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#PES2022 #eFootball
Well well well.. Get the popcorn out folks, this may not be pretty! 👀
P.S… Still calling it PES 2022 😏

⏱️ Time Stamps:
Intro: 0:00
PES changed to eFootball: 00:35
Trailer Recap: 01:49
Full Trailer Breakdown: 07:15
Q&A from PES Universe Spain: 21:46
IGN Article on the “Transformation to eFootball: 27:16

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  1. The thing is that this is not the end product for sure why cause the snippet of Messi from last year does not look anything like this they just used pes 2021 to make a trailer to satisfy us for what is coming don’t take it too keen

  2. It was so sad to watch that trailer, it’s like they do the opposite of everything the community asks (gameplay improvements, better AI, improved ML). Konami really shows they don’t care about people who really enjoy the game, they just want to turn PES into a catchy game, with season pass, case opening… what are we going to play this year? 🙁

  3. From what I’ve seen from this trailer, this is actually worse than FIFA for me in the sense that Konami have had over 2 years to deliver the best next-gen football game – but we have this. Let’s be honest, it looks awful. We expect this from FIFA, but I made made the mistake of having expecting something amazing from KONAMI when in reality they aren’t much better than EA. I hope I’m proven wrong but this is a mess.

    • I think konami give up fight long time ago and receive big money to be inferior to EA FIFA …. EA FIFA now have no natural predators around and both fans will suffering…. FIFA game is completely same last few years and from now situation will be even worse…..

    • @Trump Ameri Sadly it certainly feels like this, precious PES games always showed glimpses of its potential but were held back by some major flaws. This is prefect timing for EA: KONAMI release a shocking next-gen game, players switch to FIFA and KONAMI is forced to work hard to gain new fans off of EA’s greed rather than what they perceive to be a better game. Then this happens, and the cycle of disappointment continues.

    • @CMJMC EA in beginning fight hard vs PES i think period between 2009-2016 …. in this time PES lost so many stadiums and league license … I always ask myself what konami waiting and why nobody give offer to buy PES franchise and rebuild this legendary game ( i hope for 2Ksport ) but nothing happens and PES every year was inferior game… and finally today we all must accept EA perfectly drowned PES… FIFA fans will pay the price next 10 years no big upgrade for FIFA game….

  4. ML is now going to be fully online single player, riddled with micro transactions like assassin’s creed, and mods are most likely going to be inapplicable. Plus ML is going to be so less rewarding because konami would try their best to push players towards the online multiplayer modes.

    • @Laurence Evans Even Fifa 22 reveal looks like glitchy gameplay and they just ignore it and talk over it.

      But still they are light-years ahead and I’ll definitely buy it over this f2p shit

    • @Unknown One yeah I know it did but to be fair it was still an early build of the game they even said there will be changes come full launch its just such a shame pes has gone down this road because now EA have no worries about making fifa better in years to come because there is no competition

  5. ay true brits its kinda sad its basically a resed up mobile port if you look at the crowd there are like 7 models total and the same guy reapeats right next to each other how upseting. Also no master league of the bat what have they been doing for 2 years.

  6. What a huge disappointment, where is this “Photo realism” they’ve been talking about? They managed to downgrade the graphics. They tried to show off dribbling and even that was terrible, what a joke. Can we just get Konami to sell the game to a different company. I thought we would see a new and improved graphics, UI, player animations, ML and MyClub modes and I was definitely wrong. I rather pay $60 for Fifa than play whatever Konami just made, it makes Fifa look like an amazing game.

    • Read my and think if it makes sense

      1)Konami communications and marketing is not great thats a fact.
      2) The trailer and all the “gameplay footage” they shown in that trailer doesn’t say on which platform it was. I would assume that it is the mobile platform taken from.
      3) The main purpose of this trailer doesn’t seem to be to show us the graphics but to spread info that 1st it is free to play, 2nd we are having cross gen matches, 3rd we are having cross platforms matches. How will mobile play against ps5 is they have worked to reduce the quality on mobile but kept the quality of the ps5 as next gen
      4th) The graphics shown in this trailer is not the next gen graphics, as said in the last part of the trailer, the All New Game Engine Rollout is Early Autumn, its only after that we will have the next gen graphics for the ps5.
      5th) The game will be free but if you want to have modes like Master League you pay only for that Mode which is great. I don’t play Master league for e.g why should I pay a full game containing Master league if I wont play it. Now I have the options to pay just for the modes I will play. There are some people who play only Master League, if we paying only $10 for this mode instead of 60$ for a game with modes which we wont play, its better we pay the $10. We don’t know anything about pricing for now so we can’t assume.

      How will konami enable us to play on cross platforms is not really our problem, they need to make it work that’s all.

      We don’t have much info for now to judge, we need to wait until end of August to have some more information.
      It will be usefull if we read the articles on IGN, it has some useful info.

  7. Honestly I think everyone is completely overreacting to this and football fans have been calling for a seasonal update rather than having to pay for a new game every year like with FIFA. I’m glad they’re trying something new and we’ll have to wait for more gameplay to actually see what they’ve done. It’s very easy for everyone to jump on the hate bandwagon rn and whine about mobile gameplay or microtransactions. Option files have already been confirmed to come back too.

