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#eFootball #PES2022
Just a brief video about Konami’s response on Twitter regarding some of the questions we have as a community. More to come at Gamescom which is actually from the 25th to 29th August.

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  1. Konami responds but of course alot more to come!
    How much would you guys pay for Master League content? 9.99, 14.99, 19.99? Has to be a banger surely!

    • Master League is going to be around 34.99 ~ 39.99 usd. Master League is the hope of Konami to get large amount of profit. Master League is the most popular game mode in PES, same is going to be in eFb. Honestly, I am getting little bit sick of waiting to that new Konami bastard. Have been waiting 2 years for the game and ……

    • @Haf Rahman definitely especially that had two years development shoud be out August 14th season start now no annual release so hopefully all transfers updated by release

    • ML is the game for me (otherwise, I just play one-off/friendly matches), so I’ll happily pay what I would do for the game……

      ….if it’s improved.

      I’d genuinely rather pay £30+ and get it in December 2022 and get a rebuilt ML with a realistic ‘world’, genuine newgens and flexible/changeable AI tactics than get the old ML with a new interface for a fiver in February. But I don’t believe for a minute it will be.

    • Because we subcribe you for master league not for efootball vídeos because during the day i espect master league on notfication not this vídeos

    • @keven mazalo what a shame answer man. His channel. He can do whatever he want. We support him. Its call variety. You know? Dont know.

    • @keven mazalo You did not pay any money by leaving a sub or turning notifications on, either being a member with you are not of what i am aware of so with that i don’t know why you complaining Mr. Keven Mazalo as it is hes Channel about Pes / Football.

      Moving on there no schedule for the uploads so no promises broken or anything like that.

    • @D Comer you are wrong, marketing team was every year bad, this time wedens who was the only one that knew how to make a trailer for pes, left, and they showed this awful trailer.
      The game will be really good, and as we now learn more and more, things are starting to get positive again.
      The issue is that the trailer didn’t explain you anything. Didn’t explain what was that they showed, what will happen to offline , and created many many questions!
      Marketing is was and will continue be awful if the don’t fire them.

    • There marketing team is so bad didn’t even post a date and time for the reveal trailer. Also the new logo launch was terrible pixilated photos on FB and YouTube. There just silly. Even with this q&a if they released this information straight after the video there wouldn’t have been such a bad response from players.

    • @Wake no. Nah. Konami, as a company, like all gaming companies, is absolutely toxic for it’s employees, often fires their most talented and dedicated people over bullshit power struggles, abuses the shit out of the staff who remain, leaving them performing badly as they are more terrified of losing their job than invested in making something good. This is the problem with Konami, the vast majority of the games industry, and just… The economy in general

      For Konami, they don’t care if their game is good. Their ideal would be to do what FIFA does, have a game that’s a low effort yearly release, sub par in many regards, that still makes absolute fucking bank due to predatory microtransactions that have been found to inherently target children and the mentally ill. Just look at the rest of their business, most of the actual game IPs are being sat on, they’re not making much other than eFootball. Everything else is fucking Pachinko machines, gambling

      Konami are a gambling company now, and making PES into a FTP microtransaction and DLC fuelled mess fits their MO. They’ve decided they can make more money exploiting gambling addicts and children than they can making good games, and like every other major games company, they’re doing this

      Fuck all of them tbh I’ll just keep playing master league on 19, 20, and 21

    • @Wake no. The marketing team aren’t responsible for the rot at the core of Konami and the industry as a whole. They could be the best damn marketing team on the planet, and eFootball would still look like shit, cos the current idea IS shit

      If you wanna mindlessly make a corporation happy by spending all your spare pennies on microtransactions designed to exploit you psychologically, so be it, play FIFA or eFootball. I reckon I’ll not be buying any new football games in the near future

  2. Honestly, I feel like they took the worst parts of Pes and made a game out of it. Cannot see this taking off. As a Pes fan im out. This is just their franchise killing in full effect its just pes turn now.

