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I have just seen the release date and more information emerge today so ill be covering all that later once I’m back from the office folks!

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    • Efootball is a new project, will take time , like all new projects, we will have to wait, but seems like konami until now is going the right direction, but we will see.
      The must hear the community.

    • @Wake no. I wouldn’t call this “the right direction”… to me, this is just a money hungry move… they had a great franchise that everybody loved, also the idea of making pes 22 an unreal engine 5 game that is miles better than pes 21 was thrown to the side because of money

    • @Customized Not true, the right direction is most of the time where is the money.
      If the continued this bussiness model, they probably would fail, or fifa would go first f2p.
      F2p is not bad, it’s a great move, the issue could be the crossplatform and the way they will make money.
      If they find the right balance , they can succeed like many f2p games, and take over, else they will miserably fail.
      They have stated many times that they won’t make it pay to win so they understand the dangers, but future will show if they will do the right choices.
      That’s why they have UE4 , UE5 will come early next year, that will help also efootball a lot!.

  1. I have just seen the release date and more info so ill be covering that in another video folks. Off at the office today for a bit, so once back, all shall be revealed!

    • Greetings from Ireland. My nephew is 13 and he looked at me with 2 heads when I mentioned I played master league/career mode during a conversation recently (not even sure he knew what I was on about)… he was jumping from a phone to a tablet to a PS4 and to a switch during the weekend I was visiting. He was in complete shock that I wasn’t playing online modes for some reason. Unfortunately, I just need to accept it’s the future. Pes has gone but there might be new developers that see a gap in the market for us oldies🙁 Fifa will follow suit next year also

    • @KMC86 It’s not gone they are just forcing players to play online modes, all offline modes are done ready for release but due to online makes more money they are focus on it

  2. we forgave last year because we were expect the 2022 game to be a massive improvement. Looks like this new game will be a disappointment. Let’s wait and see

  3. They are giving us PES Lite in other words. I imagine when they lunch the paid Master League they are going to sell it with how many Leagues??

    • @Serza on their twitter it says
      #eFootball’s first major free update will go live this Autumn including:

      – Creative Teams – select your base team from over 600 licensed clubs

      – New match modes

      – New player types – all the way from

      Standard to Legendary

      – And more…

    • @Chris P. Bacon yes it is, they will be able to get more licences now, cause they will have more users on paper for the game, and they expect to make more money.
      That’s the reason they go for crossplatform, so they can have on paper more than 300million users.
      The bussiness model is great, but the must hear community and make the right choices so until september of 2022, they will have a great product , able to challenge every football game .

  4. If you remember all the pictures etc they showed 2 years ago then you’ll know how far they’ve backtracked in their plans. They was going on about next generation gameplay and the future of PES, now it’s not even called PES. It’s like they’ve just given up and decided not to spend money to improve their game but instead put out a half arsed mobile game which is just a cash cow through micro transactions.

    • @Trump Ameri played the online test and at the time I thought, this is only an alpha version the actual game will be so different to this… how wrong was I, looks exactly the same. It’s pathetic.

    • @Super Console Gamer Well, you never know who is the person behind the screen but that’s part of playing online. You could also be the kid who’s winning against an adult and I think that’s neat! With script, handicap or whatever, I think it’s more fun to play against another person but for each their own!

    • @Albi Wiedersberg maybe in past we play free online game without interruption but today modern FIFA PES online game are 100% scripted controlled game…. pay to win games

    • When it’s so bare bone, and they’ve worked on this project for such a long time, I’d reckon the new tournaments must be very good. Or else… they’ll get a tough start, and then they may lose big parts of their playerbase. Too many devs have done this mistake (Larcenauts on Quest, just to mention an example)

  5. They haven’t ever listened to the community, sadly this is the end. They care only about microtransactions and catering to the mobile players.

  6. Sharp Kick! Haha
    Konami has just lost it.
    I will stick to PES 2017 and enjoy the best CPU AI ever with team ID.
    PES is dead and this is now an online only game with trash like GP, Coins etc. Yuck.
    I’m Absolutely done with them.