    • everyone is upset because the game looks like shyt idk if your blind bum can’t see that and going free to play means the game won’t receive much graphical updates in the future like next season its basically a season update like pes 21 to pes 20 not to mention the animations looks awful as well my goodness how can you not see this

      where is the next gen, photorealism we were promise????

  8. I do think this is a tactics played by Konami here. No PES game in recent times, got this much fuss on social media as this. They wanted us to feel bewildered, and thus they retracted to say much about the game modes (BAL, Master League, myClub etc)

  9. What does Pro Evolution Soccer even mean?.. What’s the Evolution? eFootball isn’t a great name either but let’s not act like PES was great; we’re just used to it and attached to it. It doesn’t even mean anything.

    • What’s the Evolution? each year the pes game has evolved except for pes 20-21 the game looked different for the most part unlike fifa and you could always tell the gameplay improves

      now efootball is just a flat game which wont receive any graphic update because its free to play

  10. Why did they bother buying licenses if this is what they use them for? What’s Next Gen about this? Did they like start a proper PES title but dropped it because of reasons and now we only get the mobile version for all consoles? I hate Fifa but Konami is forcing me to go EA and that’s saying something.

  11. The first few clips looked good then boom… trash. The graphic design and interface and ahh even how they run there social media is just terrible. The old efootball designs have always looked trash. PES interface has always been terrible maybe only 12/13 looked good apart from that terrible just err gameplay ah cannot even its just bad. Game modes maybe they will come in paid dlc just but why. Fuck man I’m lost.

  12. The cross platform is a plus for content creators cause now people that watch pes mobile can watch and relate to your videos cause pes mobile youtuber get all the views honestly

  13. I don’t see why everyone is hating the trailer I think the trailer looks really cool and yea there is stuff about the the match pass and stuff but this is different this is a new game a new style so let’s all just wait and when the full game comes out then we can give a few more verdicts to this game because I’m really excited for this to come out

  14. What was disgusting was they lied to us for a year! First the teaser then that article in the magazine talking about “photorealism”! This is really bad!
    No talk of offline. For me I really don’t care about online. Now most probably they will release a master league dlc. But master league with this graphics in 2021 is pathetic.
    Was looking forward to it so much more than FIFA! But this is shit!

  15. From the looks of things the new football game test is exactly what we will get for the final release, it is sad to see that they are going towards the pes mobile online microtransactions route, They also need to sack the whole marketing team because that trailer was fuking awful, why would they think it’s acceptable to show that footage and tell us this has been in progress for 3 years, I will keep PES 2021 because I doubt this eshitballs offline mode will play better or look better with the so-called “photorealistic graphics” I won’t lie I liked the new cutscenes (That will be skipped after first few weeks)and dynamic lighting that they showed at the beginning but in all honesty who wants to play a mobile-based game

    • Lol you guys seriously act like you don’t know how popular the game is on mobile platform. Konami makes twice as much profit from mobile users alone than pc and console combined

    • @C J and that’s fine and I get their decision to focus on mobile (FIFA has cornered the console market but a big opportunity on mobile), but then why not just make a mobile-only game rather than wasting development time and money building a console version and x-platform support.

    • honestly the “efootball” marketing team is one of the worst ever. how can you make your fans more confused coming out of a trailer than going into it?
      anyways it seems like this game is going be an even more dumbed down version of pes 2020/21
      I guess I’m sticking with pes21 or maybe I might switch(unfortunately) to FIFA

    • @C J Then they should make a different mobile game and do their own competitions without affecting PCs and Consoles. This is a crap move to be honest.

    • @C J If it wasn’t for the PC/Console version there wouldn’t be a mobile version. Mobile versions have always been based on technology used in their older titles, most of the features are also taken out to meet the limitation of Mobile devices. So no one cares about how much $$$ Konami made by duping users to pay for an old and inferior version of the game.

  16. Time to stick to PES2021, KONAMI is gone along time ago …
    I still haven’t forgotten what they have done to Silent Hill, seems like PES is the next thing on the chopping block.

  17. Looks like Fifia is the wave this year, after seeing this Fifa looks like a masterpiece and even though theres clipping atleast Fifas gameplay is slightly improved and their modes will definitely be greatly improved.

    • Sorry to say but FIFA is the same thrash just better graphics if you have a next gen console. I’ll say boycott both the games

    • @TrevorKane Not this year, the gamemodes will be greatly improved it seems and the gameplay is actually slightly better

    • @TrevorKane Yup its better to boycott both. I’ll be adding mods to my PES 2021. I play BAL and ML mostly. And local multiplayer with my brother.

    • @Crius XI As long as I’ve known FIFA there has always been new gameplay features and nothing actually goes towards improving the overall game mechanics. These “features” are just marketing terms used to entice the customers into buying the game to experience a mere novelty. Next year they’ll come up with something new to sell their game.

