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#eFootball #PES2022
Had a few people message me about this so thought Id give my thoughts on it all. Could this be true?! Some points seem legit but Master League doesn’t sound great does it…

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  1. I’ve also written a comment to him if he is real. Seems like we all are still in disbelief and have so many questions to ask.

  2. i really don’t know what to say or do my mind is just saying believe the damn guy or i will have a seizure just by looking at game’s thumbnail lol.

    • Problem with these ‘live service’ style games is that they can literally be turned off at any time and will no longer be able to be accessed

    • @MrsS most likely this. Konami will eventually eradicate PES I mean eFootball after sucking up enough money from myClub fools

    • @Omar Sabir fifa players like that gameplay, EA have tried to make changes in the past, but users complain and they go back.
      I hope that at some point they will add a switch to a more “realistic” football, or a new game mode. I remember playing Female matches, and the gameplay felt really good, better than the normal modes. So, EA can make it.

  3. Just so you know this reddit guy said in the comments that PC will be last gen at launch and next gen update for PC will come later but he doesnt know when. This is another fail by Konami if true.

  4. I think I’m done with PES or e Football they did the same thing to Metal Gear Solid back in 2015 and now there doing it again to PES. RIP PES.

  5. So it’s F2P but if you want all the offline stuff and graphical updates you’ll basically be paying for a full price game anyway

    • Even more than a full price game to be honest. What they’re basically doing is putting out a fucking shit game for free and then saying if you want it to be good you have to pay again and again and again for more updates and dlc.

  6. I do believe this guy about the visuals because even the demo we played on PS5 had better skin textures than what was shown.

    Moreover I don’t know if anybody has noticed this, but while playing the demo I did notice the graphics quality change a bit at times. Like sometimes the grass looked better and the player kits had animation but at times there was none and the grass looked 2D.

    Reading what this guy said, maybe it was because at times I went against an opponent on a PS5 and sometimes against one on PS4 which caused the graphics to get a bit downgraded! But I am really not sure and might be that I am overthinking about it since the eFootball PS3 graphics display🙃

  7. Sorry but i don’t buy it. Why would they put out the worst possible game play in their reveal trailer? In one sentence says offline next gen will be entirely better graphical experience to online but then says not alot of resources will go into master league? Then says graphical enhancements will be sold? Complete contradictions. I really have no hope for this company anymore

  8. “Why would someone go in here and go through all this trouble if he is trolling?” You’ve clearly never been on a “Pokemon leak” page on 4chan or Reddit lmao people are just annoying

    • Its definetly not bhatti, I ruled him out because he wasnt being a complete dick in the replies getting all defensive and arrogant.

    • @PCinfoTV He blocks and is rude to anyone that says anything other than awesome job, youre the best. Ive never known anyone who comes across so far up their own ass as this guy. He considers himself the saviour of pes, imo hes part of the problem.

    • oh yes, theyre going to make sure this game costs a hell of a lot more than $70 in the end otherwise they would have left it the old way. I’m just wondering what happens at the end of the year, are they going to lock you out of your content until you subscribe for more. I dont believe ML will be a 1 off dlc payment that you get to keep for life, you will probably need to spend per game or time you play as well.

  9. Marketing literally matters more than your product, doesn’t it?

    and the worst marketing of any multimillion dollar company is without a shadow of a doubt Konami’s marketing team.

    anyway, the still makes a LOT more sense than what we’ve hard from the company itself, so….

    • over the years, you could clearly see by reading tips and explanations in game that they have a japanese guy who speaks english and translates the sentences in his head for the game. that’s why “press any button to continue” is basically the only crystal clear sentence in their games. and as long as they have a translator instead of people who actually understand the english language (not just translations), their trailers, infos and reveals will remain confusing and off putting as fuck. and don’t get me started on the typos, i have never seen a game with that many typos, especially for a game without dialogues and subtitles. amateurism at its finest

    • @James Hussain that was back in 2011 mate. 10 yrs we are talking about. not even EA had started their pay-to-win strategy then

    • @Kieran Thomas completely agree. It´s like a school project that only could use free software but back in 2010 when there was no good free software

    • @Cannibals R’Us I hope they’ll make this switch soon. They should take this horrible thing they call e-football and never come back again

    • Why? The marketing team doesn’t matter. This community gets taken to the cleaners time and time again yet they still come back….there’s no marketing team in the world that can drive the hardcore Pes fans away. As much as they all complain they will 100 percent be kept thinking things will change. When it won’t. Been this way for ages now. Over 5/6 years at least.

    • if youve been on the internet that long you can see through that bullshit 🤣🤣… people do anything for a successful troll, seen it times and times again

    • @Mr Zancrow you disappointed me so much , all that effort for what . To try be correct first . Pes is a community we all in the same side , stop bitching and start a revolution
      Let try play pes 2017 now and see why happens. I will wait 🤔
      I’m searching at moment

    • @Seamus Mcspud To be correct? i’m just explaing that pes cant stop any servers,so people know they can still play pes 2021 and not worry about it

    • @Wake no. the players that look bad looked bad also on pes 2021. They imported pes 2021 faces so ronaldo, bonucci chiellin rashford griezmann mctominay who had a nice face last year will have a great face this year too. Messi looks bad because his face was already bad on pes 2021

    • @Sovietya memini messi’s face was not bad in pes 2021, and surely not that bad.
      Also the bad grass looking and no shadows is still an issue.

    • I think it will be a yearly thing. Every autumn you can pay for a graphical update just like you would get a upgrade when you buy a whole new game.

    • Sounds true though when you think about it. You have to pay for next gen upgrades. Why wouldn’t Konami. Loads of games have paid next gen upgrades. Why would Konami be any different?

