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#PES2022 #eFootball
The Gamescom trailer is live so its breakdown time folks!
What you all think of the latest trailer?!

⏱️ Time Stamps:
Intro: 0:00
Trailer Breakdown: 01:01
Twitter: 26:44
Controls: 29:40

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    • Personally just doesn’t look good to me. I pride myself on being unbiased towards Fifa and Pes, but nothing in this trailer impressed me and that’s my personal opinion. Even the dribbling they were trying to showcase looked bad. While I’m seeing improvements from Fifa in the realism aspect that has me genuinely excited to switch back to.

    • everyone hates it because KONAMI were advertising NEXT GEN VISUALS remember the teaser last year?? does this mess look like the teaser?
      players dont got shadows the animations are worst than last season
      absolute joke we were scammed you shouldn’t be accepting mediocrity

    • Still not know make of it.. small improvments yes.. its still gameplay using konami own engine not unreal engine only for graphics and cross play

    • @Monsieur Paradis Basic gameplay is still the same with few improvement..this is look more promising than garbage fifa22 gameplay that I saw.

    • @MatrimC7 harldy fifa is it I’ve played for 20 years never paid a dime for any packs etc and this new one is free what do u want ??

    • I think the first touch rework and dribbling mechanic is interesting. But really if nothing is coming at launch, it just feels like PES 2014 all over again.
      They should just do an open beta, as a demo. And launch the full game in December. Because otherwise it feels like they’re launching a really hollow, dumbed down mobile game 😐

      Their wording is awful. They should just higher a creative writer of fiver, to better translate their ideas to us people who actually know love and follow football because what the hell is a sharp kick😂

  1. Gameplay is the most important but I gotta say it again, where is this “photo realism” they worked hard on 💀 graphics look slightly improved. But personally not winning me over. The high expectations I had before their last 2 trailers have been killed, while Fifa is improving in the realism aspect

  2. Here we go, waiting to hear your thoughts. Such a mixed response from the community. I’m not sure how I feel. At some when they implement UE5 there is no reason the game shouldn’t look spectacular. Can a UE4 game just be imported into UE5 and just quickly upgraded? I’m not really sure if it’s that easy, but if it is, UE5 is jaw-dropping for sure. Not too worried about gameplay, tbh. If 2021 was good, I have faith in them.

    • As far as I know, it’s quite easy to change from UE4 to UE5 according to the UE developers. Game developers can easily just begin their project in UE4 and then carry it over to UE5. Hope this gives you faith.

    • I would disagree. We know how stupid the physical battles in PES 2020 or 2021 were. You could get taken out by the AI opposition and no foul! Try doing it yourself and there comes the yellow card. And then a scripted warning if you foul again. Overpowered free kicks from AI opposition (even when the free kick taker had weak stats). Superhuman goalkeepers who would hang in the air (FIFA had them bad and Konami made them worse). No benefit of using skills while dribbling except the OP double touch because that was Messi’s only skill move in the game. Not to mention the truckload of scripting in ML for absolutely no reason.

      Apologies for the length of my opinion and the criticism but Konami deserves a backlash.

  3. Looks slow ..player movements now look worse the fifa lightning isn’t great player models look awful 2 years for this terrible I’ll be sticking to football manager proper game for the people they listen and improve game yearly

  4. Although the AI looks a bit dumb and being tricked too easy, I would much rather it was like that than the system they used in past 2 PES games where skill moves were ignored by the defensive AI, making skills pointless. At least this year they will be a benefit to performing skill moves.

  5. I’m definitely more optimistic than I was. If it looks better than modded PES once released I will be happy. Definitely don’t want to go back to FIFA. But we shall see.

  6. Nothing from this trailer or the previous one was on mobile. The last trailer could’ve at least been PS4. Mobile graphics have improved over the years but they’re not even close to what we’ve seen so far from the trailers.

  7. What we need is more stadiums, more option to edit game ingame. I want to change this awful goal nets from 2021. We need youth teams in ML(like Barcelona B, Ajax B, Real Madrid B).

