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#PES2022 #PES2022Wishlist
My take on what PES 2022 needs to go the next level on next gen but keeping it somewhat realistic. Not expecting ground breaking upgrades but certainly something that shows Konami are moving the series up a notch!

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Intro: 0:00
Edit Mode: 01:18
Modes (myClub & Master League): 05:08
Gameplay: 12:33

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My name is Ricky AKA TTB (TheTrueBrits).
I have a huge passion for PES having grown up playing the series for the last 2 decades & Commentary has become a bigger hobby of mine since starting my YouTube channeI. I have also covered numerous PES League events.
I try to upload new videos daily, however sometimes life gets in the way!
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  1. Wishlist:
    1. Crossplay across consoles to improve finding players online
    2. Improve dribbling, shooting and passing variety
    3. Player models and animation
    4. MENUS!!!
    5. Content for online and offline
    6. PLAYER REACTION TIMES for shooting/attacking and defending

  2. My Top 3 things that Konami really need to focus on for Next Gen to get the ball rolling. Dont lose features, keep improving and show they have big plans for this new engine.
    Leave your somewhat “realistic” favorites below for next gen! ⬇️👀

    • @Craig Barlow EA Sports has the better marketing than PES. PES needs to evolve and become competitive. Most FIFA players are playing FIFA because of FUT. So, if PES brings something similar ( which I think they do) or improve on it maybe but lack of licenses are big killers.

    • @Venom Snake I agree totally Konami needs to improve their marketing, PES 22 with the Unreal engine is incredibly exciting to see and probably play but like you said licences are a killer yes there is option files on PlayStation but Microsoft don’t allow this so the console sales gets a big hit where the marketing really is …Why Fifa will continue to outsell PES.

    • @Craig Barlow PES soccer had that chance in mid 2000’s. Particularly in PES 5 to PES 2007 whereas PES was clearly a better game but they couldn’t take this opportunity. I’m also excited about Unreal Engine. It’s going to be a brand new game. Cheers mate

    • @Venom Snake PES’s ultimate team is better than fifa’s they gift you with good players they do promos of icons which is great it makes everybody’s teams balanced unlike fifa where Neymar and Mbappe rule the game

  3. 1. Less assisted gameplay online especially when it comes to defending. Make PES skill based again instead of a luck based game. Now it’s no different from FIFA..
    2. Competent referees in order to stop morons from barging into you online
    3. An option to use R2 for close control instead of the right analog stick…

  4. 1. Fixing menu ridiculous load times (specially online)
    2 .Crossplay between PC and all consoles
    3. Myclub remake
    4. Online Master League
    5. Fixing gameplay issues and referees (i think gameplay overall is really good on PES 2021 but there are some issues people have been complainign about for a long time that haven’t been fixed)

  5. BAL is an important feature just for the WAPES 11’s league ( ) and others out there that run 11 a side leagues using legends that you build yourself to certain allowed stats etc . There are other leagues out there too. Wapes is a FUMA 11’s

  6. What i only wish for the MyClub mode is..

    1. always press are not OP and the stamina are even more gets down to do that not all the time .

    2. Man marking should be are Taktik Option , like Park the Bus or Tiki Taka.

    3. More Ingame Time , feels to quik one Match.

    Because Online Gameplay arent immersion. It is 90% always the same Gameplay i see. For mit dosnt matter if i always win or lose .

    Its just boring and frustating me !!


  7. They need more online modes so it can be actually worth to grind for coins

    They need to bring back stadium creator because I’m tired of the same 51 stadiums and when playing master league almost most English team play in the rose park stadium they need to bring it back

    Fix the Al and the refs and just gameplay because you win the ball but the ref gives a foul or you actually foul someone and ref just leave it.

    The scripting needs to be toned down it’s no blatant the scripting it leads to people stop playing the game online or offline

    Make more of master league even the English league make up fake advertising boards around the pitch, have the player shake hard and I wanna see more from the managers being active

    Add German league it’s been too long now come on

  8. PRESENTATION, PRESENTATION, PRESENTATION (including AUDIO)! I hope they take some cues from FIFA because that series does a wonderful job with presentation. A CL game at night at OT should feel different than a International Cup preseason game at a neutral stadium. And there are super simple ways to make improvements. Flash the league table during prematch commentary. . . . . show league goal/assist leaders if one is playing in the current matchup. . . mention a player on a hot streak or having a poor run of form. . . . . . . etc, etc.

  9. World Class online servers.
    Ref that can ref.
    A.I wingers who can dribble, & make things happen.
    Better A.I.
    Bring back Pes 11 MLO.

  10. We DEFINITELY need new Commentary. I’m sick and tired of hearing Peter Drury and Jim Beglin. They need to hire you Ricky!

  11. Make it so that the game doesn’t force you to make touches. If I shoot, the player should shoot. If he’s not ready, it should be inaccurate instead of forcing a touch (for the other team to come and get)
    Crowds are too quiet. Some big teams like Juve should have an energetic crowd when another big team comes by
    There should be a way for more than a single player to chase the ball. I shouldn’t lose the ball because the guy further away is the only one going for the ball.
    Overall this game should be better than fifa in most aspects except for licenses and content, at least for now

  12. Ricky, when you go on your Team List and you press you right trigger button a few times, you’ll come across ‘Affection’ & there are little bars the form how affectionate a player is to the team. The more bars, the more affectionate the player is. It’s one of those hidden things that were really advertised well.

  13. New commentary, youth scout system in ML, much better referees, more fluid gameplay, better presentation both menu and in-gamevise

  14. If they sort out the ref, silly physics and make The AI smarter it’s a good game. With a graphics improvement as well it would be a great game. Doesn’t sound like a lot…surely they can do it, they’ve had enough time. If PES 2022 disappoints it would be a huge letdown to the fan base and turn a lot of people off the series.