  10. We basically playing PES lite, but we have to pay for Offline modes so I fell there’s no difference the only thing is online graphics that will fell downgraded due to crossover to balance gameplay

  11. IMHO this sounds quite legit and realistic. I mean, there are a lot of bad things that he confirmed, but we kinda knew already, like ML getting no love. I may sound crazy, but if everything that he said is true, I would be quite happy, because we would at least know that the next gen graphics will look good, we will be able to choose if we want to waste our time playing against mobile users or not and we know pc will get a next gen update.

    • Yea, but this will all be charged separately. Instead of paying for one full game you will be paying for hundreds of updates which will probably exceed the price of one game.

    • @Ali Saiyan It makes sense if thats what they’re doing. They’re not getting enough people and therefore money with a normal priced game so they’re putting out a free shit game and making people pay again again for more updates in order to make it ”good”

    • @Ali Saiyan IKR, it’s sad that we kinda have no option atm, but I mean, if the offline version of the game / next gen x next gen is an improvement on last year’s game than that’s fine imo, because konami made it look like we were gonna play mobile games on next / PC, THAT made me scaried. Also, let’s hope they can really implement UE5 for PES 2023, it’s still early days for the engine and for next gen, lets hope they want to make the most out of it when they can.

    • @Danilo Matias Martins But man this is now another waiting game for us all and I think we have had enough of the slow development and downgrades of these football games… Somebody out there needs to bring a real football game into the business out there asap

  12. So Next Gen isnt gonna be as good as the Messi teaser we saw from last year!!?? Then how can the graphics be incredible or impressive to us!!?? They are just downgrading on purpose!! I thought this year we was gonna see hair movement, kit movement, breathing and muscle animations. Fifa now has done these, and Konami are waay more capable of doing it better but they are just not doing it!!! What a shame

    • He said it will be better than fifa or frostbite or fifa next gene.
      And it will have hair movement.
      But I believe he is a troll.

    • @Wake no. I dont think he’s a troll, but if its not gonna be better than the Messi trailer a year ago, Im still ultra disappointed about that… Thats still a downgrade by intention, I know a very realistic football game is easy to make but they aren’t doing it on purpose

    • @Ali Saiyan it’s not about being easy or not., it’s about their business model, if the model if free to play, they I don’t see how they will focus on having an amazing graphically game.
      Free to play means from what i know, good online, good modes, fun gameplay, and good animations.
      But not next gen graphics.
      We will see

  13. As you said Ricky, it’s crazy how Konami didn’t bother about making this stuff clear, like letting us know next gen players will not have exactly the same game mobile users will, they really don’t help themselves.

    • But it’s a catch 22… nice graphics but no one to play with… or crap graphics and vs the mobile. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  14. i just want someone to tell me where are those stadium snippets in the trailer beginning from?Was it in game or the real allianz stadium?Also if you will look closely there are shadows of players on the entrance scene while there are no shadows during the dressing room scene. is it shot on different devices or what?

  15. Great leakage information about Efootball i love the availability of next gen offline mode which is better in graphic that FIFA22 but still am annoyed about lack of resources on the master league……lack of edit modes tooo. ALL IN ALL IS STILL EARLY TO LET LETS BE PATIENT AND WAIT.

  16. Pes – good gameplay, trash at marketing
    fifa – trash gameplay, good at marketing
    efootball – trash gameplay, trash marketing

    • @sai rohith exactly a trailer is supposed to show the best bits of the game. if those are the best bits then i don’t wanna see what the bad parts are

    • @sai rohith they weren’t any proper gameplay yet except for that kick off crap but it is obvious the game is not complete yet wait till August sometimes things have to be bad to be able to have something good so let’s wait okay don’t worry the final product is not going to disappoint trust me they no what they are doing they can see if they did are doing something wrong

    • @sai rohith The reddit guy said that the trailer they showed wasnt next gen
      Only the stadium parts were next gen. Everything else wasnt. He also said that APPARENTLY, the trailer hasn’t gone well in the Konami Offices. One guy in the comment section thread said that they just need to show one screenshot or a snippet of how the game looks next gen and then he can rest. Also, Konami was surprised with the Backlash and are soing something to make up for it quick.

  17. The point about “scaled down to opponent device” is BS. PC players play each other with different PC specs, you can play a game on 4K ultra details 120fps against someone with mediocre PC and your game doesn’t need to be scaled down.

    • Scaling isn’t only about graphics but the gameplay as well. Two different devices can play on different graphics since it’s only visuals but it would be impossible to have two different gameplays. mobile will never be able to support animations and phyisics as complex as pc and consoles.

    • pc does require a minimum requirements to run the game
      mobile phones don’t meet the minimum requirements of a pc
      so pc vs pc won’t scale but pc vs mobile it will scale

    • Lol sadly your understanding on this matter is hilarious. You r comparing 2 pcs with different specs to that of a PC and mobile phone (2 completely different platforms).

    • @Max Payne I think the performance bottleneck is graphics (level of details, lighting, shadows, etc). I don’t think that “Playing animation” or physics are CPU/GPU intensive. We’ll have to see how Konami does it’s because other games like PUBG and Fortnite do it with Unreal Engine.

  18. They will eventually release a ML mode, it will be so bad and barebones pathetic barely anybody will bother with it, then konami will turn around and say were not going to bother putting any effort into it because there was no demand for it.
    I think theres some truth in this, but I dont think it matters, because reguardless of graphics, konami are making a mobile phone game for console. Thier target audience is the mobile phone gamer so we are going to get gameplay that reflects that. So no more of that fifa is for kids Pes is for grown ups bs people keep spouting, because efootball is the most casual for kids experience you will ever imagine

  19. maybe or hoping what there showing is for online crap that no one wants and for unreal engine is offline stuff is wat we get with master league an offline modes with all next gen stuff i happy to pay for it if it worth it lets hope and pray

    • @James Hussain there is nothing to switch ‘back’ to. This game is finished. Going to buy fifa for the first time in 5 years.