  18. They never said that this is the final version… They havent even released the beta…Just wait for the full game and then. Judge

  19. We have been waiting for this garbage since 2 years ? Like what the hell this may even be a bigger scam that ea pulls up every year 😭

    #rippes🥺. #fuckonami 🤡

  20. Guarantee the color scheme will stay this because they’ll more than likely put othe themes under a pay wall 😆. I hate to say it but for first time ever since owning a ps1 I can actually see myself not wanting to touch this. Also tbh if anyone thinks this isn’t next gen you’re in for a shock, from a company point of view you want your trailer to sell with best looking features you can, they are defo using next gen here the problem is that it’s so bad it looks like mobile, so prepare yourself for disappointment

  21. Konami are going for mobile money the game what i’ve seen so far is all about MyClub which isn’t a great decision.
    PES 21 on PC looks better imo.

  22. E football is a rubbish new title, PES it will always be. 2 years for this hope it gets better they slide like you say fifa does.

  23. 2 years in the making and the season update is better. The fact that consoles can play against mobile gamers gives you a good and disappointing answer.

  24. Sorry for the comment spam but even the release of the Neymar news yes its PES 21 news but there using the old Efootball logo. 1 day before changing the logo like come on.

    • exactly, this game has the same dribbling, shooting, passing, trapping, running animations as all the pes games since 2017. a new engine means a completely new game, you would have to start from zero on unreal engine. and if you start from zero, you will never be able to make it look exactly the same as the fox engine, even if you tried like crazy. this is a complete scam, and they will either get sued by unreal or they made a deal together to earn money from naive little kids

    • @Mr. V Sadly, it’s on Unreal Engine. Not on Fox Engine. They can adapt most of the elements from it and it’s not an impossible thing to do. But, this game is dead already when they released the Official Reveal Trailer.

  25. If pes 22 is gonna be like this then the people from konami must have been wanking about during the break. Considering how fifa won’t change this year, I’d be gutted if konami bottle it and actually release this pile of crap to us. Looks even worse than the 2021 season update ffs

  26. 2d grass = photorealism according to Konami
    Shit looks like pes 13 with a new color pallete
    Whoever thought it was a good idea to show that off deserves to be sacked

  27. New E colors are hideous. Like I said in Spoony Pizzas video. The same guy who created the new EFootball colors is the same guy who directed this trailer. Has to be

    • @Ruza Two I’m still playing pes 18 which is my favorite. Gameplay is well balanced with the option file and still has champions league and Europa I love it. Bought it for $1.00 at GameStop

  28. Fifa for all its faults atleast added better models and more animations for its next iteration. PES downgraded its greatest asset, the gameplay, for mobile platforms. This will backfire badly.

  29. So it’s this what a year absence from development did…. finally giving everything to Fifa…. great Konami, just great

    • @Muzam10 Why is it that all the well-thought out, nuanced comments are coming from people who are actually making an effort to view things from Konami’s POV (even if they don’t necessarily like it) instead of flying off the handle and spewing without any perspective whatsoever? Color me surprised.

    • @Alex Wangechi that’s easy, I will stop playing football games. I will only play it if my friends ask me to play it together.

    • @Alex Wangechi thank you sir. I always knew that was the case, but people like you make me happy by confirming it. You’re indeed brilliant.

    • @SB player base wont increase. Pes 21 was very good. Had way less players than fifa. Fifa will always have more players even if it’s a bad game. So konami focus on mobile

    • I remember watching TTB ML series back in 2013(i think) It’s the only commentary content about sport games I’ve ever enjoyed. Sad that konami felt the need to destroy what was a fantastic football game compared to FIFA.

  30. I can’t believe it took them 2 years to make this… I just can’t… this is awful… they should have just changed the name from pes 21 to pes 22 and kept the same game like fifa does every year… pes 2010 doesn’t even look that bad after watching this

  31. This is equivalent to a shot in the pills. Didn’t see it coming, but probably should have. Six minute trailer, filled with talking, and 20 seconds of game play? And the gameplay looks totally rubbish. Konami has sold out. Like Led Zeppelin did when they allowed Cadillac to use their music in commercials. Unless this isn’t the final product, the only new football game I’ll buy is FIFA. Amazing how differently I feel today about their trailer after seeing this nonsense. Guess I’ll be playing PES 2021 for another year (and another year of membership with PESUNIVERSE, provided that they continue to create content for PES 2021). That’s $80 in my coffers instead of Konami’s because I only play Master League, and Konami just told me to go fu%k myself with this ‘free to play” approach. Look at most free to play games, and you’ll realize that graphics are not their strong point. Revenue generation, with DLC’s, is what that’s all about.

    Unreal should sue Konami for damage to their brand with this release. This was the best they could do with a powerful engine like that? This looks nothing more than a decent mobile game from a graphical perspective. Look at the fans in the stands. Characters being repeated multiple times within the same frame. If I were FIFA, and knew this was what Konami was going to come out with, I would have just released a roster update for FIFA 21 because it looks better than this dog’s breakfast. I believe that this is the final version, optimized for mobile. That’s clearly Konami’s focus, and what you have to do when you want to go cross platform. Dumbing the game down is the only change they have of making this concept work. Sad because we had hoped that they might capture market share from FIFA with a brilliant release. Now I’m predicting that they will lose it instead (certainly as far as console and PC gaming are concerned). Perhaps all they care about is mobile? I’ve been in software/IT for 20 years, and I can tell you straight out that there’s no way for someone on PC/Console to share the same gaming experience on mobile, unless you cater to the deficiencies/limitations related to the mobile device. Big mistake, and MASSIVE disappointment for those of us who were hoping for a “next gen” release. PES 2021 is superior to this.