  8. Better than the last trailer but still a huge let down compared to my expectations after that Messi trailer in 2020. I can’t see high resolution grass, cloth physics, hair physics, and the worst, the skating. There are some positives, but mostly it’s just a huge disappointment. Where is the “insane next-gen graphics” what KONAMI insider was talking about? I can’t really see it on these pictures. The gameplay feels a bit arcade for me. I’m supporting UFL, they didn’t promise anything big like last year’s konami teaser. They just promised free to play-fair to play. Waiting for further informations about it

    • I hope it’s just a phase, you know, every time they move to a new engine they always pretty much f it up then fix it in a next pes/e football…

    • @Anju Daniel I like your positivity but this is not gonna happen in my opinion. They’re making this game for almost 3 years. And this is the result. KONAMI doesn’t care about their fanbase anymore, they just want to milk the playerbase by all these exclusive dlc, matchpass stuff. I don’t like their new direction, and I’m not gonna follow their further works anymore. RIP PES

    • @Abdul Rahim I like the new animations in FIFA 22. And actually their marketing is much better than KONAMI. I also love their 3d in-game presentations (Like laliga,premier league lineups). The physics is horrible but I think FIFA won this year against the “eFootball” judging by the videos I saw.

  9. 1. This is not next gen
    2. The game looks awful
    3. The player animations are terrible for 2021
    4. I won’t even play this for free
    5.this is a mobile game
    6. All hope with ufl

    Goodbye Konami you absolute shit company which has destroyed itself from being one of the best

  10. You can’t defend this trash 🤢 Next gen? 😂 it’s a mobile port and I don’t understand why people would think anything els, just look how the crowd pop in and how you can’t see the crowd, they don’t want to show the crowd. Come on people it’s trash and this is a damn mobile port and the only “next gen” this game will have is higher resolution then mobile part 🙌🏻 Can’t you just one time give your brutal honestly opinion? It’s like you just dodge the topic all the time. It looks like shit and you know it.

  11. I really hope on the next man utd game you watch the commentator sez – That’s a great Sharp Kick by pogba
    Just to wind you up haha 🙂

  12. Konami appear to be big fans of Google translate because all of the wording in their presentations look like they dumped Japanese text in and this is what they came up with. Terms that make no sense, and look like they were put together by a tourist lol. “A sharp kick”? To what? The bollocks” LOL

    On the negative side, they make no mention of revamping/correcting the dreadful refereeing, or make improvements to the collision system (It makes me want to smash my controller every time a defender takes the ball from my player, and stumbles like a sniper has just hit him in the head). On the positive side of things, I do think that the graphics (although not really next gen) look good (when they’re not mobile graphics) and I like the way the players run now much better. They looked too robotic in the last few PES games.

    • Tbf they do mention fixing the foul system at 16:00 but i agree this trailer sucks big time. It felt like an old professor try to make a joke in a university lecture, felt cringy and boring. At least make 2 trailers, one short reveal with emphasis on graphics and new content and one gameplay breakdown. Mihoyo with Genshin Impact do a much better job at this and they’re also Japanese but didn’t make the trailer awkward for global viewer

  13. The good news is that Fifa 22 is actually decent this year. I am primarily a PES Master League player and I have been playing the Fifa 22 beta for a bit and with the right sliders, this years game is the most PES -like Fifa in quite a while.

    • is it playable with slow game speed and sliders? I’ve been wondering about that cause everygame play I see is normal speed

    • @Chris McGathey Sliders:

      Difficulty: World Class
      Game Speed: Slow

      • Sprint Speed: 42
      • Acceleration: 40
      • Shot Error: 50
      • Pass Error: 70
      • Shot Speed: 50
      • Pass Speed: 35
      • Injury Frequency: 50
      • Injury Severity: 50
      • GK Ability: 50
      • Marking: 50
      • Run Frequency: 50
      • Line Height: 50
      • Line Length: 50
      • Line Length: 50
      • Line Width: 50
      • FB Positioning: 50
      • Power Bar: 35
      • First Touch Error: 60

      • Sprint Speed: 42
      • Acceleration: 42
      • Shot Error: 50
      • Pass Error: 70
      • Shot Speed: 50
      • Pass Speed: 40
      • Injury Frequency: 50
      • Injury Severity: 50
      • GK Ability: 50
      • Marking: 50
      • Run Frequency: 50
      • Line Height: 50
      • Line Length: 50
      • Line Length: 50
      • Line Width: 50
      • FB Positioning: 50
      First Touch Error: 60

    • @Roscoe Ill admit I thought the same thing until i played it..even then I was like meh…then I played with the sliders and then played Fifa 21 to compare…Its a significant difference.

    • @Jose NEO that’s more of a myth than actual reality. It’s like people still treating the demo for PES 2020 like the second coming of Christ.

  14. For me the game is still looking terrible. Yes, some cutscenes is ok, but mostly it’s bad. Even player models is all the same. Weird shoulders, hands. Face animations still disgusting. And design. My god, what is this, Konami? In beta colours of tactics menu were pretty classic. But this blue-yellow shit? Ffs guys. I almost had an epileptic seizure. Sorry 4 my bad english

  15. Not you or your vid mate, but I have to say this shit is embarrassing. Sickening but I aint surprised its Konami for ya. When do they not shoot themselves in the foot. Time for proper competition not this free2play bollocks.