  15. My wish list for pes 2022 besides the graphics and details
    1) New game New engine , New console so multitude of modes is a must

    2) Improvements in master league as it is the most used mode in the game and will be ,so better transfer systems like talking to agents, agents fees besides the clubs and realistic fees and to make sure big teams don’t but salah,mbappe ,pogba etc in one window and youth team signings where u make signing for ur youth team and the youth teams having matches off screen where we can check the results and give opportunities for players who perform better this way we can monitor their progress and if possible adapting same approach as fifa in employing top agents to scout almost all the countries including Africa,Asia,south America,North America and all off European countries to make it as real as possible

    Also improvements in my club where the server matches the quality of its user and no lagging and better rewards

    Better options and Improvements in become a legend

    3)The most crucial one the gameplay flawless gameplay is too much to ask right at the Start of new engine but they did take their time so almost seemlees gameplay with better player physics, body movements and collision systems enabling the ref to make almost the correct decisions each time and for god sake frequency of penalties and making the GKs as real as possible and not super human jumps and leaps and getting rid of unrealistic animations like players attempting overhead kicks from literally anywhere.

  16. For Master League
    1. Press conference- your press conference should effect player morale. If you say something wrong it should matter.
    2. Team talk- They should add some feature where a manager can give some pep talk which will effect player performance
    3. Add coaching staff- Like real life better coaching staff will make a team better.

    Basically contact FM developers.

  17. Mate. I like watching you and Spoony Pizza. But I’m sure I have a different version of Pes as you guys never mention what I see as the game breakers.
    Off ball player movement: I’m on a break and I see my teammates running towards their own goal or back to their position and not going into obvious spaces. Schoolboy football. The opposition CPU always scoring what I consider ‘cheap’ goals. In one season in the premier league, how many top corner free kicks, edge of the box turn turn shoot, defenders not marking strikers… goals should I concede. Yes refs are bad but these things are much worse

  18. Improve referree quality, commentary ( more variety), and the game starts with same side of the pitch or kick-off (shuffle it), alter repetitive gameplay(esp when you come to sudden stop).

  19. Fix the damn regens!

    We want to play more than 1 season of ML without Ibrahimović or Ochoa joining the youth team. At least change their names, or make some random players with random names and faces. Make a big database for youth players.

  20. Better commentary
    Ref upgrade( programmed to ‘play on’)
    Less menus
    Better player faces on lesser known players
    More atmospehere in general especially at derby games
    Better form arrows( player at up green scores hat trick next game down red)
    Upgrade the ball physics
    Master league revamp

  21. It’s all irrelevant for as long as “DDA” remains. Until this disgusting, evil, immoral concept is removed, I’ll never buy another football game.

    • Dynamic difficulty adjustment is in Fifa 100% not sure PES has this , It’s the reason i haven’t touched Fifa 21 since early December can’t get past 2 seasons, the growth system is broken aswell …PES isn’t as bad .

      It’s your choice not buying a football game…Konami and EA don’t care .

    • @Craig Barlow I can assure you that it is in PES. If you haven’t been punched in the face with it yet then I guess you haven’t played very much. It’s so obvious it’s painful.

      It is difficult to image a more heavy handed implementation of it but if FIFA is indeed worse then dear god it’s unimaginable.

      It’s my choice? Really? Wow, never occurred to me, thanks.

  22. Ai opponents meed fixing iswell more creativity and player id, when im playing against messi i wanna feel like im playing against messi

  23. They need to stop teams like Liverpool being top of the league play bad against me and I win 3-0 while bottom of the table teams play like prime Barcelona. Master League feels so random

    • @rdam west as you increase difficulty on Master League you don’t make the opposition team better you just make your own team worse

  24. Get like a online season in my club. Like the fifa did have somthing like that. A online season where we can play with other and se the board and get reward like gp for playing a full match

  25. 1. Fix the ratings. Fifa’s is not perfect but at least it more accurately represents a players contribution to the game. A hat trick is Fifa would see atleast a 9, while in PES you’d be lucky to get an 8.5. Similarly just because a player scores a goal, doesn’t mean he was the best player on the pitch. Konami, please.

    2. Newgens and Regens. I’m tired of seeing messi retire and comeback as a 16 year old, completely breaks the immersion, even more so that they end up in my academy, when I didn’t have him as a player beforehand. At the very least, give new names and faces to the regens. Secondly, every team should have a youth team with different players that can be promoted to the first team or dropped for the club. Also newgens should be generated into the game as well, just adds more immersion to see new players popping up and doing well.

    3. Overall transfers. While valuations are better, transfers and negotiations need a lot of work and a lot more options. Not every player wants a damn release fee! And if a player recently moved to a new club, make it harder for them to move again, makes no sense to see a player move to a team for one season, and then gets sold right after.

  26. If pes 22 is jus a graphical upgrade.that would be disappointing. I dont need stadiums, more clubs or graphics. I need better modes. Better ML. Better Be a Legend. Being able to track your loanee growth. Being able to review individual titles and acheivements, both player and club. Being able to inprove your stadium, capacity estitics etc. So much more i would like to say.but is about 5 years iv been saying it and konami has given us nothing.

  27. Here’s a list:
    Fix the goddamn AI. (AI gets even stronger in the second season despite the same difficulty setting)
    Fix the goddamn fouling system (it is absolutely horrendous)
    AI shouldn’t be able to shield the ball and elude 2 or 3 of my players pressing him
    Can’t we have more hairstyles like PES2011?
    Player physics is still slightly robotic..
    Freaking lower bottom teams shouldn’t be able to play like Barcelona
    Revamping the editing system for created players.. It’s been the same old boring schtick for god knows how long..

  28. PES is still brilliant but I really want better shooting + goalkeeper sliders. Also want more long range goals (keepers save everything currently and finesse shot is broken), this includes from the AI as well as better referees.

  29. All good actually, edit mode needs a revamp or at least they need to add stuff there. As to ML, Team Spirit should go back to the Ability Teamwork and talking about that I would like to see a Lofted Shot or Low Shot or something similar, something little for me would be a percentage bar of assistance it is really annoying being a second tier team or doing poorly or just being a “small” team and having full stadium

  30. Master league Improvements:
    1. After match press conferences where your responses will have an affect on player’s form arrows.
    2. Scouting: hide player ratings and use scouts to uncover stats. Basically the same as fifa’s. Might be a big change though.
    3. Have players be more human. Currently you only interact with them for contracts and transfers. Have them email you and request to play games or request a loan transfer etc. Again, similar to fifa.
    4. Hire trainers to speed up skill training or gain more skill points for player stat training.
    5. Salary/transfer budget slider. Same as fifa, let us manipulate the ratio.
    6. Regens. Probably a big change, but even just randomise the name from a pool of names. And randomise the face within reason. It will make ML saves last much longer!
    7. Improve the team spirit mechanics. The team spirit should begin higher at about 85. Starting so low suggests the players are all new to the team. Start at 85 and then any tactical changes or new transfers cause that to decrease.
    8. Menu layouts. Same as you said. Easier to see top goal scorer etc.
    9. Player meetings. Simple cutscenes where you meet with a player.