  32. Even as a mobile player, I don’t like the idea of cross platform. Btw, there is no way that the gameplay is mobile. Rip Pes

  33. EA has eventually delivered the final blow.RIP Pes.Fifa22 on nextgen makes this look like it’s from a Commador 64.Konami has chucked it.Sad as I enjoy both games over the years but this is a disaster

  34. I was waiting for this video after i saw konami’s little shitshow. Man i loved when you were brutally honest about fifa but didn’t think konami would do this to us! Ugh!!! Such a bad day! Basically a mobile game on PC and Consoles as things stand! Fingers crossed🤞.

  35. Konami had two years to discuss ideas and put together something amazing. This looks so underwhelming. Let’s hope this is a bait and switch.

  36. 24:50 Sounds like pure wishful thinking though, at no point have Konami given any indication that ML was going to be a part of anything they planned.
    EDIT: Ok, they just confirmed ML would be available as DLC. Still not quite at ease, though.

  37. It almost seems like KONAMI wants them football saga to end. Like, what the hell is this? It almost seems like FIFA. It really looks bad. I hope to be wrong.

  38. I think i am the only one thats positive about this
    1. Great that its free instead of 70€
    2. Great that its cross play and it allows for more people to get into the game which is what we want.
    3. Animations are also for ps4/ xbox one

    Its clever of konami to do this to bring as many people from fifa as possible. Well see how it goes

    • @Ismail Demir its a trailer. Im sure it wont look like this when the game releases. People are scared that the game will look like mobile because of the cross play but i doubt it. Each console will have its own look and graphics you see what i mean?

    • @Ryan Smoorenburg sure, but at this point I am starting to believe this is how it will look on next gen. Why would they show something like this if they know they would get backlash.

    • @Ismail Demir thats a fair point. They could have at least made it clear that this is the mobile version of the game for example. But we should be happy compared to fifa. These are steps they should make to bring more to the game

    • @Ryan Smoorenburg listen it’s not rocket science. They moved it to unreal engine to match with the mobile offering. They want it online only and for it to make money much like fut. the gameplay mechanics will have to be dumbed down in order for cross play to happen especially with mobile. Having it at the lowest common denominator will reduce overhead. It’s really not difficult to understand. It’s not a separate game, or an early build. There’s nothing spectacular coming it’s simply a case of how much can they earn with the easiest strategy. And that’s this.

  39. The Match Pass System reminds me a lot of how the Battle Royal Games have a Battle Pass; and those Battle Royal Games are free to play so I guess that’s how they are going to do it. Have a “Match Pass” so you can pay to get better stuff in game. eg. buy coins to upgrade players, stadium and other cosmetic things.

  40. from what happened to the dismissal of Hideo Kojima in MGS series, and the fact that they change the gameplay, it’s become obvious that similar thing happen to PES..this is the road konami took, greed it is

  41. for me i think the trailer is for mobile because as soon as i saw the crowds i was like WTF this looks like a PS2 graphic crowd
    even PES 11 is better than this crowds graphic

    so it should be a mobile trailer since they said it’s a cross platform
    so we still don’t have a next gen trailer so i’m still hyped
    i’ll live with that

    • @Orestes202 lol true the new PES game looks even worse then Fifa 22 and that’s really bad and I thought people said Konami would Destroy EA this Year 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 EA have done lot of changes but The New E Football game looks the same as PES 2021 season update

    • @Danny Music looks worse mate. PES 2021 was actually a good and well made game. This looks unfinished and pathetic

    • @sagwisselle (the tribal chief) I know plus I’m not a PES fan I’m a Fifa fan bruv and it looks so bad 😲🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • they should of placed my club f2p that should of been the start while having the main game half price so they get some more income and can improve the game even further

    • Yeah, I mean just build a mobile game, right? That’s the direction they’re going and strategically it makes sense but releasing a console version too is weird

  42. kimuora in an interview with ign.. “I believe that we have already proven that this structure can be successful on mobile. By applying the same model across all platforms, we hope that more football fans will be able to play this game on consoles as well.”
    . wtf i cant believe how dumb this is. This guy should get fired!!

  43. R.I.P. PES! I will be playing PES21 for a long time and if I get a new football game it’s going to be FIFA 🤢 I hate saying it but I have no other choice 🤦🏻‍♂️ I can play Sencible Soccer like I still do but again I need somethink new at a point and Konami just killed PES

  44. Slags Fifa for clipping and the new Pes game looks like a mobile port to console and PC lmfao cant believe konami thought they would get away with this.

    • Im hoping the graphics that was shown was the mobile version cus I don’t wanna have to switch to fifa, it will be irritating and embarrassing to play that on my ps5

  45. Could not give a toss about the colour long as it plays well when it comes out right?not making assumptions till its out.

