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I know were all excited for PES 2022, but I think we all need to be realistic here about what to expect.. Let me know if you agree in the comments folks.

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Intro: 0:00
Menus: 03:55
Master League: 04:37
myClub: 07:02
Gameplay: 08:08
Edit Mode: 11:13

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  1. Realistically… What do you think PES 2022 will be like?! New menus? New physics?! New smell of grasssss?
    Leave a comment!

    • Hello
      I always had been fifa but the current pes has turned me over to pes ,its clearly a better football experience and better in lots of ways BUT it’s still lacking with so MANY things.
      Dont wanna list them all ofcourse but can anyone/someone/something please tell me why all of the tables in the game dont show games played? …….its weird….

    • Expect better graphic on PS5, gameplay will be the same as on PS4 (same as pes 20/21) so nothing big is coming on..

  2. Even simple things like being able to change the combination of socks shorts and shirt before a game would be a blessing.

  3. We need more button combinations that achieve functions like driven pass and things of that nature. What I do not understand is that fifa stole from pes for years why don’t they do the same. Really annoys me


  5. Just want another football game to compete with FIFA, that’ll mean EA need to actually try and make a good game. Really hoping PES 22 is good

  6. They need to change free kicks as it’s pretty much a guaranteed goal which is annoying and they need to fix the over the top ball straight from kick off!

  7. I don’t expect anything different from what we have with PES2021. @konami can’t even update the Euro roster given it’s the official game of the competition

    • @Victor Matthew how dump is that? They have know for several months now when the competition was to kick off. UEFA announced the deadline for teams to submit final squad list yet the official game of the competition had no plan to for it.

  8. The silence is unreal abt pes 2022.. The wait for something concrete.. there not gonna be at E 3 I don’t think it’s gonna be a good game

  9. Tbh for my opinion, I think they should also add when the players eat there dinners or lunches for the ML, I think it would look more realistic and could make Master league better for future PES.

    • Hahahaa are you kidding..there are though many small little things or details they could and should add which are important and would make ML more fun and interesting.

  10. They need to change how regens work. I dont want to see players coming back as 16 year olds. If they dont change that im gonna be extremely disappointed.

    • lol that is nonse 😂
      just delete old player regen and replace it with AI regen, but AI generated face…
      ughh ugly i hope they fix it

    • @Beaconing Yeah it should be really easy to fix. Just randomly generate a face, attributes and a name. Done. But nah useless Konami doesnt want to do it.

    • Give us the option to turn this off or on. Think the youth team should be the classic original line up and maybe use real faces of people in the office.

    • The game could easily be randomly generated for regens. It makes sense why they don’t already do this with players without game face. Do height, weight and skin colour and then random the rest so everyone has a unique face.

  11. It’s good to see Konami silent over their game. I think it means they are confident that they have struck gold. I thought the past three years, they advertised too early just so they could arrive before the FIFA hype train

  12. thats why you loosing viewers.. cause u keep doing videos in between… that dont make sens.e and its ALL speculation. just do the videos when its CONCRETE!!.. oh well

  13. I personally think with them skipping last year essentially to focus on this years game I think people are within our rights to expect “big” things, obviously whether we get that is another thing but with them skipping to focus on this year theyve sort of brought it upon themselves to have big expectations from the fans.

  14. Let’s all be honest they will talk a good game for months then it will just be a mess when it comes out like every year

  15. Unfortunately I’m afraid you’re right about gameplay and Master League not being improved much. The most likely thing they are going to focus on is My Club just like FIFA does with Ultimate Team to the detriment of other modes because that makes them the most cash. I’ve always loved the team manager modes of both games and it disappoints me in the progress of gameplay, and these modes cuz I’m not a money mark for My Club/UT.

  16. I’m interested but not excited for PES 2022. New game engines and PES do not mix very well (PES 2008 and 2014). If I had to guess I think it will be a game that looks good but is very bare bones and missing a lot of features in PES 2021.

  17. They need to add “crate league” option.
    If they can’t make more leagues let the community to do it , i don’t see why this so hard to do
    especially on pc .

    • This 100%, they need to give the community more control in terms of adding teams and leagues in the game to make it more immersive.

    • @Jelani G Yes, i don’t understand why they are not doing this.
      we all know that the only thing that make the game on pc its the mods.
      Without them this game 4x time failure then its now .

