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#PES2022 #eFootball2022 #efootball
30th September is the Official Release Date for eFootball 2020!
So lets dive into all the other juicy details that were announced!😎

⏱️ Time Stamps:
Intro: 0:00
Release Date Confirmed: 01:15
PES Universe Twitter Summary: 03:10
eFootball Twitter Summary: 08:17
eFootball Website Day 1 Details: 09:32
Ingame Assets and Other Data: 17:23

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  1. Video was meant to come out last night but bloody YouTube checks took ages so here we are!
    Finally a release date and some day 1 info to go over.
    Get the sunglasses out! 😎

    • @Nikita Zaikin I have the money for FIFA every year, but every year I try the demo and my friend buys FIFA and I play it with him, but I prefer PES and he respects that…. is that such an issue for you?

    • @Jacob O’C No i have said to you all ready it jsut crapy game and playing online in my club pes are so shit there is shity concetions and especially in america so why bother atleast fifa deosn’t ahev that big problem.

  2. What a joke, Konami don’t care about consoles or pc. They’re handing mobile users everything. Remember everyone, disable cross platform on launch

    • Most probably will, but konami doesn’t care, they did crossplatform cause now on paper the will have more than 300millions users in one game.
      This will bring many licences and more money and will be able to do more things.
      We already know that 600 teams will have licences from autumn, which taht alone is a huge huge number.

    • Mobile industry is growing with good processor and graphics….so Konami is also focusing on that…may b near future we can get nearly console like features..may b 👻

  3. I will definitely play this, but look, I understand a lot of people if not MOST love Master League, I love it 2… BUT IF THEY DON’T FUCKING MAKE BECOME A LEGEND… I will NEVER PLAY THIS GAME AGAIN

  4. Konami do it again!
    Confuse us all with complicated details
    All I hear is post launch, premium dlc and a load gobbledegook that makes no sense whatsoever.

  5. I’ll be investing time into Ultimate Team for the first time in years. They’ve got Di Natale in this year and he was a god for me in the golden days of Fifa 13.

  6. Honestly? I’m a good bit more excited now! Especially because FIFA looks bang on the same shit as last year and it’s expensive as hell… I will wait for eFootball and UFL too I have my eyes on that game as well. It’s a bit of a bummer that only 9 teams on launch but I’m sure it won’t be long for the first big update. Hopefully just a month at most

    • believe me! I play the beta for a month and fifa is a better game this year. two main points, gk has great animations, and the goals feel way more natural too thanks to new ball physics and nets.
      but momentum is disgusting

  7. I am a pes fanatic, but I’m a kid and I can’t pay for a 60 dollar video game. So when I heard efootball (pes 2022) 🙄, was free I was genuinely hyped. Until I found out it was just online. PES was made for offline, they knew people were paying 60 dollars already for the game so they didn’t overly commercialize the game. And everyone was fine with that, people liked master league and become a legend, but they stabbed their game in the back and promised their community a good game just to stab their community in the back too. It’s upsetting but I understand that they needed more dough. But God damn, RIP pes and F*** efootball.


    Still can’t be sure until I get my hands on it.

  8. By the way thanks for this video, super useful, it’s so fuckin annoying for me to chew through this info by myself, I have ADHD and I hate just looking at a bunch of text. Video formats for me are so easy to digest

  9. Ricky, the contracts aren’t as difficult to understand as you make it seem.
    For example, the table with “Legend” and “Expired” means that if you have a Legendary Player in PES 2021, you can carry over that same player in eFootball 2022 as a Legend, but his contract will be “Expired” , so he can only be used in Online Lobby etc, not in the competitive modes.

  10. Feel bad for the whole community who diligently create content for edit mode. This is what the game was about. Fear they are going to drop the ball so bad on this one… big up the guys at Pesuniverse though!

    • I have no plans to even waste bandwidth on this game. I’ll be downloading PES 21 and various trainer mods onto my Steam Deck next year and playing through a Master League on my commute.