    • Think I agree mate. 2K announce a new franchise this month. Maybe it’s a premium football title?? Konami are out the running of challenging FIFA now surely and EA haven’t made a good job of FIFA for .. well…. 15 years? .. maybe more.

    • @Moojammin 10 This game will take the fight to FIFA. FIFA won’t have next gen graphics this year like eFootball. Plus the free to play means more people will give it a shot. They also have a hyper motion equivalent coming.

    • @Fursan Afzal I hope you’re right. The offline play and on pitch gameplay has always been the way PES beats FIFA hands down every year. This looks like only online focus… Which will NEVER compete with FIFA… And the offline modes are an afterthought. I hope you’re right though.

  3. *Sign of relief intensifies*

    EDIT: Talking about EA and their Hypermotion hype, why the ball change its spinning direction while in contact with Mbappe’s foot.

  4. I would be skeptical if it were more than $19.99, I just don’t think Konami have the production team to create something much more than they’ve already put out in the past…that goes for BAL too.

  5. £19.99 would be good for ML if it’s amazing, includes all teams and leagues, don’t want a bare bone experience so i’d pay more for something really premium.

  6. Atleast EA are trying even though their gameplay is still not on par with PES, they keep pushing the limit of their ip by adding lots of modes. Its something Konami havent done in over a decade!

    • @Ryan Bane What about Profclubs and Co op-seasons? And offline Champions League and other tournaments. I think those are great game add ons!

    • @Ryan Bane mention one innovative mode Konami has added on the current gen besides copying MyClub from Fifa? Thats the point, the game has been stale and lacking modes for years and now its being dumbed down to accomodate mobile phones!

    • @Ryan Bane they added journey. They added volta football. They have more complete career mode anyways. Gameplay has been shit so far. But in terms of complete package pes has never been even close to fifa.

  7. I might be a weirdo but I never play master league. I just like to play the basic league mode with the real squads and schedule, so I hope that there will be league mode

    • @Thijs azerty He’s probably not interested in doing transfers, putting up with annoying cutscenes etc and just wants to use the normal squads in a simple mode.

    • League also doesn’t have the stupid team chemistry mechanic and thus has less scripting, or at least it seems they way to me.

    • @SuperMillwall1885 The graphics are also significantly better in the regular Tournament mode than in master league. Master league is just over bloated with unnecessary cutscenes thrash

  8. They really need to make Master League value for money. If it is just the same with a few more cut scenes, I’ll just stick with 21 update, or just try out FIFA again. I tried out MyClub the last few years but didnt get far with it because the UI is awful, didnt know where anything was. I hate the idea of FUT, but they do make it interesting (until they add special card for literally everything).

    I had high hopes for PES 22, but that hope is fading

    • For 90% I will stay by PES 2021. The graphic is top notch and all Teams have classic Jerseys since a few years. There is a bit work to edit some new players and set all major teams on the actually Squad. That’s it. I’m only playing M. L. and against my mates, at home. Online is Russion Roulette. I have a proper, cabled, fiber optical, 250 Mbit, 7 PING connection and most of my recent oppenents had a WiFi, 2 Mbit connection, to which an additional 20 neighbors are connected too. Lagging galore. Unplayable. So i had to abbort those “matches” and after that, i was downgraded by Konami. Otherwise, 10 minutes of waiting, is’nt an option too – if you have one of those filters on. So 10 minutes of waiting is not fiction. It already exist. Konami will going down- What a Bunch of Losers they are. Unbelievable. And yes! I will also have a look on FIFA 2022.

    • @Markus Alexander Jung didnt you hear what Konami said at all?😅
      they made efootball so that it could play smoothly and you wouldnt wait 10 mins anymore
      didnt you play the online performance test?

  9. Edit mode will be the cosmetic microtransaction slot charger for them, I remember Konami charging $2 for a save slot in Metal Gear Survive. At this point if you are thinking this game will be free your crazy!,

    • Yes… it never was, except MyClub Mode in PES Lite. So… not much changing here.

      Ah… and since we live in a capitalist system, a company like Konami has to make money somehow, otherwise they are going to disappear. So yes, of course its not completely free.