    I realise here I’ve basically asked for Fifa’s career mode.

    1. Player awareness. Sometimes when the intended recipient of a pass doesn’t get to the ball and the ball rolls towards another teammate, that teammate will avoid collecting the ball because he wasn’t the intended recipient. Often resulting in the opposition picking up the loose ball.
    Often I’ll play a through ball to one of my players (player A) but it’s a bit too far in front and ends up closer to another one of my players (player B). But player B will often ignore the ball and let player A get it, even if it means an opposition player gets to the ball first. Player B just stands and watches.


    Every time

  31. How about add leagues and cups to leagues so you can play ie league 1 in England, and commentary name first name Manchester second name City in edit mode.

  32. Ricky, you should definitely try PES Management on the PS2 for an immersive Master League experience. Its a PS2 game but I am sure you can get an emulator to play it on your PC!

  33. I feel like they should add managers to the game. But actually have them have overalls and actual models, rather than just being photos and adaptability within their teams!

  34. I thought they were already working a few years on PES 2022, so I think it’s logical the past PES’s haven’t changed very much over the years. Now they need to deliver!

  35. 1. Fix referees/collision system
    2. Remove regens
    3. Better atmosphere crowd chants
    4. New commentary
    5. Edit mode allow more imports like score board & ad board ect

    Master league a great idea would be to have or bring in better

    Fitness coach

    And choose where to spend your money

  36. Form arrows is a myth in PES they do nothing in game, for example you play Aubameyang he gets a hatrick against Newcastle Utd next match he’s on a downward arrow does he play awful? No because i’ve tested the form system in PES 20 alot , when fans actually think the form arrows effect the game is hilarious…The only time you need to chance your best 11 is injuries and in PES that’s a week lol .
    Agree with TTB completely on changes , but will Adam Bhatti and the team do anything productive with PES 22 except obvious gameplay ?

  37. Well for one there are no subs on the bench,i dont knw if this is only me but whenever i make subs it auto skips i dont see the player coming on

  38. What is the music at 15:15 ? Nice video btw. I really would like to see an improvment in tactical possibility, they are NO INDIVIDUAL INSTRUCTION which is a shame.

  39. As soon as i seen the cutscenes in PES i knew a few years ago they wouldn’t effect PES master league whatsoever Konami always screws immersion within their football games wether It’s crowd ambient or new cutscenes..Konami really need to improve.

  40. OK first shout out. The only one pes youtuuber I follow. Cause the passion of game and how you play. I like to be in game and show interests in details too.
    So pes problems are regens, hate when I can’t rebuild better team cause transfers for me are good. I’m in 2nd seasons with Torino and hardly can sign player above 80overall. In fifa I can buy Ronaldo, Messi etc. And in youth academy some guys 16years old are almost good like my first eleven. I will not say anything about Quagliarela 16years old with this beard 😀 or ridiculously retirement cause in youth academy there are people who are literally in 30 years old in real life.
    Interviews, my opinion is like yours, they have to reflect on players morale but cut scenes are OK.
    Maybe the annoying thing is when you start with Wolves for example and the board want to win the league ot minimum champions league spot. Ridiculous.
    Im with Torino. First year it was champions league spot and I win the league, second year after the trophy the want mid season finish. wtf??
    Transfers are strange but you can lose player because of release clause. It’s OK to have something you can’t control.
    I hope edit is at least on this level because remember when fifa players tell “there’s no point to pley with teams with fake names” so take this piemonte 😀.
    Last I agree with you for referee, there’s different how you approach the ball. Uuh they have place to improve.However.
    Bye. Keep it up. Everyday I check for new video, you help to many people to make their day more joyable. Thanks

  41. There’s a function in AO tennis where you can import fan made stadiums and faces from the face editor from online. This feature would be amazing especially for Xbox users

  42. In terms of edit mode I’ve been wishing for this since PES 2017. Editing options for licensed teams!

  43. Manager edit mode master league needs to be overhauled more realistic transfers referees need to better they are blind (not gonna go into it y’all know this) and get rid of commentary or the guys they use they are awful come on konami you know this

  44. For Master League I wanna see communication between us and the players, when they’re unhappy with the time they get or if they wanna leave. The negotiation system also has to change. More options like a 2 year loan deal or an obligation to buy or something like that. Also, when we accept a transfer offer that player is gone, even though it says their “in sync” with the manager. Complicated player negotiations should take place after a transger bid is accepted, with the player being off form during those times. Also, players that get ample playing time and perform well should be very resistant to leave. Rejecting all offers they receive. In the search engine it would be useful if they had a filter for real faces l, as the generic pes faces are a thing of nightmares. Yeah they’ll be better in next gen but it would be nice to have a more authentic master league.

  45. New Commentary, improvement in all modes, better ball physics, more realistic first touches, better change of direction and less stiffness, passing needs improvement it’s terribly stiff and unrealistic. The animations are too robotic

  46. I play predominantly online, and PES21 is the worst online football game I’ve ever played. If 22 is anywhere near as bad im done with football games for good. Sports games are the worst games out there.

  47. Wouldn’t it be cool to also have unique referees, with their own attributes and refereeing style? Some stricter than others, etc. So you can adjust your tackling according to who’s refereeing, just like teams do in real life.

  48. Pes become a legend could easily become better just by adding a kind of pov cam. I don’t know how it would look but it might be cool.
    Very important too is the keeper animations

  49. I totally agree with edit mode , more features would be a dream
    For stadiums if they can’t make edit mode or get the license they should make up fantasy stadiums
    For example put Everton in a modern 60000 stadium
    As long as it’s the right colour n logos n it’s unique I don’t care

  50. You know what pes 2020 should do ? It should bring back the 2012 master league it was amazing , it showed players training , how the players felt happy sad etc they would go to the office to talk to the manager it was amazing , i played it myself and enjoyed it

  51. Remove the release fees because that just destroys any type of negotiations for players and the player id and team id desperately need fixing. Playing against wolves they should get it to adama traore who constantly runs at your full backs. Playing against man City they should play tiki taka and look to get the ball to de bruyne who then makes the defence splitting passes.

