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#eFootball #PES2022
We dive into some more Efootball news as it looks like PS5 will have haptic feedback and more!

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  1. Things that are confirmed folks!
    ☑ Haptic feedback
    ☑ Adaptive triggers
    ☑ Next gen only features
    ☑ Motion blur
    ☑ Kit processing

    • @Bre soccer cards I guess moving to the unreal engine allows Konami to do so while fifa remains on the same game engine

    • @theshan naidoo PS4 is limited so they cannot implement it. Fifa added 22 player scans.. on the other hand Konami only 2 players pique and iniesta… Plus fifa in game have a lot of stuff going on,, pes is dry as it is, so for me there will be no next gen till they add unreal engine 5 on February/March…

    • @whitewolf ps5 games I somehow have to agree with you.I think this will make the process to switch to unreal engine 5 much easier which will deliver the graphics Konami teased us with by showing us a next gen Messi way back last year

  2. PES 21 Mobile is already running on Unreal Engine. So obviously they are going to have the same core engine as the console version.

  3. Take a look at fortnite. The mobile and console/pc version are all built on the same engine (Unreal) but the experience is different depending on which platform you are on.

  4. TTB, the mobile is already running Unreal Engine.
    Core game engine means both consoles and mobile will run on Unreal Engine 4, not necessarily referring to the gameplay itself.

    • I think Ricky doesn’t get that Unreal engine is built for all platforms. The core is the same but the engine has dedicated resources for consoles/PC and so on. In theory, it shouldn’t affect efootball 2022 but given Konami track record I am not too hopeful.

    • @Joshua Kimmich It will be UE4 for all platforms at first. UE5 will not be officially released until next year. We can only hope that Konami switches to UE5 sooner rather than later.

  5. Okay Konami seriously needs to fire their marketing department. All this new info we are getting is super super promising and it’s made me kinda excited to see if they can actually deliver on this.

    • @Somto Idigo bro they pretty much confirmed that the whole server test thing they released is pretty much the core game lmao And that test was a mobile version. They said the core game is gonna be the same across all platforms, so how is that promising again? And you’re gonna ignore the fact that they completely dropped all other game modes aside from myclub? Does that look promising to you? I know hardcore PES fans can be deluded but come on lol

    • @simtelefon no, they literally did not. You just read and hear what you want. And you call others deluded. There is nothing to prove any of the nonsense you say, and despite them coming out and saying otherwise you have chosen to believe your mind as fact

    • @simtelefon also I’m not a ‘hardcore’ fan. Haven’t even played it since 2018. I just hate misinformation. Especially when it’s used to try and spark outrage. And WHERE did they drop other modes, dumbass? They’ve LITERALLY said they are going to do a staggered release, you git. Get. Your facts right

  6. Just more promesse the game is not ready for launch
    The game is not nex gen.
    a next gen game is not only about graphics ! it is about ia , animation, physics, ect

    • Look sorry to disappoint but it will be rubbish I’ve played pes or ISS since 98 and I’m not going to play this years . Seems like a money making scheme by Konami why change pes why not just add things to the game play and other modes and have a full game.

    • @Mtho good for you to be optimistic but all the signs and facts denote the game will be trash. Bad marketing, unnecessary gameplay changes like the new “Duel” camera, focused on 1v1 which zooms in and out, and the worst of all, the money driven scheme, they will charge you for everything, maybe even for a extra save slot like they did with Metal Gear Survive. So yeah sorry for being a bum but this game will suck

  7. After waiting 2 years just for a slap in the face from pes, I’m getting back into fifa, and fifa 22 has potential this year 🔥 😍


  8. Why are everyone complaining about how shit would be on mobile and how it would affect console and pc, they clearly said there would be a filter to prevent you from playing with mobile players like what else are you fussed about.

    • No one’s complaining about that. The complaint is that the engine on mobile is the same as on consoles. Read between the lines and you’ll see that all they’ve done is port mobile to console, maybe slap in a few cameras to sound like they added new features. Basically, be ready to play some watered down football with haptic feedback.

    • @Tom T each year the console version is ported to mobile. The mobile game runs on unreal engine 4. So this time it’ll be the same console to mobile port, but the changes in the mobile game will be drastic.