  16. it was better than the last trailer but i wont criticise the game until i have played it when it comes out which is around the corner

    • You sound like someone who has never actually played football in person 🤣🤣 you try running full pace to catch up with rashford then try stopping instantly 🤣🤣

    • @Dosui well then he should know that its impossible to just stop from a sprint without injuring yourself.. especially at an athletic level… common sense here… just moan, moan, moan… why not try design a game himself then see how hard it is… instead of crying online for views?

  17. For a game that claimed ‘photo realism’ with non-existent cloth physics on the jerseys (look at the cylinder shorts on the players shorts), this was disappointing. Like you said, I don’t think they know who this game is intended for or being marketed to

    • So in some shots the clothes have movement and the actual texture is really great! And you’re right about the shorts they’re stiff af. But if you look closely at Juan Cuadrado goal celebration part. Both the shirt and the shorts have real clothes physics and it does kinda looks great. I don’t know how many versions of game we saw in the trailer. Mostly PS4, mobile and few snippets of Next gen maybe?

  18. Mixed feelings, but still hope it will be happy ending for PES fans when the game released in September. To be honest, I’ve tried to play FIFA 21 and it just last for few hours before I’ve got frustated with the gameplay

  19. Its Fox engine with mods, case closed. There is no unreal engine here. The cloth and crowd animation is the same. This must have been call PES 21 major update.

  20. One thing I have noticed is that the videos from the konami stadium are mobile gameplay and when they show camp nou or other stadium it looks next gen to me . (Might sound stupid )

  21. The only good thing about eFootball is the change from Pro Evolution SOCCER to eFOOTBALL. And no I dont mean the name itself, just the football part.

  22. I’m more than happy to play PES 2021 with mods for another year until they do a proper release of all the features for efootball especially master league

  23. Hello, mate. Well, I’m not that pessimist, we surely have to learn the new way. I know that everyone- not excluding myself- have a bit of fear when something new is coming out. Now that I see the trailer, it’s clearly something new, we will adjust, as always. As you say, we need to play first, so that we can judge by ourselves. I have only two notes. First, the mobile game basis is a concern for me, as we talk about football simulation and I am demanding in terms of gameplay. Profoundly, the next-gen platforms are suited well, we just need to know them, but that cross-gen thing and the game presentation on older platforms and mobile is still of a concern for me. Obviously, there will be ameliorations that bring us down to what we know from PES 21, which is is something I don’t approve, as a gameplay fan (I have my own personal reasons not to play online or versus matches). Second, I recognise that the new game has two features that will be favoured by the AI: there will be lots of long balls, as the AI seems to favour them, like in PES 18. So, a scenario that seems most probable to me is in case of an attack, the forward will drop the ball backwards and then there will be a lofted through ball to the empty space, resulting in a 90% probability of goal. Also, I see that the man-to-man gameplay and marks will be favoured, with the shielding OP of PES 20 and PES 21, will also be omnipresent. As you say, we’ll need to develop relevant tactics, but I think that this will affect the marks. What about the double mark, which is also part of football? Not everything is like NBA man-to-man mark! Nevertheless, it’s a good game, at least for next-gen, though much work is needed. Have a nice time.

  24. Unfortunately Ricky, there’s seriously no chance that any of the footage included was from the mobile version. You only have to look at the PES on the playstore and apple store right now to get a good gauge on what to expect. You can’t have phones running textures with anti-aliasing or they’re literally gonna burn up in people’s hands. The graphics which are “worst off” could very well be from maybe PS4 or xBox One but no chance, it’s from mobile.

  25. The fact that on launch we only have a few teams to play with, no master league or anything is the worst part for me 😑 but If it comes out in September I’ll play it till fifa comes out

  26. On Ps4, that closed Beta version had the no-loading screen on goal kick. I would be surprised if they removed it since it was already possible on the Beta

  27. Nothing pisses me off right now more than the controller changes. Konami is literally dictating how we should play the game. For God’s sake, it is a damn video game…I should be able to customize the contolls to my own comfort.

  28. I would say 5050 I like it & some of it need to change basically mobile crossover but other than that pc & console is ok because if there no mobile we can get full effort on next gen.

    It’s look amazing but it’s probably use unreal engine 4 because of Mobile.

