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[TTB] NEXT-GEN PES 2022 – What Can the Previous Next-Gen Launches Tell Us? | A Look into the Past!


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⏱️ Time Stamps:
Intro: 0:00
PES 6: 2:37
PES 2008: 4:42
PES 2014: 9:21
PES 2022 Trailer: 15:00
Unreal Engine 5 Chit Chat: 16:06

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  1. Judging from previous “New Engine: launches, it hasn’t been pretty but lets see what PES 2022 has in store for us next year!
    Im certainly buzzing to see what Konami can do on the Unreal Engine 👀😎

  2. The Unreal engine really excites me , the Fox engine was aging and Kojima really only got the best out the Fox engine with MGS5 .

  3. The atmosphere and presentation need heavy drastic changes. The AI and refs too! The graphics go without mention because ofc! Also what’s up with the no handball stuff?

  4. They need to go ham on the customization options, stadiums kits, balls ,boots players and Pro Clubs-ish gameplay.
    It all can link together, if they give the PES community creative options then they’ll run with it

  5. I’m expecting big things from PES 2022 because they’ve taken 2 years on it and i’m just bored and really annoyed at the current game, if they fail and EA switch Fifa 22 to a new engine with new gameplay, PES is in trouble for me.

  6. My worry about pes 2022 is that it will be very bare bones. It’s good that Konami have given themselves 2 years to work on it but I think it’ll take a few more years before we start to see proper new game modes, cutscenes etc.

    Normally for a new pes Konami will update teams, players etc and add a few tweaks and modes. And they do all that in a year. This time however, because of the new engine they’ll have to pretty much start from scratch with player faces, kits etc. Unless they’re able to port from fox to unreal somehow?
    Remember when pes 2014 came out and all the weird generic player faces for players that had game faces in 2013?

  7. i started playing fifa to fifa 12 then switch to Pes 13 i nvr played pes 14, and 15
    i played pest 16 that was trash omllll pes 17 and 18 was miles better but pes 19, 20 and 21 is really good but its honestly boring compared to pes 18

  8. The pes 22 teaser looks like it runs on 10 FPS. But yeah as a fifa guy i am pretty looking forward what the unreal engine brings to life…could be awesome

  9. Awesome video man!,i have a bit of a question that is not regarding this video,but what mod did you use for the teams tactics for the master league series,and can you give us a link or something like that,thank you.

    Also to add,i do enjoy Become a legend a lot,i know they need to improve it,but its far superior then “be a pro” in fifa

  10. What can previous launches tell me? To not get my hopes up. I guarantee you this game is totally bare-bones when released, as far as game modes and presentation are concerned. Konami has yet to get this right, changing engines will not change this.

  11. 14 was worst in my opinion. I did the same with pes 14 as you did with pes 2008. 2008 was my first pes so I didn’t had something to compare it with

    • @MrX not that old mate I’ve got the pro, graphics equal to PS5 just hasn’t got the stupid ray tracing shit, I’ve got a SSD drive in my pro load times not far behind PS5 and it looks better, the PS5 looks like a fan heater it’s that big.

  12. Honestly the graphics would and must look good for next gen console but as always the most intriguing thing for any simulation sports game is the game play and if they can get rid of the robotic movements when players coming out from tunnels and the player body profile like the jerseys suiting the player body type ,and ofcourse improving the ref ingame decisions and if possible with some nice additions in the game modes , stadium editors if possible and improvements in master leagues especially transfers and mangers with agents coming into play etc ,the game would set a benchmark for the simulation of sports games but as always there might be bugs but the overall improvement in game would shield that as this is the offset time unreal 5 would be used for a sports game so fingers crossed

  13. To be fair, the MLO concept was amazing, it’s basically Fifa’s Ultimate Team mode as you had the freedom to actually buy who YOU wanted in your team AND switch formations freely. But they make no money from that mode. MyClub, on the other hand, is limiting as hell! I’m sorry but it is. MLO was much the better mode in my opinion and had more scope. Had they developed that instead perhaps the game itself would sell a lot more these days maybe? I think it would.

    New PES needs a UT copy, but they will not do it. I cannot see Konami of all companies these days hamstringing their cash cow mode to appease gamers. I mean, it is Konami the pachinko emporors…. the eater of their young as it were. This is why Sony apparently want to license Silent Hill and MGS. Hope so. Maybe they’ll do PES after? Can you imagine lol.

  14. PES mobile uses Unreal 4 for rendering currently while the core is still Fox (prob stuff like gameplay, animations, assets etc). This is probably to check whether Unreal can use fox engine assets and gameplay when making the full switch to unreal to prevent the disaster that was pes 14. Another thing about pes 14 is that the switch to fox was relatively late into development which left the team with only months , this was done by the manager back then (he was fired then bhatti came in to pick up the scraps).