    • Fifa is shit too, they’ve completely neglected pro clubs and every career mode update is disappointing, it was in PES’ ballpark with an easy shot on goal, but they’ve hit it like john terry circa 2008

    • @TheOnlyJoe_ totally agree. But am talking about the rumours for career mode in fifa 22 being more positive compared to the “limited resources” master league. They are all rumours though so we’ll have to wait and see

    • Yeah hopefully the gameplay will be good, I wanna get steam deck just for PES 202… I mean eFootball! Lol I’m in the “whatever” territory now. I’ve been disappointed for years by ea and konami. Idgaf anymore. We only have 2 options.

    • @P4boot Yeah, I’m not quite reassured so far about the gameplay either. Guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens with that.

  20. This is why pes will never be the package that fifa offers, and why majority of people will never get this game. This just screams were in trouble

  21. He also said that Konami did the exact same thing as fifa did and left the PC as a last gen version. So PS5 to steam will turn to potato graphics as well.

    • @Chris P. Bacon No, its still on the unreal, all the platforms are, but its going to be a ps4 port, not a ps5 one. Just like what EA did, they kept the PC version last gen. Its a massive mistake because it could have meant at least PS5 and next gen xbox could have been matched to PC and open up a larger player pool and give a point to cross play and for it to still be next gen, but now they are virtually making it pointless to have a next gen upgrade as its most likely to be downgraded anyway just to find a match.

    • This ain’t a fight it’s a humiliation. It’s only a matter of time unless Pes is paying them serious money that the brands leave and are all back at fifa.

  22. Pes Is dead simple we waited for 2yrs just for them to come out to tell us this.the truth is that efootball was generated on mobile and transition onto next the beta they put out was the real game Pes 22 now they trying to polish it but won’t get any better

  23. If they don’t want any issues in terms of matchmaking is put settings that allow you to restrict which platforms you can play against

  24. he has no reason to lie, your worries are all valid and from the eye test konami has killed another franchise by being too greedy

  25. If ML and BAL is totally changed, I will buy the game, plus pay for the update for the graphics.
    But I won’t pay more than +/- 80 to 100 euros.

  26. This is explaining more than what Konami explained so far and I honestly believe the info to be true specially about Master League.

  27. Master league was the bread and butter of pes I’m not going to buy it or play it for free I’m done with pes know I love it been playing it since iss pro 98 but this sounds like a botched game

  28. Please some one to tell them ( KONAMI, PES, UR4 or whtever, to rebuild again PES 22, where is the teaser trailer PES22, please, bring back PES 22, im very disapointed with KONAMI…

  29. This sounds like complete BS. Do you really think that if you’re playing on a PS5 that when you play a mobile user that your game on a PS5 will be scaled down to a Mobile equivalent game !!?? hahaha. Even Konami wouldn’t be that dumb. This is BS, no way would any developer would allow that to happen.

    PC players play against other PC players that can have vastly different specs, doesn’t mean your game is scaled down. I imagine that if you’re playing against a mobile player that player would be playing with a controller connected to it anyway. I’ve never played fortnight before but aren’t i correct in saying that there’s cross platform with mobile players in that game as well? If that is the case then that shows you can play games with mobile players without the need to scale your own game down.

    • @mrchonk316 why would anybody want to play cross platform with mobile If it makes your game worse. Like I said with fortnite, there isn’t a downgrade to non mobile players and a game like fortnite would be much harder to play on mobile Vs pc than PES would be. It would be development suicide if this happened in PES.

    • @Jas Kang I agree I would turn it off. Ideally I would like the option to just have next gen Cross platform but hey maybe Konami are that stupid we will have to see.

    • They literally made a game for mobile selling it for next-gen. Didn’t you see the trailer? They CHOSE to tune down everything in order to put less effort in optimization

    • Konami would be exactly that dumb yes. And I’ll tell you for why. What’s the number one reason that they moved to unreal? ITS EASIER TO SCALE TO OTHER PLATFORMS.

    • @og87 It’s easier to scale the release for each platform but not for EACH MATCH DEPENDING ON YOUR OPPONENT. That is an absolute crock of shite, as if you would be playing with a different control set for each match, it’s obvious BS

    • yeah it’s a LARP but a really good one since he’s relying on the technical ignorance of most of the population. the funny thing he speaks like he’s doing “damage control” but is really just making it worse, I wonder if Konami will come out and dispute it

  30. Well, i won’t be ponying up any money until i’ve seen Master League, or whatever they want to rebrand it to, in action. The way things are going, this might mean the end of my channel, at least as it currently exists 🙁

    • @ashy YouTube and Gaming in General should be all about fun in the first place.
      Fifa doesen‘t make fun to play. It’s skaty, dull and just don’t feel Right.
      I would rather shut down my channel than starting to play this crap EA calls „football“

    • @ashy EA = Konami. Both are moneygrabbers and now masters at microtransactions. EA is just more well-known. I’d rather create my own game than play FIFA or E-Football at this point.

    • KONAMI have really screwed everything up. Looks like many PES-based channels will be in trouble now. I am personally hoping you don’t go to FIFA, although the temptation might be there because it’s literally the only football franchise with an actual career mode for its upcoming game. Maybe try doing ML playthroughs of older PES career modes, like the classics of ’04-’06 etc, if possible? Advertising as much on platforms (such as reddit -> on r/WEPES and r/WEPESMasterLeague) as possible, too, and keeping in touch with people on Evoseeker and other PES sites if you’re thinking of sticking with PES? Someone even posted in one of the comments on this vid that they’re trying to persuade PES content creators to do older PES games. There is a youtuber who I watched, called Retro Football. He has done a long PES 06 save on his channel, starting from long ago. If you’re interested in doing older PES games, maybe see what can happen?