    • They could do that but I feel they think it’s a lot of work, given that each and every single team would be need fo have tactics that cater for their specific playing style. At least you have the option of doing those changes manually.

  52. I would like to be able switch shorts & socks to create different kit variations , for example Man Utd always wear black shorts & socks with their red shirts when playing everton , this feature used to be in earlier pes versions , so simple to put it back in and just adds more realism, you can’t customise anything in fifa so Konami should be doubling down on simple things like this , would also like ability change players with faces hair cuts ,again we used to have this upto pes 15 then Konami removed it, I also think we Should remove the managers , if they aren’t on the touch line then what’s the point in having them ????? , goalkeepers are way to good – they need to be toned down , crossing needs improved far too many crosses go straight into keepers arms , lastly would like to be able give individual players their own instructions , for example the instructions in pes are just for team , I would like to add specific instructions to individual players , like one winger to cut inside , but the other to hug the touchline.

  53. I mean they could add women’s leagues and competition so you can at least do something different with ML or BAL and also make training part of ML and BAL. I agree they should change so major flaws with the previous games but they should also add features to make the game a bit more interesting. Don’t get me wrong, I like the gameplay a lot more than fifa ( and also the fact that you can mod a good bit in the game) but that’s pretty much it.

  54. Next gen graphics and presentation on and off the pitch take a note from Fifa. Commentary needs to improve. Cameras views more options/ settings. Injuries on pitch having medics come on and help out. Less cutscenes during gameplay. More realism. Really like to see real-life coaches faces on sidelines. Overall trying to capture the atmosphere of real game.

  55. Smarter AI! I want my teammates to see the open space in front of them and run into it! These things should not be affected by formation settings and I shouldn’t have to trigger a run with L1+RS when it is plainly obvious where my teammate should run. Also, opposition teams should have much, much, much more identity. The second one is probably not a realistic expectation for PES 2022 but they can start a database where every team has a style of play and keep adding to it.

  56. 1. Gameplay
    2. Gameplay
    3. Gameplay
    4. Gameplay

    I feel like everyone has become accustomed to woeful gameplay now after years of mediocrity and PES is just the lesser of 2 evils. The enjoyment I personally used to get from previous versions of FIFA and PES when I felt no goal was the same is long gone. Really hope Konami can get it together and deliver to get FIFA also producing good games again

  57. New layout totally agree with the editing score boards so easy to add and in my opinion make the partner clubs get the proper treatment ie scanned players every yearn stadiums upgraded

  58. I think that it would be great for Pes 2022 to make adjustable sliders in the settings section, like in Fifa (ex: shot error adjustable slider, passing strength adjustable slider, player agility, game speed slider, goalkeeper affectiveness/coverage, etc.). It’s almost impossible to score a goal on basic shooting from the top corner of the penalty box or even a long distance shot.

    Another great addition to the game would be to have the ability to edit Master League in the edit/customization section (ex: editing the Champions & Europa League spots per league, editing team budgets, ability to turn off cinematic scenes and press conferences in Master League, ability to edit regen default names and appearance per country, ability to edit players’ potentials & values, etc.)

  59. – Really need to bring back WB position in my opinion. Having them as LMF RMF makes it so unrealistic, especially when AI sorts their line-up. I don’t want to see Inter Milan playing Eriksen in wingback. Even the likes of Sterling or Salah qualified as “LMF/RMF” in 3-5-2 formation.
    – Make Master League/League gameweek/schedule easier to see recap of our results, not scrollable calendar
    – Use normal case of naming players, don’t use Caps Lock. (C. Ronaldo instead of C. RONALDO)
    – Also about player name, it’s better to use First Name, Last Name, Nickname (multiple fields) in my opinion. Not just one name in one field

  60. Konami gotta step up now as we are all aware that PES 21 was just an update.So more expectations were to be expected ? I am just hoping a revamp in Master League and its transfers, gameplay wise more improved features and like what you mentioned work on their crowd effects too, free kicks and corners are kinda too over-powered in PES 21. Perhaps the most overdue changes we wanna see is their GUI in the menus and the commentary needs to revamp too.

  61. I like the actual gameply of pes 2021, improve it but dont broke it.
    More realistic ML ✔
    Penaltis anyone against cpu? Fix it.

  62. The problem with team spirit is that, although I’m not 100% sure about this, it just decreases responsiveness, which, of course, is incredibly frustrating. I’d love to see them keep team spirit, but make it change something else, like maybe decreasing stats. And also make it transparent, so we can see what is being changed. This applies to form arrows too, let us know what a player being off-form actually does.

  63. 1/ get rid of the sloppy ball control 2/ keepers= no more short kicks from the hand, should come out for 1 v1`s, dive to far -as mentioned 3/ refereeing decisions as mentioned 4/commentary is boring!!! and out of sink with whats actually happenning in the game 5/ Defensive lines play too deep 6/ Tidy up the shirts making them a firmer fit 7/ Better looking pitches, more realistic like FIFA

  64. 1. myClub: I would like something like in FUT with ranked games against COM.
    2. Master League: Make it possible to take over a coach mode game, like in FIFA 21.
    3. Online Tournament: Lovely mode with balanced stats, but I’d like to see a revamped ranking system instead of simply 3-in-a-row.

  65. I primarily play ML so my list would be:
    1) Fix initial loaned players so they actually come back to you….
    2) Make regens an option
    3) Redesign the transfer system. Remove the weird stepwise transfer offer system, where you cant set a specific transfer value. Remove the unrealistic release clauses, and so on.
    4) Gameplay improvements
    5) Improved referee
    6) improved collisions

  66. pes gameplay is better than fifa, but fifa creates an amazing atmosphere in career mode, from commentary to contract negotiations to youth academy and scouting, it’s a more enjoyable offline experience. The feedbacks from the board, the objectives, pes needs to make master league more fun

  67. Just got Season Update 2021, Is there any way to recover the lost players 🙁 from 2020. like Reus/Bas Dost/Xschlager etc.