    • @Alex pes 2021 is already a good game and with all the created content from modders it borders on being “great”. They haven’t given us a reason with this new one to stop playing that one.

  11. Pes never released with the latest transfers, it was always a patch later on, last year pes took ages to update squad data.
    With only 9 teams(basically a demo) it better have the up today’s squads.
    This is the price you pay for free to play games, released unfinished and hold back content to drip feed in over the months to draw you back in. Unless this gameplay is exceptional I won’t be touching this game.

  12. what the hell konami is even thinking by making a 3 platform crossplay and includes mobile in it, its just a no no for me and whoever is in charge for changing pes team decision from next-gen focused to make this shitty weirdlooking game imma say fuck that guy and i hope eFootball is dead and hope they will stick to pes cuz eBalls is just ass. from makin a separate version they already make a huge amount of money from pes mobile i just cant find any reasonable reason on why they merge the original pc and console product to mobile.

  13. Im upset by this, however I feel we need to change our thinking when it comes to this game. Its obviously no longer a yearly chunk Game (all in one game) its now essentially a GAAS game (game as a service) so i think we need to understand it in terms of say Fortnite, where we will be going back to this every so often when a new update is dropped, regular updates (we hope) and sizable ones too. this very much is a season pass drip fed content game now. instead of the old all in one wait a year for new stuff type of game.

    • Well they claim ML will be available as premium content (paid DLC)…. with regular updates and tweaks which are much easier to facilitate on Unreal engine, the game could evolve very nicely on next gen over the next few years.

    • @Jacob O’C exactly what i was trying to get at maybe i worded it so wrongly haha but it could evolve at a good rate and the content could also be better. i think while its obvious the new direction is a shock to most. overall if we look at it from a different angle it has every possibility to be a success.

  14. i believe that efootball is made in a few months or less just by looking on the future update that contains game mechanics. i might be thinking what is happening before was pes team is making a next gen concept and then theres one weird dude said hey why dont we just make it playable on mobile and the nextgen concept all burned to the ground

  15. I’ve got a hunch that they’ll leave off player attributes/traits, that is hole player, destroyer! These attributes make the game more enjoyable and realistic and it’s a real pity not to include them.

  16. There wording, Colour scheme overall presentation is really poor even with this latest update. Its like, Just get it out don’t care because it will bring in crazy user numbers on Mobile. That’s what we care about now. Really Sad for PES fans.

  17. I will of course download when its released – but as an offline player, there is no reason to continue to play more than a couple of hours!! Until master league is added, there is nothing to play. Can’t express how disappointed i am.

  18. Konami have literally committed commercial suicide with this game. They had a massive opportunity to go head to head with EA for next gen and they’ve completely fucked it

  19. Efootball as far as a mobile game is concerned seems to be phenomenal. I am, however, something of an offline player with zero interest in an online mode and mobile game which I think take the realistic factor away from a football-simulator game. I hope they will take offline modes into consideration in the near future.

  20. I’d much rather spend money on a game practically completed with everything included at launch rather than this free weird game that is only online and gives everything to mobile users. I will play it and hope for the best game play and graphics possible, cos that’s what they promised!

  21. 12:18 Great. They’re gonna stop slowing down and weakening your players on purpose when you face a player with fewer hours under their belt, then?
    Just kidding, Konami’s probably way too dumb to figure out that it’s not a good idea and that PES players aren’t FIFA’s

  22. This thing will bomb. Guaranteed. Not trolling, just being honest. Theres not enough stuff at launch and its Konami the kings of lets cut the legs off and see if it can crawl to the finish!

  23. I can not see this being anything other than a crock of shit.
    Be like going into get a pair of trainers but you don’t get laces, or a sole, you gotta go back in at a later date for them and fork out some more money.

  24. I’d rather pay 60 dollars and receive a completed game than download a free game, only to be nickel-and-dimed to death to unlock important aspects.

