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A proper breakdown as we take a deeper look into the latest UFL trailer!

▶️Credit to these videos:
📽️UFL vs FIFA 22 vs PES 2021 Early Graphics Comparison –

Intro: 0:00
UFL vs FIFA vs PES Faces: 01:00
UFL vs FIFA 22 Gameplay: 04:12
HD Quality Screenshots: 10:54
Concerns from the Trailer: 32:47

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  1. I appreciate the dedication to the cause. We all wanna know about the small details as well as those big details. I like knowing I’m not the only one whos obsessed with small things like net physics etc.

  2. I think the ball thing is a trail. I saw it on all the screenshots. But it kind of gives a realistic movement to the ball during smooth gameplay.

  3. Well I called it before the reveal that UFL will be HEAVILY based on FIFA and I was spot on. Everyone they got involved with their project told you this was going to be some sort of FIFA clone, it was obvious. Again it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

  4. You perfectly dissected the trailer and all of their footage, but the game won’t in the least bit awaken any enthusiasm in an offline player. It just doesn’t have the potential. It saddens me that Konami shot themselves in the foot but at the same time I’m glad efootball pes 21 still holds up and has gracefully stood the test of time thus far and it surely will.

  5. Please lets stop saying its good for a free game, that will just encourage more game makers to not put in work like Konami did with e-flopball Beacuse we let them off the hook only Beacuse it’s free knowing that these games easily could be standard non free games. have standards no matter what!

  6. The 100 chemestry dont mean anything in the trailer, they are just showing the interface, they probably didnt even finish the code for it.

  7. Comparing the gameplay considering we don’t have proper look at the gameplay I think is a little unfair, I’m gonna reserve my judgement on UFL’s gameplay until we have proper look at it

  8. I thought the graphics looked similar to FIFA from a few years ago. It’s serviceable, but what really matters is how it plays.

  9. Be interesting to see how much of a boost in visuals the game will get when they put it on UE5, hopefully they wait to release it on there too.

  10. Honestly Brits, I know you keep posting about this. But we’re all starting to wondering if you’re getting paid by them! It looks basic at best. And you continue to harp on about it!

    • Well it’s only 3 videos and I haven’t done a proper breakdown so here it is.. I go over everything and even point out some flaws. And yes that 100K check they sent, should be arriving anytime soon 👌😎

  11. I am so glad that there is VirtuRed for offline players like me. Thanks to mod artists!!! “Real” Free To Play 🙏

    Konami and EA focus on online mostly. Now UFL joined the online battle.

  12. 5:14 I have to say that Ronaldo on UFL looks pretty good. Definitely better than FIFA and PES/eFootball. As for the De Bruyne it’s a close call between FIFA and UFL which I think FIFA wins because of the beard and on point strand based hair. Lukaku is bad on UFL and FIFA and PES/eFootball are very close to each other in terms of the likeness, but then again I think that FIFA wins because of the skin and hair quality. Something eFootball really lacks. Strand based hair is the future of gaming. FIFA makes great use of these kinds of technology and it makes it a pretty solid game, apart from the totally unrealistic gameplay.

  13. Visually, I think they should really improve the colours of the grass and the lighting, its too dark. Good lighting in particular makes a big difference and can cover up other weaknesses.

  14. 17:15 this is a common visual artifact in Unreal Engine (it also appears sometimes in eFootball for example). Hopefully they’ll fix it, although I think it will stay there in the final version. Unless they make more changes to the engine (wich i don’t think they will, Its better not to break something).

  15. Graphically it looks serviceable… Maybe in the future if they shift to UE5 it can look great. But what matters is gameplay, animations and AI. And there are huge red flags on all those.

    The animations look awful. The way the players strike the ball looks bad. The gameplay looks too quick (as online games are) and most worryingly, the AI looks dreadful. Defenders don’t want to defend, positioning is terrible, player switching appears to be broken, nearly every clip shows the defenders just standing still and the attackers never have anyone on them.

    This will clearly be your usual – fast paced, exploit-ridden goalfest.

    Unreal Engine is not good for sports titles. They used it because they are new and it’s an easy engine to use. But it doesn’t work well for sports games unfortunately.

  16. Fifa is just the best right now even though I’m a pes fan, the thing is on the grass topic I think ufl exaggerated the grass , no football pitch looks like that anymore the grass is always well trimmed down, nowa days. Thank God you didn’t compare with efootball 2022 cus It’s just to slow response bad , players running like they have stones in their boots

  17. It would be nice to have a development diary from Strikerz Inc., but I guess it will never happen. The AI bugged behavior needs to be addressed, because free to play or not, if AI don’t work as it should, people will easily hop out of the boat. Still disappointed about a non existing PC version, but I hope they will be able to take out a good football game, for the sake of people who love football and football games.

  18. Offtopic but how can I buy the digital edition of pes 2021 PC now that it’s not on official online stores?
    I see that a lot of online stores (on sites like cdkeys and allkeyshop) sell keys but I don’t know how they work and what do I have to do when I buy the key if I can’t download the software.
    I would like to avoid cracking the game/downloading it from sketchy sites and stuff like that if possible 🥺

  19. well about toe shooting the og ronaldo scored a lot with that shot u know… its a technic kind of if you can pull it off

  20. still i want play UFL . bcause its a new game. new animation. new gameplay. graphic for me its enough. im tired of fifa animation. always same every year. .hypermotion tech? its still the same~ give FIFA to 2K .

  21. This thing of sayin “but its a free game” is wrong…u implying we js hv to accept bad games coz they are free? I thnk efootball have best skin textures of players and kits

  22. The grass looks good only from the cinematic camera. From the gameplay camera it looks bad. Even the grass in eFootball looks better from the gameplay camera.

  23. Does this gaming pc play pes 21 with gameplay mods and cider

    Intel i3 10100
    16 GB Ram
    Geforce GTX 1650
    2 x 128 GB hard drive

    Please help me someone as I want to buy this but unsure

    • @G Grimm to be honest I’ve bought the pc just for pes and nothing else..

      I want option files player faces and boots.. turf lighting and prem stadiums only maybe a few others like real Madrid.. and then Holland gameplay mod..

      I’m not sure how I’m gonna achieve this as I’m new to this..

      I bought a ps5 for pes 22 and that turned out to be the worst thing ever.. 🙃

    • @Marc Porter if it’s just pes you’re getting it for then 500gb should just about do the job mate. For turfs and lighting you will need Jeremiah’s mods which are only a couple of pounds a month on patreon but well worth the money and it comes with install tutorials. For Vred tutorials I found Spoony’s videos are the best. Boots and faces will come with Vred patch for the most part so you won’t need extra option files for those. Also worth remembering that most option files are NOT compatible with the Vred patch but as I said Vred V4 covers just about everything for faces and boots and other player cosmetics anyway

    • @G Grimm also the turf mods.. is it a one off payment or do you pay monthly? Do they take back the turf mod if you don’t pay monthly.. I don’t understand how that works ..

  24. CR7 does have a shot where he hits the ball with the top inside area of his foot, almost like what you complained about in the clip. It may not be a perfect representation, but I have witnessed his shots like that.

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