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#eFootball #PES2022
Konami have released a big announcement today about acquiring the MLS player license folks!
We could possibly expect a NEW fake MLS league to be added for eFootball. Stay tuned for news all week with Gamescom only a few days away!

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  1. Road to Glory series EP3 will be out in the next few hours!
    Could this news bring in another MLS league for eFootball?! Maybe folks!

    • When he talks about Operations, he means Controls. They have changed the way how to defend, which emphasizes 1 vs 1 battles.

    • What’s the problem with 1v1? Please don’t make issue with it until the game come out, because in my opinion, team gameplay is already decent in pes, but to dribbling is absolute horrendous and suffer in pes. So i wish they fix it. I would wish if they ‘smoothen’ the animation when dribbling past opponent as it’s very limited in pes. And i really would like to see what they improve with 1v1, so please don’t make konami producer change their mind

      • They just worry that when konami focus too much on 1v1, the team play suffers or dumbed down. Hopefully that’s not the case.

        I agree the current teamplay is already fantastic; the passing, the off-the-ball movement, playing styles affecting player movement etc. With 1v1, i hope what they do is make dribbling or holding the ball feel natural and easier, and also the defending side are not just pressing all the time (hold x) that they too have to think when to tackle etc. If I look at real football, they are players who like to hold the ball, maybe dribble a little bit, while finding out best option to pass. The current gameplay forces people to constantly pass the ball and in my opinion most online games isn’t beautiful to look at.

        That being said, i hope they don’t instead use 1v1 as an excuse to dumb down the player movements etc because mobile can’t handle it..

    • You’ll be getting Next Gen Graphic for it was announced that the New Engine will be ONLY used for Graphic, Konami will still be using the OLD Engine for Gameplay. Shocking, while Graphics may have needed updating, the NEW ENGINE we thought would bring updated Gameplay — NOOOO

  2. Master League to mobile? Well, I hope it will not be a watered down product then. They surely can add things like cinematics and scale it to potato graphics on mobile. I’m sure there is be a lot to add content-wise that doesn’t have to be too CPU-intensive for mobile devices when you scale down thr graphics. One thing I like about their whole eSports approach is that they hopefully will focus on a fair, balanced and enjoyable online experience. I still hope the AI will get better as well, because they could abandon that. However, the Unreal Engine will allow a better understanding of all the situations on the pitch. They just have to put that effort in. Besides that, a part of that AI is also needed in online matches, so there’s hope!

    • Of this is the same version on mobile and console. the console version will be downgraded. Look at FM they have the primary version on PC and make a mobile / Switch version (FM touch). Hope they made a console version of ML and a mobile version

    • They can do it on mobile because pes has got pes mobile and pes manager as 2 separate apps
      So maybe they’ll instill that on pes manager app

  3. Funny guy “John next door playing on his mobile ” 😅🤣 it’s just sad that konami is taking this path, id just keep updating my pes 21

    • Lad this is the best decision Konami have taken in the last decade, 400 million people are playing PES mobile, especially nowadays where a danm console is $800 , you have to realize that not everyone has that sort of money to spend on a console

    • @Leonardo_Da_G9 speak for yourself in my humble opinion
      The ps5 has sold 10 mill stocks so far and x box not far off either and you add in the gaming PC owners as well

      And I can guarantee you some the folks got these nxt gen consoles for pes on the wake of that teaser last yr
      If they had told us this is what they are gonna do , then some of them wouldn’t have bothered buying them and nobody asked for this cross play crap

      Either way if Konami Fucks up the servers like usual
      The pes / efootball will die
      And don’t forget the legacy fans who kept this game on track for yrs with their master leagues
      This is a slap in the face for them
      Let’s see the gameplay in 2 days
      If it’s sucks , then it’s game over for £football

    • @Krish in respect to what you have just stated , we the original winning eleven and pro evolution soccer players don’t expect that in 2021 mobile games should be considered . I understand people that play candy crush on their phone but not an AAA Rated game pls

  4. I dont get why they put this much effort into making it cross platform with the mobile when it sounds like they even say it is so bad, and its going to be so laggy theyve added an option to switch it off. The only people who are going to leave the cross match with mobile on is mobile users.

    • If they have a good wifi connection, there shouldn’t be a problem playing against mobile phones. Otherwise turn it off. It’s likely just for playing against friends.

    • @Daan Abbring I really cant see how many mobile phone users are going to bother connecting to a controller either, its seems like alot of effort and a lot of compromise for something virtually useless.