    Hopefully pc wool get next gen feels too (not ps4 black screen loading for gk kick)

  29. 2 years of development and all we get is available in future updates . its like Konami remembered they had to create a new game after EA announced Fifa 22

  30. Tbh, they did horrible work on marketing. Seriously wtf with cheap font at the start ? And why they combine a different graphic on single trailer ? Just make another one for mobile. The trailer has a 3 diff color scheme and graphic -_ in just a matter of second.

  31. Let’s just be BRUTALLY HONEST HERE!, it looks and sounds like a steaming pile of unfinished SHITE!, it’s a fucking dumpster, I for one am not even DL it.

  32. i haven’t played PES / FIFA since 2017 so i don’t know how the game has evolved in these years… i am optimistic for this game … and it won’t look that bad if i play on PC and i think there will be a filter option to not play against Mobile players..
    so yeah I can’t wait to play it ❤️

  33. Same tactics with different graphics, ZERO offline modes info, skating… I know it doesn’t help to be so negative, but Konami really don’t help themselves. I guess we will have to wait until we can play the game to find out if it’s worth it.

  34. 2 Years of work and they still release a trailer full of “available on a future update”? Come on, it sounds like Konami is a company created yesterday in a garage.

  35. Man just when I thought I’m ready to go back to FIFA again after 2 years of protest. It seems I’m going for eFootball this year. Gameplay is more important to me than cosmetics. I play soccer and realism matters and important to me.

  36. The messi teaser Was a pure scamm. They said they build a new game with new engine and they give us the old fox engine animation system and a mobile port pes version on unreal engine. Thanks for nothing. Btw worst trailer in history. I’ve made better once with windows media player 9 in 2001

  37. The trailer made me a lot more optimistic that it could actually be a better game than pes 2021, movement seems smoother which is what I wanted, when your slowing it down so much and pointing out little things, it means nothing to me because I play the game online so I don’t sit there watching slow motion gameplay to pick up on every little detail

  38. Pes is sooo bad that I even feel sorry for fifa and football fans that konami got some licenses we can’t have with fifa now…thats how bad konami has gone

  39. I have a theory: I think their wordsmithery is so bad, because they do it in Japanese and hire someone to translate to English.

  40. They have to have team mate pressing or you’ll get online douchebags just playing keep ball when they take the lead. It’s already bad enough as it is!

  41. So much critics for their first trailer. Yet they release an other one even worse with no hype parameter no music or action no effect no atmosphere no nothing. An old animation system and tons of text to read. Konami spend all their time and money on player clubs licenses it seems.

  42. These colors, this sound jingle at the start, these animation I can’t describe how bretayed I feel. It’s like kids have mad a video game for adults

  43. now when there are two more football games in the horizon, and one of them is developed for 4-5 years i will just wait for more info, I will give efootball chance but my hops are -999…. my hope now is UFL it’s simulator like what PES was… the graphics of efootball look like x360/ps3 with good colors.

  44. The euro logo Colors animation music none existent…and this start sounds it looks and feels so incredible cheep for 2021…it’s like going backwards 30 years but in a bad way

  45. I’m disappointed with the animation. I’ve been playing the Fifa 22 Beta on PS5. I feel Fifa has made the biggest strides going forwards into next gen.

    • How’s the game (FIFA 22)? The last FIFA I bought was FIFA 16, after this train wreck that as been this Efootball atrocity I’ve been thinking of giving FIFA a chance (yup, it has come to this!).

    • Fifa has only made good strides visually ill give them credit for that, as far as realistic gameplay and AI it is TERRIBLE and has been ever since they dropped ultimate team mode and focused everything into making money off micro transactions

  46. No right analog controls is definitely because of the crossplay with mobile.

    I’d love a swearing version of your videos, sometimes I feel like you are dying to say certain things are fucking shit 😅

    It’s sad though, I’ll try it but I am expecting it to just feel very assisted and offensively imbalanced.

  47. Konami act like a company that has no money and take shortcuts at every opportunity. This is just embarrassing, they couldn’t even be bothered to hire a proper translator for their official trailer, it’s clearly google translate…

  48. To be very honest it is not that bad, I was expecting the gameplay to be worse than what was shown. Konami needs to release the gameplay of the console version only.

  49. No team mate press is a good thing, all people did online was team mate press and controll a player to cut passing lane’s, with no team mate press it adds a bigger skill gap by making players have to do there own defending

  50. Nothing about master league or any other modes has me concerned. Which leads me to believe we will get the bare minimum.

  51. why are they always making trailers with grey dummies teams against real ones…pure garbage when you have licensed teams to show

  52. Easy decision for me, FIFA 22 will make extra $60 from me. 😅 I’m done with this bs, I’m sick of the patches and the option files.