    • ​@Joseph King
      While PES 18 had good gameplay, regarding the CPU AI, that is the game when it all started to go bad.
      The constant laser like long balls that the CPU plays is terrible, they just sweep it perfectly into attackers path every time while the defenders are constantly caught out by a run from deep. Every team plays the same way.
      Compare that to the PES 2017, when every team had a TEAM ID and a unique style.
      Try PES 2017, play a season and observe the AI.
      – Some teams allow you to keep the ball and hit you on the counter
      – Some teams sit back and defend deep
      – Some teams play possession slower game
      – Some teams press you like crazy
      – Some teams always play a high line.
      During the late stages of a game, if the AI is losing, a defensive team starts getting aggressive and starts pressing

      Every game is a tactical battle. So you see, how varied the experience is!
      Each team in PES 2017 had an identity. Which resulted in some of most memorable PES games ever!
      Sadly they just got rid of all of this in 2018, where every team plays the same. 2019, 2020, 21 continued the same.
      And with eFootball, the focus is on online, so they wont be bothered to focus on CPU AI.
      Konami were on verge of greatness, but the MyClub mode destroyed the series.

  7. I am more and more convinced that Konami did sod all last year. I am so baffled, how can they hype the fans to wait for an extra year plus for something “extraordinary” but have amazed none of us so far and still havent finished anything yet. I dont mind if they need more time to polish the game but the way they do this is just plain bad. Japanese game companies like Konami or Nintendo are so out of touch

  8. Who the “F” cares about the duel camera? Football is a team game, not an 1 to 1 game. I won`t get it until ML is released anyway.

  9. What makes me mad is how they took a year off to give us an early access game instead. FTP with paid modes is fine and make sense. But the way they went about it really kills off all the hype and potential. Konami will not listen. They are in their own bubble for years and this is the final straw. I will play it when it’s at a respectable stage. For now, I will make do with PES2021 with mods.

    • @SirKalahari yeah but I’m pretty sure they didn’t downgrade everything when switching lol especially graphics

  10. 2yrs and yet we will get incompleted game?
    Why don’t they just delay the release date and get the job done and then release a full game

  11. Can someone please define Creative Team? The definition seems to not go with what this game mode is about. The creativity from this company is way below the standards of a 4 year old child.

  12. I’m curious to see how this bare bones approach develops. If it’s good at launch then gradually develops then I’m all for it. I’d rather play a game that’s good at launch then develops into something better than have an awful full game at launch with Konami trying to fix everything afterwards, like we had with PES20/21. If it’s bad at launch, so be it. I will wait to see how this one pans out between now and December. I’m in no rush. I’ve been playing old PES, PES17 & 18, anyway for the past 2 yrs 🤷🏾‍♂️

  13. It is a very late demo version as PES used to do … dev are very late and I’m pretty sure they are facing gameplay issues
    Trailers generated frustration and worries.

    Konami should sell the licence to another company or put the game open source

  14. Before i watch the video i can already tell he is gonna complain but when you suggest to switch to Fifa which is a better game he complains again🙄

  15. Its a demo launch (online focused). It will update the game over, and over again till it gets good. FOR ONLINE SPORTS. For the offline content, you ll get it. You can buy the offline content later on.Also, i m not saying the game will be good or whatever. I ve played both fifa and pes for years now. Lets wait and see where this shit is going to. Cheers

  16. It’s the EA way to be honest reset everything back to barebones and forcefeed the masses bits and pieces what was already available in past titles

  17. The game on launch is just a demo. It’s free to play and the features are massively limited, the real game probably won’t be out for another 6 months.

  18. Next update from Konami; eFootball will not have a ball at launch 🤦🏻‍♂️

    What a shit show of a shit cash crap mobile soccer game 🤢

  19. The problem with E-Football is Konami are cutting costs with the game so what we’ve seen is cheap presentation and a cheap product..Listerning to you Ricky and KnightMD both of your early reviews and concerns are 100% spot on and agree completely.
    Just because a product is FREE doesn’t mean it’s better people will still buy Fifa regardless.