      Is there a possibility of even potentially dipping your toes into another potential game, such as MotoGP? I wanted to even suggest F1, but EA’s influence is coming to the game after 2021 and Codemasters already look to be going down the EA route a bit. Maybe even FM? (I haven’t checked out your channel just yet, so I am just throwing suggestions)

      Doesn’t even have to be sports games. If you’ve got a different game that you like, and you have the time to post videos on it, why not? 😀

      It’s such a shame that there is a huge shortage of football games to play offline from now on. But I hope for you that a door opens up in the future. Fingers crossed, Dave!

    • @HensonNO i think fun is subjective opinion dude. i think fifa plays just fine. maybe not as good as PES 2021, but it’s not terrible

  31. thank God they aren’t calling this piece of shit PES. I’d like to believe PES lived a good life and left behind an eFootball shaped corpse

  32. If this is all true very bad news, guess Konami will find out they make less money because all the offline players won’t play this trash….Fifa 22 on PC i might pick up because waiting till January/Febuary.

    • @Ariton Mods ? PES isn’t getting Master League offline content till January right according to this so called Konami employee…So Fifa is better than having nothing this year, i still have PES 21 with the VirtuaRed patch but Konami are a joke now.
      We all knew Konami approach was tailing for mobile gaming they have given in to EA’s dominance.

  33. I believe these graphical updates that may be charged could be similar to the current data packs, with new kits and faces for players. If that’s it, I’m very worried about “modability” of the game.

  34. Really ??? No effort for edit mode ??!! It’s essentially what is keeping the series alive for a number of years! Well we still have to wait for the new reveals but still I’m very dissapointed. 🙁

    • Konami don’t care about the community. They haven’t for over a decade. Why would they? It doesn’t make them any money.

  35. I really think there is something coming from Konami.. We have had Roma, Lazio and atalanta licensed… And there is no showcase of them in the trailor… I really think they just showed an online esports trailer as the game will be divided, thus why it took 2-3 years to develop and online and an offline game… I could be wrong but just take a deep look into it.

  36. Konami’s marketing team must just read facebook comments all year where mobile players say ‘Thanks Konami’ and a screenshot of a new MyClub player.

    eFootball is basically PES lite, and ruined the offline game modes.

  37. I only play ML – so if it doesn’t come until Jan / Feb I won’t even be bothering with the game. And if ML is completely crap – I won’t be bothering with it at all.

    I just downloaded PES 13 today. Will just play ML on that.

  38. I hope to see a konami video appear a couple days prior to the release were Adam yells us it was just a bad prank

    • Adams the clown that was in charge of this mess don’t forget. Just because he’s not now doesn’t mean he’s not one of the major causes.

    • They don’t care about older ML players. It’s all about teenagers playing on mobiles, that’s the future for Konami and where the $$ are.

    • I would bet my last dollar it’s true. I was already telling myself Konami would sell us a half ass or exactly the same ML as DLC.

  39. I have a big question. Is there a kick off mode? Really confused! If they have an edit mode, they should have a kick off right? Not too sure, but let’s see!

  40. PES is dead, Master league is dead… i will not play this poor excuse of a game theyre going chage for just a rebranded poor master league… im out

    • Exactly, but the 25th August might be true, cause 25-27 August is Gamescom, so konami might release new info there.

    • Wow you are right, 25-27 August is Gamescom!
      That explains how the supposedly developer knew when konami will release new info.

  41. If they do not put thoughts into master league, I’m going to FIFA. This Konami of a company is too lazy. I told Adam Bhati that a few years ago; he blocked me. They have a good product but have no clue how to handle and market it. The simple things to uplift the game, they can’t even do it. The more powerful hardware becomes, it seems the worse the game gets. They should just consider selling the franchise to 2K or somebody with more interest.

    • Adam bhati is a clown been saying it for years. He hasn’t got a clue about anything. The mans a joke. He’s all happy when he’s taking the praise but when someone says something constructive you may as well have just pissed on his gran. Asim was the same they’re all just followers of the same Konami lies to keep people buying the bs.

  42. This honestly just lines up with what Konami’s vision for gaming is. Back when there was the controversy about P.T. and MGS series, Konami flat out said that they don’t see a market in the consoles and that they rather focus on mobile gaming. This just lines up with their mantra. They want to create the football equivalent of Fortnite. The only reason, imo, that they are including Master League, or whatever they want to call it, is to try to cater to the fanbase on a very basic level, but to also have the caveat to be able to say “well, not that many people play Master League” when it does flop due to no updates. I kind of knew deep down that when all they released was a “season update,” that they probably would go down this path. I didn’t buy into the whole “we’re taking a year off to make a better experience.” If that was the case, why would they not release a full blown game instead of a live service? None of this is remotely surprising and I do think there is some truth to what this guy is saying based on Konami’s behaviour with their other big series, such as MGS and Silent Hill. They rather just go the mobile/pachinko route. It seems the era of good offline modes in football games may be just about dead.

    • Exactly what I’ve been saying for years now. Konami make pachinko machines and have been trying to get Pes to be that for ages. They just want anyone’s money and they want it now and without any effort put in… if they cared they a. Wouldn’t of had Adam bhati in charge and b. They would have Listened to the fans and instead of muting them or acting like they were bad guys…
      The fans have been saying for years what they want and they’ve never implemented anything into the game and they couldn’t even take constructive criticism. But At some point enough is enough. For me that was 2017 for some it will be efootball and for the rest who knows.

