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#eFootball #PES2022
A bit of news roundup of everything we know so far for eFootball. Hate to call it that but unfortunately after decades of PES, it is no more folks 🥺

⏱️ Time Stamps:
Intro: 0:00
PES Officially Dead: 01:42
Master League DLC: 04:06
Option Files: 06:20
Twitter Talk: 08:16
What happened to last years trailer?!: 09:56
Adam Bhatti Confusion: 14:38

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I try to upload new videos daily, however sometimes life gets in the way!
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  1. Wanted to clarify a few things after yesterday madness!
    Master League is still on the cards, Option files will be a thing but how will we ever get a proper Next Gen game?!
    Cant see it happening, can you? 🤷‍♂️

    • @TheTrueBrits so mobile vs next-gen thing is doable technically. You just do a streaming client as an app instead of the game itself and basically let the users stream the game from server. You need great servers, coding and hardware as well but technically it’s doable

    • Now who are criticising will love the new game most… don’t judge the whole e football idea just by the graphic ….they will do something,for that we need to wait…….till then you can enjoy your one night stand girlfriend FIFA

    • we are all in deep sadness after the death of pes after so many years. and i feel sorry for you too ricky because how to move on with your channel? only playing the old games? playing fifa? idk

    • it was a user on reddit who wroted that konami will shift on the mobile games because mobile games cost less to develop them,less time and mobile games tends to make quickly a huge database of casuals
      lot of bad and simple games tend to be downleaded easily by 500k users or 1 mil downloads
      the problem is new pes is coming as a demo,some time later 2 online modes coming,much much later a bad esports,next year 1 or 2 offline modes as dlc
      if the new pes was coming with few modes already and resembling fifa online 4 in terms of trading players,i think it could been kinda a succes but nope
      konami wanted a pes in fifa online 4 style but suiting for mobile and making compatible with other platforms

    • No point. They did the contracts for PES and now they are stuck with it, unless the clubs cancel them. The only thing that happened is that FIFA can’t get them, so next year I’m stuck playing with Campania vs Bergamo in Serie A

    • to harm ea pes are done if they didn’t have the champions league europa etc. in those years they woulda prob folded as a brand and prob not make football games again this ain’t it hopefully we as fans get a great football game from whichever company

    • I think there is potential in this model, but they have to do it right. But it’s Konami, so they probably wont. Some good points is updates and bug fixes will be faster, and we dont have to wait for “next year’s game” for new features. Also this will be a stronger rival against Fifa for a market share for FUT. But this also means that focus on offline game modes will be secondary, as they are not “profitable”, as well as no real focus to improve the game if this ball spinning crap continues to pull in millions and millions. To me, the series is dead. This game will be dead on arrival as they dont even have the proper game that they envision at launch (they are gonna launch it in a demo state FFS). And with their shitty communication, they managed to lose the trust of their loyal fan base within a single day. They will have to do ALOT to regain trust from this community, or at least what’s left of it.

    • @Rapidfire I disagree. Nothing good can come out of this. They shouldn’t have changed the market type since it wasn’t anything wrong with it in the first place! The wrong parts are in the development and not giving people everything they have! Fifa has been doing this for so many years, and PES can’t keep up

  2. Very disappointed. We have to wait for modes?! Rather just pay full price and have an actual pes game we’ve been looking forward to. Probably switching back to fifa

    • fifa is the same every year so apprently i will just wait until Efootball has all the offline modes ready
      my opinion is i think they will release it a week after launch
      not so long

    • @MR Enigma What do you mean ” same every year “? What other changes do you want in a sports game? If you can think of any ideas I’d love to hear them. I don’t think pes has been changing every single year

    • @Irshaid that’s the point there is no major changes in a football game hence they must at least do it for free and the offline modes we can pay money for it

    • @Irshaid think about it man
      *Pay only for what you want to play* , i really love this new platform idea from the development team

      we will get used to it

  3. They’re trying to cater to all audiences which you can’t do that because people are still gonna be mad or un satisfied all they need to do is upgrade the graphics and make it next gen and they will be fine

    • @TheGooner28 because Konami is a very lazy, greedy company that wants only easy money. They have rented all their franchises.
      Same here, they want more money for very little effort. They will put all Myclub players together to spend the shit of their income. More matches means more cash for them Konami. And all this with practically minimal development in 2 years.

    • @TheGooner28 I’m definitely switching back to Fifa because it actually looks promising unlike this bs. Licenses, better presentation, better graphics, all modes are being improved, create a club career mode, some good animations added etc

  4. eFootball offline Career mode is confirmed for next year. 11:50 Visual cannot be match but the programming can be remain same as the original. And also there is a platform name JAVA

    • @Tin Yeh most people will think this is cool tbh as they play online and wanna play on their mobile / tablet – we are in a little echo chamber here on TTB, we all love offline ML but we are the minority.

    • @Cotar I feel that when companies do this, they need to feel the full wraith of our dissatisfaction and migrate to other competitors, I’d rather stop playing football games if it ain’t PES because FIFA is terrible

    • @Pietro Pes It’s the scripting pay to win BS people like us don’t like. That’s why I prefer to play offline. If the gameplay is really good that will be something at least but with no offline mode it’s pointless to me. I don’t want to play against some 13yr old who’s crap but the computer is deciding he’s getting the advantage because his mum has forked out the money for a better team.

  5. Why couldn’t they keep the pes lite if they wanted to cater to the people who want to play free online? 🤦🏽‍♂️

  6. I’ve never been so sad because of video game series being killed before…I can’t believe I’m going to have to play FIFA now. Konami just lost hundreds of thousands if not millions of fans.

  7. What on earth is happing to konami and ubisoft !! The later ok but konami with this free to play sh** and this garbage graphics

  8. Let’s hope there is a company who can build a new football game for offline users with a proper career mode. Screw EA and it pains me to say, but screw Konami too. They have tricked me for 2 years.. 2 years of hope and waiting for absolutely nothing. What a disgusting company.

    • @Danny Music I don’t get people like you, if FIFA gas no competition the game will not improve or even get worse. If Konami succeeds financially you can bet EA will be following suit. EA can’t lose but the rest of us FIFA and PES ayers all do.

