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Before we dive back into the world of Master League with United, I wanted to touch base with #efootball2022 and give my thoughts on why it still needs some serious work!

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  1. Those that have been giving it a go here and there, what rating you giving it honestly?!
    For me… If PES 2021 is a 8.5.. eFootball 2022 is no better than a 2/3.. Alot of work needs to be done!

    • all the crying about efootball 2022 are here just because so many peaple are not capable to understand and enjoy this gameplay…it needs time to learn it, but you will be rewarded for patience…PES 2021 was best football game…but now its eFootball 2022…its another step in the future in gameplay

    • @Gift ed if its true, than you are the choosen one….i needed so much time to throw away my PES 2021 habits to go down deep in the game and to feel like im a good player….and i think most people need much more time than you…can i ask you for your online stats? 😉

    • @djkokes75 I recently started playing like a week ago,so I was surprised at the backlash for efootball because I had never played a more realistic football game,hardest part was switching from r1 to sprint to r2. How do I check the online stats

    • @Gift ed these tips for all people Who missed a lot of funs or searching for revolutionary football experience.

    • It’s really crazy because football is the most popular sport in the world. The market can definitely support multiple games.
      Im surprised we don’t have a game from 2k, Microsoft, and Sony.

      There’s so much money to be made in this space.

    • Just do the following:
      1.Buy PS5
      2. Download EFOOTBALL for free
      3. Put the camera setting to stadium ‘’zoom 8 height 2 angle 6
      4. Remove direction guide and celebration from controller setting
      5. Optional! Remove the power indication and the player names boxes.
      6. Play without changing the run button.
      7. Use R1 as touch don’t hold it.
      8. Give my comment like.

  2. Fired up eFootball 22 on my PC yesterday…
    Not the best PC I was getting 50 to 55 FPS on a GTX 1660ti with poop 💩 resolution not to talk about the bad controls

    While PES 2021 was playable at 144FPS gameplay…I will only go back to that game if they made it Next gen on PC

  3. you know it’s bad when me and my stepdad stopped buying fifa years ago but have both bought it this year and deleted efootball in like october

  4. PES has to step up at some point, or FIFA has to become a bit more weighty, fluid and realistic.

    Im still playing PES 21 co op quite regularly, for me co op is the best way to enjoy any football game.

  5. Simply bcoz of the defensive controls i will never be touching efootball… i havent got the time and patience to learn stuff from scratch with players refusing to respond to any bloody input properly… simply increasing the momentum 50 times and slowing things down 50 times does not mean more realism.. its utter bullshit.. pes 21 is the closest thing to realistic football and i’ll personally continue to play till the awesome community keeps up with the mods!

    • I like efootball 22 actually… But yes, the momentum thing on the defending side is really weird.. It’s really hard to stop my defending player once set to motion giving huge advantage to the player with ball.

  6. The game plays pretty good on ps5 I enjoyed realistic gameplay pes 21 too old and I hate the refs so don’t think I play pes 21 again

  7. The biggest problem for me on efootball is that every play feels the same and stats don’t matter it seems, no player has correct stats anyway.

  8. Konami is just like manutd board don’t want to do anything just want to sit there do nothing and get paid lazy prats

  9. 0:40 there are a few mods for eFootball already
    12:00 small correction, that’s literally the worst way to defend specially against a real player. This is one of the few things that are fine with eFootball and an actual improvement. But Konami is so inept that they never teach you how to defend with the new system.

  10. I’ve played PES since the PSX era, I was a true hardcore fan. But since Konami killed PES and made this atrocity I downloaded just one time and erased the game a few days later from my ps5. I was sad and frustrated, it’s just a game sure, but it was also part of my childhood. Now I moved on, I just accepted that will never get PES back. Konami made their choice, I made mine.

    ps:FIFA is not an option for me so that means i just stoped playing football games.

    • Never? Lol you’re talking like PES didn’t have shitty editions in the past. Efootball is one of the most important Konami games and they won’t give up on it, just wait a year or two and I claim it will be the best sim out there.

    • @Alessandro Del Piero Juventus Legend Yes yes running past defenders who don’t make a tackle is very realistic. No weight to the ball and passes is very realistic. Unresponsive players who feel like tanks are very realistic. Enjoy the ‘realism’ because hardly anyone else is

    • @Winning Eleven Bosnia There is a huge difference between a annualized ‘shitty edition’ and a completely new game that is unplayable. Konami won’t have a choice when they see no one is playing this garbage and buying coins.