    • ​@Chris P. Bacon they said graphics won’t. didn’t say anything about gameplay, so either it will be downgraded according to matchmaking filters (like the reddit leaker said) or we will have a mobile gameplay on PC and consoles.

    • People have short memories. Reddit bloke said PC wouldn’t be next-gen visuals at launch (unlike Konami) and that not only gameplay (weird in itself) but _graphics_ would scale down if a console user played a mobile user – Konami are directly contradicting that here.

  10. If Master League is just copy and paste from last year (which of course itself was just copy and paste from the previous year) then i’d say £12 – £15 is reasonable, anything above that is too much…. but id happily pay £25 – £30 if they have worked on the mode and really improved it… i doubt that will be the case though.

  11. basically you’ll end up paying 2/3x the actual price of the game for even less of a game than Pes 2021 … rip efootball, its back to fifa i guess

  12. If master league is anything more than 19.99 i wont be paying. I’ll wait for you to bite the bullet first and buy ricky lol.

    Have low hopes for pes this year. So dissapointed im 31, pes has legit been my childhood right from iss pro evolution and im sad im gonna be having to stop playing

    • @MelxVee I’ve played and bought every single pes game since iss days, they have turned this beloved franchise into a fortnite game and now want people to pay for separate modes. This game is going to be packed with micro transactions and passes.

    • @YJ calm down, all games are taking this route
      and the way microtransactions work in PES are not like FIFA
      they dont use lootboxes
      you buy what you like
      you dont even have to use money, you get most of the best cards for free with no effort

    • @YJ besides they said it will be a every year update so i suspect buying master league is once off and they will just update it every now and then or every year
      Meaning we wont have to buy it every year

    • @MelxVee pes 21 was broken and without mods on the pc at times the game was unplayable on consoles. Fifa is Arcady and pes hasn’t fixed simple issues for years. The skating in the pes trailer was 10x worse than fifa, Konami haven’t had insane amount of sales otherwise they wouldn’t be going down this free to play route you imbecile.

  13. The reason option files won’t be added until later is because there is only going to be a few teams at launch – and those will be licensed. So there isn’t going to be anything to edit. Later they will add more teams and leagues, some of which will be licensed like France and a few Italian teams. The rest will be fake, and i guess they will add option files at that point.

    Offline is going to be a pile of crap at launch – only exhibition mode and just 8 or so teams!! Incredible!!

    This vague Q&A where every answer included – further details will follow – did nothing to alleviate any fears the game is going to be dead on arrival.

  14. I play mostly local matches when I play against the AI. In PES 2021 I played one Euro tournament, while the rest of my 50-odd single player matches were in the Local Match mode.

    • Yeah it depends what they show. If the content warrants the price then alrighty, but let’s be honest.. ML has always lacked even after constant promises so we’ll see

  15. Actually Exhibition mode is all I play and have done since PES 1, and I know guys at work who do the same. Not everyone just plays Master League.

  16. What would I pay – £0.

    What I think they will charge – £7.99. Fully expecting it to be the same just with a different colour scheme.

    • Microsoft lacks the ability to add USB support apparently to enable option files to be added etc. Always been the same way unfortunately

    • @TheTrueBrits ahh that’s unfortunate. Thanks again! Love the content you’ve been putting out and keep up the good work 👍

  17. So just read it all. You are playing a mobile game on ps5 with next gen graphics graphics master league or single player modes won’t available until unknown time after launch.

    Safe to say PES is over. Rip

  18. Basically is sounds like we get efootball but we just end up paying later for it, the idea is that they want to encourage online play so people will be enticed to pay for content on there so that it creates a cash flow for them. I think eventually we’ll get “PES” in repackaged form. I’m glad they’ll have a local match option because at least we can enjoy some single player matches by mixing and matching what teams there are in there.
    Overall though what a mess by the marketing team, do many omissions from the trailers was certain to confuse people and create a barrage of questions but I suppose we all got talking about it😂. I suppose there is not such thing as bad press in that context.