  68. I think it could be cool if we had a match analysing team in master league. A quick analyse of your opponent team before the game so you can plan your tactics even better than before.

  69. I want better player models. It’s like every other player has kinda same body type. I want better commentary with more variations. I want atleast 2-3 big teams original licensing, there are mods for it but original will be better. Lastly, a more profound trophy celebration

  70. Right now on game plan we have simple and normal what about adding a 3rd which is detailed which allows you to be involved in everything an example where players stand on corner kicks and set
    Another one in edit mode keep it as it is but add a separate an additional layer of detail example when editing players appearance we have face hair physical and khet. Add another tab call details where are you can add imported faces wrinkles tattoos and freestyle creation. And and gain access to edit additional stats that do not appear normal like teamwork mentality chemistry and tactical awareness accumulativ stamina.
    Options for kit Lewis and tight options for shorts long and short.
    Also when when passing the game I would like to see some detailed information directly on the pass screen example goal scorer’s how many substitutions I have left match time and mine live repla.
    Also in game plan screen the retail space on the screen is not fully used.
    I would also like if we can bring back choosing the referee of the.
    And also you can adjust the size of the pitch not all stadiums have the same pitch size and when choosing a stadium make the pitch size clear. Different balls have different physics.
    Give me the option to argue with the referee decisions and maybe get a yellow card.
    When the opponent takes fast foul kicks give me the option to stand in front of the ball and maybe get yellow card.
    Try to apply handball and VAR in example aftari blows his whistle for a handball then goes to VAR then realises that the defenders hand was close to his buddy then overturns the decision

  71. Konami should stop making this shit games every year it is the same on and on and all over again, nothing will change they are to lazy Konami they don’t care what you guys are saying they couldn’t care if they wanted to.

  72. If PES can implement GAMEPLAY SLIDERS like that of FIFA, then damn sure PES would be the best game ever. Plus the pacy players need to be made quicker and agile, because right now the speed and acceleration stats doesn’t matter at all since PES19 for superstar and legend difficulty. Also the difficulty levels must be balanced and realistic: superstar level is too easy and legend level is unrealistic scripting

  73. It’s a small detail but they need to revise the body models. The baggy kits make the players look like pine trees, the one from PES 2019 was just fine imo.

  74. Having played a lot of both, MyClub offers much more rewards than Ultimate Team. Yes there are less activities to do on a daily basis and that certainly needs addressing, but you can build a top level team without spending a penny on Pes. Fifa is 100% pay to win.

  75. My club needs more content. Sick of the same rehashed tournaments for 4k exp. Give us chance to win totw players from cups. Squad battles sounds good.

  76. Commentary, chants, and refs are my biggest hates in PES since early days. Also allow co-op in league and cup modes with a friend or two playing in same team. I know theres a co-op mode but it’s convoluted and confusing to setup. Wish you could just create a league or a cup tournament, select a team and invite a couple of friends to play through it. Improve on those and I’d be content with the game. Yup some of the wording and ways to setup stuff is a bit confusing and doesn’t make sense.

  77. Better presentation touching every facet of the game, be it the game plan menu, general menu user interface, pause menu, and so on. Better commentary that is more alive and dynamic would be nice. More stadiums, partner clubs, new leagues, new legends are also welcome additions. Further to this better match atmosphere is needed, better refereeing, as well as a better replay system. Hopefully Konami have been listening and will implement said changes.

  78. They need to cater towards the creation aspect of the game to make up for the lack of licenses compared to FIFA. Think of community creations on the WWE games.

  79. More options for shooting like FIFA. I feel like I’m scoring the same goals, using the same mechanics in the same angles.

  80. only play myclub co-op with a mate so this list mostly relates to that mode

    1. Form arrows irrelevant to previous games and have too much affect on performance. Whole range of form should be + or – 5% of base stats and not causing elite players to play like sunday league.

    2. You use an 18 man squad – 9 players from each user when its 2 person co-op. Do you choose the 9? of course not, it picks a random selection of 9 from your squad and not based on anything including form. You can get round this by putting white ball players in both teams in the positions you dont want selected but why make it that hard.

    3. Rewards – none in co-op you get about 3200 gp for a co-op win, not enough for a contract renewal and your players get zero match exp. No gp for weekly league position either. Could do with some cup competitions for co-op too.

    4. Late game fatigue is too extreme – players moving like a horse about to be put down or legends still sprinting like Usain in the 85th minute.

    5. AI defender positioning/movement – toilet.

    6. Player switching – for the love of god please.

    7. MYclub, yes it’s YOUR club except you control nothing, dont choose the tactics, stadium, kits, badge and in co-op the AI chooses your squad.
    I know you pick a manager for the tactics but they all have something you dont want. You should be the manager of your own myclub and do your own custom tactics. The general tactical options in the game are still too limited. Would like to set roaming areas/player runs/where to cross from etc.

    8. Refs – you already know. Especially playing against legend players they get a free kick if you fart.

    9. Players like messi/maradonna/owen brushing huge lumps like viera and lukaku off the ball like they are dust. maybe once or twice but not every time

    10. PLZ NO P2P 🙏🙏🙏. I first played pes online on ps2 and it had peer-to-peer online connections and 13 YEARS later nothing has changed, its embarrasing to be honest . Its not even region restricted you can play someone from brazil with 999 ping. In co-op mode the non owners playing in the clan have to connect to the owner/host who then connects to the opponent host so half the people in the game are playing on 3rd party p2p which creates lag for only player 2/3 in the clan. This often leads to my mate saying “wtf are you doing” and me replying “laaaaag”. You get the scene from benny hill when it wants to catch up the game goes 3x speed for about 5 seconds.

    11. Stop resetting player positions to default when the ball goes out for a throw-in. The game should stay ‘live’ instead of cutting the scene. Never seen a ref saying wait for the throw until all the defenders have got back.

    12. Shearer, Henry, Schmeichal and Zola as legends.

    still better than fifa


  81. Master League:
    Overall stats – old PES games had goal, assist, and rating for all of the players in a master league. Seeing Henry, Ronaldo, and Shevshenko top the goals at like 100+ goals after 5 or so seasons. While your Castolo or Miranda were struggling to even get 10+ per season. And very rewarding when a youngster breaks the ranks once the legends have retired.

