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#PES2022 #eFootball2022 #efootball
Well I think were all a little baffled by this decision.. So let’s talk about it!

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  1. I saw that bullshit on PlayStation 😭🤨 I was just trying to play some PES and BOOOOM . The link didn’t work tho in the US at least

  2. Tbh I’m not surprised, the moment I heard it was free to play it became obvious that there would be a huge shift towards pay-to-win

    • @Wake no. Did you watch the video man? There’s a “match pass” similar to how battlepasses work, plus this new “chance player” option fs.
      I was thinking like you till I seen this new info today.

    • Master League Online was amazing. It was free to build your team and pick the players you wanted, and it’s a shame we’ll never see it again though 😫.
      I used to spend ages writing down player names with good potential, and finding players that were low rated scripters felt good, also scrolling through teams and seeing theirs was great lol all in the research.
      Sad that we won’t get anywhere near that going forward with Efootball 😞

  3. Funny how I enjoyed the most of PES from 2002 to 2015. That was the best from Konami for me. Is this new Konami is expecting us to trust them after 6 years of rubbish? FIFA is nonsense and this new Konami aren’t even proving themselves before trying to rob us. I’m out. I’ll wait for the other two football games cause I’m not paying for FIFA or this. I’m 30 and have been playing football games since 7 years. I can wait 3 years to play again

    • Their worse than EA to me because EA has been that type of company for decades, whereas while Konami has always been inept in a lot of ways they at-least seemed like they tried to make a good game but IMO their disrespecting of the fanbase and especially modders who let’s be honest are one of the main reason for the series being profitable down the years has been appalling. The modders should blacklist efootball as a fuck you to Konami.

    • It’s possible all this while they meant ‘after lunch! 😂 So it may actually not take too long beforei all features are released.

  4. It’s a bit bloody cheeky of them to put a pre order up for the game when none of us have a clue what the gameplay is actually like and what it’s like on different versions of the game too eg,Ps5 and £32.99 just to sign players which I don’t even care about and am not interested in I care more about ml and offline matches and gameplay but I don’t know when we will actually see any because all Konami do is put out cinematic trailers to make the game look more appealing

  5. They are offering 40-dollar bundle since they know as soon as we get it for free, no one will be interested to pay 40 dollars for that shyty bundle.

  6. I really hope that this business model will fail because if it won’t then the future of games (not just sports games) is even worse than we thought.

    • If E-Football fails which i think it will Konami will just not continue with a football game imo they killed off Metal Gear Solid series and tried Metal Gear Survive a free to play version with microtransactions for saves and that failed so they ditched it.

  7. I heard that Master League will need real money. If you want to buy players from other clubs it will cost you $5 real money for top players and $2 for trash like lindgard.

  8. People mentioning “yeah it’s free 2 play so it’s expected” yes that is right to a certain extent but the price and timing is disgusting and I’ll tell you what now that’s a massive L in my book and just another X on Konami thus far nothing short of cheeky sleezy suits just like EA with the audacity to dump a product on us that’s not even remotely close to what I was expecting in the time thrve had and guess what else I still can’t get that cheesy music out of my head from the trailer shocking is an understatement I might be going over the top but sack that waffle it’s taking the piss now

  9. Thanks for the video but isn’t obvious that you can’t use coins and players since MyClb won’t be released on september 30 th ? and said Creative Team will come later ?

  10. I’m not surprised at all it’s Konami they did it before and they’ll do it again they took a big dump on Metal Gear Solid series and they did it with PES

  11. Thank you for the video
    I hope there is co Op my club in pes . It’s what made the game so attractive
    if they remove that i’m done with PES sadly …

  12. Konami are going to make this f2p game more expensive for the average player than buying a premium game, f2p is just to get you in the door. Then they will milk you dry, in a year wipe your squads and get you to do it all again, and idiots will lap it up, throw their bank cards at konami and tell them to take what they want. Its there money and they can do what they want but its these idiots killing gaming for the rest of us.