  11. Is Physical Defending = Shielding the ball? If yes then it has been around for while in Fifa, not sure if the latest Fifa have still have it or not but I remember L2 was used for Shielding the ball back in Fifa 14.

  12. The thing is the efootball on the left is an online match , when you play offline it’s a different story it’s beautiful and the game speed on +1 makes it’s nice to play

  13. Are people still trying to play this? I tried for 30 minutes when it launched and that was it. No patch can fix this game

  14. About efootball..This is not even version 1.00.They really wanted to test the waters.The game is bad now but believe me..There is a really good base there.It needs toning up though.

  15. Hello, im using VirtuaRED 4.1 patch, but i dont have the latest transfers like adama and aubameyang, can you give me option file that u are using?

    • I originally skipped buying pes 2021 because I thought it was only a minor update and would wait for pes 2022 on next gen. Believed the hype until they release this garbage. I’ve gone back and bought pes 2021 just so I have a football game to play

  16. the defending in 22 is sooooo harddd but honestly after playing for months you just get used to it (but this is online) because people are predictable at times but you can make some really good defensive plays with the match up first and just stop them

  17. Brit you Do know that efootball is prob gonna do really well. They went full mobile for a reason. The mobile market is the biggest market they don’t care about us console gamers. Next version of efootball will just be garbage aswell becuz mobile. I hate it.

  18. I decided to try efootball again recently after just playing pes 2021 exclusively and this is the best way I can describe it – It felt like going from a lovely driving and handling 2021 Mercedes to driving a horse and Cart. Players are unresponsive and slow, at times it feels like you can’t defend and players just run past you. I have no hope this garbage can ever be fixed to resemble and even acceptable game. I subsequently have deleted it off my PS5 and will never waste my time again with it. The fact Konami would release this and think it’s a worthy successor to PES is mind blowing.

  19. What really really pisses me off about eFootball 2022 and Konami is that they had 2 YEARS…..2 YEARS or more depending on when they actually start developing the game to make a good next gen football game, how did they make game worse than the very old PES games

  20. Please you are the best,and what caméra is the best for pes 21?sooery i am french and my english are not fantastic

  21. Do you think Konami is just doing this to get as much money as possible to then work on another project in the future? Because how does this lack luster game keep them going in the long term? And I still think about what happened to that photo realistic Messi trailer. They must have been working on Pes 2022.

  22. Given how it’s not been fixed or had anything added there’s no surprise that people wouldn’t come back. Fair play to those who can stomach playing this turd in its current state.

  23. If they change the gameplay back to Pes gameplay because of all the bullshit complain I’m hearing from people like you then I’ll stop playing this game

  24. Before it was even unpaused , PES21 looked like a modern , good graphics, good quality football game.

    They other screen looked my Gameboy colour.

  25. PES felt & looked amazing. They had a great formula for a immersive football game. All they had to do was mildly improve that formula.
    Playing Efootball makes me feel more disconnected from the gameplay than FIFA. I’ve been stuck in serious limbo, Fifa doesn’t do it for me & this is an absolute abomination

  26. I totally agree with you m8 optimization for pc is really bad and last pes i played was 2016 so defending in e football us Killing me i cant get use to it plus i still need to learn to play old pes 21. So am sticking with pes 21 wich is new game for me started to play it recently and wont even touch 2022 unless they revert controls and improve gameplay.

  27. Efootball 22- Bad Optimization for PC, need second man press, defense system can be improved, players need to react fast or slow according to the situation. Shoot feels weird.., pes 21 shoot feels satisfying but not in efootball 22..feels like shoot is nerf badly

  28. Was just playing e football on ps5 against CPU was pretty good passing felt responisive players made forward runs on Pes u have to time ur tackle timing is key on this game I like the defending it realistic in real life u have to time ur tackle right or be a foul or player go past u but try it onbps5 few games against the CPU passing good now touches are good it alright the refs are lot better on 22 then 21 refs worse ever been on 21 that why ibstopped playing 21 and bored of it done every think is to do on it and got sick of regens I have FM 22 now anyway on Xbox really enjoying that doing save with flint town from wales very hard but good fun fun game. U should try it more Ricky good alternative to Pes and FIFA it lot more realistic then them other 2 and injuries lot more realistic I play it everyday it addictive great game

    • @unknwn_usr I think its pretty good yh not great but it has potential to be great I have loads gp for ps4 e football plus the bonus gp and training points I earned by playing matches and scoring goals to get players and develop the ones I want I’ll defo get master league for it ATM the game playing most is FM 22 it so good nowadays I like realisim in my football games FIFA way too arcadey and I hate the training on career mode it take too long

    • konami needs to improve the cross-console stuff. i had some terrible experiences when playing efootball on ps4. especially when it comes to online mode. the gap is massive and unfair.