    • @Trump Ameri I’ll be playing it on the Xbox Series X and also have high expectations for it. The next gen update for Fifa 21 was already very good, with very good graphics and awesome details. Fifa 22 will be even better since they’ve better players animations!

    • @Carlos Calixto FIFA 22 on Xbox series X also masterpiece… I have both console PS5 and Xbox X and maybe graphics are better on XsX 💪💪💪

    • @Carlos Calixto Same here i really enjoyed PES 21 on PC and like everyone we was expecting a improved PES…How wrong we was.
      Fifa 22 will be the only game i’ll invest my time in.

  20. I love the game but have to say I’m not impressed by the whole debacle surrounding this game. I’m back. Playing pes 18 as I believe it’s one of the best IMHO.

  21. Too frustrating. I understand that Konami wants to target a rising market, that of mobile games. But this dumb-down of PES is finally the end. PES was known for its tactics and gameplay, this was the very characteristic of it, this feature earned the millions of fans around the world. This decision will surely cost a lot to the game and in the back end to the company. Now, I feel more than ever the absence of PES… Have a nice time!

  22. Why not just keep updating games instead off bringing out new ones it just becomes to expensive to keep buying one after another and if you’re on low income you just can’t afford it take school uniform they could make them cheaper where as you can buy a plain blazer to just buy badge to sow on

  23. Apparently Konami haven’t had time to build a full game as only had 2 years.
    Teams will be 6 v 6 at launch but they have said though that you can download the other players via payable dlc coming at a later date.
    Also there will be no referees in game as Konami said they never give free kicks or penalties so was pointless putting them in.

  24. End of this month EA releases a full game in Fifa 22, Konami have had a year out and are offering a downgrade says everything about where the two companies are going…EA whatever you think of them they do invest money into their games Fifa 22 has added offline content many PES fans wanted from Konami…Wake up this was always the direction Konami was going and i got slated for telling the truth.

    If your a real PES fanboy i feel sorry for you as Konami don’t care about their fans they never have done to a certain point same as EA..I moved to PES in 16 played PES 6 back in the day as well but always knew Konami was never going to challenge EA because just look at their record with other franchises such as Metal Gear Solid which they killed.

    As a pure football fan and a gamer i just want a decent football game to enjoy..Not saying Fifa 22 is the answer but it’s the only choice this year.

  25. After 25 years of disappointments with Pes and Konami im not even going to try it. Even tho its for free.. All our hopenow is UFL..

  26. StreetFighter 2 special move ‘the sharp kick’ lmfao every time i hear that i smile.

    The lack of tactics reminds me of Arteta’s Arsenal lol and i’m a gooner myself 🙂

  27. It’s a shame really, been playing PES etc for 25 years but only play offline with Master League.
    Yeah I’ll give eFootball a go but I’m not gonna wait till next year for Master League.
    You know its gonna be the same old thing, maybe a couple of updated cutscenes but that’s it.
    Konami ain’t gonna spend time or money on a completely new Master League when all their attention and effort is going into the online/mobile experience.
    As much as Fifa is arcadey and skatey I’ve actually been enjoying it.
    Love the presentation, how in depth it is but mostly it’s a refreshing change.
    As much as Fifa gets slated at least they have done a ton of new content this year.
    Konami are just lazy, don’t listen to the community and are terrible at communication and marketing.
    At the moment Konami has lost a long time fan and unless Master League is Out this world then they will never get another penny from me again.
    But hey who I am?
    Just Joe Blogs who spends £50 a year every year on their game.