    Ah, going to the store and just buying PES off the shelf. It was a simpler time.

    • Yeah I mean I’m fine with the myclub part being free, but id be happy to pay 40-50 even 60 quid to get a banging master league mode which is definitely more than I would spend in myclub in a year anyway.

  25. This is Konami. So you just know the rosters won’t be updated. You just know it. Forget about CR7 in a Utd strip. This is Konami. They never learn their lesson I have no reason to believe they will start now.

  26. Used to so look forward to my new master league campaign with the new PES on an cold autumn night . Konami have shafted me having been loyal to them since ISS soccer on the PS1.

  27. Here’s a theory : Konami chose that color scheme so that people lose their vision so that the obvious and painful flaws in the game are no longer visible. Smart thinking!

  28. to me this concept of making a game f2p can work on fps games and games like rocket league but games based on offline gameplay i think its gonna fail and konami gonna bring back the normal 50 bucks for the full game

  29. I think when you move to e-football 2022, legendary player, for example, will be carried over but as expired contract player so you can use him quick online and lobby matches, I don’t know whether you can extend their contracts to play then in other modes.

  30. This doesn’t even sound that bad, I’ve been criticising Konami and PES for the way they’ve handled the build up to this new release but this new “myClub” mode seems to have WAYYYYY more features and things to do compared to the previous versions. I’m excited for all the divisions, challenges, match pass system, rewards etc.. All of this stuff has been non-existent over the past decade. Seems like Konami have finally listened, if they could add a Transfer Market where you just click on a player like Messi and buy him for 100,000 GP or whatever then it’ll be amazing. But genuinely excited to play the game now even if all of this stuff will be released at a later date.

    • The game needed a change of direction, pes couldn’t just carry on with the same boring old objectives we used to get every Thursday and Monday. I haven’t the time to grind in FIFA everyday for players, so this will do me.

  31. Developers used to put everything into making the best game they could and then just simply sold that game. We customers really dropped the ball letting modern developers get away with the crap they pull now.

  32. If konami put half as much effort into the game as they do the microtransaction bit it might be close to the perfect football experience, but its 100% microtransaction bit and little else why even at f2p people are still wondering whether to bother.

  33. I have zero interest in this approach by Konami..It looks cheap,it is cheap and it will feel cheap to play…Even as a Arsenal fan i’ll order Fifa 22 and play that this year.
    In January when Konami do get their fingers out their arse and release offline content it’ll be interesting,but now no way am i investing my time in this garbage.

  34. Basically Konami want to do EA’s FUT without the effort or licences lol…And this was their masterplan ?
    Walk into a garage on one side you have top range EA’s Ferrari ,the other side Konami’s broken down Lada with no wheels.


    • @positively curved pikachu This is such a bad strategy for the western market. This strategy makes sense for the eastern market because every game they play is pay to win. But here in the west we hate this shit.

    • knightmd, I know I’m starting to be a meme, but if eFootball fails us, you should become the Sliders creator for FIFA22 and turn it into the simulation we deserve.

  36. Does anyone know how long PES universe will do update patches for this? rosters/kits I’m ok playing PES 2021 for PC/PS4 with updates/parches I enjoy the gameplay.

    • Well arguably it could attract more views than ever before, seeing as it is cross gen, has global servers and is free to play…

    • @positively curved pikachu FIFA is more about making money, the motion and physics is well behind PES which makes me angry as they are a much bigger company and have had decades to make a superior simulator.

    • @Jacob O’C id like to think so, however he has been producing great content for years and still only has 98k subs which should be more like 250k

  37. I’m going to be honest, I think the reason they lost in terms of following compared to FIFA was because they catered to a very small hard-core PES players who wanted ultra simulation. The one time I heard and read FIFA players saying they had switched and tried PES and thought it was more fun was PES 16. Aside from the CPU always scoring in the same place and the goalkeepers always letting in the same goal when in a certain situation it was really fun. In all honesty they should have refined that and kept in that direction and I think they wouldn’t be in this situation.