  53. It’s ok to COMBINE the trailers if they sould just SHOW THE DAMN VERSION IN THE CORNER!!

    Like: this is mobile, this is next gen, how hard is that?

  54. I think this can be a good game in time. Once they released their offline modes, then the modders can start to work. Partly it comes down to shockingly bad marketing. Maybee because they think differently in Japan?

  55. It looks much better than that crap on Juli the 21st. New Refs sounds brilliant. As we all know : The Refs in the past, were a Bunch of Tw***. That circle around the Player is more than horrendous. It doesn’t make sense at all. Just like the Colours : sharp blue and sharp yellow : Eye Cancer.

  56. Everything under the sun shall come to pass, they can delay the disappointment and hide all the negatives about this model all they want, but the truth will come out! If its a good game the fans win, but if it is bad they lose! I just dont like the bullshit lies anymore!

  57. Graphics isn’t good enough in my opinion after that deceptive Messi trailer we deserved next gen worthy graphics. The player models and look of kits, grass etc looks like what you could get from a ps3

  58. I’m convinced now they are just winging this. Feeding is bits of clips that is for mobile footage because they don’t have anything to show. If they had footage of nextgen graphics, why haven’t they showed this? It’s a joke. They will drag this out for ages until they have something solid in place, until then it will be crap

  59. I think they’re emphasising too much on the one v one thing. In a football pitch as much as there are those situations most of the time skilled players get charged by multiple defenders at a time when 1v1 will be useless. Players are never given the freedom to keep the ball for too long for them to play too many mind games either. So they’re simply using too much time to develop a split second or two of the match

  60. Yes miss Weedens (probably spelt that wrong) but surely there’s other talented people that can make decent trailers. And yeah they needed to add text to the clips ‘mobile’ ‘work in progress’ …

  61. Where’s the PS5 version ? I hope this not next Gen because the graphics is just like the PS4 version no different but gameplay of course change slightly not much

  62. 21:44 Yo Ricky just to make sure you do realize the deal on this – the saying actually goes: “Take it with a grain of salt.” You always say take it AS a grain of salt, which is really funny 🙂

  63. It’s fun to see you say: “Let’s be positive” not even minute 4 and you are already getting angry at the fonts haha! I understand the feeling mate!

  64. Other day – a vlog on the latest announcement , my heart fell . The New Engine is only going to be used for Graphics and so on, the Gameplay will come from the same old engine. How can that fix everything that it wrong with PES up to and including 21 and update. I see some clips of 1 v 1 attack 1 v 1 defence – it was horrible looking. We have needed a new engine for gameplay for years, now we have one we are not going to use it for gameplay.

  65. Haha u wer sleeping damn…if you knew that i kept searching for ur reviee on this trailer every minute lol i wondered where you were..

    Lol i love ur work bro keep it up..from South Africa 🇿🇦 💪

  66. When people said fox engine is suck, scripted, konami change to unreal engine they still get criticised

    When people said want to play online more, konami offer multiplatform, they still get criticised

    When konami sell it at a certain price, people said expensive and not worthy compared to fifa, now become free-to-play, they still get criticised

    When people keep asking where is the trailers, konami release it they still get criticised

    When people said konami should listen more to the community, konami mentioned it in the trailer, they still get criticised

    When konami can’t offer as much as fifa, they still get criticised

    When konami trying to change direction of their vision, they still get criticised

    There’s no need to complain about the trailer that we already knew every year the trailer was not that great as fifa

    What we need is to play and experience first, if it is so bad then we can attack konami until they respond to us

  67. My dude, take a look at Rugby Challenge 4, also developed on UE4 but not for mobile, and you’ll see how good you football gamers have it.

  68. Did y’all know that PES is the only sports game that you CANNOT go on PlayStation & Xbox store and just buy 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017 and 2016…etc.
    Some sports games, you can get as far as 2014. Even WWE, has at least 4 or 5 different years on there; if you go on Amazon, you can get more.
    Let’s you know what kind of BS company Konami is.

  69. I’ll be happier once they confirm that L1 controls are still in use. 1-2’s and lobbed shots/passes/through-balls are a huge part of my game.