  28. My only hope for the game is that the reddit leak until now was correct, and he said really good things about the gameplay also. Time will tell

    • I played PES 20 years do I wanna see new things in PES yes its sad the name is gone but I don’t feel the gameplay will change it looks more promising

  29. Do I feel bad it’s not called PES anymore Yes, but is Efootball a better name then PES yes its more catchy its not going to change alot Just the names like Master league cause it came with PES so Efootball will have its own new mode

  30. Mmm… I’m sorry but this is just another proof that Konamy has actually planned to put out a dumbed down game to allow for cross platforming with mobile phones. Fidgeting with individual tactics would be too complex for a mobile phone user. Then we ‘old players’ ask about features that we are worried will be missing (how do we dare!) and they can’t just say: ‘sorry, the 5 preset tactics are all you’re gonna get’. So their easy way out is to just say: ‘we haven’t planed for it (this already tells so much) but it may eventually come in the future’. That’s the easy answer to all the questions they have no answers for…

  31. Played PES for 20 years I’ll play efootball for another 20 years, it’s the gameplay feeling that counted to me nothing else it did change alot since I just engine wise if they are changing it for better future IL play it

  32. Well Konami laid the down the seeds to their own destruction of this franchise and if they complain well it is on them as the PES community doesn’t know S*** according to them!!

  33. Sadly, it looks like the absence of Master League at launch and the need for modders to adapt to the new engine will mean it’s going to be another year before the game is worth putting time into. Although if they get it right, it could be great.

  34. Why are they releasing a football game with no master league at launch with 2 years of development?

    FIFA 22 is coming out around the same time with a complete game and is definitely a better deal at 60/70 dollars as opposed to the bare bones free to play efootball.

  35. I honestly thought I wouldn’t be buying FIFA this year, but between Konami going the garbage can route and EA adding a revamped career mode, I’ll actually be picking it up, especially since my club, Milan, is likely not even in the initial 9 and I have no interest in online.

  36. I’m not a massive fifa fan but Ea must be laughing their asses off. I’ve followed Pes for 20 years.. this years rendition seems an absolute joke.

    • Yeah I’m a massive PES fan agree I’ve started playing FIFA 21 think it’s gonna be my goto game from now on unless Konami get their act together.

    • @Low Fat Mofat for sure… more out of desperation than anything else for me. Its baffling…. take away tactics master league till next year. Edit mode who knows…. its seems like commercial lunacy. I know let’s just scrap everything that ever worked for us..

  37. Normally a new Pes game hypes me up besides 2021 but this year its nothing to be honest. The most people are going to buy this when there more features to play or buy so Konami really has to survive this first weeks, months or when they are going to drop the first update

  38. Imagine thinking that just because you play a game, they need to listen to you!!!! You don’t have a clue about game development.

    • You are right and wrong at the same time.
      Konami have to listen to us but they don’t have to follow every feedback.
      If we ask them something we want i want an answer…
      No we can’t make that because we don’t have the budget to do it
      No we can’t make that because it is not ours projet
      No we can’t make that because it is not possible
      Konami need to talk to us and not ignore us like that. We are not just a pocket with money in it.

      I watched GDC 2017 of Nioh 1. and the producer talk about the difficult he had with the game :
      – the game was annonced in 2006 with the PS3 and his goal was to not dissapoint people still waiting for the game.
      – during the alpha test they received a lot of feedback and they answered all of it ( weapon durability was removed after it, and many other thing got changed positively thanx to feedback) But some Dark Souls fan wanted an open world and they answered “no we didn’t planed this, it is not our ideaé and they simply could not change all the game 6 months before the release

  39. So the new features weve waited 2 year for, duel camera, that we’ll switch off, cross play, that we’ll switch off, some long ball that will be the most used pass button in the game you wish you could switch off, and a new engine, that still uses the old engine on the pitch. And the offline that weve been waiting 6 year for still looks like its 3 years away from the 3 year plan.
    Konami have no interest in offline, theyve had no interest in offline since they thought up myclub and seen how easy a money maker it was.
    They dropped the pes name so we couldnt compare it to pes, its a different game, its not aimed at pes fans, its aimed at the efootball mobile phone fans. Expecting pes when its clear they arent interested in making a pes is setting yourself up for dissapointed. Its going to be a pick up and play dumb down f2p mobile style game, I dont thinkm they are even pretending this is still pes anymore.