    • But,sadly…this is it…i think i am going to change sides and go for EA,Konami showed their real face and how greedy they are,screw them. They tricked us 2 years by saying”Oh JuSt WaIt FoR 2022″and now,what?
      *what Konami?*

    • @josnic6 bruv I knew the new PES game would turn into a flop by calling it E football now and the Graphics don’t even look like Unreal engine it looks more like a mobile game and it’s so Embarrassing by Komani really it is Konami should just stick doing there other games like Silent hill because that game was a legend

  9. Why couldn’t they release the game as PES 2022 and have the next Gen stuff. And only transform the pes lite into the mobile game online shit? 🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Yeah should have been a normal PES release showing the new graphics lol show massive ML and BAL improvements. Then finsh with new esports efootball play together mode with all the console pc mobile rubbish. Then finsh with PES 22 $60 efootball and Myclub free on launch something like this. Stupid from Konami. Also there not even clear on the efootball bits like are you in leagues then if you win your league you play competitions? Then keep moving up the rankings?

  10. Yes you right we subcribe you for master league but Ricky have been a good time that you dont do it master league why ? These Days you have been doing vídeos about things that we dont wanted to see; please just do it master league like i have been saing in the last coments! Ricky you have to understand we dont wanted to see any thing alse if not is a master league; please do it master league tomorow

  11. This move is going to kill PES – if they think people will buy into this over FIFA because they have the same development model then they’re delusional. FIFA has all the licenses and the spectacle, they have all the streamers and YouTubers and the fan base. All the loyal single player/ML fan base won’t get the game either… so who is going to play it??
    There won’t be a game next year. It’s officially done.

    • @HM Free mind they need to make money mate
      And turns out this last tactic won’t beat fifa so they changed stuff

    • @MR Enigma konami does have other games besides PES lol. Have you ever heard of Metal Gear my guy, I hope that you are like a 14 year old trying to act smart, and not an actual adult

    • @MR Enigma why would you keep it the same game when Konami said this will be next gen and there is nothing?
      Konami doesn’t trust themselves then how will they compete with FIFA and why would you give up so early!!

    • @Ernad you such stupid man does konami now had other big games ?

      Konami has only pes now for about 7 years when they fired kojima
      I know they had metal gear solid but that was before mate

      Stop acting like you know things

    • @Ashiq Rafi earlyyy !!!!!!
      Fifa been winning since the release of last gen 2013
      On pes 14 up until pes 21
      And they had no other big games to get money from they now got only Pes

      They do have small games on mobile but im talking about big games

      It’s not early i think they had to change their marketing system we will see if it succeeds hope so

  12. “Taking pes to a whole new level” video showed awesome graphics, but efootball trailer was no where near that. So they lied?? Or did they change their mind or wtf?

  13. The guy who made the post about the PS5 private test is apparently very reliable. For example he was the first person to claim 2021 was going to be a season update, so probably someone with inside info/access.

    • Sorry, when it’s Cross Platform, never expect anything good from the quality of the game. Terry F. Gaming is the source? He didn’t even expect the reveal trailer will look that bad graphic and gameplay wise, right? The Next Gen version will only slightly better than the quality of Online Performance Test, that’s the result of Cross platform, that’s the compromise.

    • @Ayobami Fawole ​ i agree on the part that you said it’s possible if the online game is all about data transfer. Never played Fortnite but if they can do cross-platform between console and mobile, i guess it’s possible because in FPS they only need to care about the char position, hit boxes, char health, nothing to do with stuff like graphical details and animation. So yes the platform can handle that accordingly. How char looks like walking doesn’t matter in that game.
      but in football game, what worries me, animations matter! fifa22 talk about multi-touch control in next-gen consoles. and I expect next-gen console to have better and more animations. I’m not sure about mobile games and how capable mobile is right now, but if the mobile can’t have the same animation, how are they gonna handle that scenario? it’s either both platform is dumb down, or maybe the mobile version got an advantage with shorter animation like in console you have to stop the ball with your chest, take it down with your feet then push it forward, but in mobile you just need single touch with your chest?
      I hope, like ttb said, they don’t dumb down the console or pc version just to cater for mobile.

    • @IZ*1 I’m a bit confused, I thought the source you were asking about is for how I knew the person who posted that “PS5 private test” was reliable. Terry F. Gaming is the one who talked about his reliability in a new video. That’s what I meant.
      Apart from that, I’m not out here to defend Konami, I’ll be pissed if the game is shit as well cos I planned to get a new gaming PC to play the next gen game as well. I just think people need to chill just a bit with the overreaction 🤷🏾‍♂️

    • @dotcom333-gaming I agree, animations are my main concern. Obviously, a Stadia-like remote processing method like I mentioned might take care of that, but we wouldn’t know. We also might never know if Konami could actually achieve better results on the PS5 regardless of the cross platform. I mean, their animations have been robotic since forever.
      Let’s wait and see. If the game’s shit, I’m coming here to rant along with you guys, trust me😂

    • @Ayobami Fawole I have a very good reason for the comment I made. PES, eFootball and Konami, R.I.P.

      Point 2-4 convinces me no matter how good the next reveal will be, everything goes backwards [TTB] EFOOTBALL INSIDER INFO LEAKED?! – DOWN SCALED GRAPHICS VS MOBILE, … lewat @YouTube

      Welcome to the PES 2014 3.0

      Welcome to the weird world of PES2008

  14. After 20014 this year will be the first where I won’t buy any football game. eFootball or what even is this turd looks absolutely bad. Fifa thinking that PC is a last gen system is a f*cking joke and I won’t pay full price for a game that isn’t a full game because it is missing features that are there on PS 5 and Series X.

  15. Well with unreal engine it’s possible. It’s the graphical fidelity that will be scaled down on the various platforms. For animations and the others it’s part of the base code that will be the same on all platforms.

    • It worked with Pubg Mobile which to me is a dumped down version graphically, but the mechanics and animations are more or less the same and yes it’s running on Unreal Engine.

    • ​@Cristian Timis it’s different because those battleroyale games don’t need super realistic movements like a football simulator is required to.

  16. I dont know why I think its because I’ve been a fan of pes for so long now but this has really pissed me off why have they done this its just so lazy. It just seems like a slap in the face to all of the fans who have stuck by Konami Im sure Im not the only one that feels like this. Great video tho as usual

    • Well, what does it say about a game when you can play from a ps5 against mobile phones? Ps5 will underperform, ps4 is enough. I was gonna buy the ps5 mainly because of pes, after 2 years of development I’ve had high expectations.

    • @Lucarinho I agree, big concern. Nobody really asked for this mobile stuff and certainly not a crossover to dumb-down the console version

    • We should have seen this coming. Konami is a complete disaster. Please can someone just take the license from those buffoons. What a silly thing to do. Make us wait a whole season for this crap. I will be very upset with anyone who supports this cos you are enabling and accept mediocrity.
      The best advertisement for EA’s Fifa 22. Guess I will be sitting this game till someone at that stupid company gets sense.