  19. Konami is gonna get this blown in their face, they have lost loyal fans an they won’t make profit at all, they will bring it on themselves.

  20. Please tell them @KONAMI, we dont need free game, we just need PES22, like teaser last year, more realistic, please, rebuild again PES22…

  21. if i am not wrong i rememberd that reddit leaker also said the game will be graphically best ever and konami is trying to improve gameplay hope that’s true

    • @heX_ exactly, they basicaly saying that it will be like cod and fornite, better graphics in pc than mobile, but not true next gen graphics.
      i believe the graphics they will show, will be better than “new football” beta but they wont be like fifa next gen .
      But i personally care only about gameplay .

    • I would spend 100 if the ML is actually good, I dont care about the price, I want an amazing experience, even better than FIFA career mode

  22. So in a nutshell they’ve seen how successful games like Warzone are and they’re attempting to copy the same business style

  23. I would happily pay 30€ if Master League received a big revamp. But only if the revamp is huge not just minor adjustements.

    • there are online tournaments, if you qualify you win money and get tickets to go up against the best players in other countries
      they do this every year

    • @MelxVee they are shit I have kids and don’t have time for that.. I want what 2019
      Tournaments last 16 Champions League mode

    • @Posh Thug woah man if you have kids you cant attack the game’s online tournament structure
      besides im sure you will see a significant improvement
      you just gotta wiat to see what the game offers

  24. I don’t think master league was in the plans at all but saw the back lash and now they will add it in for cash. Will be just a copy and paste I cannot see how they will develop this

  25. £20 would be the sweet spot for me to buy Master League. If it’s more it needs to be a radical change, it needs a complete overhaul we all know this. Will Konami hear this and blow us ML players away? Here’s hoping

  26. Graphics can be scaled…game design and mechanics can’t…the console/PC version will be a prettier version of its mobile counterpart….similarly to Fortnite.

    • This game will be worse than pes 21 especially in gameplay as they have downgraded the gameplay to cater to mobile but will try to cover the lapses by distracting gamers with lush visuals.

  27. As someone who always likes a physical copy/disc over downloads & doesn’t play any online matches.. this is everything I DON’T want! Oh well, such a shame though after all the excitement over what we thought would be an amazing next gen football game 🙁

    • @Leonardo_Da_G9 Actually I’m not committing to pay jack until I see the product which is NOT looking good. Also you’re on a master league channel confused boy. Your parents are embarrassed they brought you into the world.

    • @MrGreekGM Ohh you think I’m trolling? That’s cute . Also if you have problems with your parents go sort them out lad. Don’t try to take out your anger on me, I have a great relationship with my parents.

  28. For a Master League and BAL package around £15 to £20 would be a good price, anything more is too much for what you get.

  29. If Master league on PC will be actual next gen experience, then I’m willing to pay for… 30, 40 bucks… I don’t care… as long as it is next gen

    • I don’t think it will, it will have decent graphics, and probably good gameplay and more things to do in ML, but not Next gen .

  30. Match pass sounds awfully like the PES shop system from back in the day. I’m guessing you use the match pass in the same way as you could do with PES points or whatever the currency was that you could earn on PES 6. Only difference here is that you can also buy passes if you can’t be bothered to earn them (and tbh i actually like having stuff to grind toward, because it gives you extra motivation to keep playing)

  31. Short videos are fine G if there’s sum u wanna share just do it a 3 min video that’s substantial is something nobody minds watching if it interests them

  32. Premium downloadable content sounds like it’s gonna be very expensive. Well they just couldn’t go on as they have been. 19.99??? You’re off by a mile there. Try 99.99 and upwards

  33. I cannot believe they’ve had 2 YEARS!!! To bring out this game and it’s being released with no modes and a handful of teams! WTF have they been doing for the past 2 years?!!! It’s absolutely disgraceful. They’ve gotta be one of the worst companies ever, people slate EA but they are a million miles ahead of Konami as a video game company.