    • @Shubam Koul Or vice versa, they are porting mobile to console and the changes to console will be drastic. At least we already have evidence of the latter

  9. This new camera thing… dude, they made a camera that will always minimize your field of view so you can “enjoy” the 1v1 battle. I just can’t understand Konami, did anyone ask for it? The main thing about football is playing as a TEAM, and the game is got some real problems with stupid AI and referees, why are they gonna focus on 1v1s? My god Konami…

    • People go out and buy the biggest tv possible just so they can play Pes and and zoom out and have as much of the field in view as possible, tactical view, but konami want to zoom in and have a messi beard view

  10. “The core engine remains the same for both console and mobile”
    This could go both ways ,if they meant the same engine unreal 4 is being used for both mobile &console and all other things would be dependent on its respective specs etc then it might not be a mind blowing game but certainly a playable one but if the controls,animations in gameplay etc are made in a way to be the same for mobile and console, then this could be disastrous
    But let’s see

    • obviously there will be the same animations, physics and ia on mobile and console version other wise there won’t be crossplay.

    • @Saint Eden “While the core game engine is the same for console and mobile, we’re working to ensure the best gameplay experience on each platform,” he says. “[New-gen] consoles and high-performance PCs allow us to devote more resources to gameplay, so we’ve included a variety of elements that are not possible on mobile, such as 3D lawns, spectators’ realistic movement, cross-processing of moving kits, rich lighting, and motion blur. This is something that cannot be achieved on a mobile device.
      So probably it will have different animations on different platforms.

    • @Saint Eden that’s the worrying part,if it is then it will put off a lot of buyers and long term fans
      Also I really want to know what Konami have been working in for these 2 yrs, as surely they just don’t take 2 yrs to build a game from scratch using unreal 4 and it still looks similar to frostbite animations or worse

  11. Cccccc konami…. If they invite me to be their source of information on how football actually play- that will be the best pes ever. Pes2020 demo is still the best football ever!! EVER!!! And they ruin it!!

  12. Konami didn’t release a full game last year just so they could focus on PES 2022, and STILL, they come out saying that the first game released will basically be a demo and they will add all the other stuff, even graphical improvements separately… It doesn’t make any sense.

    • It make sense casue it will be released in August and the full game will come by late September, just like every year.
      Also don’t forget, what they are doing is huge, is really hard to do.

    • @Danilo Matias Martins it’s not downgraded, it has more features(skills, controls), more animations, it has great online, and it’s cross platform, which takes a lot of time to guarantee that all this will work properly.
      Also, the game always had a demo in August, don’t get it why people hate that?

  13. “Cross processing of moving kits”…..Welcome to modern game design Konami…took you long enough. I hope it’s implemented well.

    • Agreed. Who on earth wants to play a football game where the camera keeps zooming in constantly? Utterly stupid.

    • @SuperMillwall1885 ridiculous and the beta was pure trash that’s why i believe that this game is dead.I will see what fifa will bring on the table,if the gameplay is horrible I’m done with football game

  14. Even if Konami does not give us the option to turn Haptics and Adaptive triggers off. We can do so by going in the settings of the ps5 and turn it off.

    • @TheTrueBrits bro just like u mentioned in the vid. I dont see how this is gonna be a next gen experience. I remember a year ago we thought we getting unreal engine 5, now we get the same engine like mobile users

  15. I don’t remember that they took the full capability of the ps4 and the xbox one, but I can say red dead 2 was… why would we believe they can take half of the capability of the next gen when they show us the most horrible trailler that they showed…

  16. IMO PES represent actual football as it emphasize more on TEAM PLAY where FIFA plays to the gamers individual skills. This ” Duelling 1v1 ” crap feels like designed by people that has no idea how to play football. They got futsal and football mixed up. Every player depends on their teamates for movement and advancement to either attack or defend.

