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#Efootball2022 #UFL #GOALS
Efootball 2022 Patch 0.9.1 Update, UFL CEO looking at PES mods by the community and GOALS going for more arcade approach?!
That’s what were here to talk about today folks!

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  1. ▶️ Efootball 2022 0.9.1 Patch out Friday!
    ▶️ UFL gameplay news this month
    ▶️ Goals going that FIFA route?!?
    Leave your thoughts below!

    • @Wake no. I think it’s a mix bag without the bugs.
      I like the gameplay in general, but don’t like the lack of second man press and the limited tactical options.

    • That’s like saying that when you place a beautiful rose next to a bag of trash, it makes it beautiful. No its still trash you are looking at

    • @Wake no. Are you having a laugh? The gameplay is great without the bugs? Wtf haha. You are the exact type of fanboy Konami want.. Who will put money into any old shit they release, the gameplay is horrendous even without no bugs. The slowest, most unresponsive, clunky football game I’ve ever played.

    • @SuperMillwall1885 I don’t understand you guys. eFootball is way more realistic than PES 21. Stop playing PES, play eFootball for 1 week and you’ll see. You have to get used to the gameplay, then compare it to a real football match.

    • @Domenik Valci agree with you, One need to get used to..
      I prefer efootball 22’s gameplay.. As of now, there’s lot of issues and glitches. But I like the direction in which they are going..the concept is beautiful. it’s has lot of potential if tweaked n implemented right. Passing accuracy and through ball feels great to me.
      The new controls and new defense system are challenging.. It’s not perfect but I like the idea of manually defending And manually protecting the ball.. even the passing of ball have changed, it’s even more manual, especially the force of the passes to ur teammates. That’s why many feels the ball is heavy, and that’s true. The first moment I played, even I hated so much because I was so used to with PES 21 gameplay.. But now I’m slowly starting to like efootball gameplay. That doesn’t mean I like everything about efootball 22.. They do need to come up with a complete stable version.

  2. I was always more excited about UFL than I was of GOALS initially. UFL has advertised themselves as a sim right from the start and “GOALS” sounds an awful lot like the name of an arcade football game.

    • UFL hasn’t said anything about it being a “sim” it’s only said it’s “free to play and fair to play” Plus the people involved in UFL are FIFA players, so the likelihood is the gameplay will be based around FIFA. It’s also an Online only game, so it definitely isn’t going for the “sim” approach.

    • @SuperMillwall1885 you could make a realistic playing online game I suppose. MLB the show and NBA 2K are soft of able to accomplish that.

  3. Unfortunately looks like this game won’t be right for a couple of years they have changed everything that’s was great about Pes and kept everything that’s wrong with it .
    The colour’s of the games menu stupid efootystrips are just set to attract kids no loyalty to Pes players that like playing offline

  4. Can we name all the things they took out from pes 21 that they didn’t add in e football?
    * team pressing
    *advance ball physics
    *professional fauls (double tap x)
    *advance tactics
    * manual player runs
    * playing players out of positions
    (seeing their ratings change)
    Anymore missing?

    • Facts. This update doesn’t address nothing about how shit the gameplay is. They’ve got A LOT of work to do and if they couldn’t do it in 2 years what hope do they have in a few months?

  5. At least GOALS is honest and say is going to be arcade. FIFA still pretends to be a sim.
    At this pace I’m going to make the football sim myself before the AAA industry does it. I’d love to try making a sim inspired on PES 6 but with a modern engine and mechanics one day.

  6. Hey big man love your voice great commentator but you are controlled opposition ! A true fifa man who pretends to be a PES man but has a fly dig at every opportunity

  7. I had hopes for GOALS. Now I don’t have them.
    UFL is seemed like online only game. So, for those who love to play something like Road to Glory or just like career it won’t be useful no matter how great it would be. I would like 2K start a football or soccer, whatever, game development. NBA 2K is amazing.

    • It has potential if they fix the bugs but there are so many at the moment. I like the manual feel and it does seem like the game isn’t on rails, it feels unrestricted.

  8. I feel like they fixed already some because now the gameplay feels good and not many bugs. Bit what about Modus? Don’t wanna play always just 5 minutes

  9. Well that’s goals ruled out for me before it’s even begun 😔 In an ideal world UFL would be PES gameplay with PES mods graphics and FIFA’s polishing touches and presentation 😍

  10. So you say. *We want someone to create the ultimate sim* Sure. And that is what eFootball devs want to do, And you don’t like it. Look, you want more snappi controls, but that will move eFootball away from the sim. And you and other people do not get that. That is the thing, it takes time for a player to have he’s feet right, to pass or kick the ball, and keep the balance. And then the game are slower the motion (animation) will be slower to. And by the way, animations looks smooth and amazing. But its a shame that people have misunderstud what eFootball is. Sure it have bugs and the AI are dumb. But when you control the player and run around, it looks amazing and is very solid. Even on Xbox one, where I have a good time playing the game.

  11. I only play Master League, so will have to be patient for efootballs Master League mode – so suspect the game will be in a better state by then.

    So until then all I have is PES 2021 to continue with.

    • Man do you feel that pes 21 passing responsiveness is too bad? I only play in superstar but most of the times the passing is kind of unplayable cuz they took too long time to control the ball just to pass or shoot. Like a simple pass was never meant to be simple to be received, especially lob ball

    • @Itsridwaaan I certainly have not made it to superstar mode – so you are clearly a better player than me. But I find there is the occasional passing challenge, or passing decision challenge which frustrate – but it is way less frustrating than Fifa, which is why I prefer the PES franchise.

      I do hope they overcome the challenges of converting it to the unreal engine, and getting all of our modes back.

    • @Dave Seargeant all in my head is. The passing time might be changed due the fake shot nerf. They added more time delay to initiate the fake shot, and somehow i think it affects the passing gameplay which gives it a delay. Like why our player used to take too much time just to control a simple pass. Thank you for answering me man hope you had a good life❤️

  12. I enjoy eFootball 22, rough around the edges but it’s fun online imo. I’m on PS5 which I think is the best version, the older gen versions don’t look as good.

    • But it’s so limited there’s really nothing to do plus they have discontinued events in pes 21 how much master league a person can play after all

  13. I love Ps2 style arcade games that are super responsive and fast paced but you can’t be true to football with that. Make a football game like Urban freestyle soccer or Red card.. that kind of game with new gen physics would be hell lot of fun

  14. Had to replay the video once maybe twice because I accidentally spent too long looking at the ginger moggy at the background

  15. I hope they keep the manual feel of the passing but fix the responsiveness. Plus the PS4 grass effect just looks wrong and looks like the screen actually tares a bit. I don’t understand the grass in PES 11 on the PS3 with lighting looks better, at least give us the option to switch it off.
    I also look forward to the mobile version because if it works bug free there is some potential there.

  16. They need to look at modders for gameplay no just angles and stuff majority of these developers come out with poor games year after year fifa and pes. Set the foundation and let the modders give it the overhaul and finishing touch. Modders can give us great faces especially if you give them a bigger budget than they are used to and time. But I suspect all these games will be terrible it’s very hard to get a perfect game for everyone you simply just can’t satisfy everyone

  17. Anyone …pls help
    Tz my first time using steam to download game..
    Got efootball 2022
    But the game once clickd to play from steam after download….it shows black screem as if to start and goes off again….
    Any solution please?

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