    • You idiot the DEMO is going to have a handful of teams, that’s not the full game 🤦🏾‍♂️

    • Honestly importing all the previous stuff from Fox to Unreal takes quite a while. Then you have the optimizations, the graphics overhaul, the newly coded ai, the founding and testing of independent infrastructure ( servers for the game basically). There go your 2 years. Ofc they could have always done more but that’s business , your workers will never perform at 100%.

  34. They need to release the EDIT MODE BEFORE releasing Master League DLC. Not fun playing against generic teams on that mode.

  35. Only If Master league is combined with football manager, so you do the management job on football manager and you play the matches on master league.

    • You re hyped ? For this hot pile of shit ? This is an insult to the players fans and the pes brand itself. They killed it just like they did kill metal gear solid

    • Konami has to be bought out by Netflix. After the takeover, Netflix has to dismiss the entire loser gang and restart the franchise with its own, the usual Netflix, capable staff. After that we would finally have a decent, playable football simulation again.

  36. Great. A mock Q&A. I have a question for Konami. What the f&^% were you thinking? They didn’t answer anything that we didn’t already know. It’s a stripped-down mobile game for eCretins. Cor blimey. And you know that ‘Master League’ is going to be a joke. Made with little to no effort. Sorry Konami, but you lost a customer. Go play in your mobile sandbox. My home boys at EA Vancouver and FIFA 2022 have me sold.

  37. Such a shame that by the time they launch master league the Premier league will be well under way, then the people who create the option files will need time to develop them. Unless they get some sort of early access? I think I would pay up to £15 for Master League digital only style DLC, given that I will possibly pay £5 for a good option file. At this point I’m possibly just going to keep Pes 21.

  38. £14.99 max for master league. Anymore and we are reaching being fleeced territory. Should be part of whatever “Battle Pass” they are offering tbh

  39. What Konami is designing is something confusing and strange. Why to complicate things instead of to simplify them? The question hovers in the air.

  40. The mobile version makes sense regarding the asian market, for egs PUBG mobile is the most seen game i think in Facebook gaming. Combodian, Vietnamese, Indians, lot of them don’t have a proper setup (or even the money) to play on console and pc, but the mobile are produced there and so relatively cheap. There is a huge market for “gaming phones” in asia.

  41. The thing is, eFootball is a _platform_ that gets updated every year. I wonder how would that work for ML: if you paid for it, does it go away next year when the whole game is updated, and can you keep the older ML if you didn’t want to pay for an updated ML?

  42. Still shameful tho… come on guys, years of loyalty…. They MUST bring something overwhelming… otherwise for the last 3 years they have f us !

  43. Can we stop dicking around Brits. You’re arguably the biggest CC from the Pes community and you’ve not been a big enough voice on social media! Where’s your backlash to this horrendous killing of our beloved game. You call yourself the true Brit but you’ve absolutely bottled it!

  44. Pes players: 4.99 for master league? Nah they didn’t put any time into it. 14.99 for master league? That’s too much

  45. Imagine, one day down the line, you purchase master league and you have to start buying leagues to play in em

  46. If master league is done with lovely and hard job…every autentic fan of pes can pay A LOT OF MONEY…but if there is no news of master league now, it sounds so so bad 🙁

  47. Honestly, I think the “master league premium update” is going to be a blunder, the same old thing we have been having for ages now. It will be cheap (9.99 dollars/euros maybe?) but it won´t be something special. Konami is going all in with online gaming, microtransactions and “live service gaming”. And forget about next gen graphics, they are not going on that direction. If they were, mobile gaming would never be a possibility.

  48. It wouldn’t surprise me if they put about 44.99 that’s “Season Passes” used to cost at least the games i used to play, either way i hope 24.99 at max not so sure tough.

  49. I think master league will be £14.99 ish. I’d be happy to pay up to £20 if it’s been significantly overhauled. In fact if it’s good enough I’d pay £30.