    • I heard they’ve been working on “this” since 2018 so they took 3 years to shit this out. It’s an embarrassment

  17. WTAF , because of smart phone , my ability to call a TM to cover the cpu ball carrier as I use my highlighted player to go with runner. The no more flick the stick to set a TM off on a run that can open up a midfield or create space in a defence for a run or to make a pass … raging if this happens. I never play on line even PC v PC never mind console and mobile phones. What are they playing at.

  18. The main advantage of Unreal Engine is that it can adapt the graphics and animations according to the capabilities of devices. And every animation that is available on console can be reproduced in mobile as well. That is the reason why they ported to UE5.

    • Are we just overreacting? Konami would know better than us right? But it’s also their fault because the marketing team has absolutely failed them.

    • The most important thing if the game will be croos-play throw platforms is the online matchmaking mechanism. Pes on offline mode considering gaming style or graphics is very good as long as you stick with the offline, but all that goes with the wind on online cuz of stupid peer to peer connection. If the game will be on p2p( peer to peer) connection, then the game is going down for sure. They need to have a dedicated server. Anybody knows if it will be p2p or dedicated server yet? Any leak?

  19. Master league could be based on the actual PES Manager for mobiles, which has some interesting elements. We will have to wait and see.

  20. For all the clowns out there PES Mobile already had the unreal engine since PES 20 if I remember correctly and PES mobile runs pretty well .

  21. The announcement didn’t mention graphics at all. I suspect they are leaving this for a future announcement. The gameplay shown could easily have been from PS4.

    • Yesterday someone told me that the next-gen gameplay video comes tomorrow… I can’t find it anywhere but let’s hope so otherwise PES is definitely over…

  22. These japanese bro, they brake every thing.They don’t know any thing about football shame.Just stick to making drogon ballz simple.

  23. Maater league is coming with 9 free teams lol.
    You will have to pay for other teams and master league.
    Get your wallets ready

  24. EA let’s focus on Next gen !
    Konami let’s focus on mobile !

    All jokes a side I loved PES but this broke my hearth I not gonna lie I didn’t expect nothing from EA this year but im impressed I expected more from Konami because of the two years they had to make a hell of a game and graphics so real and crisp and then they does this even the logo looks like the euro logo € they just lost their identity and all that for what ? Money ?

  25. I think we’re clutching at straws purposely looking for hope with this new format of a game but with Konami’s track record for switching things over is extremely poor and after two years to produce what we saw yesterday is shockingly bad

  26. I did everything to get my ps5, my lg cx only to play pes 2022 on next gen on a new unreal engine, what waste of money, I should’ve stick with my fucking phone

  27. Konami not only betrayed the fans but also the pes content creators…as they all face a serious problem of pes fans turning away from their youtube channels

  28. Whilst I understand people’s anguish let’s remember fifa was on PSP and football manager on iOS and Android in a much more streamlined form compared to PC and consoles so I’d expect that to be the same

  29. ‘From the makes that brought you PES’ and not the good PES, the crap ones full of scripting, neglecting offline, focusing only online, and terrible AI. The people who thought efootball was a good name.
    This game, Efootball ,will be the most casual, dumbed down cash grab ever created. And theyve been heading in this direction for years. Theyve planned this for at least 5 year.

  30. What i think is they are planning to take one more year for new ground up pes. They are not ready to tell the fans again that it will take one more yr for new ground up game. Instead of another season update, they released these kind of game this yr.

  31. We waited 2years for this abortion of a game. Graphics look awful, player movements ridiculous & robotic, colour scheme & name disgusting. They really shafted us loyal fans. Won’t be buying it.

  32. Only explanation to this is if they have the next gen graphics solely for offline modes for the ps5 etc. However this is highly unlikely. Massive slap in the face by Konami.

    • The maximum graphics the can achieve is pubg graphics as we saw.
      But at the very least this could be a chance to focus on gameplay and modes, let’s see…

    • Not enough people speaking out, too much defending, praising, favourite phrases being ‘if you think this is bad you should see fifa’ supporting and trusting konami no matter how bad they behave is how we ended up here today.
      Some people should be feeling a bit guilty now that they helped konami slowly turn pes into this

  33. I’m really worried, master league is not going to be to a standard worth paying for…. What worries me the most is that I may end up buying FIFA 🙁

  34. Bud, again ur spot on COINAMI have really stuffed the teddy i mean I’ll see what happeneds but i don’t think I’ll be really interested, but i defo will not be going back to fifa.
    I’ll just stick to pes 2021 fudge it.

  35. i can only think its a way to try and get away from the PES name because fifa players look down on PES, i think its a way to get people to try it, no fake team at launch maybe not at all in the free version and its free and not called PES, i think there just trying to gret away from the PES name to get people to try it

    • The other alternative if you want really pc mods on console is via a jailbroken ps4 console mate, its not the best option but way better than regular ps4 console when it comes to modding certain games with mods only available on pc. Plus pes 2021 is playable on firmware 7.55 which is jailbreakable. Though You wont be able to add all full fledged pc based patches worth of 200gb mods but you surely be able to add things like stadiums, gameplay mods, new faces, tattoos, adboards, extra player callnames and national team anthems, custom music playlist including even changing menu themes via cpk files or complete patches like e.g smoke patch which is converted from the pc version and readily available for download free of charge on the net. Ofcourse, not all files are compatible with ps4 but its way better than just adding kits and new lineups via a usb stick on a regular ps4. Otherwise, if you have the money PC is the best way but gaming rigs aint cheap though, but you could take advantage of the new Steam Deck handheld coming in december.

  36. Now that PES is dead, I hope you give football manager another try. Maybe you should stream it and we can help you in the chat with all the stuff you dont understand.

  37. I think its possible that the PS5 version could have extra animations to the mobile, as long as its all in sync, so say it takes 0.5 secs to do an animation on PS5, it would have to take the same time on mobile but it could be 2 completely different animations.
    But its always going to be limited by the mobile, the physics and speed, the control, the feel, the balance, the casualness, its going to be a mobile phone game.
    When has Adam bhatti ever been honest or give any information. Never, so hes not going to start now.

    • agree! i don’t see how the PS5 gonna have better simulation for physics, speed, control, balance and animations if the mobile can’t do the same. what about fuma?

