now PC, It’s disappointing knowing that a new rival Football game to PES and FIFA Won’t be coming to PC until much later on, if ever. Hopefully Goals will fill this void UFL is leaving on PC.

  11. Not really it’s what i expected….Did anybody think UFL devs wasn’t going to copy Fifa or show very little gameplay ? You must of been daft to think otherwise, it was very underwhelming what we seen and those devs really made a effort to show as little gameplay as they could.

  12. Let’s give them chance, it’s their first try. But gameplay didn’t seem anything special compared to even very old PES titles. Also game concept might not be for my kind offline player.

    Solid free to play football game for casual gamers would be nice for sports market. That doesn’t do enough for rock my boat.

  13. I don’t believe this was a “Gameplay Reveal.”
    In my opinion, it was a “Football Game Reveal” just to show the game is real. Now, forget Konami and EA… They have been BS’ing their fans for years, so all UFL has to do is listen to the fans and give them the things Konami and EA are too greedy and stubborn to give.

  14. IMO, it looks like dream league soccer with FIFA 14 gameplay & Vibe
    With the look’s of it, I won’t bother
    Free to play is something they doing now to make so many people try out the game

  15. Unfinished Football League UFL negatives
    1, No offline mode , i know alot of people who won’t touch this because of this.
    2, No PC version.
    3, No licences, for a new football game to have less licences than Konami says it all really…..Now imagine starting UFL online with fake teams and fake players now compare this with it’s direct competitor EA Sport’s Fifa’s FUT ,REGARDLESS what you think of EA their FUT will continue to grow billions because little Timmy who’s a school kid aged 10yrs to 14yrs will want to use real teams and real players…Ricky we are not the targeted audience for FUT or UFL they target the teens with their parents credit card details.
    4, As above these devs aren’t making a game purely for free they will want to see a income coming in so i expect microtransactions on players same as FUT….Just wait.

  16. I’m simply not interested in another predominantly online football game. Nothing is gonna topple FIFA and EA’s monopoly.

    Free to play also worries me. They’re getting a ton of licenses and it’s just not sustainable. What are the in-game purchases gonna be, and are they gonna be any less preditory than FIFA points or PES coins. I don’t think this morale high ground stand point they’re claiming to come from is real.

  17. The people complaining will be the people that moan about FIFA being crap but are willing to give EA the money each year. I wouldn’t take any notice, The game is free and as I don’t play the other two I will be playing U.F.L

  18. “Work in Progress”, “they can Patch it”, blah,blah….its always the same. I dont believe it anymore, we have been disappointed too many times from several Developers all over the World.

    • Most of the time the final product looks exactly the same as “work in progress”. So yeah, don’t expect it to suddenly shine on release day.

  19. I dream about an Indie group who would not care about licensing anything from real life, simply developing a true to life football gameplay platform based on physics in players anatomical movements vs gravity vs everything else programming can allow today in terms of simulating everything in real life… These players would have different pace of dynamic and transitional movements vs gravity vs turf condition vs weather vs collisions etc and good ball physics of course but this been done already to a very descent level I think…. And then making the interaction between virtual player and ball not based on virtual magnets as it is the case in actual football games… Realistic gameplay is sloppy when the ball is loose… The CPU gameplay would be based on fancy AI processes where it learns and adapts… That’s it! And this platform could be open source with editing tools and easy to mod in terms of everything so 3rd party developers can customize it to have all real life whatever they want from teams, leagues, stadiums, kits etc… I believe this would be a ground breaking sim and all those who want football simulation will adopt it for sure…

    • You can keep on dreaming about that. To make a football game that is super realistic, you would need huge resources. And a game like that would never sell that much, the target crowd is quite small after all.

    • @elagiorgii Selling as in FIFA no, it won’t but PES21 with its many mods including those based on Sider, proved that a community can take any well created platform to another level. Same happens with many indie games out there… Any good simulation or physics based programming requires a small team of skilled programmers.

  20. You might claim people are being too harsh – but the reality is you are being too soft.

    Being free or a new company doesn’t mean the game shouldn’t be judged for what it is. eFootball was a brand new game – but it was still dreadful.

    It’s an online focused – FIFA clone. The clips we’ve seen show poor animation work and non-existent defending (the scoreline and defensive positioning show that)…. This game clearly wants high scores, because it’s what online and professional gamers want, so it will be fast, Arcady and dumb AI… And will likely have easy to exploit mechanics to highten scorelines.

    The lead Dev has already said manual controls “sound like cheating” so this will be on rails like FIFA… They’re clearly spending a lot of money (Ronaldo alone would have cost a fortune) and the game is free, so what does they mean? … Microtransactions galore.