  70. Dosent even look bad, people love making unnecessary noise lol. I’m still gonna stick to pes21 for another year n see what everyone feels

  71. It’s not a total package anymore 9 teams at launch who the fuck is going to play this shite come on lads this is fucked

  72. They come out with this after 2 years and FIFA come out with what they’ve done in 2 years it’s a no brainer efootball is absolute nonsense it’s greed from the developers and nothing else game looks shit and that’s it

  73. this is pure garbage…i expected so much on PES on PS5…but this looks the same like 10 years ago on PS4….can’t believe it…graphics are sooo bad…the pitch looks horrible…
    also this whole presentation looked disaster…low budget production💩

    • How Tf can they remove the right stick switch???? It’s what a lot of ppl use including myself for more freedom when switching. If they really removed it, I ain’t playing the game.
      Konami are absolutely crazy.

  74. The fact that they have had probably 2 years development and it looks like a higher res PES 2020 is extremely disappointing. Console clearly a low priority for Konami now. Makes me sad this were we’ve gotten too. RIP PES

    • Konami has stabbed football sim lovers in the back. They are glorifying basic gameplay features which ought to be in a football simulator game. I might switch back to that damn arcade game called FIFA if it promises anything better that THIS version of PES by Konami. Honestly, I am tired of spending hours modding PES (or should I say eFootball now). I seriously don’t understand what they did in TWO years.

  75. It’s worrying that you don’t see the crowd in any of the camera shots. The crowd in the background and turf gives it the realist look and feel. Maybe the crowd is available in a future update

  76. Who was it that said they were mixing footage from mobile and console?

    A lot of people keep hammering on this but to me everything they’ve been showing looks like it was captured on new gen systems. It looks the same as the performance test game, which a lot of fans dismissed as being the mobile game, in a ridiculous act of denial.

    They are showing us the best they’ve got, it’s just that the new graphics are that inconsistent. It looks anywhere from terrible to decent.

    Also, why do you keep making this point about mobile having worse animations? That makes zero sense. The game is the same for all platforms, that’s the whole point of cross play. The only thing that will change is graphics settings.

    I think people took that ridiculous leak about them mixing mobile and console code too seriously.

    Trust Konami: they are showing us the new gen game. It’s just not very good. People are in for a disappointment…

    • Yeah it is probably only one version with a lot of graphics issues.

      Taking footage from differents version is a lot of work and they didn’t work for this trailer

  77. WOW SO MINDBLOWING! STEAL THE BALL AND MAKE CHANCES! IAM GOING TO GET THIS… this sentence and the color scheme + coming in a future update sums up the state of konami and EFOOTLOL. R.I.P. 2021 F. The only thing that i hope for is that on higher AI you can actually pull of tricks instead of last 3 pesses were it was to hard or impossible.
    Iam lost of words that a Sharp kick which is a long ball isnt actually in the game at release. WTF KONAMI

  78. It looks sooo god damm awful. Why do they hate fans? Honestly this looks even worse than the first one and that was a reveal. Honestly konami have lost the plot.

  79. 3:57 still the same bug where the opposition players have disappeared. There’s supposed to be 22 players on the pitch not 8. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  80. Looks like we’ve waited 2 years for an unfinished game, everything coming in a new update. The game looks very slow, I don’t think that simplifying necessarily has to mean it can’t be a better experience. Taking ISS Pro Evo 2 as an example, it’s still a very fun game to play and if you were to bring that game in theory to the present day with a modern day makeover and enhancement it would be great but I’m not really feeling it here. If they are going to simplify then they have to make it so addictive you need to see a therapist to stop you wanting to play it.

    • The slowness(!) isn’t a problem. For one thing the footage was slowed down and for another real football has slow characteristics to it (compared to both pes and fifa). To experience more of a real-life football match, try playing pes at speed -2 on pes then compare it to a real football match. They both look almost the same in terms of tempo and speed.

    • @Siavash Nasiri I get what you are saying but for me if the game speed is too slow it just don’t work. The best pace is the pace they used on ISS Pro Evo 2 on the PS1, any slower it feels like your waiting and for me at least disconnects me from the game.

  81. Konami talk to us like kids because they don’t know us because they don’t care. They just want cash. If they did know us they wouldn’t do this to pes.

  82. That one guy who said that he worked for Konami and that they saved the next gen gameplay and graphics for gamescom played us all

  83. I think the game is gonna be really responsive and honestly that’s the most important thing because you don’t want to feel like your not in control but I think this game will be good def a step up from last years it’s just the marketing that lets this whole thing down

  84. Okay, I can understand that Konami want to do something radical to try and attract more people to play the game i.e. more Fifa players. However, do they need to alienate their existing loyal customer base to do so? I’m just hoping that once we get the chance to play it, it’ll be better than we think – I’m just not feeling too confident!