  38. I’m a programmer, and younger I had some gaming developing experience for mobiles.
    The only way to have full (oldschool) pes controls in mobile , is if they have as requirement the mobile controler, at least when they play cross platform.
    The graphics just like pubg , can be downgraded for mobile and have an other version for consoles BUT it will be really hard if not impossible to have mobile graphics play online against consoles graphics.
    If they achieve something like that, they will be the first ever to do it, I don’t think so.
    There is only one way I can think , to achieve that, and for that to work without lags, I believe they must lower the graphics on consoles.
    How much, that depends on the engine and Konami’s work

  39. You are so right about the mobile game being completely different! Just compare CoD Warzone on PS5 and the mobile version! Massive, massive difference in every aspect of the game including gameplay, animations and graphics!

  40. idk if this works but if konami really wanted to cross play including the mobile couldnt they crossplay old gen consoles with mobile excluding the next gen consoles?? like fifa online ??
    now we know why people were leaving the company
    right after weedens leaves we get such shit and confusing trailer
    the easiest job seems to be working in Konami’s marketing dept. (if they have one) they do shit and get paid

  41. Ttb, if you could go through my comments on any of pea2022 next-gen you could see I never expected anything new or better from konami, they are just not serious enough to compete with FiFa

  42. Hello, Ricky. It seems to me that Konami targets another group of customers, who play mostly in mobile, thus their game gets adapted to what a mobile game’s needs are. For me it’s sad, I’m a pure PES fan, I play PES since 2012 and this is not good for me. I don’t know what I’ll do next, maybe my work becomes so tough, that this will be the inevitable end. But anyway, Konami seems to hide too many secrets. Maybe they want to hide from the antagonism, maybe they are not sure how the fans will accept their new game?.. Difficult to say. Anyway, if I can, I’ll be in your livestream. Have a nice time.

  43. COINamy…… im done…. Fifa is adding some really good systems that may make it feel, more pes like? lets hope

  44. Honestly let wait to see the final result cause most of the time when thing are bad the final results are always good hope they do it right

  45. EA should just release a F2P version of their game just to kill this crap. For the first time I am routing for EA to kill off a game.

  46. The makers of PES could not fix a gameplay, fouls and referring, for over a decade now, how much more a next-gen. Smh

  47. We ALL must UNITE and go BACK 2 Fifa… then if they lose allot of player base, they will do a U TURN!

    • Nah, the will get new users.
      They basically change everything.
      Making pes like pubg and fornite.
      At least if the can make it fun, it might worth all that change.
      Cause pes was always about gameplay, but if they destroy the gameplay also , then good bye.

    • @Wake no. well the unreal engine comes out next year officially so let’s wait and see, I believe this game will be updated by then, besides the graphics don’t need to be next gen on mobile, just game play that needs to be good enough and I guess if you are playing online it will be slowed down for everyone.

    • @IBRAHIM MOMOH we are talking about consoles and pc next gen graphics, and that’s impossible for now, except if they achieve something that no one has achieved until now!.
      I personally don’t care about graphics so much, but at least now they have a chance to make a great gameplay and modes, so if they don’t do that, then it’s over.

    • @Wake no. oh epic has said they won’t be as good as the next gen quality so that’s not even a question.🙂

    • So I guess when you are playing on your pc or console the graphics will look amazing in your end and who ever is playing on mobile will get the mobile graphics, same goes for cross platform games like how halo infinite will be on xbox and xbox series as well as pc.

    • @IBRAHIM MOMOH exactly ” xbox , xbox series and pc” not mobile.
      There is not one game you can name to have next gen graphics on a console and play online against mobile players.
      Except if we are talking for cloud gaming.

  48. Bro they wont make billions from online gaming. They have literally given up. Sad times. If its free it gives them even less reason to care about the games issues lol

  49. Also re mobile it might me cloud based like x cloud on xbox, so its the full game but streamed direct to the phone not like downloaded as an app to the phone, i doubt it but its possible and one way round using mobile as a full game

  50. Season 21/22 with pes 21game all transfers and kits done sounds cutscenes master league mode il watch that maybe as juventus or Man Utd

  51. I mean technically phones like samsung are going to have graphics on par with consoles within the next 2 years because of their partnership with AMD who is responsible for the graphics on consoles like PS5 X-BOX etc. So I’m hoping or guessing this is the reason Konami took this approach to maximize on future possibilities🤷‍♂️

    • Do you think in two years a mobile amd chipset can compare with ps5 or a RTX?!!
      With such a small chipset fitted in a small hand held you can never get to that level of graphical power or animation power atleast not in near future.
      Nintendo switch and New handheld steam console are specifically made for gaming and yet they are not anywhere close to what a PS5 or High end gaming PC can achieve.

  52. They said each platform is getting its own ‘maximum graphics’. So I think they showed us the PS4 version yesterday and we get a new gameplay video soon (maybe tomorrow) for next-gen.

  53. I don’t know about your experience of PES, but I play offline against my friends and CPU.
    I option file everything so I have all the licenses, and it’s a dream.
    They should have pushed these areas, made option file be available for Xbox, and push it further so we can edit scoreboards and adboards, like PC can on PlayStation.
    Big disappointment so far, but I’m waiting till I actually play it before I make any solid opinion.

  54. This game is free and I do not want to play it. 3 years of development and it looks worse than a ps3 game. Konami are frauds, that Adam Bhatti twat is a fraud. Killed another franchise

  55. Yea UE4 makes it ‘easy’ to port between platforms. But you’re still gonna hit the ceiling first on mobile. If they can have the same physics code running in all platforms it can still work. But I don’t see them doing it without compromising on the AAA platforms. You can always dumb down graphics on mobile. But the physics and the animations ( they should be working together in a sports game) need to be the same. They can’t be too complex since they will now have to accommodate the weaker platforms.

  56. I think E football refers to the fact that the makers of this game have been on E’s for two years. R.I.P EVO

  57. Maybe the mobile vs ps/pc games will be like the coach mode or like in football manager. The COM will play for you, and you can only make subs and change the tactics

  58. What I think they are going to do is launch two games , offline and online.
    Pay for the offline and online is free

  59. Same ugly wide mouths on players full of huge teeth. Look at Messi’s mouth on the picture at the beginning of the video. All they did was transfer all their crappy graphics, codes, etc into unreal engine. Added a few extra cinematics and that’s it the new 2022 efootball.

  60. Give up everyone PES has been shit 2014 onwards and now they’ve stabbed us in the back, it’ll never be like the golden era of PES2-6 ever again.