  5. haven’t played PES since 2018-2019. Is Become a Legend mode still available from 2019-2021? The one where you play as player only?

  6. Sir TTB you said that Efootball is gonna be like fifa where if you can’t defend you’ll get battered . Is that a bad thing? Because that’s how football works lad if a team can’t defend properly they get embarrassed by their opponent. That right there will increase skill gap

    • Theres a difference between needing skill to defend, and it being so bad its just plain luck. And it also needs pes balance, if its easier to attack and score goals, than it is to defend and stop them, thats what I call a fifa balance. What made PES great was it was equal balance between attack and defence, which went out of the window this gen when they started turning into a mobile phone game for console.

  7. I think it’s good they got the MLSPA database, with the MLS having 782 active players and the MLSPA also registering free agents in N/A, it will make getting the top players harder in the new myclub mode and add some good names to the game which have been missing. I really hope this means we see some MLS stadiums too and who knows maybe a partnership with someone like LA FC or Atlanta Utd in the near future.

    I’d still like them to get more UEFA names especially for the likes of the Bundesliga and also the likes of Poland Austria and Serbia which I dont think have any clubs represented in the “Other European League” teams where you have Kiev, Olympiacos, Sparta Prague etc

    • Yes it will, but I don’t know if it will be released at sane time with the others , it will probably cine later with an update.

  8. If PES 22 aka efootball trailer is pure sewage, I wouldn’t want to be the Konami speaker at Gamescom this week.🙆🏾‍♂️

  9. gacha comes from the word gachapon, which in japan is a vending machine-ish thing where kids put money for a capsule box which contains a random toy or card of various rarities. Gacha in this context comes from gacha games like FGO/Genshin Impact where you do the same thing like FIFA or PES, except for fictional characters instead of football players

  10. They will have dumbed the game down to enable cross-platform which everyone on the console will turn off. My god, they’re incompetent fools.

  11. Hello guys, i would really appreciate it if someone could answer this question. If KONAMI gets all licence for stadiums, leagues and players, does that mean FIFA wouldn’t?

  12. okay, brittish konami make the best pes games, taking to konami hq in japan and make takeshi castle samurai like football….. dear konami make seppuku and sell pes to 2k or sony

  13. By “operation” I think they were talking about dumbing down the controls to make the game “more accessible”.

    Things like removing the 2nd press or right stick switching.

    • Yep, Operation is controls. They say they want to make it more accessible to new users. I dont know how many ways they have to tell us and show us that this is just a mobile phone game for consoles, before we get the message. People still think somewhere hidden in all this a PES clone is going to pop out. This is efootball they stopped making PES because this is where the money is, mobile phone games

  14. So now it is upto the modding community to keep pes 2021 alive by updating their mods for all of us to enjoy the game.

  15. Master League on mobile.Since Pes Mobile is a Full online Game, Does this means that we’ll have an Offline mode also??

    • I don’t care whether it is offline or online for master league, but I just hope it is not MyClub 2.0. I don’t like to keep playing with other to earn thing (sorry, not eSport person for me)

  16. if they have over 400 million downloads in Mobile why don’t make a different game ? why because of this we pc/ console players suffer.
    I have no problem playing against a console player ( i play on pc) infact it would be a smart move to increase no. of players
    but dumbing down the gameplay for mobile players and ruining the experience for pc/ console players is hilarious.
    at this time i can only wish that the gameplay is not that dumb ( atleast it is at the level of pes 21 or better than that).

  17. So a mobile game has killed pes. … great!
    they must of made so many MILLIONS from mobile my club players. It’s a no brainer for them.

  18. eFootball on the Switch would be absolutely perfect. FIFA have completely neglected that system and the fact you could crossplay with so many different consoles and it’s free.. With Nintendo’s enormous fanbase, you’re just asking to print money with microtransactions. I’m absolutely amazed they haven’t announced a Switch version.

  19. Know people crap on the MLS, but this would be awesome being from America. Love Inter Miami!!!
    Intuition, but I think Konami did the first trailer on purpose. Usually they release content before FIFA. So maybe it is a bait and switch fingers crossed.

    • @GNMbg it’s so great! So excited especially owning an Xbox so it’s very tough with no option files. Try to edit players, but my editing is rubbish and too time consuming so usually just change the names lol.

  20. this sounds all just so terrible. i have no hope at all for this shit, it will be a complete mess and nothing to do with the old pes we all know. im sure you cant have fun with this game.