  17. This reminds me of iss3 on the ps2. Anyone remember when u on the wing one on one the camera zooms in for the duel lmao. Made me laugh back then

  18. Everyone knows what’s coming and we are still after 2 years waiting for im afraid is going to be the biggest disappointment for all of us. More and more I feel like the beta we saw back in July is a lot like what we are going to see when this shit comes out. How can I play from my ps5 against someone who is controling the game from their PHONE. Wouldnt that player be at a huge disavantage!? I heard mobile players are going to require a controller but come on, how many mobile people have mobile controllers? I just dont understand all this. KONAMI have shot themselves in the face, their development/design team just sucks giving us the same old shitty menus and capital letters for years. Dont get me started on their marketing team. I would fire the whole lot! Don’t get me wrong..EA are some greedy bastards as well but at least they can put out a quality game. I’m still waiting fort the big reveal but as of this day my money is going to FIFA next year. Sucks Konami have the juventus/other team rights now, cause they dont know how to use them proper.

    • The only disappointment I had only PES 2014 (ai responsiveness issue), but they become better and better after….I know efootball is going to be great games.

  19. In a nutshell…I won’t be throwing any money towards Konami…until when they have a completed game. Instead, I’m back off to FIFA…even though I’ve been playing PES, since 2019!

    Picking up my PS5 next month and looking forward to that next gen goodness!

    • Play Astro’s Playroom as your first PS5 game.. Absolutely superb if you’ve played PlayStation over the generations.

  20. The banner picture is enough to understand the whole game. Look at the grass, it’s ike a low res texture. Also I don’t see any ambient occlusion. It’s looking like pes 2009. Why? It’s not about UE, it’s about KONAMI, they are using the same game from mobile Pes 2021 for PC & Consoles, but that’s it.. That’s all. It’s the same game, including graphics.

    • @ErenAydin how do you know about the gameplay?
      From beta, the beta was good, don’t focus on the unbalanced game, those exist always in beta, focus on the features, they added many great features like ball shielding, it’s more responsive, and has better goalkeepers .
      I will say wait for the demo, to see the gameplay.

    • @Wake no. I guess there is misunderstanding here. I mean ‘shitty game’ by using ‘mobile game’. For me, the network demo in July was a mobile game.

  21. The control changes are basically to make the game more competitive and esport like game.
    So all automated controls, like pressing, and calling your team to defend, will be deleted.
    But they are adding new things.

    • Yeah right they are removing controls like pressing and calling your team to defend because of mobile but they dont want to admit it. They are basically watering down the game because of mobile.

    • More competitive and more esports like means controls are predictable, clear, consistent. It means there is a way to have control over the players. It does not mean taking control away. Not being able to control more than 1 player at once is loss of control.

    • @Ariton no that’s not true, the could keep the controls unchanged cause the mobile will use controller to play, so it doesn’t effect the game.
      The changes were done as I said for esport and for more competitive game.

    • @Tom T esports mean the opposite, mean controls that are not predictable, that can create many combinations . Being able to control players by just taping a button, it makes it too easy to defend, less competitive, and too predictable.
      The want more show, more unpredictable game , and more competitive and hard game.
      I will miss the controls, but I accept the changes, and as long is balanced I’m fine.
      Also controls that will be added like ball shielding will make the game better.

    • @Wake no. Well that`s a bad move to remove those features. Another fail by Konami. More and more fails.

      Also ok even if you need a controller to play it on mobile, I dont know anyone who uses a controller on mobile, I bet no one uses them on mobile, so who will then play mobile version? No one? Then whats the point of making a mobile version if no one can play it because basically nobody uses controllers. I dont understand this move by Konami.

  22. I’m all for change, I want change, but it depends on the reason for the change. If the reason for the change is not whats better for the gameplay but what they think makes it more accessible to the mobile phone gamer, thats a negative change. Alot of what is wrong with Pes today seems to be changes for the worse to make it more accessible, like heavy assistance and scripting to attract the new comer but thats destroying the freedom of the gameplay.

    • @Tom T Konami seem to take 2 steps back to take 1 forward. Something will be fine, They will break it, so we complain, they break it even further, we complain somemore, they put it back to the previous broken state, then we praise them for improving it. Thats how konami improve the game without actually improving anything. Successful bar lowering. Top 10 biggest issues today are the exact same issues as 10 year ago. Plus a few more they added along the way.

    • @Tom T 30 years of making football games and konami decide they now need to ask an ex footballer how to make a football game. And their conclusion was in a team game, the most important thing is some guy dribbling past a defender and making him fall on his ass like a drunk.
      One thing I think the trailer showed me is how completely out of their depth these new guys seem to be.