    TTB you should move on to other games; play CoD play battlefield or whatever, would be interesting.

  61. I’m gonna keep playing 2021 and then wait to see what deliver offline for efootball and give it a go and make my mind up after that. Evolution has to happen sometimes.

  62. It’s a mobile game that runs on consoles. Simple as that. You will be playing on a PS5 against someone on a 3 year old iPhone lol

    It’s a farce.

  63. Can we all just make an agreement that we will mod the shit out of pes 21, we can hack the game and get the code, then use the code to make the gameplay better, make the ai smart, have more penalties and update kits and stuff like that every year… There is a lot of us, and if we combine we will be better then Konami ever was!

  64. The worst bit about this for me on a personal note is that it reminds me that this is the way gaming as a whole is going and as somebody who likes offline game modes I probably won’t be a gamer within five years.

  65. It doesn’t make sense, if you need a controller to play it on mobile, that would indicate you probably have a playstation/xbox. Therefore, you would probably prefer to play the game on playstation/xbox instead of mobile phone. The average free to play mobile phone player, who it would appear are the target audience of konami with this, aren’t going to go out and buy a controller to just play a free to play game, as the whole point of the free to play model is that it’s accessible and therefore reaches a wider audience. Therefore, if that’s the case, they’d be sacrificing their console game, to cater to console players with a mobile which makes no sense. Surely, the game must be playable on a mobile phone without a controller, meaning the controls will have to be significantly dumbed down. That’s even before we get into how ridiculous it is that the gameplay has to be the same between console generations in order to create a fair cross play environment, let alone console and mobile.

  66. Don’t pay for masterleague. You can bypass PES and play it for free. Just don’t drop a single dime on these stupid Konami corporate. They don’t deserve it. Two years for all of this. I bet in these two years they were only trying to optimize their server which in itself is an embarrassment as FIFA had good servers from PS3 days. Lmao ‘EFootball’ ‘cross platform’ 🤣🤣
    Just get lost konami and become exclusive mobile game developer.

  67. I don’t understand why they’ve done this 😅 if they want people trying it for free so the player can see if they like it, there’s already pes lite..So why not carry on sticking to what literally the community wanted 🤔 just mind boggling what they’re doing, also noticed for the first time that I can remember there was no Barcelona gameplay in the trailer apart from Pique at the training ground, even though Messi and Fati both in the trailer, interesting 👀

  68. I’m not playing online. I don’t care. I don’t like online play. I will wait until the ML DLC is released.

  69. Your absolutely right it’s a huge slap in the face from Konami I have been a huge ML player for years on years in the year they took out I was expecting far more than is I really hope they can revive this somehow even though we all know that is highly unlikely.

  70. The ign articles that came out yesterday really worried me. They have been focusing on pvp online, they havent been working on ai in offline, so im expecting the worse. On the plus side, If master league is paid dlc, it has me hoping they will at least look to work on it to make it worth money, but imagine getting master league in December! Really should be available mid October at the latest.

  71. Oh boo hoo waaa waaaa cry some more little baby 😫😫. When it comes out I guarantee you he’ll be playing everyday and acting like he loved it all along.

  72. The hypermotion stuff is just a marketing gimmick. Of course a PS4 could potentially have that EA just doesn’t wanna do it.
    A phone could run the same game, yeah. As long as the graphics and crowd quality is reduced. I don’t think the animations should be much of a problem on mobile. If phones can run Genshin Impact they can run PES, or eWhatever.

    I don’t really see much of a problem with the cross platform stuff, I think is a great idea. The problem is how they are killing the actual game, and instead just made it an online experience. That said, if you have to paid for master league there is a chance Konami would try to make it more appealing year after year with updates so more people buy it.
    Also what about the editor mode? 50% of what I do on PES is messing around with the editor mode. Adjusting stats and making new teams.

  73. Look I’m not saying I’m a believer and Konami had clearly ruined what was left of PES but mobile UE isn’t mobile UE it’s just UE which is infinitely scaleable. It’s the same concept as PC players no everyone has the same hardware. And I can’t believe you fell for the EA hypermotion marketing… hypermotion can absolutely be ram on PS4 and PC but why would they? Then they can’t charge 70$ for animation. But also fuck konami

  74. Dude, many things you got wrong. I think they are doing the right thing long term, even if graphics may not be next gen at the moment. This will lead to incremental improvements over time. Also, they can do it for mobiles, just tone down the graphics, etc. They could f it up, but it’s too early to judge.

  75. I feel sorry for all the hardcore pes players and I am actually scared as a FIFA player that EA does not have any competition anymore…

  76. i think they want to follow genshin impact, when pc player can play together with console player or mobile player

  77. I never ever like pes approach, slow, trash animations, sluggish and confusing Menus, cluttered scene transition never ever seamlessly as FIFA, sub-par commentary, gameplay is subjective thing, you PES fan overhype always

  78. What if they use cloud infrastructure to host the games?…. that’s what companies are testing now and you basically stream the game onto your phone

  79. It’s sad how this is the only thing they can think of to be different to FIFA , where’s the people that put a ref on the cover or had the intro done by queen

  80. I am legit thinking opening up a Kickstarter, hiring a developer team and making the competitor of both FIFA and PES. They both failed this year.

    • @datarioniboii Well that seems realistic at least, if highly ambitious, even with an extremely dedicated and talented team.

    • … as long as you understand you’re talking over a million euros in salaries alone across 5 years… (i just read your 200k figure)

    • @Paul Higgins yeah, i thought about that and i was yeah we need tons of money. Its kinda impossible, but if the PES community wants it, it is possible

    • @datarioniboii with enough marketing you can make enough money. Both fanbases really want a good career so if we offer them that everybody will be on board. A good strategy is to prepare demo or early access and I think you can try to contact some pes/fifa youtubers to try it out. If it is good you will immediately gain traction. If I could I would start the kickstarter myself but I’m still in school so I don’t really have the time to manage an entire game development project

  81. Bruh fuck konami and sorry for my language but look we had Pes for so long and now in 2021 FIFA 22 will be the best game! Like konami really messed this up and I prefer to play Pes 21 and that you have to pay for master league and some other offline modes is actually fucked up

  82. I wish Konami went bankrupt and Sony or Ubisoft got the PES license to make a proper game, not this mobile piece of crap

  83. PES is dead. We thank the the pathetic Konami for killing the game and their absurd approach with this year’s game. This is a massive slap in the face to the community and long time players of the game.