    But for what I expect them to push out, £15

  50. £19.99 is to much unless they add more features for sure and please help I downloaded option file 7b from pes univers and in the wepes folder on my usb has the the new Man U home top for instance and the new away one but after loading all the files on to my game the new away one is now where to be seen still has the old one and the only new one it’s added has been the home one bud the away ones on my files on my usb

  51. Why would you ever destroy your own company like this? I’m a FIFA player and even I think this is sad and bad news for PES. It’s over man. What have they done! Why?

  52. I’m living in Montenegro. I CAN’T buy games online because Sony does not support my country. So now i dont know of i could buy/play ML on my PS4. Thanks Konami, really. If i could buy the ML like i download official updates(for free), then OK, but ..

  53. For ML, if it’s just a copy/paste as it has been for years, 4.99-9.99 is respectable. Anything more and I’m going to expect quite a bit of change. I’ll hold off to see what you and others say before I commit to buying though because otherwise, I can just keep playing PES 2021 and find option files with transfers/kits for the new season. I wasn’t even going to consider FIFA 22 but Konami is certainly pushing me back to FIFA, and their career mode is pretty rubbish in general. A lot of why I play PES is for the edit mode because Serie A players get largely ignored by EA even on some of the big teams, but I may just have to suck it up once I decide I can’t stomach 2021 anymore lol

  54. The thing about saying it’s free to play to let us get a feel of the game and then buy the “new” modes if we like it, is that with it essentially being a demo… How many years now have Konami been giving us a demo that feels incredible, then either the full game is changed dramatically and nowhere near as good as the demo, or a day one patch does the same?
    Also, the exec interviewed by IGN said AI hasn’t been worked on because people don’t want to play vs com. Surely that also then means that our AI controlled teammates will also be as dreadful as ever then too?

  55. Just started a master league with Aston villa and man it is beautiful just trying to expirement and counter other formations and tactics on fuma with the freedom to express football as I think on the spot

  56. I never pay for ML,or any Mode becose i play this game since release on ps1 and all these years,and am not only PES fan all these years,am more than that tbh and many of us are.Konami makes wrong decisions for years and to be honest this is the worst ever.I can write whole book of Konami belive me but after this nahh it is not worth to waste words…Because everything I would write would not make sense and as they are used to they never listen to the players what they have to say, good luck but without me, this is the end of a beautiful era that should not have happened,but it is you who are responsible for this catastrophe Konami nobody else, I dare to say this, because it is true…Start respecting and listening loyal players all around the world, respect us only as much as we respect you, nothing more nothing less…Cheers

  57. Contrary to most people’s reactions to this I’m actually interested and dare I say excited for this style of a football game. If what I’m thinking is correct in that they want to stop the dated format of yearly releases and instead have a living multi year game, then I think it’s very interesting

  58. How much I’d pay for a Master League mode would depend how much time and effort they put into it and what new features they add. If its the same as the current master league in PES 2021, I’m not sure I’d bother regardless of the price.

  59. Why do they even bother releasing something this year if it’s going to be very unfinished. Just wait until next year and release another update for the the old game in the meantime for $10.

  60. I don’t now what to expect of konami they are ruining the game… But I think around 19,99 for master league if there is new, features.

  61. ML will probably be around $20, but if Konami are releasing the very same ML with little to no updates, then $20 would still be too much. We’re still waiting on that third year of a 3 year plan to improve ML.

  62. i bet everything together is gonna cost $30
    which i suspect is a once off thing and every year it will update without you ever having to pay again
    Honestly way better than buying FIFA for $100

  63. The problem with xbox is how its optimized
    on Xbox one you can only use about 5 or 6GB for games even tho there is 8GB
    And on XBOX Series S you can only use 8GB of ram even tho there is 10GB
    on Series X you can only use 13 or 14 GB of ram even tho there is 16
    on playstation they dont do that
    Idk why Xbox does that but it makes optimisation on Xbox difficult

  64. You were wrong, 2014 was the same for ps3/360 and PC, then the next edition 2015 was graphically updated on next-gen consoles, and PC was left with a hybrid version of the game (still FOX engine), worse than PS4/ONE but slightly better than PS3/360. Since 2014 FOX engine was on all major platforms.