  18. The game has yet to be realistic in how the teams push forward when they need a goal (!)
    The CPU is generally too defensive and dependant on forwards scoring from inside the box.
    In real life it’s a bit more common for “backend” players to score.
    Also, game needs more shot variety, more advanced game plan setup, CPU not restricted to one formation.

    • It’s astounding to me that in 2021 there’s one main way for the AI to score. The striker receiving the ball with his back to the goal, turning with it, your defender getting stuck for no reason, and then finishing while completely unmarked because of the stuck defender.

      Otherwise the main issues for me are:

      – very little midfield play (midfielders either position themselves badly, leaving the centre open for a easy pass from the defenders to the striker, or they watch the ball go past them)
      – player awareness around the ball (not intercepting easy passes, defenders not locking onto the ball leaving the attackers to tap the ball in)
      – responsiveness issues (how many times do players take an additional touch when you ask them to pass earlier?)
      – unrealistic goalkeeping animations (the superman animation when they catch the ball going into the top corner is still in the game)
      – floaty headers (it’s so rare to see headers with proper amount of power, at least for me)
      – the AI is so uninspring (they kick the ball around the back without any purpose, then when they have no options after like 5-10 passes, they kick it long, regardless of the tactics)
      – this might be a personal thing for me, but I think dribbling should me more responsive, with players taking more touches of the ball.

      I just realized I could go on and on, so it’s best for me to stop now.

    • @Missedbyawhisker no man, u r not only one who is facing these issue…so it’s not personal.
      So whatever u have mentioned is valid

    • Everyone I play in master league plays deep defence. It’s shite. It’s 11 players behind the ball and they score with one counter attack a game or a free kick.

  19. Lmao I don’t care I’m getting very excited, every major league, face scans, more dynamic growth, u23 and u21 for all teams, more behind the scenes stuff etc

  20. 1) They need to update the menus in the game and in career mode, they look outdated and feels like a menu from pes 2008.

    2) remove the levelling up the player in MY CLUB, so not everyone will have 90+ rated players in the first week of release.

    3) a transfermarket in MYCLUB should be nice to have, so You can try out new players and build a squad you like to have.

    4) decrease the pack weight, so not everyone will have OP players in the beginning of the game.

    5) fix the collision system with players and the referee

    6) add pro clubs like Fifa where you can build your own player, his position, height etc. and make your own squad with friends to compete against other players in the region

  21. A.I. is terrible especially when losing around the 60th minute….
    – 60th min they pour it on & your players become dummies
    – All the bounces go the a.i. way.
    – The a.i. keep hoofing the ball down field which gets repetitive and annoying.
    – You can’t strip the ball off the a.i. unless you tackle then you get a foul.
    – A.I. rarely gets carded.
    – A.I. scores on most free kicks including 40 yard rockets

  22. I prefer not to have any expectations. After what they did with PES2014, I’d rather not think about a new game with a new engine. The fact that they will not be able to show something at E3, shows how Konami works and how disconnected they have been to the people’s suggestions. Master League has been really crappy, they know it, and have not done anything about it

    • it wasnt because of pes,it was because of other titles that konami have,they had 2 years to work on pes,im sure they are gonna release a well polished game and we will probably see some gameplay soon.

  23. i am a fifa and pes fan but fifa ultimate team is much more better then myclub. it has like sbcs,objectives everything. myclub you just open packs even the transfermarket fifa’s is much better

  24. True don’t expect to much cuz they are moving to real engine but they are still using the unreal engine 4 and not 5 ( as the unreal engine going to release late this year).what u need to expect more is the pes 2023 and the good news is you can import all the assets from UE4 to UE5. Also, unreal engine is free to use unless you have a product on shelves using UE (that u have to pay 5% royalty and your revenue exceed 1 million $). Maybe modders can use it to easily moded the game cus what I hear unreal engine is easy to use

  25. Literally still playing PES 2019 and occasionally PES 2018 I just like those a lot better than 2020 and 2021 after many times of giving them a good solid try. So many strange irritating steps backwards for PES 20 and 21 in my opinion, I just don’t enjoy them as much as 18 and 19 those games were more responsive also. Modded on PC both PES 2018 and 2019 are awesome though I still think. PES 2022 I have a feeling will be a mixed bag and then by 2023 or 2024 it will be solid enough is my expectation.

