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Just wanted to clear up the news about a possible release date for V1.0!
Unless its from Konami themselves, it’s probably best to just ignore it.. 😏

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    • You have done what I have always set out to do. My life is without meaning until I am first to one of TTB videos. The time difference prevents such from occurring, though I do hope one day I am awake and on YouTube the instant he uploads a video. Please make this happen. Please. Without being first, I’m absolutely nothing. My heart aches to be first. Why does this pain not evaporate? I am not long for this world without being the first one.

    • People who are first to this video deserve our respect. We can only dream to accomplish something as world-changing as that in our lifetimes. I, for one, will never stop trying until I have done so. The idea of doing so consumes me. I need it. I want it. Come to daddy.

  1. News on the latest rumor circulating about and then I just start watching eFootball 2022 vids lol..
    Those refs tho.. and keepers. Please fix it konami! 😫

  2. The Servers and Bugs on PES Mobile are Pretty bad and the Rating of the Game has gone below 2.4 at the Moment, and yet there are no Fixing from Konami’s part. It Baffles me how a Company like Konami has Fallen. If the Rumours are true that Efootball Mobile is Coming out by the End of March, I atleast want them to Introduce a Game that Fixes everything that PES mobile failed to deliver for us. But that’s not quite the case for PC and Consoles sadly. The Game is Just Unplayable. Should Maybe wait till everything gets changed to Unreal Engine 5 🤷🏻

  3. Dude 🤦‍♂️ At least eFootball referees r still MUCH better than The Premier League referees & their ludicrous VAR. 🤢🤮

  4. There’s no way they can make the refs crapper… I’m still playing PES2020 & can’t believe some of the fouls I don’t get & the fouls that get given against me for clean tackles

    • Well they won’t be any worse.. They’ll be exactly the same. Goes to show they couldn’t even be arsed to fix what’s already broken.. 🙄

  5. I suggest to everyone who didn’t like eFootball to play pes21 in FUMA. If you’re already on fuma, try learning advanced through ball. It’s so much fun! It adds curl and elevation to your pass it’s no longer just a flat/straight through pass! Seriously spice up your game!

    I have a couple of compilation if you wanna see how it looks like.

    • @Jonathan A it’s on my channel, but I don’t have specific videos focusing on advanced through ball. There’s a channel I’d suggest to watch: Pes Manual. I think there is a video about through ball.

      Honestly I don’t see many teaching/promoting advanced through ball. I guess it’s quite awkward control to use at first. But after you get used to it, the ability to influence curl and elevation is fun! Afaik, i can never pass like , where grealish pass the ball slightly higher in between defenders, with fuma basic through ball. It’s always flat on basic

  6. This game is a dead end.
    There’s no hope for it whatsoever.
    How can Konami ‘fix’ this…???

    It’s horrible..

  7. This has to be a video of the week when the game comes out, you just scrolling commenting on the madness of this fifa 🤣

  8. I made it mum!! I was on twice on Ricky’s video!! 😂👍🏼 Video told a lot of home truths even though I still find eFootball enjoyable to play.

  9. So sad what’s happened to pes they had such a solid foundation to work on this game and would blow fifa out the water if they had someone in there team that new what they was doin

    • That fact PES had such a loyal community behind it regardless of the fact it never had official licenses should’ve motivated Konami to do better. Instead they went for the easy buck and it’s blown up in their faces

    • All they had to do was look at what the modders have done with Pes 21. Just copy the best features! It’s insane that they didn’t.

    • Yeah exactly such a loyal community all the needed was a good master league with stuff to do yano like fifas career mode sort the reffs out got some different commentators and made it more interesting plus sort the atmosphere out then that would of been brilliant then let the modders do there work and what a game we would have…Its unbelievable that they can’t see what we all can

  10. Forget this abomination. It’s never getting ‘fixed’ to an acceptable level because Konami isn’t about putting about quality football games anymore

  11. Konami have already killed pes with shamelessly updating pes 20 with a minimal update then Completely screw the fans with a shit show of a new game that doesn’t work and isn’t ready till the end of the season

  12. 3:24 its not a new animation this what a player is doing if you shoot the bal and the defender try’s to block it. Because the player is too close to the goalie and the goalie is shooting the bal away, this animation starts. It looks strange because that animation is not correct with this situation. Typical Konami bug.

  13. “實況” means “live” ,and that game is a “Captain Tsubasa” -like game,It’s very cartoon . you can see how it works in this film from Taiwan . ( ) And for me it’s just a garbage game.

  14. They chose may 20th because spring starts on 20th😂😂

    And Konami announced they’ll release the game within spring period
    Lol the bait

  15. Konami completely misfired on the direction of efootball, which has way too much emphasis on free style, skill moves stuff yet lacks of the sustance of real football. they should take their time because the game needs a complete rework. Until then PES21 will still be the king of football games, possibly for very long time to come

  16. It’s March. What is the point in releasing any updates for this game now? They should have used the year to right their wrongs and smash next season’s game out the park. Now we’ll have a soppy final draft of this version and a poor update for next season. I’ve just completely given up.

  17. wont be playing this trash full stop. will just stick to pes modded or play pes 6 on pcsx2 or any other pes except “fake”pes.

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