  13. This whole game is so childish. The bright colours, the emphasis toward multilayer (money), just shows their lack of creative imagination. They just looked at ultimate team and finally gave in with this cringe rubbish.

    • Mate i gotta be honest online is where PES has been lacking for years. There’s no real ranking or purpose to winning games online. This is a major reason that has kept people away from pes (and the poor input reaction times of players). There’s nothing wrong with concentrating on online, that’s where they will expand their audience the most. You’ve got to think if you were selling a game you have got to concentrate on what is popular today, not 15 years ago when it was all about offline modes. It’s about making profit after all..

      The way they are doing it by scamming people with this pre order bonus and charging for offline modes is a joke. Agreed about the poor visuals and marketing though

    • Part 2.. if me or you were making a game and we saw how many MILLIONS EA are making from ultimate team yet we are struggling, wouldn’t we think, hang on we want some of that too?
      For example there’s a reason so many games have a battle royale mode now, after all the success it’s had. It’s not original but it doesn’t need to be.

    • @Shoop You’re spot on buddy. It’s definitely the right business call. It just makes me sad that the market is driven in that direction.

  14. I agree with the general frustration, but not about the rant throughout about the preorder being for something you can’t used for two months. That is literaly the definition of a preorder.

    The real problem is not knowing if the £33 a good price for those people who spend money for players on FUT and MyClub modes.

    I was half hoping it would include a season pass for any game modes released in the next 12 months.

    • @goffed11 I took it as being that some of what is offered is not available until then. I don’t play MyClub so am not sure what that might be. The rant just went on too long over that though.

    • Exactly… But of course not, “Free to play” with a 40 dollars bundle + you have to pay more for off-line mods = More then 69 dollars. Guess what, Konami trying The EA tactics and see if it works. The problem is, EA has way more fans. Why would People change their mind especially if fifa is complete and PES Will take one more year to be full complete? Nothing makes sense from Konami, clearly they fucked it up. Oh well guys, I Will keep with FM then. Unbelievable how much fun I have with a fucking 2D game in this generation, and no fun with FIFA and no good expectations from PES…

  15. The funny thing is… with previous PES releases you can usually find a deal for £32.99 for the WHOLE game. (master league etc included) within 2 weeks it has usually dropped to about £25..Now they’ve gone F2P and the pre order bonus is basically the same price anyway? & you only get players for myclub? Master league will be another seperate purchase. Lmao this is a scam.

  16. Not surprised, just feel meh, its Free to Play, I’m only interested on the offline experience, but, I will still give the online a try to see if it’s enjoyable this time

  17. I don’t agree with it but other f2p games like Enlisted/Vigor had/have a bunch of pre order bonus packs or bundles for similar prices

  18. You hit the nail on the head. Pretty much word for word what I put on reddit. The balls on Konami to put this out on a game which we know nothing about and can’t use until November. Just an obvious and lazy attempt at a cash grab.

  19. Thetruebrits do you know if any of the new upcoming football games are gonna be realistic or like fifa with all these fake ass tricks. I am very worried that efootball will be like fifa with this new 1v1 duel focus . In real life football you dont see that much tricks either. I dont even wanna play efootball cause im sure Robben wont get a legend or some other special card.

    • @Silent Chaos I’d do the same if I could stop retired player regens, the second I see an old ass 16 y.o. wonderkid it ruins my immersion and I just stop playing. I’d love a mod that completely randomized all regens.

    • @DarkArterialGore haha, at first I do the same, mate. But now I use them as long as thy have real face. It’s kinda exciting to integrate them in my main squad. Besides, they can be sold to generate money because it’s not too easy to have big budget in PES. I always sell players with 30+ age to keep my squad fresh & make it more challenging 😁

  20. Haven’t heard jack shit about the game apart from that horrible road map thing so I’m not getting pes at all this year and going back to fifa with the hyper motion on ps5 👍🏼 their lack of communication and the fact they did a season update to focus on next gen YET is mobile is so bad 🤯

  21. Doesn’t bother me as I will use my veterans bonus to get me off and running which means 2 chance deals and 1M GP.
    I think it is priced well enough, just a shame we don’t have a full game to play in 2 weeks with bundles ready to use.