    Also I might add – the unreal engine is not good at sports titles. That why only mobile sports title use it.

  21. This is just a fifa clone. The way they move like skating, so unrealistic movement overal. Ultimate team like fifa. And it is free, so their only profit will be micro transactions, which will be loads of it to compensate to make it free.. Don’t have hope boys

    Only positive part I see is that it might give more competition (so that konami maybe might do some miracle to save pes)

  22. I think this game needs a beta before release, they need to let us test it out and give them feedback on what works and what doesn’t.

  23. The gameplay snippets look alot like pes on PS2 ,it’s kind of stiff like pes2013 maybe that’s a good thing we will see

  24. This game ain’t gonna compete the pes, I am a french teacher of one of the 200 hundred ppl working in this company, which is Russian, he told me that the game is to compete fifa, as he also mentioned to me, that the midfielders are not going to track back as in fifa, welcome.

  25. i dont think it looks terrible i just cant get my head around how much it looks like fifa. all the camera angles in the trailer, the animations. everything looks like they just wanted to replicate fifa to every detail

    • @Sean Haywood its deeper than just looking like football tho. like you can clearly distinct fifa and pes gameplay because whilst they both are replicating football they have distinct approaches to gameplay and vary in their visual style. however if you showed me the ufl gameplay and told me it was fifa i would believe you because it looks so much like it

    • @Leo Pacino there are only so many ways you can make a football game look. It’s bound that some of them will look similar. If UFL are serious about competing with EA then they need to not only replicate, but improve on the replication.

    • A game that is free-to-play will always be pay-to-win; those characteristics are inseparable, as gaming companies still need to turn a profit.

  26. What you should didn’t push the buttons at this moment in time and if there is no proper league clubs also no single player mode, not all of us want multiplayer games , and all ways online we shall see

  27. Big red flag such as Free To Play and Online Focused. Sadly this won’t be a proper football game to compete. This is just the console version of Dream League Soccer.

  28. I think the biggest thing for people is the fact that it’s basically catering to online play and there is a good portion of players that prefer offline like myself, while I will judge the game the more I hear and see but like everyone else the initial impressions are ‘meh’

  29. Not even 5 second straight of gameplay footage in “gameplay reveal” . They lead this product with some licenses they acquired but not the depth of gameplay which they been shy to reveal with ultra short cuts mash up.

  30. If it doesn’t have an offline career experience, we aren’t critical enough! Gameplay, graphics, and everything else can be salvaged.

  31. As I have said, since I’m not the one who plays online or versus modes, I’m not the right person to criticise. I agree to give them time, it’s clearly an incomplete job. But since it’s not released yet, better wait for the final product. Have a nice time.

    • Most of the time final product looks very very very close to what seen on “game in development”. So don’t expect it to suddenly shine on release day.

  32. From what I gathered, the game doesn’t have any proprietary Tech behind it. No Foot planting Tech. No Physics Tech. No Animation Tech. Modern Sports games need at least 1 out of the 3. Even efootball has proprietary animation & physics tech.

    This game is about 10 – 12 years too late. This is why its so hard to make sports games these days. This game will inevitably suck.

  33. I saw an *HUGE* easter egg in UFL Gameplay Reveal Trailer: San Siro has seen + Possible AC Milan partnership with UFL is incoming….

  34. Doesn’t matter how it looks, all that matters is how it plays. I’ll hold off on any judgement until I get my hands on it.

  35. The gameplay they show us was fast paced snippets like ea does with fifa…WHY NOT show us a full match?…or atleast 2 minutes….and when its ready…wait what?.. a little respect to konami here guys …there is no chance this game will surpass the ready pes 2022 when its ready like ufl….end of story….p.s this game will not even surpass pes 2021….even from the fast paced gameplay snippets i can tell it will not.

  36. People are complaining about the ball psychics but honestly for online this is what’s needed many are moaning but less randomness happening only helps and truly shows who the better players are. fifa online is not a skilled game it’s built to frustrate you nothing more and for pes I only had issues with the servers

  37. Agree whit everything. The game at this point needs a good base to attract players and grow. Every time a game like this is announced I always think about Fortnite, the game today is totally different when we look at release day. Negative people should put that energie in companies like EA and Konami that are in the business for 30 years or more, almost “infinite” money and every year the games looks worse.