  21. Ricky you are starting to piss me off very mutch i don’t see any why start RTG with Derby County om pes 2021 master League when you talk all the time a gane that shouldn’t even excist should diseper forever Konami stop making shit game like this fucking terrible game.🤦‍♂️😤👎🤬😠😡🙄

  22. I’m literally going to throw up if I hear/read/think of 1v1 on Efootball again. What an imbecile idea for console and PC games! The prospect of this 1v1 is dismal.

    • Yep – from a business perspective it makes perfect sense for sure – as much as older fans (like most TTB viewers I’m guessing) don’t like it. The times they are a changing.

  23. Too many worries about ps5 vs mobile stuff…. Its not gonna be a big of a deal as some might think cuz u can filter it out and choose to only play ps5 vs ps5 if u like…

  24. Head is fried trying to judge what is gonna happen with Master league! Very tempted to pre order FIFA and I really don’t wanna do that

  25. Marketing is still trash but this trailer is definitely alot better than the last one and the news is cool hopefully we get atleast 2 official teams. Not sticking up for PES but you reckon the last minute news of Messi leaving Barcelona maybe change the release trailer? Usually its based on Barcelona?

  26. Efootball needs something like Pro Clubs much better than 1v1 atleast 5v5 and the rest of team ai. Would be good for Esports have teams

  27. We were excited to see a game that blew us away on next gen. Turns out a mobile can run it. I thought the whole point of a 2 year gap was to make the transition to next gen better than their 2 previous failed attempts.

  28. I downloaded the mobile game, played it on e and never played it again. The PSP version is way better than that pile of crap.

  29. I think “operation” there means control. I hope they don’t dumb down the controls from what PES already has right now (FUMA, advanced through ball, super cancel)

  30. Any addition is a positive thing for sure. Let’s hope on gamescom we will see some good news about the gameplay and Master League.

  31. Operation = Controls. Living in Asia, I can tell you its a common translation error that confuses me and my western buddies!

  32. People who care about MLS are small minority. Even for USA’s people it’s gonna more of a novelty thing. Becuase let’s be real who uses base players when every week they release featured players which are 97+ rated. And don’t tell me there will be 97+ rated MLS features every week becuase that would be a joke

  33. Can’t imagine the tournament with one player on console and the other on Mobile

    It’s gonna be hilarious 😂😂

  34. TTB just give up dude, it’s not worth pes has become garbage to the core. Even edit mode will be cut off soon. Pes is dead 💀. Japanese greed

  35. the teaser trailer that ya’ll saw was the mobile graphics.. except the stadium part… there will also be new feature player card.. the royal pass will look like Fifa mobile,,

  36. Why cant just focus on making next generation efootball Gameplay on console first but thing most importantly no ONE’S interested in this mobile shit on the next generation console make a mobile game separate to PS5 version put mobile second choice but they wont its looking bad for the future

  37. Is this Director on drugs for past 2 years or more what been doing sleeping making the Colours home screen look awful needs changing

  38. I be sticking to pes2021 till I happy it’s going be a next generation football game my friends looking grim I what a full NEXT GENERATION GAMING EXPERIENCE ON PS5 CONSOLE NO MOBILE SHIT GRAPHICS etc.

  39. I have to say you don’t need a powerful machine to make a really fun game, having revisited ISS Pro evolution 2 on the PS1 in recent times its still a fun game, given a modern day polish and boost with more animations and depth it will probably satisfy a lot of people. I’m not saying that with the power of a PS5 it’s what people want but in some ways people are far less likely to get bored of that type of game than the ultra sim type games that have been on offer.

  40. I bought PES3 when it came to PC & bought ALL others since. New Engine, YES we hailed the New Engine, finally we will get gameplay issue fixed that were not possible on old engine. I play offline, mostly ML and the flow issues, your “AI” players when we have 1 under control, don’t move to loose balls, turn back to defence and soon as a CPU player knocks the ball from my players toes and a host of other issue, that kill the notion of flowing football. I learned yesterday, the New Engine is GRAPICS ONLY same OLD Gameplay Engine AGHHHHHHHHHHH. I don’t hold out much hope if any for fixes required, updated AI for the Human team players. I think we could be heading for continuing PES game play ala PES21 and before, only with new updated graphics.

  41. Gacha is originally a toy vending machine where you pay to receive a randomly selected toy.
    It now also refers to loot boxes obtained by in-game currency in video games.

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