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A new article has surfaced and it seems that our beloved player ID will be no more!
Surely it has to make an appearance late down the road but for now, we’ll have to cope without.

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  1. Player ID was always a massive part of PES but apparently Konami have done away with it for now..
    What you guys saying to that eh 😬

  2. Player ID was integral to the entire game. It’s been there since the beginning. It was what made Pes unique. This is just one more terrible decision by Konami.

  3. Player ID was awesome if u made the ratings real for example ewandowski is at least a 99 he plays like him too and so does messi and cr7

    • Player id will be there…what he meant that there will not be skill individually for individual player..that means different skills that only that player can perform… but player id will be there and each player will behave like them only…but skills will be same like ronaldo may do better stopover than messi and finesse shot messi may shoot doesn’t mean that ronaldo can shoot finesse or messi cant stopover but they will do differently

  4. This is a joke. Your literally seeing the death of the pes franchise in a metal gear solid way. This is the zombies version to what was pes. Can’t believe I don’t even feel like downloading it.

  5. KONAMI will never learn. They are still deleting good things and making so many wrong choices. Just like 8 years ago. They did same shit with PES 2014. As I said, they will never learn from their mistakes!

  6. Love your takes, i haven’t played pes before only fifa till 19, stopped because i didnt wanna pay 60 dollars for squad update, can’t wait for this and your videos on them, just be fair to a free game, its all i want and for many already.

  7. Try not to be too harsh on the naming of certain moves. Although it will probably still be called Chop Touch in the En version, Japanese > English translation is far too literal to be taken word for word.

  8. Not sure they are talking player Id , player Id it’s much more than having a special dribling only for one player, player id is giw you run, how you drible, how fast you do it, the way you shoot, and on which foot you are better. That’s what matters and that’s what really player Id is.
    And from what they say , it will still be there.

  9. I’m just gonna play PES 2021 for life. Unfortunately i play on the PlayStation for so it is kind of annoying without the Mods. I would really appreciate if anyone can put me through how the get the mods

  10. Maybe players don’t run and dribble in many different ways but it doesn’t mean every player will have a 99 rating as I’ve seen people say in the comments.

    • nah. am sticking with Pes 2021 for now until next year or whenever they add all of the feature + master league. Fifa 22 is fifa 18 reskinned for the 4th year in a row with a shiny coat of paint and a couple new animation which will be ruined by there robotic ice skating gameplay.

  11. I don’t get why they made all the unnecessary changes to controls, if something works good then leave it, if something new added then fine we would have to learn the controls but if it is a lot to learn then some people might get sick of it if they don’t have the patience to keep playing the game.

  12. Pes didn’t improve master league that much infact it regressed when signing big players before they had a big stage arrival ceromany and become a legend hasn’t improved one bit

  13. Another good reason to have an offline mode. I would play one season against CPU and then go online and switch between Master League and online but yeah one season of Master League is perfect to learn the ins and outs of the game. I recommend this strategy to everyone. Cheers

    • what’s funny about that is online is the worst thing always about Konami and PES. i actually applaud konami for at making online their #1 priority for once. hopefully it helps

  14. This is turning in a proper barebones experience. Player ID is what made pes so much better than fifa, that individuality of players was where it excelled. What a shame

    • @Lamaine Thomson Yeah I played all FIFA Games from 07 until 20 because 20 is bad, FIFA 17 was the last good FIFA. I would play PS1 games (like Winning Eleven 4 and it’s still a good game) rather than playing the trash FIFA trio (19-20-21)

    • @FakeZura FIFA’s been trash for at the very least 10 years.
      And that’s only when I myself realized it was trash, I’m willing to bet it was always trash.

    • @FakeZura Completely agree. PES dominated on the PS1/PS2.. But soon as the PS3/Xbox 360 came out it was game over for PES, FIFA has obliterated them for well over a decade now.

  15. Respect to every Asain out there but they definitely built this this game for Japanese. Have you all seen their league, it is horrendous. Telling me i have to press another button to take the ball of my opponent apart from the X button. I hate playing FIFA for that reason only. Now they are literally copying them
    It’s a freaking video game man, it doesn’t matter what you do, it is a video game. There was nothing wrong with the controls, just leave it. Leave it!!!!. Man, f*ck Konami. I’m done. I’m so pissed

  16. List of things confirmed to be removed so far:

    Player ID … Team ID … Advanced Tactics … Manual Runs … Right Analogue Switching … Teammate Press … Quick Subs … Rising Shot & Dipping Shot (coming later) … ML (coming later) …. Majority of Teams and Stadiums (some coming later)

    List of downgrades so far:

    Turf … Net Physics … Ball Physics …

    List of Upgrades so far:

    Player Models (bodies) and Kits.