  84. Konami reminds me of the democrats. Caring more about the criminals than the citizens who actually obey the law

  85. I am sure it says master league on “compatible device”, highly doubt there will be a mobile version but if it does I am sure it won’t affect how it is on console and pc

  86. It simply sucks @TheTrueBrits they stole “the beautiful game” from us. I stick to PES 21 on Series X and Ps5 with hopefully patch files for new seasons and teams.

  87. Totally agree with everything you said. I don’t play online so for me this game is now dead. Was really looking forward to the game on ps5 but that’s now a non starter for me. It’s time now all the licensed clubs cancelled their contract with Konami and move back to Fifa so at least we get a full game even if the gameplay is not great. Konami have given up with pes and so have I. 😡😪

  88. Very sad with all this, I’ve grown up playing this series since the ps1 days. Yesterday was easily the saddest day in my gaming life, as a PES fanatic it felt like a stab on the back and in the heart. I kinda wish Sony bought Konami’s ips like MGS, PES and Silent hill. Most of these games have a strong PlayStation history and connection, plus Sony is now publishing games on PC so we could still have PES on console and PC.

  89. I picked a PS5 for Pes, because is the only game I play, fortunately I have a good mobile as well, so I can play there… Thinking serious about Fifa if this won’t change.

  90. This mess feels like Konami just didnt have time to make the game and they had to prioritize what was the most important part of the game. Hope they just admit it. Dont see anything good about this. Online game will be probably more laggy than pes 21. Ps5 againts mobilephone. Just sad…

  91. You watch, you are gna have to pay for each League, maybe even groups of teams from each League. Sick of this online shit, I hate people, i dont want to play other people. I dislike people so much when Thanos snapped away half the universe I stood up in the cinema and clapped

  92. About your animation question. I study game design and I might be able to give you an answer.. but yeah, there is a solid chance I might not be fully right.
    Animations are not exactly programmed. There is code that takes care of animations, but it is just to play them. The artists create the animations, and then the programmers implement them in the game through conditions. (if some button is pressed play that animation and move the player in that direction)
    The main difference between mobile and console/pc is that mobile can’t handle the same resolution due to weaker graphics adapter. The idea is to make the same animation, but with lower image quality, or maybe even lower framerate (lock to 30 fps?) for the mobile version of the game.
    So yes, it is very possible to have the same animations on mobile and console and pc, it is just a bit more work for the artists. The code itself will be exactly the same for everything, especially if you will be able to play with a controller from your phone.

  93. I doubt it will happen, but it would be cool if after they make millions and millions with this they put all the money into making a proper great game again. Doubt that will be the case though.

  94. There might be new owners to revamp the game ,and like other games free to play online ,But we have to see how the finished game plays

  95. I think the ps5 server will recognise the mobile user as ps5 only n keep the graphic on ps5 mode n same for mobile user,if a mobile user gets matched with pc,ps4,xbox or ps5 player the server itself will recognise it as mobile player n keep the graphic on mobile version n thats how the online system might work without hampering every platform graphic

  96. It’s not even really free-to-play it’s just the lite/demo version of previous years which was always free

  97. RIP PES , E football not for me so far , I play offline master league like yourself and agree Konami have thrown in the towel and I’ll continue to play 2021

  98. Back to FIFA I go I started off with pes then got into FIFA 07 until FIFA 15 then left to go back to PES now I’m on my way back to FIFA I’m so disappointed with what “efootball” is now going to be for the present and future I feel Asif they have sold a lie to many.

  99. I want to clarify that I love the pes series, and this is my favorite franchise but: I’m so disappointed. A few weeks ago a lot of pes fans was talking about how konami could implement metahuman into the game,will we have the option to create realistic faces with it in game or import it into the game. The director was talking about photorealism. And we actually got a redux mobile version just yet. It looks almost the same as the fox engine.

  100. i think I’m correct in saying most of us will wait for cracks. Many will not feel bad, as this game is
    a betrayal

  101. All this news is so confusing, was honestly looking so forward to pes 2o22 and getting a ps5 for next gen, today I find out it’s a free game, cross compatible with mobile! I mean the trailer looked awful lol but I haven’t tested the beta or seen any proper gameplay so we will have to see 🤔

  102. Absolutely spot on.
    1 – WHY would I want to play against a mobile player from a PS5 / Great PC?
    2 – How can they make the next gen / pc game look as it should, if i’m gonna play against someone who plays on a freaking PHONE?

    This is a mess, no one is got solid answer. As you said, they just gave up and now they are gonna make a catchy game, a game for everyone, not for real football / PES fans.

  103. I share your pain, Ricky… Cross-platforming is the shell-shocker. Only time will tell, but if they have fucked this up… We need a new rival to wanky E.A. and sell-out skint-flint Konami.

  104. If you don’t have a background music, I would have cried! Really you are speaking by heart, konami just broke our hearts. No comparison in trailers of last year and current one. One point is very clear, both EA n E Football going in same direction —— MONEY!!!

  105. Cheers mate, your honesty of a hurt pes fan shined through, I feel it being one, I’ve had enough with Konami and watch your vids, but doubt I will get it, it’s a shame. Might hop over to ice skating Fifa lol

  106. Does the “option file” feature mean we can edit a custom team like we have now? All I care is that we can still edit our own custom team and play with friends online.

  107. So last year we get e football pes 2021 “update” now we get a free to play mobile game for next gen, wtf are konami actually upto, money grabbing like ea, its f2p so I’ll check it out, but I would much rather pay £50-60 for an actual game, not have to wait for stuff to update, I mean release date will be a nightmare everyone rushing to download, servers won’t cope as its cross compatible gameplay, it can’t even handle PS v PS right now 🙈😂😂😂 konami are only looking at more ways to earn money

  108. Even Messi looks sad on the cover 6:36
    I will rather spend 60$ on FIFA that play this load of crap
    I’ve never been this highly disappointed about PES until now
    The company doesn’t care about it’s fans
    This is sooo sad
    I’m officially a FIFA fan🎉

  109. I’ve got a strong feeling Master League/Career Mode whatever you wanna call it won’t even be a thing in this game, it seems too catered towards Online play.. All their efforts will be in pushing their “Ultimate Team” mode because that’s the mode where they will make their profit. It seems like they aren’t using any unlicensed teams anymore, which makes you think.. How on earth would Master League work? The offline modes they’re talking about will probably be a League/Cup you can create with the existing teams on the game.. Knowing Konami.