  46. 2 years for this crap! We waited 2 years for a mobile football game we are playing on console. RIP Pes, Konami what a joke.

  47. I think this is the beginning of the end of PES or efootball for console and PC players. The cross-platform support with mobile and free to play confirms that. Since mobile PES is way more successful than console/pc version they not going to invest in the console in the coming years.

    • @sidbassman I am so disappointed, to be honest. They made big claims about Unreal engine and made us wait 2 years which btw, everyone in the community was supportive of. In return, they gave this ancient-looking game with no freshness or innovation?

  48. I saw this video coming!
    Konami has failed me and this trailer was pure dust trash! Should have been called PES 21 update 2.0.

  49. I feel all of us are just jumping to conclusions …
    We never know until we play the game
    Please wait
    They have done 2 years of development so I feel they have something under their sleeves.(hope so).

    • thats the thing kid no ones on about gameplay everyone is talking about how bad the game looks we havent played it so ofc we cant say if the gameplay is bad but we can see it right there and it looks like poopoo

  50. What are you saying ttb you can definitely do second player making runs and team press on mobile you not even educated on that end don’t skip to conclusions

    • @Dosui brah did you watch the video because he was blaming pes mobile saying that they don’t have team press and because of that they’ve taking it out of console that’s cap cause pes mobile has team press as well as most basic stuff on console

  51. I’m a big Konami PES Fan, But What i saw today was Extremely Disturbing. I hope this is Not the Final Game.

    Extremely Confused

    Is this A Game?
    Is this an Online Taurnament?

    I’m confused, I’m worried.

    Our Beloved PES Might be Dead.

  52. Kumora speaks non sense and everyone who knows something about game developement knows this. You cant implement all the featured that are on console to a mobile game. Thats the reason why there were also features missing in the connection test demo.

    So yeah the console version extremly suffers from this BS!

    Konami just gave up. They accepted that they cant beat FIFA on console do they decided to make high quality mobile games. In first place this BS is a mobile game possible to play on console.

  53. Lol sorry. But especially with the cover art ect any American who thinks it’s thier”” football is a moron hahahaha.

  54. literally the trailer begins “how things have changed ” and indeed has for the worst
    very disappointed being a offline player with all ther graphics, animations, etc
    as you stated its a downgrade from fox engine
    the way they used the engine is an insult to UE

    • They changed to Unreal so they can put it on mobile a lot easier i bet. I hate saying that but i almost guarantee that’s why they did it so it can be ported easier and whatever and just smooth out so animations. But its a massive downgrade. Just should’ve updated the fox engine and not made it free to play

  55. We need some indie company or whoever to make a basic football game with a career mode, even one with no licenses whatsoever, and then the modding community would take care of the licenses, at this point I’d even take one on Unitys engine considering the two alternatives we now have on PC

  56. Game looks completely and utterly shit and have no hope for this series moving forward. Konami are completely out of touch with their fan base and again this proves that they do not listen to any feedback given

    • @Kieran Thomas The graphics will be better on console, but I dont think it matters because if your playing with mobile phone gamers, playing the same game, its a mobile phone game on a console, a few extra pixels and better lighting isnt going to change that

  57. What is he complaining about? Why does he keep saying mobile version? Lol this guy is expecting way too much. The movement looks amazing and player models look more realistic than ever. Smh just show some appreciation for once.

    • what are you on about?? its the same graphics as last year just without the grass sure the models look a lil bit better but did we wait 2 years for better player models?? 😂😂 you’re crazy talking about the movement looks amazing 🤣🤣

    • Sure movement and player models are slightly improved but they had 2 years and all they could do is this?? And the graphics are definitely not next gen, turf is bad and crowd is still garbage.

  58. Ricky they confirmed via IGN interview that mobile cross play will only occur if you have a controller on mobile. That’s what the mobile controller support in winter on the road map is pointing out. I think that’s actually a smart move and playing on your phone or tablet with a controller would be fun.

  59. Totally agree about the colour scheme…its horrendous. The whole thing was a huge disappointment, can’t believe how poor this was

  60. The cancellation of annual releases, the cross-platform feature, the improved graphical quality, the addition of more animations and the new cut scenes are all amazing, but most people don’t seem to understand what the cross-platform feature really entails. This doesn’t mean that the graphical quality or button controls will be degraded for the (next-gen) consoles or the PC, but that it will just be easier to find opponents in online matches. That’s all there’s to it. Aside from the horrible blue and yellow colour scheme, it does in general look like a major step up from the previous titles from my perspective. Therefore, the general outrage I’ve witnessed so far is exorbitant and undeserved. I just hope that there will be more news regarding the offline modes in the upcoming month, but that will probably be the case.

    • @Dirty Dan The graphical quality is definitely not bad and this isn’t even the final product. In fact, it even looks better than FIFA 22 to be honest. Like I said, the outrage is absolute bollocks.