  29. I’ve started playing efootball last few weeks and since it’s small upgrades since launch I quite like it. It still needs alot of work for update 1.0.
    But for me the defending is better once you master it and player runs are very good. Rework the passing and shooting for it, team mate press, upgrade the graphics abit. It’s not as far away from usable as most think I’d say. It’s still better than FIFA.

  30. It looks like konami has only 5 personnel developing the game. See the developers of the game with all the programing rights and source code cannot make it better than the moving community 🤦🏽‍♂️. Refereeing and commentary has been same for over 10yrs+

  31. You just reminded me to uninstall e-football. I tried it once when it was out and it is certainly a waste of space on my disk

  32. I totally agree with you. And for example, in the earlier PES if you wanted to do a 1-2 pass you just had to press L1 and X and that’s it, for the Marseille tourn you just had to rotate the right analog stick and that’s it, but now you have to press two or three buttons at the same time to pull it off and I hate that. They’ve made a horror game for every PES fan from a game that was so simple and enjoyable. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  33. Well .. I play now on DUEL camera …it feels more realistic than pes 21 my God ! Even if still it needs a lot of work … The gameplay feels realistic and rewarding,the passes do not go at all automatically, but you have to make a real effort to direct the ball properly, there are many situations with wrong passes, as in real football. …Dribbles are much more realistic and harder … The controls need to be re-learned, and many of them still respond hard or after many seconds after you press the button, not to mention the other bugs, but for those who want to feel the football and play it In a more realistic way, eFootball seems far more advanced than pes 21 even in these moments of transition when the game is still a mess …The point îs The game îs still not finished …eFootball 22 have an ENORMOUS POTENTIAL ! The game just needs to be fixed and finished with modes ,everything …itis BETTER than 21 could be The most realistic football game ever

  34. Disliked the video. I quite enjoy Efootball 2022. Tired of people not wanting change and it’s shameful really and indicative of the issue with games these days. I hope konami do not back down and keep building on Efootball.
    Oh yes I cant give efootball a rating. It is a glorified demo in it’s current state is pointless.
    Pes2021 was a splendid game but it’s old and I can’t conjure up much joy playing it anymore.

    • Agree. But I’m stil wondering about the net physics. Havent been good in PES anyway for a loooong time. Not really satisfying to score. The other thing I’d love to have a bit more complicated than it is are the old tactic settings. I’d love to have it the way it is on FM.

    • @Petr Valenta agree fully. make no mistake there is plenty wrong with Efootball, Lack of tactics, modes, ball physics etc etc. Not saying it’s perfect but there is huge potential there and on the pitch it gives me more enjoyment than PES . Even in its unfinished state.

    • @zeemeister1 But I like a huge thing on eFootball 22 – the player and movement freedom, unlike on PES 21 where it was more like a wrestling simulator, the players are too big, the pitch too small, the gks too OP… but those are just small nuances to an overall a very good game, I hope they make something relevant of eFootball 22. Looking forward to mobile ML 😎

    • agreed. once u realize the enormous potential that efootball had, u can’t unsee it! just hoping the konami team improve it well when the time comes..

  35. When is the final update of efootball 2022 coming out which fixes the teams,rosters ,tournament and leagues?????

  36. Konami need to sack the pes team and start again. Use pes21 as a base and make adjustments. New animations, better graphics, better keepers, better responsiveness. More in game options. They didnt have to go mad

  37. Best regards to you, you are definitely expressing all the concerns that we are suffering. I hope Konami is listening to you 🙏.

  38. The problem for some might be that defending is not holding L2 and X, that’s one of the worst ways to do it!
    Now it requires much more skill, good timings with pressing with fine touch’s in L2, X or square.
    Reading the opponents movements in advance and adjust our defenders to cut lines or reduce spaces.
    Anyway, yes I would like to have options to teammate press, either in short space to create superiority or all field.

    Btw I have already seen really great animations with the players responding to the ball to make incredible passes or intercept the ball that let me amazed…kind of Ibrahimović stile.
    I have to say, I enjoy to play this demo time to time ( due to lack of content and competitions).
    Not always plays smoothly that’s true, but I feel the skill gap, and have had great games.
    The worst for me is the lack of communication from Konami.