  38. Another theory is that they have to consider their market, a large share of which is based in South America. To buy a PS5 they have to take out a mortgage.

  39. Right here is my pissed up thoughts on Friday night….so read in that sense 🤣

    What the actual fuck are they playing at in Konami…it’s like they have decided to erase everything, and act like nothing has happened since when they created Pro Evolution Soccer!

    Let’s get this right from the get go……I have been FIFA from the first, and all of my mates, all the way through the years…I’ve said “Ditch FIFA, and play PES” so I did…4 years ago

    Here we are now…….

    I am now looking at FIFA, like it’s a super model, and she is all over me

    I genuinely think that EVERYONE who made the decision to kill a “Hell of footy sim to play” should either, Retire…or be sacked!

    PES or Efootball…or what ever they call it….need to get in the sea 🌊

  40. I know it’s only cosmetic but still wish they focused more on marketing and design. When it was the green with the half football pitch for “new football game” it looked pretty cool. But the blue and yellow design is just terrible.

  41. This sounds like a sequentlial release for a football game, lol. This sucked dick for the hitman series and I have no idea how anybody can believe that it is a good idea to do this for a football game. How do you have only 9 teams and 6 stadiums? >.> Yeah I might check on this game in a year or two.

  42. Why didn’t they keep it efootbal just like it’s fortnite or destiny or rainbow six siege and just do seasons…. You know like how there’s actual seasons in football🤦🏻‍♀️ god dammm it konami are dumb.

  43. As much as everyone including myself slags fifa year in year out they do have a clue when it comes to release and knowing when to price drop when interests wains. For instance if you have a price point to buy it then you can almost guarantee when fifa will drop it to that. £50 launch. Christmas £35ish late, jan/feb £20 then after feb it’s usually around £10 and then after that free on eaplay.

    Konami just do what they want and don’t have a clue because they have absolutely no idea. They make the same mistakes every single time.

  44. 14:09 it means that if you get a United legend and they lose the license next season for eg. you won’t be able to use them in future next season game modes UNLESS you pay konami for a 60 day renewal pass. For another example if a player retires he won’t be under a fifapro license anymore or whatever they use so then Konami won’t own the rights to that player so you have to pay Konami to keep using them. Or for instance if they transfer to a club that they don’t have the license for. like when they didn’t have lewandoski for years until they brought the polish license.

    It’s Konami being Konami basically.

  45. I’m surprised your interest didn’t piqued when you read 600 licensed clubs. There’s 400+ in pes 21 including j.league 1 & 2 in mobile, so its exciting news to find out what these new leagues are. Again, Konami are that confident in the mobile market, they must have raked in tons of cash from micro transaction so they seem to prefer this approach.

    • Konami was trying to get the Korean K1 & K2, however, EA has the exclusivity. But it seems that those leagues could be added on for mobiles. I was chatting with a YouTuber from South America, who has reliable info, and learned that the new leagues will be mostly 2nd or tier from Europe. Moreover, there is still a chance for the Swedish league to be added by Konami since the league did not renew an exclusive contract with EA. Finally, the Uruguayan could also be added on.
      What is definitely sure is that new club partners and national team will be added on to Efootball.

    • @Gonzalo Bustamante great news bro! Despite Konami lacking marketing & communication; I hope they release new league trailers like how they did for PES 2019 then

  46. Not gonna lie, they are cleary going down the ultimate team, season pass. Stuff my master league will be an after thought…that I guess is what happens in free to play, monetisation is key to make any money. 🙁

  47. The contracts make full sense. In order for them to get money for next year, people will either have to buy the player again, or extend their contract. That’s their way of making money, probably.

    Same for the carryover legends. They will have no contracts, so you will have to pay (probably with MyClub coins) for a contract extension.