    The best thing is that it is still effectively not pay to win because of the tier system, however if you want to earn eFootball points which gives you nominated contracts for targeting specific featured and legendary players then you may need to have built a good squad to compete in whatever tournaments and challenges eFootball has come up with. Currently it’s still too easy to earn eFootball points in matchday so I assume they will either make the rewards harder to earn or lower the amount of eFootball points earnt per event/challenge.

  22. I said excalty the same as you mate, “This show’s what Conami is all about” 🤦
    This is MyClub lite with a shiny new wrapper with microtransactions up the wazoo 😂 The cheek of these guy’s.
    I’ll try it but I’m not buying anything. I’ll be honest and say if the gameplay is some how great I’ll pay some money, but fs let us try the game before throwing the ads at us for our 💸💸💸

  23. So i was expecting this because this is how their going to make the money, Konami are a mobile business company and expect even more microtransactions…The blind fanboys really are so blind.

  24. We gonna wait 2 months for myclub and general all game features seems a joke at least! Really hope the release of new football games soon..

  25. Crap Konami should get in touch with Sega to team up a pes 2022 and FM manager 2022 to make a real rival to fifa instead of this rubbish. I’ll wait for master league in January.

  26. Konami : We want you to pay £32.99 straight off you for a free to play mobile brick game with 9 teams lmfao !
    EA : I thought we were greedy 🙂 Seriously Fifa 22 is around £50 for a full game with a offline mode and licenses and Konami want this absolute clowns.

  27. See, it’s a little similar to having a game preview/early access founders pack, but as has already been said, those games are a lot more complete when they start to roll those out. This is just an absolute joke, and there needs to be a serious shake up of staff at Konami, cause whoever’s ideas these are is well out of their depth!!

    • In actual fact, they should have done it like that in the first place, including master league etc… but as a sort of ‘efootball pass’ which gives you everything as it’s released. Like a season pass.

  28. And they said it wont be pay to win hahah they fully letting you buy a bundle that gives you an advantage not once but twice. Konami are jokemen😂🤣

  29. Only Konami (after years n years of disappointment) could then drum up such excitement with taking a whole year off and talking about new engines etc… but then royally F it up more than you could ever imagine. I don’t know how they manage to fail so bad, so much.

  30. People are in for a rude awakening if they keep saying any footage we have is from mobile. It’s from next gen consoles, it’s just that underwhelming.

  31. I dont know why folks seem shocked! Remember people, Konami once charged folks $10 for another save slot in Metal Gear Survive garbage! 😂

  32. Just say it ffs… its a scam…. Konami try to hide it by generating confusion….. but in reality the only true deal is that the supposed new game is a totally scam …

  33. 😂😂😂 I still believe this is just a comedy show from Konami, they will drop another trailer telling us they were just kidding. I’m searching for hidden cameras 🙄

  34. Dude great content i am watching you for about 2 months now and i cant find any other channel that says the true like you plus you are very entertaiment guy. Even the bundle you sugest people to play the game first and buy the bundle if they want one day before the update arive that is also very useful info that many people they dont understand. I really apreciede your videos and your efort you put to give in details evrithing we have to know🙏👏👏

  35. Konami have clearly lost the plot. I can’t see this eFootball being a competitor to FIFA, which will result in EA being even more lazy. Let’s hope that one of the new football games can scoop up the ball that Konami have so obviously fumbled. Looks like another year of PES 21 (and unfortunately the totally fucked referees)…

    If I didn’t know this was from a genuine, trusted company like Konami I would think it was some kind of scam website, that’s how bad the grammar is. You’re putting this out to the English speaking world, Konami – get some proper translations! This marketing campaign has been a joke. Who is getting paid thousands for this crap?

  36. This game just sounds worse and worse. Everything looks to cater the “Thanks Konami” facebook commenters who love their mobile game.