    • @s h i disagree here because making a sim requires talking to the best in business in order to understand nuances. that’s fine. but obv this is just a marketing move, it’s a placeholder because they have nothing else to fill it with

    • @Tom T in 30 years they should understand every nuance there is to understand, I agree though it is just marketing bs. I think they could have done with asking someone how to make a trailer. And thats another thing, about 10 year ago they were talking about hiring a new european team and improving communication because it was a big problem, 8 year ago they hired adam bhatti who said his first job was to improve the communication. 8 year later, communication still the same problem.

  23. The whole thing just sounds like a shambles. Next gen release which they’ve been working on for years, but the new consoles won’t the nex gen features at launch. Oh and launch will only include a handful of teams… Then to top it off, Master league to be paid content. It’s a mess.

  24. I just recently played PES 2017 again on PS5 and omg.. The gameplay of that game is BY FAR the best PES from the Fox Engine.. It’s absolutely superb.. Responsive, super quick turning/dribbling.. The shooting etc.. Everything just feels a million times better than PES 2021. What on earth did they do to this game? Highly recommend people go back and play PES 2017 again, I’m defo starting up a Master League.

    • They deliberately gimped the master league to make it boring and induce gamers to go online in pes 21. Go look at the stats of the players in edit mode offline. It’s not the same as the online Almost every player’s acceleration is so bad you would think your run button isn’t working properly. I edited every single player’s acceleration to 95 in the premier league before playing master league and that alone changed the gameplay drastically.

  25. I just laugh how people still underestimate mobile phones like we’re still using flip phones 😅 2.000$ phones can do a lot more than you think!!

  26. Hi, I’m new here , big PES fan 😀

    what’s background song title ? In my opinion perfect !

    I love playing Master League and I make commentary… it’s very IMMERSIVE

    • It’s the usual shit sandwich being sold as gourmet burger. Just the middle shit part this year around is a little big larger

  27. All this article suggests is the gameplay is still exactly the same as mobile. But with next gen graphics. Or at least better graphics.

    But it’s not the graphics which are the concern. It’s the gameplay. And this producer didn’t make any suggestions that the gameplay was better than mobile. Everything he mentioned was graphical.

    So our fear that we are getting a mobile game are still confirmed at this point.

  28. the true Britz I love your videos I have been and am a fan of yours for years BUT I must tell you that now you are very negative towards anything Konami said about their football game, give them a chance lets wait and see, for me I love that camera honestly it feels realistic because you don’t know when but will change.

  29. Unreal Engine is used for console games as well as Mobile games. That is what they likely mean by core game engine being the same. Previously, console and PC we’re on Fox while mobile was on Unreal. Doesn’t mean the gameplay experience has to be the same. Also, speaking without any insight, it would make no sense for Konami (especially given their track record of not revealing shit) to give everyone next Gen gameplay in June/July especially when they just wanted to test the servers. So I do not think people should go on making a big deal out of that demo. That being said, this does not mean that they are going to deliver on what they have said. Just trying to clarify

  30. 6:26 That is not a problem, it’ll work out for them, I’m pretty sure of it.
    The problem is whether or not it’ll work out for us.
    But them, yeah, I’m pretty sure they’ll make a LOT of money with this.

  31. Fools seem to not realize that the Console version of PES is “behind “ when it comes to mobile. Konami has been using the unreal engine on PES mobile for about 2 years now if I remember correctly

    • So you mean PES on mobile have better gameplay and graphics than the console? 😂😂😂 Can you ever played on console

    • @Manoj Kale he meant PES mobile is already on unreal engine so Konami knew the ins and outs of how to develop the new game.

    • @Leonardo_Da_G9 😂, I had played on gaming mobile with those gimmicks of High frame rate, High refresh rate, but still its nowever as satisfying, enjoyable, as on console or pc, mobile versions are just trimmed down versions of their console/PC counterparts..

  32. For some people its give konami a chance, and for some people konami have had chance after chance after chance. Some people have been waiting 7 year for the 3 year master league plan to emerge and it still looks nowhere near. Some people are yet to be let down by konami, and some people have known nothing else but to be let down by konami. So forgive people if theyve sound dubious because some people have been around long enough to have been here many times before, while other have just come from fifa.