    Also, the modes will obviously no longer be called “Master League” or “myClub” that belongs to PES.. This is a completely different franchise, people need to remember that. Even at the end of the trailer it clearly states “New Team Building Mode” so they’re not calling it myClub anymore.

  110. I don’t know why yall are hating on pes for upgrading the mobile game when y’all give fifa the power of best soccer game. They clearly know their mobile game is way better than FIFA mobile, which is their only way to shine even tho fifa has more downloads(again y’all’s fault for downloading that crap) so yeah obviously they’d focus on it.

  111. I think Konami have wanted to create a F2P version of the game, that works on all platforms, then the standard next gen version. i.e eFootball is a subsidiary or knockoff of PES. Maybe so far, they’ve announced the eFootball game and still keeping standard next gen PES under wraps. This theory would explain a lot about why it doesn’t look next gen, it looks backwards for a game developed for 2 years etc because maybe it’s old code from previous games so they won’t necessarily have to go through making 2 brand new games, and maybe purchasing offline modes is so that this eFootball game can have offline playability for a game designed for online play only. . Idk though, it’s just a theory 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

  112. So glad i picked up PES 21 for for 6 quid. Seems i will get more than moneys worth over the next year. As a PES player heck even ISS on PS ONE and N64 ive been playing this most of my life. Now after yesterdays horrendous voice over “reveal” trailer I’m so bitterly disappointed. Like you say its aimed now to be marketed like fortnight looking for micro transactions to bring in money. I feel left behind with this.

  113. What worries me the most is physics, just look at the ball how it moves when they showed a top view camera it’s definitely a mobile type physics not even close to ps3 or ps4 level 😔.
    I’m 44 years old and pes been my passion for more than 20 years and konami just killed it.

  114. I don’t understand why Konami is trying to compete with FIFA’s FUT. They should try a different approach because they can’t beat EA online. Instead, focus on offline content like ML (don’t care what they call it.) or a my career like NBA 2k has. Even a story driven career mode like f1 2021 has would work. They are behaving like a Korean mmo developer.

    • Licenses. The public demands licenses. And licenses are very expensive. EA is always expanding by adding more licenses, eg, Serie A and Boca Jrs. In order to protect the obtained licenses and to get new ones, Konami needs revenue. Thus, it resorts to this model of video gaming.

  115. Sorry, but if they want to keep crossplay between mobile and PC/Consoles – they can’t improve the graphics drastically. It’s literally impossible. Textures can be upscaled sure, maybe clothing physics can be enabled (though PES didn’t have cloth physics either), maybe some 3D grass will also be enabled. But animations, AI, player models – they will all have to stay the same.

  116. I will download and try it, because I mostly play online, but they ain’t getting a single $ from me for this load of craps!

  117. I’ve always been a pes man….not owed fifa since 98….but I’m honestly considering it after this it’s an absolute shambles. Very sad, upset and angry

  118. Mate, as worried as I am about the state of the game, you’re overestimating the power of current gen consoles and underestimating the power of a half decent phone.

  119. PES is dead.. It was dead before today. Did u see what they did with Unreal Engine? I prefer PES 2020..

  120. 15:31 I have a different opinion on this. KONAMI proved with PES 2020 and 2021 that it’s better than FIFA. They nailed the hardest part of the game: the gameplay. Even another “season update” would have been better than this shitshow. Somehow KONAMI managed to bury themselves with this move.

  121. the mobile gamers buy lots of coins on myclub, so they’ve channel all their energy to us Mobile Gamers. I’m pissed tho

  122. If you look at something used a lot to make mobile games with, called unity, if you make an animation and it works on PC it will work the same on mobile, just with differences in maximum resolution. Unity can be configured to build an executable, and with the same code and animations an android app.

  123. They should have made efootball as one thing and PES as something else. Konami really f’d the community over, like you say they lied to us and mislead us.

    • @Wake no. Why? They say there is a market for mobile gaming, so fine do it but its obvious going by all the protest and complaints that there definitely is a market for offline console gaming too.

  124. Wait
    since this is made in unreal engine
    doesnt that mean we can just edit the gameplay and graphics ourselves since unreal engine has AI learning technology

    • I will tell you what, if the achieve to make it a success like pubg, fortnite etc . Then yes, cause then many players won’t be willing to pay money for fifa.
      Generally speaking, the trend is free to play, for all those one dimensional repeating games.

  125. If they are going to be making so much money why don’t they use the efootball as a vehicle to fund PES. Crikey, they could have given up all the licenses to save some money and let the community mod the kits etc as they do anyway. They are so lazy they couldn’t even port it to the Switch. This makes me sad as they have literally killed PES.

    • I could handle the change from ISS, cos the evolution was needed. But I do not recognise this mess… I haven’t played PES since 2015 and I don’t regret it. FIFA it is then

    • @Wake no. I exclusively play offline modes in PES, and have for years. Not once in my life have I so much as opened up the ultimate team mode. It simply doesn’t interest me. As they have focused more and more on online, and less and less on single player over the last several years, my interest in buying the new games has degraded steadily. That trend has now reached it’s peak. My interest is zero. There is nothing left for me to “wait and see.” The franchise is dead, literally. It’s not even called PES anymore

  126. Looks like you are going to have to play fifa 22. Well I think fifa looks fantastic and brings a decent content this year.

  127. Not happy at all been playing Pes games since ISS on snes. Worst of all they’re keeping that commentary team 😭

  128. My only suggestion would be could the mobile gamers be tapping into a stadia like server to match next gen online?? .

  129. Maybe when they first started out it was going to next gen and all that stuff then somewhere down the line they just completely changed there mind to this hole mobile thing I don’t know? All I do know is I just think it’s the beginning of the end for the game in general I haven’t really been a fifa fan but I would put good money on that fifa 22 shits all over this new efootball shit

  130. Youve made some decent points. And as dissapointed and peed off as i am..theres something telling me that this isnt the final graphics for console..theres just no way that this is next gen on the trailer!! No way!. Am not sure how their gonna translate next gen graphics and animation to mobile but there no way what we saw yesterday was the PS5 graphics! If it is..then am off to huy a gamong PC buying pes 2021 and downloading all the pes universe mods..its may cost me £1.5k plus but id rather that then those graphics!