    Ps. wish they would sort out the players mouths when they open, all the players look like horses when they celebrate

  37. Not surprised at all…..its a F2P game and will include purchase in game of coins so it doesn’t surprise me they are offering a pre order bundle deal

  38. Typical post 2010 Konami this is. A free2play game has a preorder bundle which costs money. Silent Hills creates more buzz than in ages lets cancel, MGS creator Kojima leaves lets turn it into zombie action. We have over here Castlevania and lots of other great IP we never do anything with, and we piss all over loyal PES fans by changing everything but the worst parts of ourselv um I mean game.

    I dunno about you but I am more than ready for bigger companies to start licensing or buying off their IP maybe then we would see glory again. Us, not Konami.

  39. Anyone that buys this is a complete idiot. Sure do what you want with your money, but youre still a complete idiot. As for Konami super weird strategy to put this up with so much confusion, lack of gameplay shown etc. but I guess they were always tone deaf

  40. This is absolutely ridiculous, either someone at konami has spiked the water cooler or they’ve been smoking the pencil sharpenings.

  41. Even though you are big fan of Pes, you maintain your professional opinion which I respect And its rare. Your criticism is all right.

  42. This was already a joke ..but now its just so funny its really bad . Konami havent made a good football game since iss deluxe on the megadrive and iss pro 98 . . Each game in the series has got worse .now konami has changed the name to e- football i thought the free to play idea was good . Until i watched this video . This new version has just got a lot worse i dont think i will be borthering with the new version when its locked behind a £40 paywall and you dont even get 95% of the game until later on . I really cant see this ending well for konami – they better of sticking to metal gear or something

  43. I might only play the cracked version of eFootball as I have no hope for Konami. I will skip 2022 and jump to eFootball 2023. Pes 21 with heavy modes for me folks.

  44. I think Konami have dropped the ball at every opportunity in the lead up to this game being released. There could have been so much hype for this but every time they release news it just seems to get worse

  45. Its a complete mess of a game. Horrific layout and so bad commercial, not even sure that many will actually go for this. Fifa will always be the 1st choice for like 90% of football gamers, sadly. PES will always be remembered for the honest game it was

  46. Seriously if Konami doesn’t watch this video and don’t consider your advice, they are… …I don’t even want to go there either.

  47. Everything about this game sounds like a joke: game will be released as a demo, many BASIC features will come later as “future updates”, terrible marketing, ridiculous price for a “pre order pack”… It sounds like a small and inexperienced company is developing the game, not a big and rich company like Konami.

    • That’s exactly what it is.a company tht has barely any developer cash and trying anything to get money out of it.a cheap effort trying to get as much possible

    • @winged hussar Konami is a huge company though, they should have cash, they just don’t value their gaming department all that much

    • I’m convinced it is a joke. Especially the part about “special type of kick available to download later!” What? What?! lol you couldn’t write this shit. “Available in a patch 2 months after release: the shoot button!” Clowns.

  48. basically the game is free to play but they’re gonna strip it down so much that you basically have to pay the $39.99 at least FIFA gives you the option to grind or buy. It appears this is purely a pay-to-play and pay-to-win system. Thank Konami. You guys specifically said it wouldn’t be pay to win but this is obviously what this is. We all know you guys wanna be like EA. Just admit it and I can make my decision not to buy your product. At least EA doesn’t hide what their about.

  49. Why is the wording so terrible? “Chance deals” I mean what’s that all about? Surely something like “transfer deals or player deals”would sound better. The whole thing just seems half assed, 2 years and all they can put out at launch is 9 teams? Pathetic to be honest from a company as big as Konami.

  50. I just checked efootball 22 premium player pack on steam, it’s only 14.4 $ not 40. It does make sense for now at least from price’s point.
    Personally, I hate all micro transactions’ system, and I have not paid a single penny over the core game of all my games my entire life. I’m not going to break it, never ever. Old school gamer.