  33. There’s absolutely no way to match a game which is built for mobile platforms up to the context of a next-gen platform. You must degrade the features of the game if you have to use the mobile platform, thus thais cross-gen feature will end up degrading the whole game, no matter what platform it will use. So, we’ll have the basic game as suited in mobile platforms and we simply add features regarding the platform we use. But in online games we will have limited features, only the basic, because it’s impossible to have advanced features, since they are not supported in mobile platforms. It’s simple. Awaiting for the next ML episode… Have a nice time.

    • Y’all have no idea how the mobile game had been developed all these years, do you?

      The mobile game has always been a console to mobile port.

      Now with console and pc joining mobile on unreal engine, the game will be ported much more efficiently to mobile, which has stagnated.

      In short, it won’t be upscaled from mobile to console, but downscaled from console to mobile.

    • @Tom T , my problem is not the mobile engine. It’s OK with me, if you ask me, as I don’t play online at all (personnal reasons). But the cross-gen stuff bothers me, as it degrades the gameplay, which is what I seek in a e-football game. In terms of electronic science, yes, it’s a good solution, but not at cost of the gameplay.

    • @Shubam Koul I know that, I’m not that idiot concerning the electronic science. That’s what bothers me, as it comes to the cost of the gameplay quality, which is what I seek.

    • @nikos zaxarias i thought my sarcasm in the previous post was evident. obviously not. you should be particularly worried as an offline player who values gameplay

    • @Tom T I understood very well your sarcasm. And I decided to reply properly, without sarcasm, just stating my opinion. Yes, I value gameplay a lot and if this game is not up to my expectations, I will not play it. As I wrote before, I have personnal reasons for this position. So, if you continue to be sarcastic, as previously, then I simply surpass the comment, as the sarcasm has no value to me. If you are not, then have a nice time.

  34. Konami knows they cant truly deliver next gen. They now keep trying to fool everyone into thinking eFootball is not a mobile game. It is a mobile game unfortunately. No matter how hard they try to fix this mess of a publicity, we are not stupid enough to keep falling for their lies. The only good outcome from this was that FIFA was threatened so they stepped up with a true next gen gameplay.

  35. The more and more news I get, the more confused I am with the whole approach ‘Efootball’ have taken with efootball 22, pes 2021 fundamentals are there for a great game, we just need more responsiveness from the players and similar to what fifa 22 have implemented, more intelligent AI and movement from players, not cross compatible gameplay, i want a PS5 for next gen content, not to play someone on mobile, what a joke! I will obviously try it out as it’s free, but can see my going back to fifa this year, atleast I’ll get a game from day 1 to actually play, Efootball will be a constant wait for updates to see how the game progresses, which to me doesn’t allow me to truly enjoy the game and learn how it plays, as it’ll be chopped and change to adapt new features etc, maybe I’m wrong but I’m not getting good vibes

  36. They removed normal controls to match mobile controls. This is seriously a downgrade and ridiculous. Konami seem not to give a damn with every corona infection… They are displaying stubbon behaviour and it will not end well.

  37. Gamers will spam those skill moves with their purchased star players. Those of us that want a sim will think it’s not reflective of an average game of football.

  38. Yep. They’ve completely misunderstood the appeal of PES to the longterm PES player. We don’t want rock-paper-scissor Street Fighter and mega-combo gameplay. Remember that old footie game that zoomed in when you had a ‘Chance!’ – sounds like this shitty new camera.

  39. Don’t be concern, the unreal engine can do it all, it can look totally different, because the unreal engine is made for all platforms.

  40. It is weird they are talking about the camera a lot as if that’s one of the main things they focused on and it is not even important.

  41. Two years in the making for a unfinished port of a mobile game. It’s not even fully ready for launch. Don’t worry fifa we will come out with a game so bad that you won’t even need to run one advert.

  42. “we want to focus on 1v1”
    That´s chilling, this probably means they are going to remove 2nd mand press. Which is exactly what makes FIFA such an unrealistic pace dominant shithole.