    • @Omar Kamal I didn’t say that but I subjectively do enjoy PES 2018 more. Just like there are games from the ps2 era for example that subjectively are more fun and enjoyable for some people than games of today in comparison, sometimes older games have certain gameplay mechanics etc. that we prefer, despite the game perhaps overall being technically quite a step down in many areas. It goes with anything else too, you might enjoy a very old movie more subjectively than a brand new one, despite it being technically superior in many regards. Saying: “I subjectively like this more than that” is not hyperbole or ridiculous – i’m not trying to say that PES 2018 is objectively better overall in all regards and that pes 2020 and 2021 did not make certain notable improvements.

    • @Omar Kamal so what? I edited a spelling mistake seconds after originally posting the comment why are you bringing that up? what does that have to do with anything?

    • @Omar Kamal how? what? where? how do you know that or claim that? if I did I don’t remember genuinely but i don’t think I did.

  26. Better looking graphics is great & all but there’s so many things they need to fix first. Longer replays. Player highlights where you can save a replays of players throughout the season be it a goal, assist or skill, then add it to his compilation. Better transfers/contracts, you should be able to set a player value. FIX THE REFS. Making scouting more inclusive where you can choose what player to scout, young/foreign players could have stats hidden until you scout them. Just cos you scout a player doesn’t mean it’s easy for you to buy him the same way you should be able to buy a well know player for a decent fee. Fix the regens, so you don’t have the same old retired player coming back, Chelleni coming back as a 16year old looking like a man in his 40’s. FIX THE REFS. Get rid of release clauses. Stadium editor, get rid of the crap old signs & poor banners like “No Guts, No Glory. Seriously need to update the commentary & atmosphere. FIX THE REFS. Make the layout on the ML more easy so you don’t have to press 5buttons to see who the top scorer is, you should be able to click on a new email in your inbox that will take you to the situation instead of having to click out and look for it. Better player ratings. Fix the schedule in ML so you don’t play the same teams in the same order in the 2nd half of the season. FIX THE REFS. Create a managers face should be brought back. put score updates on while your playing a match so we know what’s going on in the league or group, do I need to score another goal to avoid relegation, win the league etc. Sort out the GK motions and how they made ridiculous saves even if they’re crap. Also noticed that when you’re in a rush to score a goal your GK will make a super easy save but he’ll drop to the ground and take ages to get up therefore killing the chance of a counter attack or he’ll be slow to release the ball. Show the goal scorers when you sim a game. You need to fix the ML schedule, it’s a mess. FIX THE REFS

  27. Bring back all the classic player’s for master league official one’s … And not have to play that shit my club mode and spend real money to try get them spent £20 to get Beckham for master league to import fucking ridiculous 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻

  28. I would say, they should introduce some difficulty curve, I remember starting career mode in FIFA 06, and you couldn’t start with big teams, because well you’re an unknown quantity and you have to prove yourself and earn those top jobs. and also get fired. I know not everyone will like it so they should make it so you can opt in to it. Because honestly I loved career mode in games like FIFA 07. The questions and situations that would pop up and your answer affected the team, your job security.
    Also I’m starting to that managing a club and national team at the same time is not realistic. They should make it so you can’t have both jobs at the same time. Or can go without a job for a while, without the game ending 🤷‍♂️

  29. My expectations are still huge because they’ve taken 2 years on this, i just know i’ll be let down but i just want the ultimate football game on PS5.

  30. Konami should add a community creation like wwe 2k20 where people can create stuff maybe from there pc or whatever or even stadiums and console people can import them and even faces

  31. They been working on it for 2 years. Surely it will be decent.. It is a new gen too. More things to be able to do stuff.

  32. For me who bought all PES games, every PES series are better than their previous games, I don’t think PES 2022 will be the other way around..the question is how big is the difference?

  33. Gameplay is fine just stop the ai bull crap and the stupid refs. Fifa has the same issue. Also need to update the menus and better uniforms for your unlicensed teams.

  34. The presentation is shit for PES. Hope they rectify that. The master league tables do not even have simple stats like ‘games played’. Its so bad.