  38. Proof will be in the pudding how it plays will make or break it folks sorry to say it’s a cruel world out their if it plays naf I’m afraid it’s toast. 🥶

  39. I’d say that people are not critical enough actually, as the overhyped gameplay release was nothing short of a disappointment, their focus on just a toned down version of FUT/MyClub is extremely limited and the game won’t even be available for PC! Given the shitstorm KONAMI faced for their game release, the reception of UFL has been surpisingly munificent thus far. Moreover, no one at Strikerz Inc. has ever mentioned how the monetization will work in this game or in different words: how will they make money from a free-to-play game? It is to be expected that the game will become pay-to-win at some point in time, which won’t make it any different from bigger and better titles, like FIFA or PES/eFootball. I can’t see any reason to be excited over this title, unless the gameplay will be absolutely brilliant, which is still unknown (and probably not the case).

    • Yeah, Russian games and free to play leave a very bad taste (I’m looking at you Wargaming). These guys just want to milk your wallet. They don’t care about gameplay issues. They only about how fast and how much $$ they can get from you and the next newcomers.

    • How will they make money? Uhh look at fortnite lol if the game is good a $10-15 battle pass every 3 months and cosmetic store (kits, cleats, hairstyles, stadiums, balls, celebrations etc) is all you really need. Do i think this game will be as good as fifa? Nah the game looks rough, but being free-to-play is a must in order to compete with fifa. Not that many people will pay 60-70 for a football game with just 1/3rd the licenses fifa has but a lot of ppl will at least try that game if its free to play.

  40. Positives first!

    1. Great UI, even tho it isn’t gameplay I appreciate UI for the overall experience, look how bad efootballs UI is and it really does bring the whole experience down.
    2. Not enough gameplay to judge it yet so I’m still hopeful.
    3. I like how open with the community they seem, they also seem passionate about making a football game, I think they actually used the word ‘simulation’ during the gameplay video.


    Gut feeling is that it is very much like fifa, the camera angle is Arcady. Graphics are average, net physics and AI doesn’t look great either 🙁

    But not seen enough yet..

  41. I have 0 trust in this game and the reason is beyond obvious. It’s free to play. At some point they have to make money, which will mean a shitty ultimate team copy cat.

    Modded pes21 seems to be the peak of football Sims and by the looks of it, that won’t change for a while.

  42. Well, I’m all for a new game that competes with FIFA, but UFL already starts on a bad basis:

    – It’s free, which instantly says it hasn’t had a big budget;
    – it has an online only aim… which means it will eventually be a pay-to-win, handicapped game;
    – starts partnerships with players and clubs… not with whole leagues. No marketing value in that.

    So yeah, I do criticize it from the beggining. It’s going to be dead on arrival

  43. When eFootball 22 will be finally finished 100 % with modes,weather conditions,everything …it will be The best football simulator from the last years by far …PES WAS …IS …AND WILL ALWAYS BE THE KING

  44. A tiny 200 person studio can’t do all of the things. They have limited resources. It makes sense to build the core business around a FUT-like mode because FUT is extremely popular. It’s a smart strategic decision.

  45. I guess thats exactly why they didnt really want to show any gameplay at all. Because of the shttalkers who judge it from a few seconds of a “work in progress” footage.

  46. Truly disappointed I hate FIFA I hate ultimate league it has the same design I found it very hard to maneuver through I like the way PES has it it’s easier to buy and sell players. And with all things must change hopefully I can learn this new procedure and have fun if not onto the next project

  47. The presentation was great better tha Konami…..their celebration and facial expression way better than Konami for a new company

  48. How are people even judging gameplay with thjs 2 second of gameplay, stay positive this is not even finish game. Let’s give them all our support, hate ea and Konami for *** us every year over and over again and let us pay 80usd every year for the same game lately even got worst every year.

  49. People shouldn’t be harsh since it is a new company. They listen to the community and that is a big plus so I am rooting for them.

  50. There’s going to be major investment in this game saying this is a small company is stupid getting Ronaldo on board isn’t cheap unless he’s behind it in some way

  51. The fact there’s no scripting and it down to skill this interests me. No skill spam like Fifa it’s free so I will give it a go

  52. This is just a bad timing of creating this kind of football game. When football game’s fans are disappointing with PES that destroyed and FIFA that will be forever bad gameplay, UFL news came as a hope. But it turns out that UFL just will be another variant of that football game, even worst maybe. That’s the point of disappointment.

  53. I Agree with Every word your Saying
    I’m Sick of FIFA with EA owning this game with No competition from other Companies, UFL just started and growing now with developers, So we have to wait and give them a Chance.
    I wish they succeed.
    I hope that I don’t lose My good Players and keep them with every developing or changing for the Game, So I don’t have to keep spending money on Players, they could make some money from Skins and shirts, skins, Playgrounds. If they succeeded to give us good gameplay I’m sure Fans will be generous.
    They even gave us the game Free, Why people complaining before the release?
    That is ridiculous 🤦🏻‍♂️

  54. 03:21 “Final stage of development”
    i thought the latest trailer was development announcement video cuz there was basically 0 game play footage in it 😂😂😂 these guys will be a massive let down. If they are claming they ve entered the final stage of development they should be dying to show gameplay footage or even beta. CDPR Cyberpunk, anyone?