  65. As much as I like PES and have been supporting them since the good old PES4 days, I’m going with Fifa 22 this year…I feel like this is Konami giving the big middle finger to all the fans.

  66. I actually think they’ve got a few good ideas but with Konami and PES the worry is always with the execution. You just can tell the release is going to be a disaster and they’re going to have to do big u-turns last minute. I hope they get this right because there is huge potential with the next gen consoles.

  67. Shit show over there. They had a review trailer which needed a tweet to clarify what’s going on. They are now releasing a football game without a f*cking football league? How much would I pay for ML- $0. F*ck this company.

  68. I would probably pay £19.99 for Master League. I will probably play Fifa more this year if the game lives up to the hype.

  69. All while FIFA has already fully explained gameplay changes and specific next gen capabilities. Idk how y’all continuing to defend Konami and this horrendous shite

  70. That “leaker” on reddit was not correct. He said next gen would be scaled down to mobile and last gen. Konami’s tweets are saying the opposite. He also said PC wouldn’t be next gen, but Konami has hinted in the tweets that it will be. To me, this confirms that it was someone trolling.

    I’m expecting Master League to be $19.99.

  71. I would pay the same price for ML as I would have paid to buy the Pes game, that’s the only mode I want so I will pay a decent amount for it… it will need to have new features and elements or I’ll just forget it.

  72. I’m just here because of Master league….so what’s going to happen? I’m on ps4 and I always buy games on discs… someone please update me am in complete darkness

  73. I don’t mind playing someone on mobile providing they’re using a controller. Like if I wanted to play PES on my phone but using my controller like I can do on Xbox.

    I see ML being £10-15. And there will be MyClub bonuses and other shit.

    At least we get to try it for free and if the gameplay is decent and ML has been improved and guys like you and spoony cover it then the majority of us will buy it

  74. I play local match only. Sometimes I do a game or 2 of MyClub every few months, but usually my main mode is local match. Done it since PS1 days, so I stick to the old school

  75. I’m truly hoping that another developer takes up the helm for developing another true footie simulation game… there can’t be a one horse race coz definitely without competeition FIFa 22 will be doomed to fail as well…

  76. I’ll pay $0-20, if ML is become a dumb down from the previous version… (depend how stupid it is, I would just buy FIFA if Konami fuxk it up all the way, and very likely they will if they go this route…)
    I’ll pay $30, if the ML is pretty much same as the last 4,5 years… consider that just how much they charged for PES 2021 “season update”. (I think this is the most likely scenario become true…)
    I’ll pay $60+, if Konami made the new ML so fuxking awesome, even better than FIFA… (I don’t believe this would happen. But we can all hope…)

  77. Next Gen? Don’t care – most people don’t have PS5 anyway.
    But if they wan’t me to pay for ML then it has to be decent and a very in depth edit mode – something like a build your club style thing like FIFA are doing, I want a stadium creator so you start off in a small ground and build as you get better, proper decisions to make and repercussions not just pointless cut scenes. I bet we get just more pointless cut scenes though – hope I’m wrong.

  78. Why does everyone want a demo when the game is free you don’t need to see if you want to buy it because you don’t need to you can play it anyways.🤦🏻‍♂️😂

  79. Cost for Master League has to depend on the product. Id be happy to pay £25/£30 for it if it has all of the content, edit and customisable gameplay it could. I somehow doubt that though

  80. If anyone thinks this master league add on is going to be something revolutionary, you’re going to be disappointed. It will practically be a copy and paste job from last year.

  81. I only care about ML and BAL.
    Their problem is, with delayed release anything other than a decent mode will be a critical failure.

  82. I think these questions confirm it. What they are doing is what they have do for the past couple of years but in reverse.instead of pes lite been released after the full game. Pes lite is been released before the full game and the full game will be released at $39.99 but they will just call it a premium pack or somthing like that.

