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Saw this interview the other day and was intrigued by the stadium creator that they have been building for a while now. Imagine the possibilities if PES ever introduced such a feature. We need this ASAP!

Original Footage:

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  1. Pes 2011/12/13 had something on the stadium creator, was interesting but of course a bigger think like this would be awesome
    I remember playing in pes 11 as galatasaray in Master league and make my own stadium, it was kinda fun

  2. This would be awesome.
    I loved the PES 13 editor and would take something half as good as this.
    I remember reading something from Konami about licensing issues around stadium editor though?
    Maybe there are less rules for MLB?

  3. We agree with you TheTrueBrits but we need the Stadium Creator in PES 2022 on next gen consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X/S because we tried sick of the same generic stadiums from every PES game.

  4. IMO that is the only way out of the licensure issues. If they weren’t spending the past 3 years making a stadium editor, they’re never making one.

    • @Terry F. Gaming interesting argument that FIFA made… But it will fall flat if PES makes stadiums which are not alike to the popular real world counterparts.

      Also best not to let the players make thier own because players would make them look as authentic as possible which, from what you say, could cause issues OR they can make it so basic that it’s impossible to make a stadium look like one of the popular ones. But if that’s done it would be heavily restricted I prefer the former as the company can focus on unique, high quality designs.

    • @E Yep I agree. Will be interesting to see where it goes. I’ve argued PES should just forget licenses and go crazy with the openess and modding BUT that won’t bring them the microtransactions the same way so they won’t do it.

    • @BK C FIFA bid an insane amount I remember. TBH didn’t make sense for PES to match that Konami would have gone broke. But if you play on PC you have it all!

    • I don’t know much about how Konami operates, but if their anything like FIFA then PES 2022 will be more of a copy and paste job with the most improvements being for MyClub. XD
      So I’m having grim expectations to be honest.

  5. There’s a definate appetite for this. I remember doing all the stadiums for the premiership in pes 11 when it had the stadium creator. I turned them all into a compressed file and never thought that much about it. A year later I checked and there was well over 2000 downloads on the file. Imagine what you could come up with with this. Though the 11 version was very basic in comparison to this I like the way you could bring in textures and you could put a background in Btw. I had Tanidice as background for Dens Park for a, Dundee fan who ask me.

  6. Nah I’m seriously bored of PES I’ve been too attached to it since 18 🥱, nothing changed in the past 3 years, I might head back to FIFA man

    • I’ll pray for you. The horror you’ll find when you will go back to that game…

      But seriously tho, try manual passing on PES if you are bored. It may be a challenge to learn passing with that setting, but you may discover a more fun fun way to play. It gives you more freedom and it’s so satisfying when you play a perfect through ball on that settings. It’s not only about direction though. You can play a hard pass into your striker where an assisted pass would be too slow. You also can play a pass into gaps so that the defenders can’t intercept it. It feeds your creative footballing mind. Just try it. And maybe you’re already playing on those settings. In that case I still understand why it has become a bit boring. They just have to put out a lot more content and challenges and game modes. The basic fundamentals of a football game are there, but they need to provide the x-factor.

  7. Too good to be true…

    But imagine if they are actually doing something like this right now… and are laughing about this video… XD

  8. It looks great. Can only hope the new Unreal Engine allows for the Stadium Creators return after Fox proved to be quite inadequate!

  9. Adam Bhatti’s excuse was they can’t add a stadium creator due to licensing lol ..Been asking Official PES twitter and Adam Bhatti since PES 16 for a stadium creator…One of the reasons i’m moving to PC.

  10. Its probably easier to make stadiums like we do right now anyways, and those look pretty realistic. What’s the point of this? EvoWeb got some of the best community for stadium creation.

  11. EA Sport’s Fifa 21 has 95 official stadiums and 35 generic …Konami’s PES 21 has around 35 stadiums lol .

    • YES!!! I thought this exact same thing. Licences should not be an issue, that game is completely customisable. You can make stadiums, players, kits, logos, bats. 90% of that game isn’t licenced yet it doesn’t matter and it’s on PS4 so for a next-gen console it’s not excusable to have something like this. I’d strongly recommend you check this out Ricky

  12. Konami can easily add new stadiums which look like Anfield , Stamford Bridge etc and call them something different and slightly change the stadium to avoid licensing issues , then give us fans options to add boards etc to those stadiums in option files …Konami can do this now but their too lazy …It doesn’t have to be 2-3 years from now .

  13. I can’t wait till we actually get some pes 2022 news, I’m not trying to wait till the end of the year. I don’t even want to think about life in 2022.

  14. I’ve had enough of pes it’s so scripted and
    So stupidly bad and I can’t get any mods
    Which I CANT STAND!!!

  15. Konami is actually going to have something even better than this on PES2022.

    April fools 😛 but let’s hope they will really do something like that at some point.

  16. Forget about it. Konami won’t do it. You will be really disappointed about the next Pes game. It will be the same game with better graphics.

  17. Incredible tool! One important point is that if Konami allowed the creations ingame to be shared easily, it would explode in popularity. People with great artistic capabilities can create a stadium and easily share it so other players can apply to their game and have the same stadium. The same goes for the face creation, if uses the MetaHuman tool, from Unreal. If I create a face that looks exactly like a player, I could create a code or a link, to share with others that can apply that to their game and have the same face instantly.

  18. Just give Konami the chance to first do the amazing gameplay and physical elements… We can wait for these damn stadium creators like around 2023… Stadium creator isnt necessary at this point of time!!

  19. Can Somebody Guess The System Requirements For Pes 2022. I Know It Has Not Announced But I Am Eager For Knowing It.

  20. The have revamp the edit mode for pes is been same thing for years, as well the presentation and commentary needs to be more like fifa.

  21. But Madden 05 – 09 had create a stadium. They had create a stadium. They just took it out. Like they do everything else. Then try to bring it back like it’s new. So did 2k w/ the Crib.

  22. I want PES to improve goalkeeper controls, BAL and add in a Pro Clubs Competitor.

    Can’t switch from FIFA untill at least 2 of these 3 things are addressed.

  23. Super cool, if I am playing The Sims. But for PES, dear god no. This development team is barely staffed enough to keep up with face designs. Last thing we need is them devoting a team to a developing and working in a feature that 1% of people will use for more than a few hours, and that likely only you can see, not your opponent). Just stick to game play. The thing we ALL depend upon.

  24. i asked their instagram team back in 2013 why they took out stadium creator and they said it was because they wanted to avoid license issues

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