  55. Of course they’re being to critical. They want another fifa but not made by ea and fifa. 😂😂😂 they’re idiots 😂😂. This looks good tbh, and it’s free. Wtf you all complaining about you prissy little silver spoon babies 👶 😂😂👍. No handicaps, no getting EAed or Pes handicapped. It’s going to be better than both. Calling it now.

  56. Don’t mean to he the grammar police but it should be spelt too. I’m done with modern football games with all their bugs and scripted nonsense.
    I’m actually playing ISS Deluxe on a 7″ Chinese emulation handheld, I’m having so much fun with it, challenging without feeling like your being cheated. So much charisma too.

  57. UFL is a rising game…… u gonna support it…. It’s just their first year and they are getting Ronaldo and clubs like West Ham…… Till then, PES 2021

  58. I didn’t know till I watched the vid that their “coop” modes will be 2v2/3v3, I usually will reserve judgement on games until I play them or see gameplay for a good amount of time, I’m not going to judge the gameplay but I’ll judge their strategy, why would you attempt to go head to head with the one thing EA have got absolutely perfected being Ultimate Team? I can’t say for sure but the majority of UT FIFA players aren’t switching over to this, not even for free, probably not even if you paid them, EA have spent god knows how much on how to make the experience within Ultimate Team as addicting as possible, those who play Ultimate Team don’t come back year after year because the gameplay is good, I know for a fact as I’m sure you all do there’s people who will exclusively trade in UT, for me and I could just be on my own when saying this, there’s a very clear neglect within FIFA’s game modes, one is Career, the other being Clubs, a mode that has by far the most potential, if they instead focused on a Clubs game mode and really fleshed it out, to the point where FIFA’s Pro Clubs isn’t even in the conversation anymore, it would instantly bring over disgruntled Pro Club players and because football is just 100x better with friends I’m sure it would bring a bunch of new players as well, add a competitive scene on top of that and for me you’ve got yourself something that can compete with FIFA simply because you’re providing something they are not. Maybe I’m completely wrong on this one and no one enjoys or even thinks a Pro Clubs like mode has any potential but for me it’s by far the most wasted aspect of football games.

  59. we just dont need another fifa with unrealistic ball controls, no inertia, endless turnovers and all this circus,, but some balance between PES and Fifa..

  60. It’s very much just a challenger clone of ultimate team going on the offensive whilst EA is in a weak position. The concept suggests this should be a reinventing of the wheel. As F2P but with those big names on board, this is definitely loaded with catches that make it no different to every other game released nowadays. Even the concept of “skill equalling victory” is nonsensical. That isn’t even true in real life football so how any game can claim the best player will always win is just lacking logic in so many ways.

  61. We just want pets back had enough of pets 2021 on console the game so broken it’s like you need to buy a pic just to play a decent football gaming it is shocking

  62. The player positioning is absolutely shocking I can’t get over how bad it looks but FIFA and PES have the same issue so fuck knows. Don’t care about graphics, nor cover stars and licenced teams, that’s the FIFA selling point. Will wait for the beta before saying anything drastic but blimey, even the zip zapping passing on the edge of the box looks concerning.

  63. Personally, I think graphics don’t matter since it’s a free to play game but but but as a game coming out in 2022, this game should at least feel modern. I am talking about the pitch, it looks horrendous. They should update those small details.

  64. I don’t agree with being “patient” or “understanding” with this stuff. These aren’t our friends. They are a business offering a product for sale. (Yeah, yeah, I know, “free to play”. Nothing is free. They will get paid somehow.) If it isn’t what I want (which this game clearly won’t be), they don’t get my money. Simple as that. They said “gameplay reveal trailer”, then didn’t show any gameplay. That tells me everything I need to know about what kind of company this is, and what kind of product they will ultimately offer. It’s obvious UFL will just be another sticker collecting app.

  65. hopefully they have consistent gameplay no matter what time you play. If they have good left stick dribbling and not assisted passes the game will be great

  66. No because any free to play football game will never be able to compete with FIFA, Plus you can’t force people to play online only

  67. For the sake of football, I hope it’s decent so fifa will actually have to improve the game and make it less pay to play.

  68. not excited for this at all, also rumors going around that this will be filled with crypto/nft crap. i just want a new full release football game

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