  48. Let’s be honest the mobile players like myself deserve this the A.I on mobile is much better than console and also they update it weekly sucks for console players but great for mobile users 🤷🏾‍♂️

  49. This ain’t even “bare bones”. This is in essence a beta. Konami will listen to the community? Fine, listen to this; you have had 2 years more or less to develop this “game”. There is almost no content at launch, basic gameplay mechanics will be added in future updates, no master league or something like that at launch. You (Konami) should be ashamed of what you produced and expecting the community to just accept this is far from realistic. Way to show the community gratitude for all the years they’ve played and supported the PES series

  50. So, apparently the famous Edit Mode, in which I can edit teams and players as I like, will be available since december, won’t it?
    In december, I’m really looking forward to see new GOAL celebrations on it!

    • @Ariton if its free it doesnt matter.
      Its like an Early acess , or a demo becoming a game.
      By being free doest matter how they call it , EA , beta , Demo or Early Version.
      Its launching like a Demo and becoming a game with time , if it was payed I would be pissed , being free its just dumb to treat it differently.

  51. 20:00 I think it means that mobile players legend and iconic moments will have expired contracts, and the rest of the carried over players can be used for 1 year

  52. It’s gonna be like Fortnite. Best not to think of eFootball 2022, 2023, etc as separate games. They’re just going update the rosters and change the MyClub promotions.

    • Well they can still add graphical updates too, in the way that fornite and games like gta update their games with new in game animations and do it more easily and fluidly with unreal engine.

  53. So let’s get this right. 2+ years in development and will be released without individual player tactics ? without Master League ? with just 9 teams ? 5 proper Stadiums ? without certain passes ? okaaaaaaaaaaaay. So my question, what exactly have they spent the 2+ years doing ?

  54. I think people move more on FIFA 22 until UFL, Goalz come forward with gameplay and release date, then, put all football game on round table and discuss which to play.

  55. I’m not with you on “just create enjoyable game with master league”. There we already have FIFA for that kind of entertainment. I might look past all the enjoyable contents like ML, bunch of leagues and teams, CL, El for a few years if I see Efootball is making a substantial progress in terms of realism in the gameplay, physical movements of the players on the pitch. We’ve already seen a decent graphical breakthrough in both games so I think it’s enough now we need to see something physical realism. I wanna play a football game in which player movements look more like Rush Football

    • Well we’re not there yet are we, look at what games looked like in the 80s, we’ve come a bloody long way, so just be patient.

  56. You guys are idiots, instead you should be thanking Konami for making a wonderful football game which is now free.

    Only problem with PES is the servers

    • @Barmitsva Are you actually dumb? They haven’t eliminated nothing. They added the season pass on top of the other microtransactions. You can pay for packs and players with real money, and the season pass also has a paid for version of it too. You really are out of the loop, aren’t you?

    • @Barmitsva Bruh they literally have said all of this, and they have images of all of this. Efootball is going to be a online only free to play ultimate team basically. And konami is konami, they are always greedy. This game is going to be pay to win.

  57. This is basically ultimate team: the game. Full of pay to win mechanics and other nonsense. Konami have gone fully greedy. rip pes

  58. What a load of shit Konami could of blown fifa out the water years ago but they haven’t got the brains or the ambition bring out a fantastic football game that’s fully editable in all departments and let the modders get to work and a full in depth master league that’s exciting and that would of been it oh and maybe get rid of Jim bloody beglin and bring in Gary neville and Jamie Carra now that would of been amazin

  59. Konami are so lazy, they didnt even check that there is a double spacing between ‘and’ and ‘mobile’ in the 3rd line at 2:50.

    Talking about expectations from the game….

  60. Why the F Konami has to release it on 30 September if its still not a full game? If you’re competing with Fifa, they are going to release a complete game the next day. So there is NO competition, dumb Konami.

    For God’s sake, use some brains!!!