  43. January and February for Master League 🙄??? I’ve never seen anything like this, 3 years of working on this and they’re gonna release a game that’s 20% complete???? And I thought Battlefield 5 having a “coming soon” war story was bad when it launched. What the hell is going on here? I’m baffled.

  44. No updates to ML, like they stated 3 years ago – then I’m not getting on board. I’ll skip another year, I only play Master League mode offline.

  45. Aside from the fact that I believe this information to be true, I wouldn’t mind to buy a DLC which enhances the graphical quality, especially as I’m a PC player. EA has done the exact same thing with FIFA 22 to be fair. In order to acquire this so-called Hypermotion Technology, any PS4 and Xbox One player is obliged to buy the more expensive Ultimate edition at the extra cost of 20 dollars/euros (on top of the regular price tag of 60 dollars/euros). Therefore, you already pay for nothing more than some (minor) graphical enhancements with FIFA 22. That doesn’t even include the fact that FIFA would still be way more expensive than eFootball given its tremendous price tags versus the free-to-play model, so I really don’t understand the resistance to buy such DLC’s for eFootball. KONAMI need to make money from something, don’t they? This practice already exists and won’t disappear anytime soon.

    • But for one fifa is a 60 pound game and you get features and a player base to match. Pes is not. It’s also heavily reduced because they know some people won’t buy it full price. I got next gen fifa for a tenner this year in January. You just have to be patient.

    • Only PS5 and the new Xbox will have Hypermotion Technology. It will not be available on PC or current gen even if you buy the ultimate edition. At least that`s what I`ve read, but If you have the source that you can pay for hypermotion technology on PC then please give me as Im also a PC player and I would hope this to be true.

    • @Ariton I stand corrected to be fair, as I’ve misread the FAQ on EA’s website for FIFA 22. Only the PS4 and Xbox One versions can be “upgraded” a few months later with the next-gen patch, if you buy the Ultimate Edition. PC gamers are indeed left out in the cold, as per usual. Therefore I wouldn’t recommend to buy FIFA 22 on the PC if you already have FIFA 21, but that’s eventually entirely up to you of course. Besides, I still believe that eFootball will turn out to be better than what most people tend to say and believe and the recently reveiled Reddit-post (TTB or KnightMD) seems to endorse that trust.

  46. Football game time is over, stick to play spyro, snowrunner and other games were the developers actually care about their audience

  47. If what the person says is true, this is the most stupid way of making a game. Cross platform with mobile phone is the worst idea ever. If I have a PS5, I would like to play my games with next gen graphic experience, why would I downgrade my graphic to play with a mobile opponent? Why would I even bother to do that? Now, you’re giving the users the options to choose to not match-making with mobile, then the whole purpose of making the game cross platform with mobile is meaningless. If you have already played the game with actual next gen graphic experience, would you ever bother to play the game again with graphics like PS2? Whoever that came up with this idea obviously doesn’t play games at all.

    • It’s a bad idea to us. But to the people that collect the money from the micro transactions and efootball battle pass then it’s the greatest idea in the world. Call of duty mobile makes something like 10 billion a year. Konami just want a slice of there cake and the fans are the ones in the kitchen baking.

    • lmfao ikr its soooo dumb like they want you to be like oh i dont want to wait a long time to play let me just queue up with a mobile user who uses a samsung from 2014 and wipe his ass by playing on mobile 2010 graphics.

    • @og87 yes, if the game has the actual “next gen” quality, then that would be the case. Right now, I don’t see how they think they could beat FIFA for it. FIFA supporters would still play FIFA. As a PES supporter like myself, I don’t want to bother learning FIFA, but I can’t even motivate myself to touch this eFootball game. I won’t force myself to play trash especially if it is pay to win. There are many video games out there, I will just kill my time with something else

    • @nTT Exactly. People needed to queue for a long time because you were already losing active players. They are now making the quality of the game even worse to hope to gain more players. Whoever came up with this idea doesn’t know about video games

  48. This is why FIFA makes a lot of money.. but they’re willing to lie in their reveals and ads to get more customers.. PES? They’re bad at marketing, killed my hype limp dick.

  49. Posts like that are called damage control. Problem is, he’ll need an excavator to clear the rubble after this one. A random post won’t cut it.

  50. the unreal engine is not fully ready , it starts rolling out in December so I get why they may be waiting and why many games that want to use it are delayed but epic did mention that upgrading from 4 – 5 is not going to be difficult, lets have some faith.

  51. The same edit mode and no intention to add a stadium creator thats me sold I wont be going anywhere near this game

  52. I bet KONAMI just begin to build Master League from the scratch after this backlash… If we didnt moaned about ML… KONAMI won’t give a sh*t about ML… this makes me sad

  53. Konami should have jumped on Pro Clubs and make it so they attract the entire pro clubs userbase from FIFA to PES.

    • @og87 id believe it if they didnt say they’re a contractor. Companies delegate very specific jobs to contracting companies so they might have inside info on specific things but this contractor somehow knows this much about a broad range of topics, how?

  54. I was so hyped for PES. FIFA for me this year though after what I’ve seen. Konami have literally killed their iconic game.

  55. Honestly Konami is kind of stupid going after this sort of market, while obviously the mobile market is not currently held by FIFA, the model that makes FIFA the number one football games is just the mobile model for console. So while before they had a niche and a mobile game they now only will have the mobile game, and what will happen is that if Ultimate Team ever becomes free to play like a lot of people really wish it was then the whole efootball experiment is gonna get fucked right up the arse. There is basically no foresight for this other than mobile games make money, because yeah they will make billions out of it, but if EA ever decides to do something even remotely similar as well as make their mobile FIFA not a joke then Konami’s gamble will be lost.