  35. Mr TTB please dont do it again vídeo about pes 2022 because i particulary i dont wanted to see; if someone wanted to see this vídeos answer me; just do it vídeos about master league

  36. This game is going to be the best looking average game ever! The fact we haven’t heard shit about this game is very worrying! I hope I’m wrong but Konami’s track record with pes isn’t exactly great

  37. He true bits. Would you give a look at pes 18? I played that game lately. And goddamn it’s so different with what we have right now. Pes 18 is so fun, super responsive. Not dummy and very sloooww as hell. Take a look c’mon

  38. We’ve heard nothing from them and that’s what worries me. When it comes to marketing and treating their fans with respect, Konami sucks big time. This game is what it is because of its community but not giving fans even a bit of information on the new game, not asking the fans what they want, removing the features the fans love the most has been their tradition.
    Dear Konami, you are not as rich as EA. EA’s strength is the licenses, while Konami’s strength has always been its fans. Treat em with respect. Give them the features that they’ve been crying for since past 4-5 years. Give the the information they want. Do not distance yourself from them.
    They haven’t put out a trailer for a game that will be releasing in 3 months. Forget about the trailer, not even any official updates at this point? You’ve got to be kidding me. I want the game to succeed but this is not how you do it. You deserve to lose all the licenses to EA. You don’t deserve this community, Konami. You seriously don’t.

  39. At this day and age I wonder why Konami don’t make the youth team system like in PES Manager? New players with random names.

  40. Pes as always been the best football game ever. All they need to do is improve an already excellent game with total edit mode, to kill licencing issues. where you can add more leagues & competitions like sky bet league 1 &2, carabo cup and others, design your own trophies, and better trophy & player award ceremony. Design your own stadiums etc. Please do not over think on the gameplay. Dont ruin the game.

  41. First of all, we need to see Konami’s understanding of football; how do they implement ball, players physics, GK’s, referees [advantage rules among others], animations/ collisions between players, players stats have to matter !!! [shooting, passing should depend on players positions, weak foot pass,shooting is awful an unrealistic…] and after all that come ML rewamp, menus…all that makeup. If we go back and remember what Konami did with PES 2008 [transition from PS2 to PS3] and PES 2014 [from PS3 to PS4] we can agree that thosse were the worst games in series. I just don’t want to see what Fifa did with Fifa 17, I think, where they did nothing but improve graphics; animations where awful and still are. Gameplay is a must; [physics, animations, gk’s , referees, then mods and all that graphics, the makeup which I don’t really care about, don’t care about tattoos and pieces of grass flying when players kick the ball, which can be seen only in replay.

  42. I feel pes will not be any better then the graphics, so I not worried for pes this year as it’s not there big selling game to be fair and I just don’t see it being a real improved, I could be wrong but pes has got very stale and bland. Offline modes both for pes and FIFA won’t improve as they’s no money there…

  43. They need to sort out the goalkeepers ASAP. Why my 56 rated GK from the youth team performs like prime Casillas? Why have an 85 rated GK then, to concede 3 every game? WTF 😡

    • My thought exactly. They already believe pes 2015 is a good foundation for future instalments of the franchise.

  44. i’m i the only one who want BAL to be reworked ?
    like since pes 2014 BAL was shitt up until PES 2021 i really want them to reworked it from the ground like they did on MAL

  45. Would love them to bring back the stadium creator. Can’t see how it’s down to licensing, especially if you only allow it for the unlicensed teams, it’s no diffrent to allowing us to import kits and logos and such.

  46. Fresher graphics that are still half a decade away from cutting edge and mostly similar gameplay, closer to the 21 beta than release. Not expecting anything more. It doesn’t matter how capable the engine is if the developers don’t have time/permission to implement it.

  47. Bring back Create a Stadium for edit mode, the reason I always stopped playing it is because I got bored of playing at the same stadiums all the time, it’s too repetitive on the consoles

  48. Well, you have said almost everything. I don’t need to add anything more. Personally, I prefer a better gameplay, responsibiity and reactions, also a refining of the referees. The graphics and the relevant stuff is always great, they already have reached a very good level. Gameplay, responsibility, referees, these are my only concerns, so as to enjoy the game once more!
    As for your ML, I prefer that you return soon. But return if you want to, don’t feel obliged to return… And as for the difficulty, do whatever you want. I’ll always support you. Have a nice time, mate!

  49. For me, they just need to improve the responsiveness and the referee… AI need to be more human..
    And realistic animations…
    …Improved graphics, menus and game mode..