  51. What a nightmare
    how things turn out to be. Everybody thinking that konami would bring a masterpiece of game, then it comes out as the big disappointment in game history. FIFA getting every possible license out there, maybe they will get the license for the corona virus, corona only on fifa. Games in general turning to garbage , worst game generation period.

  52. I think people are missing a key point here, players can only be used in eFootball 2022, in the next season it will be wiped. It’s a live service game and wiping your squad feels shitty. I know sports games aren’t usually live service models but I wonder how many people won’t realise this and how much anger there’ll be when it moves to the new season and you lose your squad?

    • well that is what millions of people do in fifa ultimate team every year. That’s actually the biggest income for years of EA, thats actually a fact.
      Konami is trying to do the same thing. The difference in my opinion however is that you actually need to have a good game to do such a d*ck move.
      I dont like many things about fifa but what i do like is how smooth everything looks presentationly wise and online is a really smooth experience.

      Those two points is something that PES never had. The online experience for me was terrible and we do offered online in modes aswell.
      The big thing was that you could get a very good team without spending much money or spending money at all. Now the gameplay of PES which why i played PES is worse and they try to get money like EA. Sad

    • @D D no I get that, PES has been the same in recent years with My Club. My point is the excuse for wiping teams is no longer valid, it’s not a new game its a continuation as its a live service, what’s their justification for starting over?

    • @Teado25 it will be justified by bringing out Efootball 2023, transfer updates and that’s it. The ultimate cash grab method like fifa does

  53. im pretty sure the free part is the pes lite part which was in the last 2-3 pes games and the “core” game which you buy with money will include the multiplayer part and most of the game . so they are calling pes free to play , but i doubt you will be able to do much on the game . on pes 2021 lite you couldnt play multiplayer , only their FUT ( i dont remember the mode name ) part , in which you had to put money

  54. I’m sorry if EA did this there would be an uproar .. $40 for a load of shite nobody knows. Don’t get me wrong fifa is disgustingly bad but this is daylight robbery.

  55. Listen it’s not hard is it looking back we were guinea pigs they saw if we bought the shite season update for what 25 quid then they thought mmmmmmmmm these are mugs let’s fleece em next year

  56. Not surprised by this at all tbh…kinda expected it. Konami ain’t a charity they wanna make $$$. Sad times but this is modern gaming unfortunately.

  57. Frankly I’m fed up with all these publishers releasing half baked games and then taking a year to bring them up to a decent level that they should have been at in the beginning. Sorry I’m not even interested in this free version. I like to buy a game and play it…I even hardly ever buy DLC and it’s just getting ridiculously bad now. Worst thing is that games are at their most expensive ever… I mean your talking £70-£80 for game now…it’s crazy.

  58. I TRULY hope, that the guys who create patches for PES, focus ALL of their brain cells towards improving PES 2021.
    I promise I will donate as much as I can…
    Because I have no intention playing this Blue & Yellow crap!

  59. they’re asking for money so they actually finish the game lol .. don’t see this franchise lasting more than 2/3 years before they kill it cause no one wants to play this shitty game

  60. 0:09 Some face well somewhat similar I had …. then I logged in and steam said pre order Football and at the bottom said it free to play and after going to the page and seeing 40 dollar edition I was like WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAAAT???

  61. I was hoping to play offline with my friends and family, we were using the vs mode since pes 2020 to rank ourselves and it was many hundreds of hours worth of fun.

    But this edition is barebones in terms of offline content, ONLY 9 teams on launch? It looks like we’ll be taking a break from PES…efootball this year.

    I have absolutely no interest in online play, I might have to get FIFA to play with a variety of teams offline if Konami doesn’t fix this.

  62. Heres what i think. I think thyre has done it in the past with hideo kojima whos make the Konami game named metal gear solid, yeah i know you guys know the story, my point i know will be like this at first i knew it will free, i don’t support it of course but im not suprise, be realistic good game not always has good provit maybe thats the result we’re live in the world where money controll the most, thank you iknow this kind of long but im appreciate you read this all,

  63. I’m really shocked…I don’t even feel like playing the game for free…0 respect from konami…very unprofessional, I played the first winning eleven you can’t just treat us like that!! I decided to stop searching for news about this game, we must boycot this game !