    • @Vicenzo Lampare this game doesnt look better than last years, this game doesnt look better than fifa, and the graphics won’t get better its almost out… no pes trailer look differently from the final build

    • The graphics look shit, the players don’t look great. For an unreal engine game this looks horrendous. Pes 2021 on pc looks million times better than this garbage.

  61. Konami has decided that their mobile audience and kids who play solely MyClub are more important than the game itself. Konami has become a sellout

  62. Bruno Fernandes still doesn’t have his tattoo – in the OFFICIAL GAME OF UNITED!! Anyway my big takeaway (and fear) is what if they’ve nerfed the graphics on the next gen machines – in order to allow cross play?

    • when a game goes free to play the graphics has to be turn down so everyone could play like you can play fortnite on older computer easily so

  63. Some things are clear now:
    1- stupid circle around players feet in newfootbal demo
    2- lack of posibilities during the match (attack/defense meter etc…)
    3- mobile graphics

    I’m really sad… and mad… but sad…

  64. Im a little bit divided on this. On one side Konami and EA are selling RosterUpdates for years now. Sometimes more sometimes less. To bring out a game which u can update every year sounds good to me. But somehow i got the feeling that its all Online-focused. Like they just have give up on the MasterLeague/Offline-Modes. But we have wait to see whats really happening.
    I hope the Teambuilding-Mode will be a new Master-League. And that there will be a edit-Mode as we know or even bigger. Hope dies last.

    Free-to-play has always a bitter taste. Maybe we will be suprised positively , but right now i fear the opposite .

    • i mean pes each year before was always different… same game modes but graphically at least different and gameplay also always felt different unlike fifa no pes games look alike except for the season update so it wasnt that much of a pes problem

    • @Dosui there were years were the improvement was very small 2018 to 2019 for example. But yes EA/Fifa was always more a Rosterupdate

  65. It’s obvious now that Konami are only interested in online gameplay. Cross platform means that the missing button controls in the beta will be here to stay because as you rightly said in the video, PS5 v mobile will result in the game being dumbed down. Today literally is the death of the game everyone has loved for 25 years! ML is going to beta DLC you can buy! Absolute madness! If teammate press and runs has gone then I’m afraid the game is dead. EA went the 1v1 route 2 years ago and personally that made it unplayable for me.

  66. It’s absolutely next gen that they’re showing, they’d always put their “best” foot forward that’s why Devs always show off the PC version at places like E3 forel example.

    Unfortunately the beta was the actual game and PES is officially dead! This is a mobile game that’s been ported to consoles and it sucks!

  67. It’s quite simple really. They’ve dumbed it down to mobile standard and that’s what people will play with. There’s no offline modes and no leagues and probably no edit mode. Just 7 teams and whatever other licenses they can obtain. They will then charge for building your team. The game is dead.

  68. It really looks bad and I’m disappointed in konami this year I’ve always wanted the best for Pes and bring back the golden days but it never going to happen I can see this been the last football game for konami don’t mind it been free but see it been a bit farfetched for mobile players been able to match up with console but looks all over the place graphically and looks well rushed to be brought out after having two years to make this game with all the modes coming out over the course of the year is a discrace

  69. Where is the teaser from July last year?
    This Is literally just like pes21 and basically the full version of the online test game

  70. Well done bro … aint gon lie you said the truth… it doesn’t look like no next gen … it looks like a mobile game

  71. Regardless of what this trailer is running off, why have they decided that this was the best footage to show? Absolute mess, and it sums up Konami and PES over the past few years

  72. I feel like they didn’t manage to finish the game in time and just had to put out something because they already delayed it for quite a lot. Now they will gradually finish it through updates.

    • this game is trash, they won’t make any progress after showing these drastic changes in the trailer. It looks like it’s the prototype of the product. They really pulled a blower on us. All of that for greed, shame.

  73. This is a marketing plan to hype up the demand for the next gen game, come on guys. Ea revealed that they would present fifa on June 22, a few days later konami chose to show their game one day before the EA revealing so EA decided to add a new date, June 20.

    At the same time, people get to see the new ftp version while pes is trending on twitter because people think the game is gone. People are playing the next gen version in argentina right now.

  74. What a weird tactic if they plan on talking about master league/ next gen graphics reveal etc later on.

    Even if this is free if they are leaving it another month or so to reveal part of the game everyone actually cares about then your just giving fifa pre orders a bump in sales surely. If there is lots more to come, why would you start with the worst part of the game no one cares about? It’s just absolutely horrendous marketing in every way possible.

  75. As an American I was really looking forward to this game…I love Pes gameplay, switched after playing fifa for years cause I despise the gameplay. This is just brutal…I’m beyond disappointed.