  131. For konami counts only the money… For online gaming.. They make a mes of it lying and lying over again about next Gen game. I’m very disappointed in komani and I hope there will be masterleauge otherwise by by football games 😞

  132. Why does it matter what master league is called..? Konami have changed the name before. It used to be just international teams. The it was made up players and now…

  133. They want people to buy the DLC – so no reason for them to make it shit. Also if it’s make your own game. I would prefer to not have leagues that I won’t ever play with so – if it means saving money that’s all good

  134. The latest iphone 12 and Samsung Galaxy s21 have better processors and graphics than PS4 so it won’t be that much of a step down

  135. WHy are they even bothering with this mobile crap!? Just dumbing down the game, when surely most people play football games on consoles/pc? In fact I don’t know ANYONE that plays football games on phones….with a controller!? Pointless!!

  136. Maybe when two next gen consoles play each other it’s the next gen game, but when a next gen console plays against a phone then both systems play the phone version. The game matches the versions depending on the device you’re playing against

  137. There communication is terrible.
    The trailer should have been alot clearer.
    Should have been clips of mobile pc console. Like switch between gameplay like the same player model in the same position/pose but showing the change in graphics on different devices. Then listing the future of efootball… should have just had it as a normal PES game we all love then had a online mode called efootball which is like Warzone/Fortnight that’s free. Then have MyClub for free.

  138. So sad, waiting two years for what we thought would be an amazing football game. Now it is over. FIFA will also decline heavily now with no competition.

  139. I actually feel bad for anyone with hope… the games got a fucking battle pass in a football game. That just shows you how much they care about you guys.

  140. They’re aiming at frustrated online fifa players. And if you read some comments out there, they got what they aimed for. Lots of frustrated fifa players saying they’ll try PES.

  141. Should have just been a normal PES release then introduce a new efootball mode with a dumbed down version which isn’t the same as the normal game. Or don’t dumb it down and kept it just next gen console and pc.

  142. Well… if im playing football next this autumn, FIFA will do.
    I think the will completely lose all the offline players to FIFA

  143. “post launch” is just an excuse to say these features will be there. They might not be. NFS fans know what I’m talking about.

  144. So…, are the graphic on phone and console going to be same? ,, if that so,, whats the point playing it on console then?

  145. Bhatti knows for sure. he just cannot say anything. and regarding technical stuff – are you a developer? are you SURE it’s impossible?) i don’t think so.

  146. I am sticking with efootball pes2021 gameplay is awesome I love it this next generation is bullshit of a game

  147. What they’re aiming for is ambitious and by some means even insane but Unreal is the right engine to do this: if they can match the “next-gen” animations with equal but downgraded ones on mobile and the same goes for the graphics, as in properly scalable across platforms, we might have a gem. The mobile version could use cloud servers to run the game too, which would reduce the computing load by a lot. I wanna say that I’m not as optimistic as I used to be but I firmly believe their marketing idea is solid, now it’s up to them to deliver on the expectations.

  148. i mentioned in the comment section of one of your old videos that with next gen this would be a good time for them to rebrand. I could see something like this coming. I thought there was room for a name change, for me pro evo soccer has never been a name that grabs you. I don’t think efootball is any better mind you. But they’re obviously hoping to steal some market share from FIFA. I think there is potential for this to work. Time will tell though. It’s certainly high risk but at least they are trying something new after all these years. I will reserve judgement on the game until the demo is out. If they can get the unreal engine right this new model can blow that awful looking FIFA out the water. We will see though; it could backfire completely, but lets wait and see when the demo is released

  149. Iam a huge pes fan been playing pes since iss pro 98 on ps1 but it seen Konami has lost the plot but is it not pes with a different name but that suck that ml is a dlc … Sucks about the option files as well they must have a problem with the game engine or something ? Bring back sensible soccer for the next gen and PC versions.

  150. Master League should be renamed as Super League cause this news feels like a smack in the fan’s faces that happened just a few months ago.

  151. Everyone is so negative towards the new approach of Konami.
    I sincerely believe that this ” dlc” master league will exceed our expectations since we have to pay for it.

  152. stop talking about that new football mobile game. FIFA22 will be a good game. Maybe not the game we football enthusiasts deserve, but a good game anyway.

  153. Hey Ricky… I’m a computer science student
    I understand that unreal engine uses difference assets for different devices….so the graphical improvement might be a thing… don’t keep your hopes up though

  154. How can anyone in their right mind take this decision!!!! This is absolutely ridiculous! What were they doing for 2 years? Probably sitting with their hands up their backside – as TTB calls it 🙂

  155. I really hope there is another title that can finish what PES started and deliver a full next gen footballing experience

  156. Watched a good few reaction videos across YouTube from different channels and I’ll tell you what i feel like I’m in a carry on film and this is just one big fat lie and komami will eventually pull down the curtains to reveal those biblical next gen graphics 🤣

  157. They apparently failed to finish or even getting near finishing the promised PES 22 in 2 full years. And as a plan B they decided to get their mobile game onto consoles instead, which explains the sudden test game a month ago, and explains the name change..the shit graphics and all the mess and answered question. Konami is done

  158. Speaking from a development viewpoint, I’ve used unreal for some small projects and I kind of can see how the devs are going to pull this off. Take everything I say with a grain of salt. Let’s talk graphics first.

    Textures can be dumbed down. Mobile games take up less space so you can have well textured models on next gen and have decent models like we saw in yesterdays trailer. Same with shadows grass etc. It’s a simple low medium high graphics switch. This all depends on how optimized konami made this.

    Animations are funky, but if i assume this correctly what we saw on the trailer was actually mobile gameplay. The skating you see is implemented as an animation simplification. The physics and motion are identical serverside, next gen players will see clean animations and mobile players will be skatey cuz their animations are dumbed down.

    Again physics should be identical and the only ppl getting frustrated will be mobile players because their graphics may be slightly off.

    I’m more annoyed the cringe commentators don’t have new voice lines but who knows.

    Hopefully im right, but hey I’m just a comp sci student not a game dev

  159. What i think thah happened here is that Konami realize they do not have the Money and the resources to keep building a Game like this u know what happened to another games they had(Castlevania;silent hill) so in order to stay Alive with something and get some Money they decide to bring this… With so many líes…👎😤

  160. Haven’t bought a FIFA game since FIFA 2003. 19 years later I’ll be returning to EA Sports. Bring back World Tour Soccer or something! Some other company must step up!

  161. @TheTrueBrits to be fair the Unreal 5 engine mentions that it is agnostic of the platform can work on PC, Console and mobile. So, I am guessing they are using a dumb down version of Unreal 5 engine for mobile.

  162. This move is similar to what MS did a few years ago when they canceled their legendary MSFS franchise and started a stripped down DLC driven silly limited flying game called MS Flight. It was a scandal among the fans and then a few months later, MS Flig