    • That’s bullshit fifa is not a pace dominant game anymore. And guess what a game without pace is not worth playing. This is why hardly anyone plays pes. People in the fifa community who tried pes when it became free, all complained that it felt slow sluggish and unresponsive which pes is !

    • 2nd man press takes ZERO skill, i have had enough of it when people who don’t know anything about football do that meta shxt against me on my club, thanks GOD its gone.

  43. Still no proper Broadcast cam like you get with the PC mods which mimic real life broadcasts…look how good PC modded PES games look with the Broadcast cam.
    All current PES cams are just horrible, either to high up or just ugly angles that you can’t enjoy.

  44. I’m gutted about Konami taking the game in this direction. Had 2 years to work on this game and nothing is ready on release

  45. My biggest worry is the concerted effort to concentrate on 1v1. I keep saying this but EA adapted it piss poorly in FIFA and completely neglected teammate AI, making defending an absolute joke! If Konami neglect it too then I’m afraid it will be 💩 from day 1. Football isn’t just 1v1!

  46. Unfortunately I think they are focusing on 1v1s because they are pushing the PvP online. Just like fifa’s gameplay is geared toward online PvP and has for along time (that’s why I’ve been playing PES). I’m hoping it doesn’t turn into another online, arcade, micro money game.

  47. This kind of reminds me of the Blizzcon fail when they announced “Diablo Immortal”. Q&A “Is this a joke?” Response “Well everyone has a mobile phone right?”.

  48. They did mention last year that they get their hands on unreal engine 5 that was delayed maybe has a little effect

  49. I swear to God, I’m so tired of these constant complaints about the stupidest things.
    Like, I’m sorry but what are you complaining about? You’re not the developers, you haven’t played the game and yet every opportunity you get, you complain about the game and even worse, you’re saying the same things over and over again.
    The fact that it’s the same game engine doesn’t mean the gameplay will be the same. They’ve stated that clearly already so why are you still whining? If it comes out and it’s trash, shit on the game, you’re fully justified. But now it’s just getting repetitive. If there’s nothing new for you to complain about, stop complaining and move on. Honestly, we don’t even need a video on every single unverified article on the internet. I get that it’s good for your channel but oh my God, you’re getting annoying.

    Okay, now that that’s out of the way, I’m sorry but I just needed to get that off my chest
    I don’t mind watching your videos but when it’s just you complaining about literally the same thing over and over again, you just become unbearable.
    I’ll finish the video but Jesus Christ,, it’s hard.

  50. “While the core game engine is the same for console and mobile” means they are using the same game engine I.e unreal engine, as you can create next gen and mobile games from “unreal engine”

  51. So basically the game released in October will be a shite show if you read between the lines. I will reiterate what you said Ricky, “What the hell have Konami been doing for 2 years, and they will release a crap demo”. Before they get all the elements together to make the game anyway reasonable they may have lost alot of customers, fans and respect already.

  52. Lol no one wants to wait past it’s usual release date to play with more than 9 teams. I can’t believe fifa is looking like an option

  53. When you compare this release with all the new stuff you went through in the FIFA video is embarrassing. Konami is honestly taking the piss. The dumbing down of the game is confirmed essentially. That Beta game was the worst football experience I’ve ever had.

  54. once again all these disappointments are because of konami’s poor marketing.
    what they show on trailer and what they say in articles, they seem to make us more concerned than excited.
    i just hope they do sth to sort things out. just show all the things you added, write about the changes.
    and i guess it will be interesting. they just don’t have any idea about what they’re doing now, they released a trash trailer and there was nothing to follow it up. like some content on the website informing us about all the changes they have maid. they used to do it before. and i loved it.