    Fix release clauses. If I pay 10 million for a player, then their release clause shouldn’t be 10 million when I sign them.

    More regens that are not just retired players.

    Refs & fouls.

    Add more types of sliding tackles. When I dive into a tackle it’s 8/10 times going to be a foul.

    Goalkeepers are too good.

    Add sliders to vary gameplay. Sliders can be used to make CPU more aggressive to dive into tackles.

    Superstar / Legendary CPU can read your mind. They slow down and stop when you get to close so you can’t tackle them. They also know exactly when to slide while you are dribbling.

    Better free roam camera for replays. Similar to fifa with their orbit camera.

    Add more title winning cutscenes & commentary lines.

  82. I wonder if the next gen is the perfect time for PES to rebrand. For me, PES just sounds like a budget game and I think this is a big reason why you don’t see much transition away from FIFA. You see this with the display and presentation of the game as well. The aesthetics are so bland when you compare to FIFA. I mean what does Pro Evo Soccer even mean? We’ve already seen them rebrand from Winning Eleven and I wonder if a more catchy name and better presentation can try and help it steal market share. As for changes I say it every year and you mention it very early on is the ability to edit stadiums again. I much prefer the gameplay in PES but for more the longevity suffers a lot having to play in generic stadiums every game, it takes so much away from the game, in my opinion. I get the argument with licenses but surely having the ability to install option files etc for homemade stadiums would take this to a new level. There is so much opportunity with the new gen for Konami to completely amp this game up. I’m expecting, maybe not in the first edition, but PES to really have to step its game up with the tech available. I think we need some kind of managerial style default. I.e you get a range of managers; Klopp, Pep, Alladyce and take their default formations and style of play and use this as a basis for AI. You go through a league season and almost every game is identical. You need variety. If a team has a manager with a gegenpress-style manager I want to see a high line and very aggressive movement. And the next week playing against a park the bus side I want to see 50 yard balls into the target man and the ball lumped into the box from all angles and two deep banks of four. Take 10-20 current managers and use their systems to extrapolate styles of play for every other club on the game. It doesn’t have to be identical and too in-depth but I just want to see a difference in the way teams play against you.

  83. # Dynamic tactics per team
    # custom leagues and cup comps
    # players and team form arrow reflecting previous 3 games’ form
    # reducing ricochets and teammates running into each other
    # more shots like low driven finish
    # master league players morale(game time satisfaction), fans’ happiness, club hierarchy happiness
    # real youth teams(filled with real life reserve players)
    # manager-player interaction
    # season objective set for all participating competitions
    # less big money transfers, sensibility when it comes to ai teams picking transfer targets(buying 3 players in same pos but none where lacking)
    # fixing AI not using full strength team even when available
    # increasing young players development rate
    # adding squad role to players when signing contract(regular, rotation, crucial etc.)
    # increase wonderkids’ market value at a higher rate.
    # reduction of transfer budget for non-elite teams

  84. I think they have to improve. 1.the movements from the goalkeepers, they’re just not moving like GKs, for example they don’t come out often in a 1on1 situation. 2. Referees are not good at all. 3. The crowds are not cool. Sometimes I miss goal on purpose because the noise is quite more realistic and passionate when I miss than after scoring a goal. Sorry for my poor English. Half German half Italian

  85. Tactics: get rid of this sliders or switches. Its to casual and simplistic. Bring back the possibility to set scripts to each player, attacking mentality or something.

    Animations: too repetitive. If you pass the ball from the same angle and trap it to the same side, you will see the same animation over end over again. Players dont have different strides when they are running no matter their height. Players kicking the ball its not contextual sometimes. Overall animations are smooth but not authentic. Its like watching a sunday league match.

    Graphics: Players looks little kids from far distance cameras. They all looks too chubby and short.

    Ball physics: the ball don’t bubbles realistically. Making the ball more “alive” will bring animations and gameplay to another level. Shooting is too rigid and, like the tactics, I dont like this trigger thing too active certain kinds of shots. Shots must be based on positioning, momentum, angle and the power bar only. Running with the ball should be more dynamic, football players taps the ball in many different distance from them.

    CPU Ai: Good, but I dont expect less than an overhaul for this NExt Gen.

    Gameplay: Controlling the ball is almost the same with all players. Shooting is shallow and rigid. Goalkeeper are ridiculous Unhuman. Player stats dont count as much as they should. There’s is no intricacies in it. It could more realistic than fifa, but its far from the evolution that I expect. Its a pick up and play for casuals and kids.

  86. My wishlist
    1. German League with fake players, Like Online Soccer Manager, J. League Winning Eleven 9 – Asia Championship
    2. fake players come out like old PES. Now PES fake players are bad.
    3. Make unlicensed national team uniform design look like an old PES. why South Korea color is blue, USA is red? That’s weird.

  87. I’d like to see a fleshed out player career in be a legend.
    Think similiar to the the 2k basketball games or WWE games

  88. I would like new goal physics with goal frames rattling and frame noises when a goal goes i with power, this is just a minor thing to create more goal variety

  89. They need to redo the injury system for master league, more injuries need to occur and longer injuries need to occur that keep players out for several months or even a whole season because im fed up with players getting bruises that keep them out for a few days to 2 weeks every match and never any long term injuries and also when a player goes down in a match and stays down they always either get back up after a minute and carry on the match good as new or the sit out for a minute at the side of the pitch and always come back on good as new, they never have to be substituted due to an injury and it ruins the realism and also it would be good to have a menu that shows every current player that has an injury for the whole league not just your team and show their injury and the stage of their recovery and length if time until they return, fifa has this and i really want konami to add this to pes

  90. hopefully they make it more fluid, less clunky and heavy, at least like it was in pes18. right now its unplayable imo

  91. I’d like to see Edit Mode and Master League more aligned so that you could add a division or two from import. The domestic cups are rubbish due to the lack of teams involved. Having just two divisions in England is ridiculous for example.

  92. I think they need to take a bit of Football Manager approach at this point. New gens would be a lot better instead of recyling the same player over and over again which gets super boring. Perhaps, coefficient ranking would be useful as well and the players can decide to go with lower leagues or not but I don’t think we’ll see that. I’d say better faces for people who do not have real faces beause they look terrible on the game.