  76. In terms of graphics, it looks terrible…where are some shadows? It looks we will get game like other competitive online games which are F2P like Fortnite and Rocket League…you buy some “pass” to get more custom kits, you will probably unlock some team by playing the game or purchasing them for real money. I do not know…If I can buy all teams and modes for some 60€ and to have fully pledged game as we were used to, then I am fine with it. However the cross-platform, graphics and animations are really worrying me… Let’s just hope this is all because of Konami’s terrible marketing and the game itself will be much better…

  77. So, this might be an online-only game and won’t have become a legend or master league? Oh man, I hope I’m wrong because this isn’t what I waited a year+ for…. None of us asked for this…

  78. What did I say?!! All along that “New Football Game” WAS the next football game we were getting. I cannot believe the stupidity of some people in these comments, how you all believed that game had nothing to do with the next instalment absolutely baffles me. Everyone hid behind the fact it was a beta or it was to “test the matchmaking” how stupid can you be? Why on earth would they test the servers on a Mobile port and not the ACTUAL GAME we’re going to be playing 🤦🏼‍♂️ Then to top it off, they even asked for GAMEPLAY FEEDBACK and you STILL denied this was the game we were getting 🤣 When are people going to learn that a beta/demo is essentially the FULL GAME.. They can only tweak very minor things, people seem to think they can pull a brand new game out of their ass in a few months and code it from the bottom up.. It takes YEARS to create a game. I called this from the beginning and I even said the reason they didn’t name this “Beta” was probably due to a name change.. When they added “eFootball” last year it seemed obvious they were going down this route.

  79. Why people think that the game will be like the reveal trailer?And still why they think that its gonna look like this on consoles and especially next gen?Hahahaha!

    • the game always look the same as reveal trailers what are you talking about boy 😂😂 do a bit of research and see for yourself

    • @El Greco ok so why are you wondering that they think the reveal trailer will look like the final product even tho that’s been the case every year? they has never been a pes reveal trailer that wasn’t the final close and didn’t look like the final product… are you stoopid or what

    • @Dosui the game doesn’t even have shadows on the hell do u think that it will look like this on ps5 or an xsx?

  80. I haven’t bought a ps5 so I can play a game that runs on Android. Next gen Fifa 22 doesn’t run on old gen, let alone a phone.

  81. this is basically going to be a free to play demo, then they will charge us to add extra content like master league and teams, remember the date guys PES is dead and we have now got a free mobile game thats going to microtransaction the shit out of us and hold our beloved offline mode to ransom 😢😢😢😢😢😢

    • idek if they will let us have ML or exhibition matches. I think its just MyClub (so basically the mobile game on all platforms).

  82. Love it👏 don’t care what people say, i’m sure it’ll be all just fine. Waiting for proper ingame footage and other news regarding online and stuff👍

  83. I’ve never gotten this disappointed.. I thought it was going to be a very good game but god that’s nearly worse than FIFA

  84. If I was the producer of this game.. I would have shoved the controllers in the ass of developers by seeing the end results and shoved the football in their asses.. ridiculous.. I was waiting with so much hope and they ruined it like hell..

  85. Konami are SNAKES 🐍 They took our emotions and excitement all the way to the top and then dropped us! Abysmal from Konami! Truly truly disappointed! Waited 2 years for the game to get better and instead they made it worse! RIP PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER ❤️

  86. If this is all they have to offer this year! It is better we play older versions of PES with mods. No point wasting time on this!

  87. What Konami has done is actually disgraceful. I actually can’t believe. To be honest we have good enough modders and creators that can create our own football game. Let’s create our own football game.

  88. To me this does not surprise me 1 bit. This has been the direction PES has been heading, konami turning PES into a mobile phone game for almost a decade. And skating is not a new thing, if the game wants you to get the ball first your tony hawks pro skater, if it doesnt want you to get it your bambi on ice.
    Clipping and skating wasnt ever anything to do with the engine its to do with the quality which went down hill rapidly while they put all their focus into microtransactions and putting as little effort in as possible in anything other than faces.

  89. I’ll be honest. I have zero interest in online play. Master league (& a little local multi player) is all I am interested in.

    Also. No edit mode will bury the series

    • sad… PES’s ML and BAL are my modes. Single-player League, Cups, Kickoff etc. are things I love to play, and I’m sure many feel the same. COINAMI know what they want, though. The more I think about all of this, the angrier I become about this shit. And as you said, no edit mode will ruin it further. Tbh, if you gave me any of the PES games on PS2, I’d very likely play them over any of the modern versions, and certainly over eFootball.

      Fucking hell man. Fuck.

  90. The sad reality is, as much as we would like to believe these companies are fans of the product (and probably the actual teams working on them are) these are multinational corporations looking to maximise their profit. And EASports have shown that in today’s market there’s a lot more money to be made from kids who want online trading card games – than the “old school” likes of us who want a “football game”. There is a parallel with the Super League – we’re “Legacy” fans basically and we’re not worth catering to.

  91. I predicted better “next-gen” graphics with slightly tweaked gameplay, and boy was I wrong. This is way worse…

  92. I have so much to say….I just have no idea who puts together the PES stuff (eFootball stuff) and who does their marketing… The thumbnail for this trailer for one is an absolute farce considering the fact they had so long to work on the game and the trailer, when I saw that I couldn’t believe my eyes because it’s just soooo BASIC. The clips they’ve decided to use are often strange, the colour scheme looks very basic, I mean the graphics layout and colour in that pre match bit with the lineups in blue and yellow just looks like a 14 year old did it in 2 days, there looks to be nowhere near the modern feel that I was hoping for, I was expecting something much more almost digital in a way but it just looks like something close to PES 12. WHen you compare to NBA2K20 and FIFA 21 F1 21 etc PES just seems like microsoft excel presentation wise… like it’s just all collated data, where’s the emotion in PES?!
    Graphically it feels like a one size fits all sorta build, a game that seemingly looks very similar on mobile and PS5. It just looks like they’ve transported everything over from the previous game, done a bit of work on gameplay (apparently there are around 4x more animations in this PES which is at least encouraging but also expected to a degree) added a few cut scenes like players arriving and warming up which is always welcome, but it’s far from enough for the wait considering we had a similar cutscene upgrade from 19-20 in ML.