  55. What the fuck have they actually been doing for the past 2 years? Doesn’t seem like much at all there releasing a game that doesn’t even have any features at launch what the fuck

  56. I’m done with this shit show of a game how can people justify this? And then have to pay for offline game modes? It’s clear what this is its a mobile game ported to console I don’t care what they say this is not going to true next gen with mobile involved konami have let alot of people down including myself they should be ashamed with what they’ve come up with in 2 years absolute disgrace of a company and they brag about it on social media asif this is a good it’s a shambles and having to pay for modes that should be free is just greedy and fucking abismal

  57. If the gameplay is the same as mobiles ahh man its a hard pass for me I don’t care about adaptive triggers stadiums etc . If the gameplay sucks that it.(playing pes since the name was iss)Fantastic vids as always TTB 👌 👏

  58. This is not going to end well for konami the game will end up dead within a year they’ve already stated that nothing is going into master league so we will end up with the master league from Pes 21 which is absolutely shocking with a different name and probably BAL from Pes 21 aswell with a different name which is also shit aswell they don’t bring anything to the table at all I’m a massive Pes fan but this is just terrible and very sad to see what they’ve done to the game how can they release a game that doesn’t have fuck all to offer anyone? 9 teams at release? Like come on seriously? Thats the best they can come up with I’m shocked and disappointed that this is even happening

  59. Core gaming engine meaning they will both be using unreal engine , but I think next-gen will be using unreal engine 5 and mobile with the previous consoles will be using unreal engine 4. Basically it is easy to transfer or edit data from unreal engine 4 to unreal engine 5 . I noticed when I downloaded the new football game that was released last month on my ps5 and also downloaded the same game on my ps4 ,they look completely different to be honest even though the new football game was terrible.

  60. You’re right, we’ll have to wait and see. I hope they haven’t strayed from the core PES dna just because Iniesta and Pique have made a couple of suggestions. I’m not sure at this point, it may be one of those games that may lack quite a few things but we find hard to put down, that’s the best scenario at this point.

  61. Tbh, I’m just excited for PES 2022 on mobile. I already know the console graphics are shit from the launch trailer.

  62. The core engine is Unreal 4 for any platform (mobile included) We know that you will need to have a controller for your mobile to be able to use all the features in the game. I have made a video about how Konami can pull this of. Where I talked about timecode. I have worked on games have worked a bit with Unreal Engine. but not in coding yet.
    But the best bet is that you ask a this guy, about crossplay I will think he have useful knowledge

  63. Not to editorialize, but you can turn haptics and adaptive triggers off at a system level, so even if Konami don’t have an option for it, you can still turn it off.

  64. How can they say the core gameplay is the same for each console and mobile and on the next sentence say that their working to ensure the best gameplay experience on each platform? Kind of contradicting themselves isn’t it

  65. I can’t afford PS5 now as I bought one plus 9 for PESMOBILE and I Happy they are upgrading PESMOBILE 😁😁. Gameplay on Mobile is awsome and I have full legend and iconic player’s already

  66. rich lighting…is that it? shouldn’t it be dynamic lighting which they promised years ago but failed miserably lol

  67. I will say that commenting “what have they been doing for the last two years” does show a bit of naïveté about a software development processes, especially when their is a change in technology/engine and generational hardware. It’s hard, detailed work.

  68. Efootball on the ps5 is simply Efootball on mobile with higher resolution and framerate. If your core game engine is the same with mobile, forget any true next gen experience.

  69. All I’m looking forward to is the proliferation of the catch phrase “Konami, fix it!” in future PES…sorry, eFootball videos.

  70. The more so called details they reveal, the more disappointed the fans feel. This could be the worst football game in the history ever.

  71. I don’t know why everyone is so mad about this. Yes I get how Konami are fucking up. But just stick to pes 2021 with mods, that’s what I will do, and you all should do, they will soon realise how much pes 2021 will be their most valuable asset.

  72. One of the worst gaming company going Konami like you said what the hell have they been doing these last 2 years

  73. Let’s ask them if the graphics on next gen are going to be what we see in the trailer or the gameplay looking that what we experienced in the beta test?

  74. So Finesse dribbling is gone. That’s a shame. It will be like in the Beta. Just like fifa finesse dribbling. Too fast and unrealistic

  75. Seem to remember the 1 on 1 camera zoom was a feature of an earlier pes or iss and was shit. Might of been another game I’ve played soo many lol but it is still shit

  76. Jesus Crist mate. Please stop saying you are worried about the next-gen experience because of mobile cross platform. Its the 5th clip or so when you are talking about it. We already know about it. We’ll see. Peace

  77. hey truebrits, do you think var, video technolology will be imported to pes 2022 this year ? i would be nice to see a light version of it when it launch sometime this year, cant wait for it to arrive on ps5

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