    Tell me why we’re supposed to be excited for this?

  17. that arrow flash u see and saw ( in the other videos ) its R3 player switch ( we do have the same thing on pes 21 and prev pes’s u just need to activate it to make it appear)

  18. I’ll accept all the disadvantages in the game except the circle that appear below the player, hopefully, if someone can clarify about this..

  19. I swear if they don’t change the skip replay or cutscenes button from the Start/Options Button to X or A am gonna burst a vein!😤

  20. I guess new thing will always start bad ish in some way..

    Maybe perhaps it gonna mature like a fine wine in the future by using unreal engine 5.

  21. I will still try it. It is a new game. It is fun to learn new things and try it out. If I don’t like it, I will go back to Master League on PES2021. I didn’t like online on PES anyway.

    It is like having 2 football games to enjoy.
    1. PES for Offline
    2. efootball for Online

  22. I will download it for PC and PS5. As I have with PES 21. If it’s pants I will buy FIFA on console and play PES 21 on PC.

  23. “available after launch” and “coming in the future” have been the only consistent thing in the informations about the game.

  24. DO NOT SUPPORT IT .. its simple .. boycott it once and for all … and we cant select players until the adversary goes near our players

  25. official rip to pes, taken out every feature and gutted the game for monetary purposes, at the end of the day the bottom line matters above everything

  26. dammm… what really concerns me. is they REMOVED changing player with the right stick flicks…
    So its going to be Impossible to MARK. dangerous runs.. or EVEN Predict 2 passes ahead, and position defender on that side, READY to PINCH the ball AND COUNTER

  27. This is the worst PES konami ever made! Is a big step back in every point of view from PES 2021. The only ones that would like this are the ones who only play PES on mobile lol it basically is a mobile game now!
    Looks trash and horrible! Big disappointment

  28. Ironic how Fifa took everything from Konami: through passes, player identity, player attributes, players faster than other, tactics.
    Literally ever good thing about Fifa was taken from Pes and I was playing since the 1st one came out in 1990 and later shifted to pes, I think it was Internationl soccer pro?
    Now Konami is taking the worst from Fifa. I shifted back to Fifa 2 years ago because of FUT only, not that the gameplay is better than pes, cuz its not much of a difference these days.

  29. Jesus Christ it just keeps getting better 😂 honestly if you buy this game you’re idiot, it’s clearly a cash grab with no thought of the players

  30. More stripped out.

    Honestly give up guys, it’s over. PES is dead and these muppets are catering for mobile E sports. The sim days are done

  31. Gaming and Traditional Japanese culture are incompatible. They have a high respect and regard for elders and authority figures that they will never question any actions they take. This in an industry that is ever changing and highly dynamic will be the death of such a valuable franchise. If we didn’t know better we will assume that they are deliberately trying to destroy this franchise. However, these are the people who decided to delve into the Pachinko machines after firing their superstar Kojima. Now with stupid gamers who will pay huge sums of money to play a gambling game, the old heads at Konami have decided to satisfy the gambling addictions of the gamer base a the detriment of the core gamers. The only way to show KONAMI our distaste is for us to universally boycott the game. Unfortunately casual gamers are going to download this game and spend hard earned cash on the stupid content they used to get for free. Interesting. They have made the game that was paid content free to play and made the free content in said game paid content.

  32. The absence of a demo or official gameplay should tell you that this game must be avoided at all cost. I guess I will be going without a modern football game this season.

  33. There is a problem with tackling with square when you’re in attacking position and you press square to shoot but you lose the ball he will tackle and cause a foul especially when you’re near the goal in the surface and there is a lot of players and the ball keep bouncing between you and your opponent so you would like to shoot so you keep pressing square a lot of times but your player tackles instead of shooting so you will be in shit you mess an opportunity to score and you may cause a foul

  34. Konami is going to regret it people will just switch to fifa after the launch, taking this step on the defending is bad, even fifa has 2 choices either use tactical or legacy defending . Also on the feint kick Said this before no ( ○ and X or □ and X) to feint which is really stupid , there’s no longer finesse shot R1 , we no longer getting the manual shooting L2, like what’s going is mobile gaming now better than console gaming

    • this game will never be bad enough to switch to fifa. I was in the closed beta for fifa 22, and its horrible. Too fast, arcadey just like 21, and you can literally tap X a few times and youre in on goal. Also, most finesse shots go in. It sucks

    • @Ricky Evans that’s true ,I personally don’t like fifa the dribbling is so unrealistic, the super human agility and skating movement, to be honest I’m still trying to understand why people hype fifa so much, yes they have a good presentation, but the gameplay is terrible and I just want gameplay . On the other hand, the efootball trailer has been so disappointing ,I havent seen anything that has been impressing both the pictures and videos of the game looks so terrible.