  85. Being that it is the only game they’ll launch and will improve over time, yes, I liked what I saw or at least the marjority of the trailer looked better and somewhat decent

  86. 17:42 that spacing on KUN AGUERO is awful if that’s who that is. KUNAGUERO WHO TF IS THAT?? Every shirt also still has the same creases though. Which makes no sense.

    25:58 all the shirts have the same exact crease in the same place but they’re doing different movements plus still no defenders behind them. Just one keeper. 😔 KONAMI LOVE THIS GLITCH.

  87. Small things, but lots of attention to detail I hope they get to. Aubamayang has his mohawk hair from 2020 that they still haven’t changed and could really use a re model of his face. Would love better generic coach models on the sideline that modders could turn into Pep, Klopp etc. I’m hopeful that UE5 will be groundbreaking whenever the update arrives. No reason this game shouldn’t have the wow factor of 2k when it first dropped for next gen last year. Haven’t felt that with most of the trailer footage

  88. Nah, not interested. Any suggestions on which game I should go back too? I have PES 2020, but not the PES 2021 season update.

  89. Reason for yellow and white over blue is to be high contrast, so it is more accessible in mobile in high luminosity environments! Hideous though. Cannot understand the typeface choice and title case sentences though….

  90. 04:20 impressed me the most 😂 lol
    As always excellent review dude, looks little better than previous trailer. Brits I wanna ask does cross platform also means that I can play my same game (same my club team) on ps5 and can continue on mobile also, or it will be different on both devices😑

  91. Still can’t believe they took two years off to make a 9 team freemium demo. And also, this trailer was awful. Lets make a gameplay trailer and put scrolling text that is barely readable all over the place. Also, that whole “sharp kick” thing is so weird, they’re showing the game off for the first time and what do they do, here’s something that won’t be ready in time for release. Just a weird take.

  92. What I’m excited for is that there is an opportunity for this game to evolve over the years. The graphics, the gameplay, the AI, the UI can all be upgraded and tweaked over time. It sounds like a better approach than charging £70 every year for a game that’s mostly the same.

  93. “I’ll try make this positive” spends the first part moaning about the colour scheme. Btw I agree. Absolutely shocking.

  94. Man I can’t wait to see what Goals and Strikerz Inc develop. 2 years of development to end up lying to us. Didn’t have high expectations but still ended up getting disappointed

  95. No please do nit-pick on these mistakes they can’t seem to figure out. It’s ridiculous how this company just doesn’t care.

  96. I think efootball should work more on the team work of teams rather than 1v1 gameplay cus football/Soccer is a team sport not individual.

  97. efootball 2022 has unequivocally the worse presentation in football gaming history and its not even out yet. fact, not opinion

  98. If you play PES Mobile you will exactly know what that little circle under player when dueling is. It basically signal that you have pressed the “dash button”.

  99. Why don’t they explain what they have been doing this whole time ? Why a lot of stuff are available in future update ? it’s like they’ve decided to work on the game so late.

    This trailer does look much better than the last one but as you said I don’t get why don’t they explain to us more about the graphics what’s from the mobile game and what is next gen ?

    If the gameplay is similar to PES21 (but more smoother, new refs, enhanced AI) and Master League is getting some big improvements then I can be more excited about it because for now I am still skeptical. Honestly I am not expecting Konami to REALLY impress us but we shall wait until we get to play the game.

  100. If it’s next gen , it’s not worth downloading. I saw players shirts and shorts lagged physics and they are just too static . And I noticed a lot of ice-skating . I think we should give Konami more time . Let them refine the game . After 1 or 2 years let’s download it . Then we can notice some improvements . Otherwise , this game will be another Cyberpunk 2077, which we don’t want .

  101. The seamless restart system will only be available on next gen console??? Good God, that featured exists in Fifa 14, why is it only for next-gen console?

  102. the silver lining for next gen-mobile interplay is hypothetically being able to use edit mode on the go, or to just conduct the menial aspects of master league (negotiations, formations etc.)

    I remember Pes 6 on PSP allowed you to sync with your PS2, which was a smart feature I really appreciated

  103. if this was made after 1 year i would like it…but 2 years for this shit???? 2 YEARS? i will get fifa again even if its a shit arcade but the script is the same

  104. Weedens tweeted „I‘m sorry“ today and I think that says it all in terms of this Trailer.

    With the ridiculous scrolling Text i was reminded of Star Wars too. What an Hommage, Konami 🏆

  105. Looks exactly how I imagined, half arsed copy and paste mobile game. Not surprised, Konami clearly had little money to invest in this. Tacky amateur presentation, graphics are definitely not next gen not sure what’s happened there but what I do know is I won’t be downloading this. Fifa looks better this year and with Goals and UFL coming this game will sink

  106. Every shit is coming in future update, including ML…Konami is just telling us to give them more time as they wasted 2years doing shit…So folks u don’t need to get the game at launch but wait for that so called future

  107. eFootball is looking uglier by the day. Time for Konami to lay off the Sake and check themselves into detox. The party is over.