    I hope that when we play it it actually feels brilliant to play, but presentation wise based on things like the thumbnail and including random iffy clips of stuff like that slow kick off… I have little hope of the game feeling like a modern game. Very disappointed but tbh, I’ve no idea what I expected.

  93. The whole thing looks budget. The trailer, the gameplay, the in game graphics, the graphic design, the video snippets with the players look like placeholder stock videos. Looks like a bunch of interns made the whole package

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if they did leave it to interns. It’s not like PES didn’t have a base to build on, it’s a shame they made this really. I do leave a glimmer of hope that there will be a full non-mobile version of the game, but judging from this trailer and the “cross platform between mobile and console” aspect of the game, it seems unlikely.

    • I do graphic and video design and this marketing qualitaty is really really bad man. This is Tiktok standard WTF! But at least it matches the bad gameplay and graphics lol

  94. The cross platform could be only for those with mobile controller , the other will play only with mobile players.

  95. Players are all the same height in fifa and pes this year. Bluddy bonkers. Can’t even get the lil things right. Sad when kante and Messi are the same height as Schick or de ligt.

  96. We have been waiting on your thoughts here in the UK. If you think it’s going to be bad then it must be……. we are all doomed

  97. Looking at this they’re conceding the console market to FIFA and trying to corner the mobile market. Can’t see there being things like edit mode, master league & become a legend in what is essentially a f2p online-only (except local exhibition matches) game.

    Considering they’ve spent 2 years on this, it is utter trash

  98. This is a Mobile Game now… But they don’t want to admit it … The game we knew is dead already 👎 RIP PES.

  99. Yes I would been the same thing always go by what you know it as I not really played pes last one I played was 06 or 07

  100. Ask yourselves what about that next gen teaser they showed us last year with Messi looking stunning…did they lie to us ?

  101. Maybe it’s on some of us who couldn’t afford the game and so downloaded the lite version and unlocks it with sider.
    May be that’s why we lost PES 🤷‍♂️.
    So is it time to go back and FiFa. 🤷‍♂️😅

    • With 2008 at least the game was good, 2014 was a disaster, 2022 seems to be bad but at least free to play means many updates and big changes.

    • @Wake no. hope that they will improve better than this through updates…till then i can only hope they fix the match making in asia…at least that’s what i can utilize about free to play..

  102. I will try it once it’s released if the controls have been removed and it’s the same as that BETA test FIFA getting immediately pre-ordered and 20 years of PES will come to an end. It looks dog shit… And that’s Chiellini not Bonucci FYI lol

  103. Going through these comments the general consensus clearly is that this is very worrying and very dissappointing. I am 33 yrs old, played both Pes and Pes 2, then switching to Fifa and then PES again from PES 2018 onwards because of the superior gameplay. I thought it was a wise decision from Konami skipping the annual release in 2021 and just doing a seasonal update so they could focus on (what I thought would be) PES 2022. I thought transitioning to a new game engine would be a complex process, so I was happy with just the “seasonal update” for 2021 so they would have the time to adjust and take full advantage of the next gen hardware (having a PS5 myself). Therefore I am really gutted with what I have seen today: free to play, the same experience across all platforms incl mobile, emphasis on online play (not even sure we will have some sort of Master League), DLC in terms of game modes, I’m guessing a pay-to-win model à la Fifa, graphics that are worse instead of an improvement, … I honestly thought that by switching to the Unreal Engine the PES series would see a massive improvement in terms of both graphics and animations but instead it seems like a downgrade (supposedly because of the mobile version). Still hoping for some positive news in August but this is looking very worrying and I might be switching to Fifa again which at least seems to take advantage of the next gen consoles with their “hyper motion technology”

    • Having hope with this trailer gonna kill you. Adapt yourself to fifa or stick with 21. I’m 34 and I had almost exactly same as your experience switching between fifa and pes. This trailer just showed us that Konami killed PES.

    • Pretty much the exact same experience here, also same age lol. I’ve grown to hate fifa for what’s its become, and thought pes this year would be my return to action after not a playing a football game for over a year, which is the longest I’ve ever gone since the mid 90’s, and then we get this. FUCK SAKE MAN!

    • Same here guys, played since PES 1…..Well ISS really, but chopped and changed to Fifa a couple of times but ended up back with PES, but this is very worrying indeed. All I want is to play Exhibition mode, single player, and be able to used edit mode to sort out the player stats and also MOD the kits etc. This looks like itl take all of that away from me.