  35. I’ve seen a lot of things taken from fifa and added to this game, things like analog sprint, jockey, they just changed the names. Even the new style of defending is basically the technical defending option in fifa.

  36. Yeah I’m 100% sticking with PES 21. Hopefully the modding community including you, Ricky can keep all of us updated! There’s only so much modders can do but it’s still better than this upcoming soulless game.

  37. Don’t think I’ve ever disliked someone without knowing them as much as I do Seitaro Kimura. Every time his name appears, it seems like I’m gonna be disappointed.

  38. There’s player ID in efootball. It’s a bad translation. Kimura is talking about specific dribble and some characteristics for the players. He said they will add it later but in the beta we could see that players like CR7 has his special moves (on free kick for example)

  39. Konami Japanese translation : We have been playing with ourselves for almost three years now and this is why we present to you a very cheap looking game…We’ve also copied Fifa controls and we just want a piece of that EA pie not putting in too much effort while getting max rewards.
    Also we never cared about the fanbase so be excited to play PES…Err i meant E-Football.

  40. I’m going to reserve judgment until I play it, but so far it doesn’t look good. I’ve been playing pes from the start. Konami have this habit of making a crap Pes and then they take 4 years to correct the mistakes before they have a decent game.

  41. Haptic feedback is just a gimmick Knight MD was right, i don’t want my controller vibrating in my hands ffs.
    Konami focusing on 1v1 duels football is a team sport and removing player ID just says everything about today’s Konami….Cheap.

  42. konami should do the right thing and remaster pes 3-6 with full online to compensate for this colossal dog turd. saying it right here and now…efootball 2022 is dead on arrival!

  43. Let’s not judge much guys until we get our hands on it.i think Change is good for now after 25 years than having the same game developing for 30years.only needed offline modes

  44. Oooh R2 for sprint will take some getting used to – when I do occasionally play FIFA I always change it – so they won’t allow alternate controls like PES and Fifa do now ? – that’s weird to not allow alternate controls.

  45. Remember guys. This game is built again from zero point. New engine always brings matter at first. I hope efootball will be PES that we loved

    • It is not build from ground.
      They lied again they used the same hybrid Engine ( Fox Engine for gameplay et UE4 graphics ) from PES mobile

  46. I jumped ship couple years back from Pes and never looked back but still enjoy your videos mate keep up the good work. What a shitshow this new one looks !

  47. Stop clutching for straws with this series. It’s OVER! its beyond embarrassing anyone who is defending this. I’d love to eat my words in a tear or 2s time. But end of the day they’ve had YEARS TO BRING THIS TO LIGHT. NO EXCUSE. they need frank Castled. Simple.

  48. At this point, if I were Konami, I’d just walk to a cemetery, dig a hole, and lay down inside of it. It’ll save the mortician a whole lot of time.

  49. Player ID was overrated in my opinion. Maradona for example had some buggy runs from deep. In theory it sounded good but Maradona behaved strangely on the pitch.
    Furthermore I like that they adjusted the defense. Holding X and square was overpowered and it made attempts to dribble rarely a rational decision.
    I just hope there will be a 2vs2.

  50. Thanks for sharing the video. That’s what I was looking for. I think it will be difficult to get use to new button configuration. Would you please share the web page link? I need to translate it to my language.

  51. WOW. I cannot believe it. Took them more than 2 years to take away everything? And I love the “post-launch” after literally every feature. Massive disappointment.

  52. The Adaptive Triggers are only good for casual gaming and for single player campaign. In competitive multiplayer are useless, they will put player in disadvantaged.

  53. I like the changes to defending. I thought it was too OP and that was the one thing FIFA did better. They need to fix the goalkeepers though

  54. i think konami have made a big mistake cross playing this game with mobile i mean laggy games and bad servers are already an issue now its just going to get worse id be surprised if anyone can finish a game and the graphics are piss poor and the gameplay just feels like the previous pes games (CLUNKY) maybe the game will get better in the future i think my expectations were a little high when i heard konami was going with the unreal engine and i didnt expect it to be perfect but i thought they might atleast get rid of that clunky feeling and make the graphics better then the previous games but in my opinion it hasnt really improved enough and i think on launch it wont be much better either.

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