  50. I play in PS4Pro and I can’t get the picture on Pes the way I want it.Either too bright or too dark.Contrast seems off too.I have messed about with settings numerous times.Anyone any tips??Thanks in advance

  51. To me graphics and cinematics are just fine, Konami needs to focus more on fluidity of the game, more realistic style of play and abort AI because it’s definitely not.

  52. FACT: its called Efootball now NOT PRO EVOLUTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ENOGHT SAID!!!! to me this sums up everything about the direction of the game now(CONTINUALLY LOSING CONTENT FOR MASTER LEAGUE) Features are basicaly DEvolving at this point and every year has less features for master league. I WOULD NOT BE SURPRISED IF EDIT MODE WAS MISSING. RIP! this is gona be worse than the jump from orginal xbox to 360 (pes5 to pes6) on 360 that stripped the hole game and was a shell of its former glory while the ps2 was epic pes6. FORGET ABOUT SPENDING MONEY ON LISTENCES KONAMI!!!! focus on gameplay.

    honestly I enjoy the game way more with custom gameplay mods. that is very sad.

    COUCH COOP ONLINE TOUREMENTS 2v2 NO cpu controlled


  53. Pes2022 will not be on Pes2022 and the reason is that Epic dos not recommend UE5 for production before full release. That you be in the beginning of next year. So Konami might save that until 2023. Or do a UE5 update. It should be very easy, but you will need to install UE5 version as a new game. But in the development standpoint it is nearly that you open your UE4 files in the UE5, and build/save it, and you have the same game but an UE5 version.

  54. *Their first game on new consoles..
    *A new engine as well..
    No wonder there’s no gameplay available..
    *They’re not at E3..
    *And Mr.Bhatti quits as well..
    How convenient..🙄
    No gameplay yet..
    It all makes perfect sense..
    Have everybody suddenly forgotten about PES 2014..!?
    Their first PES on last-gen..
    It was a disaster.
    This will be history repeating all over again..
    Hopefully Konami will do better with PES 2023..
    They need more time.

    • @KD JUNIOR Just wait until you try the game, man..
      Then you’ll know exactly what I’m saying here..
      I remember 2008…
      I remember 2014..
      Deja Vu?
      PES has bad history with new engines and new consoles..
      Hopefully it’s not totally destroyed. Hopefully it’s playable. But I’m keeping my PS4 and PES 2021..

  55. If they take two years to copy paste the gameplay with better graphics will be a total let down. Plus, on this new consoles, with 4k and 60FPS, the foot gliding and floating goalkeepers will be way more prominent. PES 21 have good graphics, textures and lighting effects but it don’t moves like a real football match at all.

    • if someone hits you in front of the penalty area line is it a foul but inside they laugh at you…dont get me wrong..something is sold as a soccer game..that’s how Europeans get ripped off
      and still have to pay for it…

  56. First priority and criteria has to be make the game addictively fun. PES 16 had its faults with the goalkeepers, ai shooting the exact same goal with the keeper having no chance to save it but it was super responsive and was really fun to play. Cut scenes are boring, I also really want to see it on the Switch. Fix the ai, stop the cheating etc.

  57. 2008..

    No need to polish a turd.
    Remember their first with the FOX engine, anybody..?
    Graphics alone are not gonna save PES 2022.
    It never saved PES 2008 and PES 2014 either..
    I just hope it won’t be the last PES..

  58. I quit on this game. How is it possible they can’t even get any decent menus! This is an incomplete game. Why do y’all buy this shit!? Let them feel it and stop buying it so they can actually want to present a decent game.

  59. After playing fifa so long, pes is so much better. For sure it needs (big) visual improvements and the regen system is terrible, but otherwise some dribbling stuff and more comes commands for different types of passes/shots/moves/commands/etc. would be greatly appreciated

  60. You know something that I want, in defence LT/L2 does nothing, so why not make that a defensive special controls button?
    We could have things like LT and double tap A/X to do a “steal tackle”, where our player could attempt to get his foot on the ball and roll it back into his own feet. This could stop the pointless and random shambles of making a tackle near the sidelines where 99% of them are just giving a throw in away. Obviously it wouldn’t just be a guarantee of winning the ball, raised foot to steal it this way means mistimed tackle has studs raised and going down someone’s shin for a foul.
    Another could be LT/L2 And flick the right stick could be an attempted block/interception if we get it flicked in the right direction the pass/cross/shot is travelling. (like the system we actually did have a few years ago that was removed for konami’s preferred “defenders watch ball roll slowly past them” technique) .