  39. I just can’t see how they can improve the gameplay. There are lines and lines of coding, everything needs to be redone and they don’t have the time. They already have lost “planned” money from mobile users and others, they can’t afford to have a year off or whatever it takes to repair it and it is gonna take some serious time. Obviously, they are gonna stick with hybrid engine and try to repair it as quickly as possible, but I think they need to rewrite the whole game but there is not time, they need their money now. They can’t separate the team to repair it and to write new code. I just don’t see this game ever being playable.

  40. I honestly don’t know where I’m at with football games anymore. I mean I loved pes. It wasn’t perfect, but it was the best representation of football. I’ve played fifa as well , reached division 3 but it just feels rigged,and I know it is no matter what they say. I mean the game literally redirects yours passes lol. I have forced myself recently to try and to grips with efootball, and while I can’t barely win a game ATM and it’s very frustrating and needs a lot of work, it still has more potential than fifa and I don’t even get mad when I lose. Bottom line is efootball is our only hope, they need to tighten the controls so players don’t wonder off all of f a sudden. I know this won’t s a long comment but it’s a complex issue with football games lol.

  41. I saw the title and thought they had finally dropped the update. Until that comes out there’s very little reason to talk about or even acknowledge efootball 22. Until then it’s best to just keep enjoying the past versions.

  42. I’ve played pes since day 1 and Konami have been slowly killing this game over the last 6 years. Pes 21 will be the final pes I ever buy. Konami are useless incompetent they had 2 years to sort this as pes 21 was an update. Fucking disgrace.

  43. bro dont bother yourself, some school kids trashed the previous versions and invent the wheel again for konami. just look at menu its obvious its school project

  44. Pes 21 was so close. It dod so many things so well.

    Konami only had to look to the modding scene to see what was possible.

    Instead they threw away the game and replaced it with a soul less husk that feels like a stripped down mobile game.

  45. I had made my mind since the release of efootball that there are no other competitor football games than PES2021, Fifa is still far away…I’m so happy with all mods and patches that I have in my PES, I’ll play it for three years ahead from now because there is no other option.

  46. I love everything about pes 2022 controlls and game play… Absolutely love it… You really just need to flget used to it …seriously it will take a long of time!! I know but trust me very worth it… All it needs is fixing some bugs and better optimization and mods thats all… But gameplay mwwwaaah perfetlct

  47. Loyal since the days of iss pro on PlayStation then it finally went to pro evolution soccer in 2001 on PS2.have actually gone back to FIFA since stopped playing it when FIFA 98 came out road to world cup… efootball is diabolical plus since been playing FIFA have actually realized how lazy konami have been.

  48. Fully agree with you. Konami did an awful job it up. E football pes 2021 was perfect and they indeed had to make some tweaking. Controls fully fucked up like it is now.. Especially after such a long time it is a complete blunder to make it like this.

  49. Efootball is like a good 30 year old ramen restaurant with a NEW management. Got a recipe with many customers, but they didn’t keep original chefs. Ramen looks similar but no taste.

  50. Thank you KONAMI.😍😍😍
    I can’t wait for V. 01.00 release.
    This year so difficult. Before I fight with fifa fans for Best gameplay.
    This year fight both
    Fifa & pes fans… 😅😅

  51. Konami should consider ditching efootball for PC/Consoles; apply the “Season update” to PES21 and call it PES Legacy. Regular Iconic releases will keep the MyClub cash cow ticking while community mods can be submitted for approval and released by Konami. GK mods could be the first implementation. I recall a time when my mates and I would play PES6 for years before Konami switched to the annual cycle. Oh the memories of exchanging option files whenever Becks got a new hairstyle.

  52. Its 2014 again

    we got the Japanese simply moving on and everyone screams

    jesus i swear some uploads of 22 are the most realistic Ive seen

    for realism nerds this is the future, thank god someone will move the needle

    i grimace when trying FIFA
    with any sliders
    im sure Pes needs non retard game options, like -2 speed, full manual, and no cursors as always since like 12

  53. It’s because they made it so you can play on ya mobile against console so it’s been dumbed down, if modders can make pes so good on pc why can’t konami do that to the base game

  54. have been playing e footy,i can see the good elements of the game,but i have to say defending is a nightmare!!!!there are players that just turn there backs on whats happening and start to run up the pitch!!!or they will just get out of the way of the ball carrier!!or they will stutter!!or just head off in another direction,..its just impossible to defend!!!

  55. Been playing and almost destroyed my tv. The game is so much crap. For pes to do this, shows they dont care about us.

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