  56. My advice, and I’ve posted this to other PES creators’ accounts, is to come together and only create content on older/classic PES games.

  57. I will download it, but if it plays or looks like the ‘online test’ then its getting an instant uninstall.. Heres hoping the next gen fifa is an improvement on 21 🤯

  58. I 100% believe this guy, too much of this sounds like it fits and also explains a lot of questions being asked by fans without sounding like bullshit. If there is a next gen version that we are not seeing yet does sound exciting based on what we were served up the other day, the only thing that niggles me and I can’t get my head round is why they didn’t show off the next gen version in the trailer?! That is the only thing out of all of this that doesn’t make sense

  59. I think the Master League comment and the matchmaking options are plausible. If its cross play though it’s not just about the graphics, surely the new gen must have more power for depth of play and AI which mobiles can’t cope with, unless of course the game adjusts to the lower powered device which is also plausible. The way I see it if they are going to simplify it make it as enjoyable as some of the old classics at least. If it is simplified it has to be ‘can’t put it down addictive’ enjoyable but without offline master league it’s pointless for me. At the very least it has to be both and master league has to be good. It does look like they are catering to Fortnight and Rocket League type gamers. If it works out well for them expect EA to follow suit. I can’t play FIFA, the last 3 years have been very poor even by their standards.
    Also, I don’t get who thought showing that little game play clip was a good idea, that pass back from kick off looked like when you play a game on an emulator where the device isn’t powerful enough to run at full speed.
    I have to say why didn’t the marketing team put it into the trailer with clips of current gen and showing how the game then adjusts by being able to play mobile players. That would make more sense, it’s very unclear unless it is clear if you know what I mean.

  60. I told you guys the trailer was mixing up some poor an amazing graphics, most of it was for mobile , there was some next generation stuff there

  61. All people who r trolling and hating this plan are all stupid, they should respect all the decision and new changes, nobody can’t judge by just a trailer and less information, as they hav clearly said that more announcement is coming in August.

  62. Since It’s a free to play, the users will increase, but will they play that continuously? And most of the konami fans were for master league, even some fifa faithful played that some times to check the features and stuffs, and if you are not gonna introduce new features in that, i don’t think too many people would like to purchase the dlc, and for bal, fifa on the other hand has introduced new features to player career mode and they scrapping the mode is not gonna look good, even after this dude’s clarification i am not too excited with this, i was all master league player, no improvement means i am not gonna but that

  63. Haha I have always said Konami is horrible at marketing, they literally have no clue what they are doing on that front. And I highly doubt the graphics are going to be that amazing on next-gen and waiting until next year January, most football lovers would have bought fifa 22 by then, what other choice did they give people

  64. All of his points make sense from a gaming and business perspective, good chance he’s legit.
    Unfortunately it means that Konami really killed off the game’s important features.

    Hopefully he’s right about the next-gen graphics and animations because that reveal trailer could NOT have been worse.

  65. Now because of this leak, Konami will change August 25th drop to September to discredit the guy and quash the rumours.

  66. Does “pay for graphical updates” not mean like a yearly season pass with updated rosters and graphics? Like paying for a new game every year? That makes sense to be fair.

  67. Not sure why everyone is so disappointed! If the alleged insider is right then there is still hope yet! At least there is a proper next gen version that won’t run on a PS4 or mobile. I can understand the disappointment for ML fans but it’s not as bad as first feared after the reveal

  68. Sadly this business model is becoming more and more popular where the game companies aim for the heart of the revenue stream and fish there, to hell with the dedicated players, the modes they always liked ect. call of duty, fortnite to name some great examples. Free to play and make an shit ton of money of the shops in game. Not for me unfortunately so Iam out.

    • Konami already we’re in this business with the pachinko machines. That’s why it’s rare they release games these days. They just want easy profits and no effort. Why you think kojima left?

    • @og87 you know more than me there but it would make sense and this years pes underpinning that to be honest

  69. Konami does not care about the PES fan, because the real PES fan usually plays Master League. They care about the Fifa player, because they play online and that’s where the money is. They’ll probably fill this game with a bunch of micro transactions to make a lot of money. Sad, but PES really died.

  70. How are you guys still supporting this trash?? 🤷🏻‍♀️ honestly it’s like going back to your partner after they keep cheating on you and expecting them to change. NO THEY WONT CHANGE!!! 🙄

  71. As a online I’m not fussed I’m sick off paying for broken game every year so if it’s free I ain’t bothered rather it be free then pay n be let down

  72. The only saving grace is that fifa will be back to a full license in the next few years. Partners won’t stick around for this. Don’t forget Dortmund left and tore up the contract. Other clubs will follow.

  73. Id rather just mod my pes 2021 into the coming season, add graphical mods and gameplay mods, just so disappointed with Konami

  74. So Master League is *worse* and also you have to *pay* for it? That makes perfect sense, I’m sure it’s going to be a success

  75. It’s purely business, 400 million downloads since PES 17 became mobile VS. 111 million console units for 25 years for an avg of 4.4 million console sales per year. Say they always sell that average yearly like PES 21 multiplied by €25 gives them sales of €110,000,00……UNLIKE mobile, say those 400 million buy a €10 transaction all at once in 1 day goves them sales of €4,000,000,00 for just a day, hence the F2P micro transaction model.

  76. I think Konami realized that they couldn’t compete with FIFA and EA. They have to find another way to sustain the series and business. I bet they have messed up since PES 2014, then they give us a glimmer of hope. I’m not surprised if a lot of people got backlashed about the trailer and expect more from Konami, but I think we have to accept the reality, especially during pandemics.

    Personal PoV, I never play many features in PES rather Master League (It’s only 2 seasons long before the regen from old players come through the youth team, something I really crave to change), Cup, and Editing mode. So to get a free-to-play game and then pay per mode is a wise decision from them. Questions need to ask later whether is it worth it to pay this mode.