  83. I play Local Matches and that’s all on PES. I don’t get much time to play so I do a quick few games then do something else 🤷‍♂️

  84. Still upset they’re sticking with the same old shitty commentary. If PES were to even just do the bare minimum on presentation (even copy FIFA 10 for crying out loud) and even hired marginally better commentators – it’d be an amazing experience w/ the far superior gameplay.

  85. What people are missing is when this game drops it’s going to be the game play that decides if people are going to stick around, if the game plays like a 4k 120fps MOBILE game on PS5/XBOX SERIES X then they will lose the console/pc market for this game and will be played by people who played the mobile version anyway, if the game play is what they said and is made for console first and is awesome people will be foaming at the mouth for ML.

  86. I’d pay 0 for master league. I’m literally not interested in any offline mode , except exhibition ( and that won’t be included to the extent we had it ’till now)

  87. Bought last year season update 21 that’s was €25 so that be same for master league this year with improvements

  88. Dont ignore that many of us ONLY play single player matches. Loved your gameplay videos in the past, but now I can see you are another Fortnite type “”oooooh, oooooooooooh, love multiplayer only, ooooooh, ooooooh”” FFS. Ok ok, as the video continues its clear you do respect single player as in the Master League. But exhibition mode is the only mode I try, for CPU vs CPU…………

  89. I just play 1-1 v com most of the time anyway last few years. Online can be OK but not worth the spam/cheap players which ruin most online games. ML and cup modes seem to play pretty much what I played back from like 2003-2007, once I turned Alan Smith and Joe Cole Into the Goats that was enough for me lol

  90. Why the hell would you pay for ML it’s been free since day one that’s the heart beat of PES now it,s a premium pes is finished

  91. Tbf more I think about it efootball seems like a good idea as I only play ML. So only really need to pay for that. What I’m worried about is if ML is going to be completed refreshed worth the wait. Who knows? I’m happy to wait but has to be something completely new.

  92. People dont understand, that first question was a heavy dodge. The original intent may have been a console design but in order for the cross platform to include mobile devices the game code has to be dumbed down. Its a mobile game with upscaled graphics on better devices. The gameplays going to be a scripted, arcady shambles

  93. Apart from what we have seen (which is crap) I don’t know what people are moaning about….as a rule I would pay 40-45 pound per year for pes …so if master league costs 20 …its less than we paid for the season update !!! Add to the fact the game is Free ,so if you don’t like it, don’t buy it ..simples…its a massive risk for Konami coz they do stand to lose a lot of people that would have paid for the game ….and people who are saying “I am not going to get it ” or ” I am out ” is total rubbish ….I know for a fact once released they will try it because its FREE…I am disappointed with what they put out after 2 years, but let’s see it costs nothing to try


  95. Have u guys read reddit leaks? According to the leaks, the graphic will be next gen but wont as good as messi teaser last year. Cuz basically, konami planned to use ue5 but because it’s delayed so they use ue4 instead

  96. I wont pay konami anything for master league. If they want to go this route then i will make sure to vote against it with my wallet

  97. 29.99$ (For ALL premium or exclusive features in the game) This should be the smooth and ease price tag for majority of the ppl and as well for the Konami too.

  98. You guys are moron ,the new efootball game is dependent on each device capabilities to run the game, for example if you play the efootball with PC, ps4 or ps5 of course the graphic is better than the others, if you play with mobile of course the graphic is shit,why would konami downgrade the graphic to favour the mobile player? every device runs differently, are you guys dumb? everyone could play with each other online regardless console, mobile or PC. It is not a mobile game, it is a GAME for everyone

  99. Well I’m really happy cause I’m not big fan of master league.. Matches with AI sometimes feels scripted and online matches feels more natural.. Unless there are connection issues from either of the user.. I hope the player matching time will be lowered with new Cross-platform.. And bang if they could pack it with descendant graphics.. Not expecting extraordinary cause they can improvise on it with unreal engine 5 with further updates. And it can be actually better than PES series if they nail master league and become a legend mode with good changes.

  100. Who is even gonna play this game? Warzone I get it. I’ve never in my life played PES online. It’s all about career mode/master league. It’s gonna be about Fifa for the first time in a long time for me.

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