  108. f****g awful. The graphics, the animations (the weird robotic arms during celebration), the effort put into the trailer text. They are wasting their time making this game.

  109. It’s well known Iniesta always played with ice skates on…. ffs this looks so bad. Oh well, old PES games for me from now on!

  110. They’ve said in an interview that mobile will be at a disadvantage if they don’t use a controller against a console player so I don’t think it will be dumbed down and I’d guess the wording is because of translation from Japanese.

  111. Not next gen definitely, Im done with Konami, garbage company, 2 years in development and come up with a pes2020 with some new shadows. Thats it. Also, they will manage to sacrifice some gameplay features because of mobile version. Fuck that. Lets see what EA has to offer, but Im also not confident they deliver anything much different from last year either. The game industry is decaying year after year, not sure why, but they are continuosly taking the easy way, no effort!

  112. Let’s just be honest with ourselves – directly compare FIFA 22 with eFootball. They are about 10 years apart.

    Konami have kicked all of us loyal fans in the dick because mobile players give them more money. So they abandoned the console and pc version altogether and just given us the mobile version to play.

  113. Disbelief they removed Teammate Press,dunno what to say,onenof main reasons why I don’t like FIFA because their teammate press is weird and not cool for me at all,but in PES it is my main defensive tactic…

  114. 27:33 Well, the AI didn’t intercept it when I cut passing lanes on PES 2021 online and felt like the players are not even trying to intercept it, so I’m glad they’re putting some attention into that.

  115. The colour scheme for the PES2021 logo was nice and should be kept – this would provide a little more continuity too.

  116. This game looks absolutely awful! From presentation to game mechanics. The fact that pretty much nothing is available from day 1? They’ve spent over 2 years on this game!

  117. I feel Konami is stalling… in some scenes as TTB said you could see the net gen graphics and even that looks down. Konami might shame it critics with this one on full optimized setttings.

  118. Why the wording sounds toward to a 5 years old?
    Because it is. Most mobile players are kids. Adults got money and own current gen consoles and fast gaming PCs….

  119. What the hell are you doing clicbait video for obvious? Are you talking about what is written on the picture? Disgusting … I regret opening it. FUCK HEAD! You’ll buy Ronald, BAPPE, Messi and run around them brainlessly, you won’t be able to look at anything else XD

  120. I am a big PES fan since even before it was called PES. Well sorry to say, I am afraid we are facing the same bla bla bla each year.. Same old shit.. Its even worst this year, since they said they take a year off to make a whole new approach… Well, what i have seen so far is just the same recipe again and again.. People will play it anyway, first because its free, and second because there is only two football game on the market.. UFC might bring something new, but i am too old to get all excited about something that will most likely not be an amazing new experience. Imagine that so far, you can not play PES with people from Europe, if you live in the USA, and vice versa.. I mean, in 2021 really?? Just forget that shit

  121. The player models looks god damn awful…
    As it stands I won’t be buying this mess of a game. Konami just Konami’d PES…
    PES 2020/2021 look better on last gen.
    The weird and awkward goalie animations will remain too.

  122. This game being on mobile does not change nothing for the consoles, Unreal Engine has a large scalability, and there are plenty of UE4 games in the mobile that are the exact the same as the console/pc (some major example of across platform games NBA2k21, Pathfinder, Minecraft, Xcom, Genshin Impact and Fortnite which is far more complex game than PES) It just need time. 2 years of work are not enough for rebuild a game

  123. A game that has always relied on modders lacked licenses and quality presentation. Never really understood the hype about pes because the gameplay is nothing special. Football is the Best sport in the world and doesnt have a video game to replicate that.

  124. The day a proper football game is released (which hasnt happened since pes 6 and won’t happen this year either), I will be playing it non stop 24/7 till i die.

  125. Yo ricky sorry man bt u know konami have problems with their wording they should problay find a person who clearly knows english and what people look forward to when revealing infro and give em the job

  126. The circle with the little arrow pops up when using manuel controls, it shows where the ball will go and allows for far better precision as you can control both direction and strength of kick much better, this was in PES2021 and you can change wether you want the circle to show or not, i recommend leaving it on as you will always know exactly what direction your shooting/passing the ball

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