    Of course, there’s an air of disappointment, especially after we saw FIFA 22 trailer and news with tons of updates. But let’s wait for their upcoming news, finger crossed that they’re not messing up the game.

  77. I’ve always loved pes, but know it’s to much hasal, I just like to buy full game on disk, probably won’t play it. 😠 Even fifa is disappointing.

  78. Please . background music is too laoud. i want to hear your words. Iam from egypt by the way . Not an english or American. To understand every word u say at this noise.
    I love your channel.thx

  79. I was looking forward to cross-play but if they’re dropping the graphics so I can play someone on mobile they can fook off. Not to mention this new Match Pass BS 🤦 I hope this flops hard and they get their act together for the following year.
    I was willing to try this new myclub but the new about cross-play will kill it for me, if true.

  80. If its true then Konami should immediately fire people who made that trailer. Because honestly, how could you advertsie your product so pourly without very important information about scale or edit mode? Again, if its true)
    Also no stadium creator – not a surprise, but a big hope sometime in fututre it would be in the game (after last trailer much smaller hope)

  81. I think this is(efootball) is just an online game i mean like myclub its just efootball which means its online. I mean. Like maybe (maybe) they will make a game named just pes 22 which contains only offline content i mean like konami used thier brain they make a new game like how modern warfare is different from warzone its like bussiness (maybe)

  82. I just can’t accept this….There literally are no good soccer games next gen then. Fifa 22 is getting Team Creator for first time since 2007…..I’m going with Fifa then, even if I’m not crazy about it. Konami sucks.

  83. PES is dead. EFootball will never replace PES. Konami as a company have been turning from a developer to a distributor for years. This mess of a reveal proves they are no longer a decent developer. We need another football game to rival fifa

  84. They killed/destroyed Silent Hill, MGS and PES now. They’ve changed PES to mobile game with mobile gameplay and graphics on my PC, I didn’t know UE4 could destroy this game so much and backward to mobile game! lol Actually I don’t have hope the game call eFootball will be better than our PES/ISS.

    • Not at launch but apparently later it will receive next gen update. But that “later” could be 2 months, 6 months or even 1 year later.

  85. I almost want to learn coding so that i can write a good script to improve player movements in the game, lets keep on modding pes 2021, the community can do it!!!! If your into scripting hit me up!!! Am devastated. Let the community come together against corporate greed

  86. Konami release the original “next gen” trailer and got us all excited for a new pes game, then release the latest trailer which looked absolute garbage!

  87. Why are you giving publicity to this LARPer lol. He said PS Plus is required when it’s already confirmed by official sources it’s not

  88. If master league doesn’t come out till next year, then thats when I will be buying pes 22, its the only mode I play. Konami have lost touch with their users, they like all other software developers are just wanting to line their pockets, it’s really not good, it’s putting me off the company to be honest. I’ve played pes since the first iss and fought in its corner against fifa for all that time. I’ll never buy fifa, would rather not buy a football game than stoop to buying any of this years efforts. Really disappointed with konami, pes is officially dead in my eyes. 2 years and we get a worse game than all the previous years

  89. Master League is my main priority. So I will stick with current PES, until this regime comes out. I was expecting 2022 version would be like 2014. So we will have to wait longer for them to figure it out.

  90. Well this was a bummer… I just want to play offline konami! I do not care about multiplayer almost at all, but I do care about Master League, or whatever you will call it now, and I am willing to pay full price no problem for an enhanced version of ML. Just make regens be like in fifa, not the same player that retired last year, more leagues (even if they are not licensed, the community will take care of that like they always had), make it so you can have trainings with your team to increase their chemistry, try out new tactics etc. give us the ability to edit (at least to an extent) set piece tactics, give us the stadium editor ffs and some other “minor improvements”. I’ve been a fan of the series since PES 5 and I was really expecting some improvements to the offline modes, especially ML, but, I guess, since I do not give you regular money through microtransactions in this mode, you really do not give a flying F about me and all the other users that like to play offline.
    Shame konami, this is really a bad move on your part…

  91. Every time I think ea is the worst company in history komani comes up with stuff only apes/kids or bored people could think off. Not even mentioning that they ve lied so many times. And even their marketing doesnt seem to knwo what they are doing it like they have been stuck in time. Bhatti and lygaard and all these others seem like puppets who work for the 3 konami lords in their thrones who decide everything and everyone bows.

  92. Konami didnt even lied when they said new engine… online that they ported the console to mobile unreal engine and not the other way

  93. The guy who leaked stuff although said in this reddit that konami was mooore than surprised with the reaction people had especially on social media…. guess they havent read social media in years. But no one of us is surprised that konami was surprised

  94. I always thought it might go this way as they only have been promoting mobile stuff in the last two years on twitter. Guess the asia market with china and india is so huge with mobile and many people dont have a console. And none of them will be disappointed even more they will be glad its ftp. Its a shame there is no 3 footballgame contender

  95. Everyone whos from the old pes and has reached a certain age is disappointed but young people who never played like us are glad…guess we are to nostalgically. Now a days pretty much every big game company disappoints their audience even more when its with games who are coming out every year

  96. Typical konami rebrands the game with a name not so new.. keeps the animation the way the trailer is set up and even the colors are made by kids… its like some had paint open and mixed to colors it doesnt even look good or professional… who is there for the quality measurement guess no one. Blue and yellow when has that ever been good. And those animations are so 2000 with these colors

  97. The thing i hate the most is the overflowing confidence konami alsways has and they self praising attitude on social media. Talking about they even overcome the barrier of pes and the final product got it even greater than ever expected. But now its time to stop… what???!!