  40. Year 2021: Elon musk flies to space, Jeff Bezos reaches human limit, Pfizer discovers Covid-19 vaccine, KONAMI discovers mobile graphics.

  41. Like people have already mentioned, Konami decided to create this game half way through the year. I’m convinced Konami was working on the Pes 22 we saw with next gen graphics and changed they mind later, because there’s no way in hell this is a game that took two years to make. We’re basically getting a demo at launch with all the missing features.🤦‍♂️

  42. The question now is if they even will have a ball at launch or if that will be added as a DLC later that you will have to pay for…

  43. Honestly it would’ve been better if this new game was like PES 21 gameplay with a very revamped master league (or much better) , more editing to do, new kit and transfers than this new game that we are seeing lol

  44. Even I play pes mobile.. the changes made us all unhappy and many are leaving the game.. and I’m also quitting the game.. like converting hard earned iconic moment to legendary card.. what’s that… Mean..
    Many spent 30000 coins for one iconic player.. those are leaving pes it for heaven’s Grace

  45. I like the sharp kick thing. It gives the defenders a reason to close the man in possession down and not give him time to shoot, but also a reason for the attacker to think about the buttons to press and when to use the sharp kick.

  46. As a mobile game, it arguably looks phenomenal! I am, however, something of an offline player on PC as I appreciate simulation hence realism. A mobile game can never afford one an immersive experience but a PC or console can!

  47. Still can’t get over the release date for this game. BEFORE and AFTER fifa 😂 shocking. Literally released between early access and FIFA’s launch. It will be squashed. Konami are hoping that because it’s free it will get downloads but people won’t stick around if it’s this shit. Regardless of what they promise at launch.

  48. I genuinely think none of these “promises” will ever come out. I think master league will be pushed so far back until it’s cancelled. Don’t be surprised to hear this kind of comment next year.

    “We’ve decided to focus on other aspects of the game rather than focus on the master league mode”

  49. What is this? It feels like all they’re doing is continuously just announcing how incomplete this game is. We get less and less with every update. WTF is this?

  50. I’m assuming COVID has meant that developers couldn’t work on many of these features for well over a year which explains the delay in their roll-out. Otherwise, there just isn’t a plausible reason why.

  51. Firstly the controls are scary, why is r1 kick feint and not □ and × or ○ and × and also r1 is no longer finesse shot .

  52. 2+ years and we have to wait until next year for master league. Are they actually alright mentally ? 2+ years and it’ll be released without individual tactics and less than 10 teams. It’s like some sick April fools joke.

  53. Never forget: they gave us a roster update for pes 2021 promising that they were going to knock it out of the park for next gen.
    And this is the shit we get.

  54. Konami have had 2 years yet release a beta with 9 online teams at release, yes it’s free but come on, things like animations and tactics will be added as we go on, I mean come on what is going on 😂😂

  55. No way they’ve been working on this model for 2 plus years. That much is obvious. This is a post virus decision. It’s a 1/4 of a game at launch……who does that.

  56. At this point I really don’t know why they bothering, it will be hammered once it launched will take ages to get the game fleshed out and by then we will start seeing more from UFL this will be left in the dust

  57. I don’t really care about tactics, i just play with whatever the default tactics are, especially online I hate people whom I have to wait 2 minutes for and then wait even more when the game starts because they want to go into the pause menu and continue whatever clusterfuck tactic they were trying to create because they don’t even know wtf they’re doing, I’m like dude hurry the F up and let’s play, if you’re good you’re good regardless of tactics. In fifa for example this is a big issue because there are some tactics where the game kinda glitches and you feel like your players are not responding to whatever you’re trying to do.

  58. Konami have hsit got plane lazy ….. they have had over 2 years to create this game and they can’t even release a finished game … animations missing and so on

    Just because jts free to play and pay to win don’t mean you can take the piss like this

  59. Your videos are made to roast Konami.

    Are you paid by Fifa or something.

    Screw you and your channel mate.

    I used yo buy fifa since 98. Never playing it again after I tried pes 2021

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