    I have more things on my mind that could be added on this, but I don’t want to write an essay lol
    But this alone, just with the one or two things I did add could give us several new animations straight away in defence, that would make the game so much more natural looking straight away and take some of the sheer helplessness of the current defending system in a lot of areas.

  61. i think PES 2021 already have good gameplay.
    its not perfect but if they really improve it, i bet it will be better than before (not like fifa 😒)

    and i hope they add handball rule option, i got some goal block from ai hand, its kinda annoying sometimes

  62. The thing I don’t like about PES is the lack of lower league’s. I enjoyed taking a League one team up to the Premier League. Like in FIFA. I have been enjoying PES on PC and PS4 for the last 18 month’s coming from FIFA though. I hope option files on PS5 can be used as well as mods on PC.

  63. biggest point and nobody is mentioning it…. PC MUST be the next gen version and not get screwed over like the last gen change over

  64. Konami stopped making PES a long time ago, the new engine’s only goal is to make faces better res and better hair and beard physics, which is all current konami care about, selling faces.
    Fifas gameplay is atrocious, yes, but efootballs is no better now. People playing PES now arent playing PES, theyre playing a japanese fifa with pes branding.



    • They dont give a …..!!
      As long as the get our hard earned money…like ea business over all…i dont like this way..when u stand among them…u stay there much 4 world sport nr1

  67. Start by changing myClub. Getting Messi is easier than getting an average player, that tells you something. Not everyone wants super teams.

    • Yes a very cheap game.where u can get the biggest Players for free. Kind o ridiculous! I dont know who manage this crab but thats 1 of the reasons why this community is so 4king not huge 😉

  68. And a higher defensive line, make defenders push up the field more because I’m a player who likes a offensive gameplay,they look like robots just going to center circle boring.

  69. Off topic, but I wouldn’t mind an African server, tired of myclub poor connection and taking 3 days to match make

  70. Positioning, player behaviour and tactical system needs to be the #1 priority. Tactical system needs stripping back, it’s far too rigid. Get the fundamentals right. Forget corner flags until that’s fixed.

  71. I’m surprised hardly anyone mentions the player movement off the ball. Both in attack and defense. So so poor. A Fifa trigger run type Button would solve a lot. And the commentary…just embarrassing.

  72. If they don’t improve anything, they have to improve the player switching and awareness. Players act like they don’t know what a ball is and the cursor goes to the player in a worse position, even when using manual switching. I will care about graphics, commentary and other things when they fix the fundamental problems plaguing the game for years.

  73. More than anything, I just want improvements to the graphics and realism of body movements, PES has been closest to this for years now it’s time to deliver with this supposed “unreal engine” “next gen engine” whatever they call it

  74. I’m not bothered by photorealistic graphics. They need to sort the responsiveness out and add more physical battles. There are too many instances where you are not in control and cannot effect the play for a few seconds. Really hope the nail it!

  75. Always appreciate the videos and honesty mate. Wouldn’t mind the same gameplay with better refinement and more variety in ML. Every ML I start like you said I just skip. Otherwise I’d say you’re correct people shouldn’t expect a ridiculous change in direction.

  76. I don’t like PES in terms of the atmosphere and the fans and the behavior of the team when it loses or leads. The audience must be the twelfth player and it is not the same when the lower class team leads against a big club. coach mode is bad, they can’t fire you if you have bad results, everything is plastic and heartless. It should be like in real football, but it’s a problem because they don’t understand it. It’s still just a game, and nothing more .

  77. I won’t be buying it this year unless they overhaul myclub. I mean what kind of footy game doesn’t let you choose your own formation? Madness

  78. Haven’t been addicted to a football game for 10 years. Every year both fifa and pes bring out the same game. Nothing amazing. Theres always negatives.

    Both titles steal exclusivity from each other. One has certain teams more than the other. One steals a competition. Everything is a bore.