  98. Something really annoyed me here, he says when you go to play online you will be asked whether you want to play using cross play and if you select no you will be matched against mobile users and graphics and such will be scaled.
    I’m not sure if it was just bad grammar on his part, but pretty sure the way he said it was basically “oh you specifically chose not to cross play? Well here you go, you’ll be matched with mobile users anyway” .
    I’ll be keeping an eye on how fifa is shaping up and either switching to the dark side or just sticking to my RPG’s from now on. I’m a myclub player these days because master league has been ridiculous for years now, ML was the mode I grew up on with PS1 and PS2 era. But I’m losing interest in myclub and any offline modes because in myclub I play a lot more in the Vs Com matches anyway, but in the IGN article you also did in a previous video the Konami exec literally says in the interview that people don’t want to play Vs Com so we haven’t worked on AI whatsoever. That’s another thing that begs the question of just what exactly did they take that extra year off and supplement us with a “season update”, for at all?
    If AI hasn’t been worked on, does that also mean that we’ll be stuck with those horrible moments of bad AI/scripting where our entire team just downs tools at crucial moments to lose the game or equalisers against us in injury time so often?
    Something I think should never have been removed from the games too that stripped a lot of player individuality…. long and short pass speed and player response stats. Too often these last few years players just don’t seem capable of intercepting passes and I think this has a lot to do with responsiveness and speed of passing seemingly just being replaced with intercept (which I can’t say seems to make anyone more likely to intercept, with the exception of Legendary difficulty AI but tbh it just seems like every one of their players have a working version of the ability at all times lol), and weighted pass special skills. I’m honestly dreading how bad our AI controlled teammates will be with positioning and responsiveness with them having switched to a new engine and not doing any work on AI.
    P. S. apologies for drifting from one point to another, but things that have annoyed me the last few years were popping into my head as I was typing 😂

  99. We need to STOP buying these shit games until they give us a good product nothing is going to change until they start losing money they don’t give a fuck until the money bag goes low

  100. it just sounds like they have gived up on making a great football game and are now following there rivals E.A and just focusing on milking people that love their football game for every penny they can get out of them.i guarantee master league dlc will cost $60-$70 they will blame the price on the game been now free to play.i honestly dont think people will go on my club and spend money not when ultimate team is there. efootball cant compete with fifa in the ultimate team fight but on the pitch and a better master league to rival fifa career mode would have been they way to go.there wont be a Efootball in 2023 the game will die out in the next year with no master league people will just buy fifa 22 and play career mode and find out its better than master league and not bother with efootball.

  101. Don’t believe it myself, he’s only mentioning things we pretty much could work out ourselves, gutted with news played pes since a child before you could upload kits and stuff from USB I use to edit the kits of teams before I played them took ages. Never really liked the way fifa played found it too much like a game of basketball and every team you played against played the same But feel forced into buying fifa this year as this just seems terrible

  102. To be honest Konami just admitted defeat with this year’s game, they can’t compete with FIFA’s presentation or their marketing, and they cannot compete with FIFA’s ultimate team mode, or career mode with EA bringing in more and more features while Konami just releasing the same modes for the last five years.

  103. So if Master League is just gonna be the same old piece of shit with a new name, that doesn’t even release until Jan/Feb; I have no need for PES 22.

    PES 21 it is.

  104. I guess i will try fifa. ML is why i play pes from starts. Thanks Konami not just that you are incapable of making good ui/ux an d colors you also dont give a shit about your fans.

  105. Absoultly shocking from Konami its just sad there doing this they have got a game right in front of them that could beat fifa hands down if they put a little more effort into it give us a brilliant career mode and a full on edit mode and some fantastic atmosphere in game with better commentators instead of the same ones for the last 10 years this is what we want why why why can’t they listen to the people!!! Konami don’t deserve this game anymore I wish someone would come in and buy it off them shocking and so disappointed RIP

  106. I have always been a PES player…my brothers(cousins) have been Fifa Players….when Pes20 came out i was soo happy….jumping here and there…yhey admitted Konami thought about us…now lool at them

  107. if master league dont out untill jan-feb guess i pick up Fifa 22 to start a career mode. starting to sound like we should all wait untill pes 23

  108. If they just made a proper football game then it would sell like hot cakes. But no, let’s bastardise and alienate the fan base. Complete and utter twats!

  109. This is just bullshit, how would it be possible for the whole game to just change on the spot based on who you are playing? Will you have to download multiple Game versions based on who you are playing ??

  110. I am a console user

    But tbh there are much more players on mobile these days

    Even a search on youtube reveals that

    They are the ones spending the money thus i think that is why konami is making this game cross devices

    But if there is an option to turn it off that will be great

    Cant imagine a ps4 user playing someone on a ps5 much less on a mobile device

  111. This game is already dead on consoles and pc, Konami just want to keep their mobile users, that’s why the game is going to be shit and free

  112. Unpopular opinion: they intentionaly showed “mobile” version in the trailer to show the mobile players an improved game because they are the vast majority of the playerbase. If they showed nextgen graphics the mobile players would be dissapointed at release.

  113. Seems like they giving up maybe gonna try and cash in on myclub and coins. I remember they are just doing an update so they can concentrate on this years game on next gen 🙁

  114. After a week I came back to watch your video again. I have only one question. Will the PS5 users get the “full next-gen experience” for free while the pc players will need to buy it as a dlc months later after the release? Sounds so stupid, a lot of casual pes gamers have better pc than the next-gen consoles

  115. not sure if you have seen this but it looks to me like actual PES next gen gameplay around a 3rd of the way through the video, looking at the player animations you can tell it’s PES/Efootball.

  116. I only play master league. Never played an online match. I save that for battlefield. I feel totally let down. FIFA is not for me either.

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