  93. I’d like to see a PES on switch. If they can’t do that they could easily do a compilation of all the PES games from PS1 and PS2 up to 6 in under 20 gig. Remaster them, call it PES classic collection. I’m really not in any hurry to get a PS5 as far as I’m aware some of these games are going to be 150-250gig with no option to expand memory with an external HDD, not that I’ve done too much research recently.

  94. I think your expectations are a bit high, look at PS4 you had the first entry of PES15 the next being PES16. What we can expect is the equivalent of PES16 so to speak instead of a more bare bones entry.

  95. They should add Balotelli shoulder goal as a new animation in PES 2022, like as a option shot for when your 1 on 1 with the keeper in the box and want to disrespect your opponent 😭.

  96. I can’t really cant complain about pes 21 update its a fantastic game. What I would like is more stadiums, better trophy celebration, a simulate youth league that mirrors your first team, more african club teams, able to create your own custom league with the best teams in the world like football manager, able to design your own trophys due to licencing issues and in edit mode under competion structure allow to move teams into all leagues for example south american teams to play in European leagues. Finally sky bet division 1& 2 & carabo Cup.

  97. I prepared two documents with possible adjustments and changes I sent to Mr Bhatti. I can send it to you as well if you want 🙂

  98. I would want a Create a League mode:
    choose scoreboard types including colour, fond, where the time is displayed (maybe already given or you could upload Option Files)
    changing the cup (with pre given choices just to make it more similar to the real cups)
    ability to have different formation screens (with the players like in the Prem, or just small photos, or just kits like in the old champions league layout)

  99. Gks, need to be apart of the game.Like Being 30 yards out of the box.So I can Pass the ball if there is no defenders at the back

  100. Pro Evolution soccer is literally the best football game ever made, I just hope the licenses, kits, and extras are all easier to download this time around. Konami should make it far easier, on the PS4 it was an absolute nightmare getting these kits and logos downloaded properly. The audio and commentary is absolutely terrible too, they should enhance that massively.

  101. Improved fan sounds/reactions/atmosphere – needs to sound louder and more clear
    Before half time and full time to show the fans leave their seats to go inside the stadium

    If Konami can’t get any more licences for real team stadiums, then add in more generic ones so we don’t keep on playing in the same ones again and again

    In become a legend, your player should have a outside life in football, meaning that with the wages they have earnt, they can buy houses, apartments, houses, new clothes and maybe have a girlfriend

    To show cutscenes of the fans entering the stadiums

  102. I been playing pes /winning elevens for the pass years than switching to fifa for few years! I agreed with u ! I don’t play games in pc ! So I expected more on PS4/5 ! I like to put back the hand ball on pes, too easy to score goals on pes , than no reason for injury players, goal keeper not helping at corner kick at injury times when teams need to scores! Goals keepers more like robots instead should be know how to wasted times or rushing when loose! Customs are not too dirty at pitch, free kick of pulling shirts, or maybe they can add VAR options when there is collusion or need to be reasonable or Could controversy! I miss the fair plays by the referee when there is players injuries, the defenders still try to get the ball even is the ball assume a goal kick not corner kick ! Luck of penalty awards

  103. 15:06 is my biggest and probably only problem I have with PES. I stopped playing because of that. The problem has been there since 2015.why they haven’t fixed that is beyond me.

  104. Even if you play manual, there is still scripting, the AI will mess up your player switch and make you lose the ball. Or sometimes their players will go (clip) through your player’s body. Little things like that make the game unplayable. Or the ball will automatically go to the player offside instead of your intended onside player.

  105. I just want them to add things to BAL because they haven’t added a big thing to BAL in years for example they could add things like meetings for negotiations, post match interviews, real training, becoming a captain is actually important for example giving your team instructions on what to do or being as simple as giving your player tatoos that’s what I want for pes 2022

  106. I only play ML so for me big upgrades to that would be a must. More cutscenes – players being shown off in front of fans when a big signing happens, players getting off the bus, player of the month… loads could be added. Just have the cutscenes in the feed. Some sort of option to favourite a player so when you change teams you can sign them easily or it helps increase the chances. Or maybe before you sign for a new team you can request your wages and a player they need to sign before you become manager. Bring back team photo. Have a new section My Office/My locker. When you go in to this section you can see the trophies won, teams managed, photos when you sign for teams, images of your manager holding trophies. Can look back on key moments.

  107. Another big problem that i have is with passing. If you press pass, it will always go to the direction you first pointed at when you pressed the pass button. I think it would be much better if it would follow fifa, as in the pass will go to where you point when the player actually passes the ball. This way you can make last decision changes if a player suddenly gets marked. That alone would improve my experience by a mile.

  108. Cleaning up the “look” of the game (menus and other stuff) and implementing a better AI would do wonders… Hell, they can probably hire a few consultants to sort out player, ball, and GK physics.
    I know some people like an arcade game. Put that as options into the game (arcade, realistic, full simulation, and so on).
    In a time where FIFA has so much bad blood against it from soccer football fans, I feel that Konami has been missing the chance to take over or, at least, become a relevant alternative.

  109. From the official teaser trailer for PES 2022 by KONAMI:
    “This title is being developed with an updated engine that will enable us to dazzle you with staggering improvements to all areas of the game. Expect more realistic player models and animations, enhanced physics, photorealistic visuals, and much much more.
    We recognize that many of you are enthusiastic for new myClub and Master League content, and we are also excited to share that large updates are in the works for both of these modes.”