    Where on next gen right now and I’m not expecting anything amazing. But to bring me back I wana see life like movements o the gameplay. It needs to be sick

  79. One thing I really hate is not being able to play career mode or tournaments with friends online. This has to be a thing for next gen where everything is about online gaming. Online career mode will only work with friends if your all controlling one team. Dont see it working with controlling different teams. But an option to play career mode online would be amazing g

  80. No point having realistic expectations. They’ve screwed us for over 10 years and said that it’s better or will be better and it’s not. It has to be back to pes6 quality or nothing. I’m sick of Konami taking fans for a ride. They need to be finally held accountable.

  81. The defensive system is absolute dogshit. Tackling is unresponsive andthe fact that you can simply hold down a button for your player to press the opposition and take the ball is unbelievable. That’s like the computer playing for you and it requires 0 skill.I think this would be a good feature if the auto pressing stops when youre like 1 meter away from the opposition and the player does not take the ball.

  82. No excuses. They have been on this for two years with a new block of power to play with. they even just rereleased a previous game to fill a gap. No excuses!!!!!

  83. I hope they even work on BAL because the BAL on 2021 is horrible. Ik, BAL is not the biggest thing within the PES community , but it’s long overdue that they either change it or remove it from the game.

  84. What i would love/expect to see in PES 2022 sorting from first wish to last:

    1. NEW ATMOSPHERE/CROWD, when playing derbies, (etc Real Madrid – Barcelona) to actually have feeling and heat that we are playing biggest derby in the world, new animations, when my team is playing at home and having a counter attack crowd needs to get hyped, especially if its late game and its tied, or if my team is down by one goal.. if we are losing 0-2, 0-3, that crowd start leaving stadium… they also can add when the opposite team scores and they are performing celebrations that crowd throw something like drinks( only in derbies) to add that feel to the big game. Also having different and best atmosphere in UEFA Champions League matches, Europa league, cup finals, and big games like derbies or when we really need points… I REALLY love crowd in real life and good atmosphere on stadium so thats my biggest wish for PES 2021.

    2. MASTER LEAGUE IMPROVEMENT, NEW menus, a lot more various questions on interviews, DYNAMIC COACHING – that we actually can get fired if we perform bad, to have a menu where we see board expetactions and how board are satisfied with us, to get front office more involved in ML, new transfer negotiations( maybe add cutscenes like in fifa when negotioating with player), regens and youth system.. If team is playing bad and not having good results stadium capacity not to be full…

    3. AI IMPROVEMENT, AI to be improved in big way, i feel like if I go on 3/4 win streak(especially in first season and with not that good team) im gonna lose next match no matter if my opponet is Barcelona or Elche especially , AI just become overpowered and i cant do nothing, their goalkeeper is gonna turn into a GOD… Also in first season if you are battling for league, or champhions league spot, and if you need 3 points for it youre gonna LOSE the game or other resulst ALWAYS goes against me.. FREE KICK OF AI IS GOING TO BE A GOAL IN 90% of times, sometimes AI start playing like GODS when AI goes down by goal.. Also i have feel when i start new match i know when it is going to be my win or if im just gonna get ripped by AI unreality… And other things that are bothering pes players for years..

    4. GRAPHICS/ANIMATIONS IMPROVEMENT, tbh i dont care if I play on the same graphics like PES 2021 with mods and everything we can get if everything that i told above is gonna be implemented in the PES 2022, but knowing Konami there is little chance about that, player bodies/kits are looking pretty good in this alpha build test, they need to improve GOAL NET to be realistic and its physics to be on point, NEW ANIMATIONS/reactions on when player is fouled, when getting booked, missed shot, new walking animations when players entering field, or leaving at halftime/end of match, that animations of players leaving and how they are walking is in PES from like 2017, put goalkeeper picking up his bottle of water, players getting to the ref complaining, talking to each other, not just going straight to the locker, just little details would improve this game so much. For graphics im good with it, maybe some good next gen turf would be sick.

    5. DYNAMIC WEATHER, i saw somewhere that unreal engine is pretty good with dynamic weather, maybe they can implement that in game, so sun moving up the field from time to time, RAIN/SNOW TO BE REALISTIC, nice rain feel would be good for the game.. snow to be realistic, covering up ground, maybe adding animations on halftime how workers on stadium are clearing it(okey im just dreaming too much :D)

    If we get one from this list of five i would be okey with that 😀

  85. realistically i think they will make decent improvements to their physics maybe a few new key features for master league and better animations

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