  15. I would love to see shots to look different: none of this hits the back of the net and rolls around the back of the net rubbish and suuupppper bulging net. More hitting the back of the net and smashing to the ground and noises of clipping the lower bar of the goal when a low shot is driven in

  16. I think they just focused on graphics for now, no changes in animations or game modes, probably a few teaks in gameplay and few added animations with the same original cutscenes, most of the changes we’ll probly see in PES 2024.

  17. Konami bringing back 2014 M.A.S.S whitht animations they have now would be a fun game thts feels new.people need to stop crying about the game being responsive because with it being so responsive the animations and gameplay takes a hit.

  18. I am really frustrated and dead with the pathetic AI and scripting in PES21. Even at superstar level the game is unplayable: the CPU AI intercepts all the passes, predicts and moves in the direction before you even turn. Pathetic fucking bullshit PES. PES 20 demo was excellent and realistic, although it was bit easy

    • Yeah true I hate how AI can predict the direction you will move before you even turn. Makes the dribbling practically impossible even with players like Messi.

    • @Ariton it’s not only the dribbling, even the interceptions and man marking by CPU AI at superstar level are unrealistically high

  19. I have a similar comment about 2 years ago. I play football games from iss pro and fifa 96 at sega mega drive. As a football lover, the games I have ever play in consoles were only football games. My suggestion is go straight to simulation. Makes the games 90 real minutes, make the fatigue of players comes very easy and make the accuracy of passes and shoots, the body power, the clear mind of each players depend on his fatigue on that moment. The hats the way not to score 10 goals in 90 minutes both teams and can see a realistic match with a lot of wrong passes. Ex you have to pick the time to send your wing back on offense cause of his fatigue, so it will be Carey rarely the rodeo -unrealistic- matches. Apologies for the expansion of my thoughts.

  20. Does a new gameplay engine mean finally an end to the horrific replay cut scenes? Tip for Konami. Announce a new mode that rivals Fifa pro clubs mode to where u create a virtual pro online with others and level up. You do this and i already know 6 fifa pro club gamers who will buy Pes 2022 who never buy pes . In fact make it like nba2k my park where you can walk around and play 5 a side matches as well. I know im dreaming but i know so many people who never buy pes every year who will if konami do announce a pro clubs type mode.

  21. I usually buy my football games every 2 years, I have 21, so even if 22 turns into a disaster, I’m guaranteed to get a refined 2023

  22. PES 2022 should have German League with fake players, Like Online soccer manager.
    Also, I want fake players to come out like the old PES. Now PES fake players are bad.

  23. Master league needs a rework. If they will still have that stupid regen system where retired players come back as 16 year olds then I don`t think I will get the game. I hate this feature.

    • @Saiful sKiNo They should make it like FM. In FM they dont have regens but newgens instead. Completely new players that are not regens of old ones.

  24. It was the ‘adaptive AI’ (player movement) that broke Pes 2008. It was that game that sent me and many others to FIFA. I’ve only recently come back to Pes (Pes 2020) as FIFA is being made for kids. Even so, there’s things that I see Konami do/not do that gives me the impression Pes 2022 will be a ‘just not quite there’ game. But of course I’ll buy it.

  25. Pes 6 is still the best pes ever made. It would be so nice if they make a remaster graphics edition and upadte the current teams with that unique gameplay!It would sell like crazy in my opinion!

  26. My feelings on PES 8 were similar to yours at the start because I was expecting something as responsive and intuitive as PES 6. However the more I played it the more it grew on me. If you could imagine PES in an arcade cabinet you’d probably get PES 8, it had that flavour. I scored some great goals with Ronaldo, and it felt like him too, that was the turning point for me, definitely better that FIFA 8 in my opinion at least.

  27. Just hoping we get 4 tiers for ML. Plus the option to buy new stadiums even if there just stock stadiums like a selection of 5 designs. A few more cutscenes, trophy room, mangers office… maybe option to change kits probably not going to work with licenses but ruins the immersion using same kit year after year. For me ML upgrade is a must.

    • Trick I usually do works for licensed teams as well. If they have a spare kit slot I load an old design or make a custom kit so in ML after a couple of seasons I can change to the spare kit.

  28. I played pes 18 and I really liked it. It was very deep and simulated real soccer. But sometimes I see clips of pes 19 and 20 and I think Konami dumbed it down to appeal to gamers or increase its share of gamers. The gameplay doesn’t have the same depth and strategy and techniques and it is boring. Anyone else think so? I hope for pes 22 they make it more like pes 18

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