  110. – make it challenging to score free kicks again. all free kicks now (since pes 2018 iirc) have 99.9% accuracy no matter who the taker is
    – unpredictable ai. yes, teams liverpool & barcelona will play a long ball from deep once a while in attack like in real life
    – ai to make realistic number of subs during a match…the average is 0
    – ai to make realistic tactical changes during a match and also pre match if the situation requires (eg return matches and ai is trailing by 2 or more goals)…they very rarely do if at all
    – the nature of player ratings and form is messed up… its well known
    – all players of any skill level can execute fancy flicks and one touch pass with 100% accuracy all the time lol
    – introduce ability to pull the opposition’s shirt
    – ability to take off jersey celebration for any player who scores a goal
    – zero ‘black’ transition screens
    – dynamic weather
    – dynamic lighting
    – bring back training ground stadium
    – hide all advanced instructions tactics during a match
    – option to choose how crowded a stadium is before an exhibition match – low, medium, full
    – revamp menu/ui (use pes 2011, 2012, 2015, 2016 for reference/inspiration)
    – all of the commentaries have too much dead air at times, even when a goal is scored
    – mimic tv broadcast presentation and include 3d player models in pre-match team formation graphics

  111. If your new to PES football and you wondering which one is better well here is a checklist currently:
    1. – PC Version ✓✓✓✓✓
    – on Jailbroken PS4 ✓✓✓✓
    – on PS5 (for now) ✓✓✓™
    – Regular PS4 ✓✓
    – on all Xbox consoles ✓
    Can’t emphasize it more, Mods Mods Mods keeps this game alive.
    PS: Am surprised you have mentioned anything about Handballs @TTB if it’s a Sim it better be as close as the real thing and Handballs are part of rules and PES has none…not even as an option like in Fifa.

  112. hope there will full license and more details realistic in Domestic,league and Cup mode and stylish environment even there manager character

  113. For those who have played Metal Gear Solid 5, am I crazy to think that a mechanic similar to mother base would be cool in a football game’s career mode? Imagine this: You take over a poor club with terrible training facilities and offices. But the training ground is not just seen in cutscenes but a physical place that you can walk around in as your manager character. At a small club, it would be a tiny building, a few offices with minimal furniture etc, and no space to add additional staff. Then as you earn money in your save, you can buy renovations and upgrade certain areas of your office. Want more scouts? Expand the size of their office to have more desks and computers. Want your players’ physical condition to be better? Invest in a larger gym and pay for the better equipment, and hire the staff to run your Sport Science department. Players getting tired and injured? Improve your medical department with nicer equipment and more physios. Players not turning up to games in good form/players not developing fast enough? Add more training pitches and improve the surfaces.

    In addition to a boring old menu system, I think it would be so cool if you could manage your club by physically walking around your training complex to different places to check on things like going to the analyst office to speak to them and check out their opposition scouting reports. This can also be extended to the online game modes as well. In the PES2020/21 cutscenes, you can see your manager walk around the training ground and talk to other coaches in the board rooms. Why not make it so that this is a fully playable experience? Other games like NBA 2K already do similar things and I think they could take a big leap ahead of FIFA if they do something like this!

  114. Practicing for your players skills and our just like fifa 21 for Become a legend, more licensing stadiums and accurate refs.


  116. i am so excisting about the first videos, i hope the Unreal Engine 5 will kick Fifa from the throne….Fifa only have the licenses nothing else

  117. the most important thing for me in Gameplay is, that they should improve the dribbling… you can not dribble for example with Messi against a slowly defender… that makes no sense.. every year I get max. 3 penalties… it’s very very poor

  118. for master league :
    Staff management / abilities
    Scouting (hidden players stats and evolution)
    Players mental and physical condition (according to strategy, training and playtime)

    for the game in general :
    better commentary
    change the referee official outfit
    Multiple referee type
    stadium lightening
    less players technics (some automatically acquired according to stats)
    players physics enhanced (they look fat)

  119. To give PES 2022 a completely new and overdue feel these are the 3 things I’d love to see:

    – NEW commentary teams/alternating commentary teams.
    – NEW ‘Broadcast’ gameplay cam (fully customisable) to replicate Sky/BT Sports-type match broadcasts.
    – Completely new and redesigned UI and Menu’s.

    Just adding a new Broadcast cam and commentary team alone would give PES a significantly new look and fresh feel. The matches will look and sound so much better… Add these to the inevitable upgraded graphics and physics thats coming with next gen then PES could really go to the next level this year.

  120. I think become a legend could be revitalised with one simple addition. USE THE MONEY YOU EARN TO BUY THINGS LIKE HOUSES AND CARS. Become a Legend would be so much more fun if you can build your way to success not just on the pitch but off the pitch as well.

  121. I’m weird I’m an American Dutch guy so for me I need an official Netherlands 🇳🇱 match ball the Netherlands 🇳🇱 official 3rd kit work with the Dutch federation and give us the real Johan Cruyff shield and the Dutch Eerste Divisie the Dutch 2nd division!!. A fully licensed USA national team & a fully licensed MLS!!.

  122. I was playing PES6 the other day and even from there, they could add few things up. When playing ML, they could show you results of other games in your league, medic team that comes on the pitch after a hard tackle, players celebrating after scoring a goal from an offside position, than showing referee with his flag up etc. Those are just little things they used to have 15 years ago.

  123. Go for the football manager approach, have a wider variety of (unlicensed or licensed) teams than we have now (League of Ireland, Cymru Premier, Finish Superliga etc) that gives us bare bones to work with.
    Then tweak the competition editor and stadium features. Maybe allow us to link leagues with promotion/relegation, or have a slider for competition numbers. With these two things, some more real and generic stadiums and the 3rd party stuff already available we’ll be able to master league as any team, in any league the world over!

  124. I know it was kinda naff, but remember when you could create and save your own set piece moves, like the runners paths in the box.

  125. Licensed teams almost all…all stadiums and manager databases i mean the master league.and front in front interaction during transfers and also more realistic features a club have in reallife.

  126. Would like too have more young players to upgrade in MyClub so we have more diverse players with high stats because Messi and Ronaldo feature cards get soo boring.

  127. FIFA shooting and ball physics while shooting is miles better , pes build up play ball physics while passing is better than fifa

  128. Then they will force people to but the more expensive consoles to be able to download a lot of option Giles, kits and stuff! Thats not fair!!! There are people who can’t fucking afford the PS 5 or PS 4!!! And besides, the new games will probably not be available for the older consoles, only for the newest like PS 5!

  129. Pes22 won’t make next gen if it does it will be downloaded update and spread across multiple platforms there scripts have ruined the game

  130. 1st .FIX Commentary change Commentators…2 Referees decisions …offsides and fouls…3. improve the shooting mechanics and make dribbling more simple …

  131. Yo! Yo I need mini tourneys online .like ranked games. A little champions 8 players 4 to 8 games … or online leagues

  132. In ML We have to always dig for top scorers in each competition😭 Also when the ucl groups are made the game doesn’t show us we have to manually check.

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