  61. I think people are slightly overreacting, think about years in the future after this game has had a billion updates and could very well be the best football game out there, I think this is why the first version is bare bones as they are planning for the future,

    Just playing devil’s advocate as I’m a massive fifa fan but fell in love with full manual controls on PES this year,

  62. It’s a testament on how shit Konami’s website that pretty much every YouTuber failed to go to the FAQ section of the console/PC version and spent most of the time on the site for the mobile app.

    There’s a very important thing in the FAQ.

    “Q1: When will more teams be available to use, other than the nine already included at launch?Many more Authentic Teams will be added as part of the upcoming autumn update. These can then be used as base teams for building your Creative Team. There will then be a further update in winter, where users can enjoy Match – Authentic with all the available teams.”

    This seems to mean that while there will be more teams available for My Club in the Autumn update to be used as the base for your team, they will only be available for the standard kickoff mode in December.
    There’s a big probability that if you don’t want to play MyClub/Creative Team, you are stuck with 9 teams until December or further.

  63. Usually I like your videos, but I’m baffled how you can make a video about something you got no idea about, even if it’s greatly explained on the website. I read it all during launch break at work and understood everything perfectly fine… You read about what carries over for mobile users (that’s the link you clicked), you got what item you got on mobile on the left and what will you get for that on the right. And I’m PC player. It’s just reading with understanding, but I guess it’s difficult nowadays. And English is not my first language and I’m somehow better at understanding it than you? I can’t even properly talk using English, only write, lol.

  64. Why do you carry on with monstrosity of a game that most of the football game world don’t care about. Switch to fifa career mode content and save your channel

  65. I don’t think this is the game that they are working on. I think this is just a highly refined beta. The actual game will be on unreal engine 5, eFootball 2023 is going to be the big launch and I think it will launch much before FIFA 23.

  66. I can’t believe they’ve removed Online Team Match lobby where you could play with human players up to 11v11. With group of friends that’s the online mode on PES we’ve been playing for years!

  67. That interface/color scheme is so bad it’s shocking. I don’t even wanna play the game if I have to stare at that. FIFA looking better and better due to eFootball’s oversights.

  68. They’ve literally had 2 years to make a game because 21 was an update, they said we’re focusing on 22 new gen it will be brilliant…. erm now we dont even have a game i mean this is literally a build process and e football 2022 will be a rough ride imo so id honestly say IF…. if they pull this new game off 2023 will be when its ready.
    And from what i can see They’ve looked at FIFA and the competition that brings, looked at mobile market and decided to break away challenging EA and focus on mobile marketing, the only part i like so far is the look of the players cards because they look like Panini cards etc apart from that it looks like ive lost my pes forever and ill unfortunately have to test FIFA this year but i have a feeling ill stay playing PES21 for another year.

  69. Konami is into suicidal path… at least is free and there’s my Juventus. But if the gameplay sucks, Konami will see a bloodshed of users. I hope it will be a decent football game. But I’d love to play a full season with several different leagues. I’m not really into esports.

  70. So basically Konami postponed the release date as we expected when they announced using unreal engine… 13 september will be like demo from last generation (pes 2020 and below)

  71. Free to play …
    Pay to win..
    Unlock more plays styles paid Dlc.
    How much have we really have to spend on a “free to play game” when it launches

  72. It’s not that hard to figure out, Expired means that the player will be carried over, but it’s contract status will be expired. You have to do a contract extension (which will be included for 60 days with the iconic moment players). The rest will be okay for 1y. I guess 60 days because the seasons will be 2 month long.

    The other part, about manager costs, basically you’ll be refunded for them, if you bought one in PES 21 for 2500 GP, you’ll get 2500 GP back.

  73. Pes died with the introduction of 4k and animations…. I’m still playing my pes 18..ohh the speed.. The shoot…. Its stressful updating all the players rating and transfers but that’s what I do every year…. I have the pes 2021 but I only update it, play it, and nah back to 2018

  74. This will be a huge failure. I’m not bothering to download on the 30th as it’s a demo. They haven’t given a date for actual release and by then I’ll be pretty disinterested given what I expect will be a lot of negative feedback.

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