  64. I have a bad juju about this game. I cannot believe Konami is about to end my 27-year run with PES 🙁 Being playing since International Superstar Soccer in SNES, then ISS Deluxe, and so on. Really sad about this, guess my wife will be happy, though LOL. 27 years is a long time of enjoyment, guess that if the game is not worth, I will keep playing PES 2021 until I get tired. Currently on Master League season 2040/41 with Everton 😀

  65. Gameplay held back cos they know its a flimsy mobile console hybrid with fancy cut scenes.. robbing bastards Konami.. I rather try fifa now

  66. So we have to pay $40 then more when they decide to realise master league lol so it could end up been more then what we would normally pay for the game ???

  67. Jesus Christ, Konami are turning into an absolute joke. Completely lost faith in the company now. Their advertising is abysmal and their press releases just make no sense whatsoever. Just want a good offline football game, none of this micro-transaction BS. But sadly we’re not the target audience now

  68. I want the old PES back… This is not the football I like. I want to play Master League, domestic leagues, not just micro-transactions and online play.

  69. I don’t think it’s a case of just preordering a few players and coins, I think this creative team mode is a DLC that is being preordered too. So that will mean the only F2P part will be a 9 team mode, which is just the demo we would normally get free any other year anyway, and EVERYTHING else will have to be purchased as a DLC.
    Konami are honestly gonna bumfuck every penny out of us that they can. I normally do preorder, but that’s usually due to having a demo to at least get a feel of how the game is before the inevitable day one patch changes it all. But this year there are massive changes in controls and all we’ve had to go on is that “new football game”, test thing that we don’t have a clue whether it was just the mobile game ported, an incredibly early build or anything else. I’ll be playing this 9 team demo, but if it’s not a big improvement on ’21 then I’ll probably just stick with that and keep an eye on UFL, because the gameplay vids I’ve seen of fifa were scarily bad looking and fifa 21 was the first I haven’t purchased both games since I got my Xbone and 17 came bundled with it.

  70. Just when you think Konami couldn’t get more Konami……they go and raise the Konami bar.
    Haven’t they been working on this game for two f***ing years?

  71. So what will happen to the source code of Pes 21? After this s**t, they can release the source code of Pes 21, so we can have a lot of different good football games, instead of playing this ****ing mobile b**ls**t. I hope they put ads on the game too, because it deserves to have ads. Even 2D Ads better than this game’s f***ing color pattern & UI & gameplay & unreal engine 2 graphics.

  72. in september 30, pes 2021 will be upgraded to efootball 2022. but the features will came in november. does that mean the modes like master league will be removed? well that’s a downgrade for me. cus we don’t have any information about master league yet and it’s just a demo kinda game for 2 month.

  73. Its not worth it . Konami always being stupid,
    First play the game guys and u ll ve answer cuz I don’t think online will be a good experience cuz server was shit on 22 and 21 but ill give a try cuz its free but from my past experiences not going to spend a penny on myclub or whatsoever.

  74. I am a myclub online Player only, however was defending this series my hole life, i was putting all my hopes in this game as a year off was raising my expectation… what Konami came up with jet is nothing but a joke, i don t care about money but i have to move to other hobbies, i am 38 years old so may its just me, best regards from germany

  75. With what I have seen I don’t think konami prepared for this E- football stuff and if this game does not do well konami is gonna be bankrupt.

  76. Man Efootball sure knows how to crack a joke.. They are literally fooling the fans and confusing them.. Honestly I doubt is this game even worth playing free to play in its early stage.

  77. Well looks like EA’s Fifa is the only football game to play this year then because E-Football is just a Arcade game that you could play down your local boozer GARBAGE 👎👎

  78. i dont know why we getting so worked up on this… you dont have to buy this … its an option.. just like every games with skins and all those micro transactions.. you can still build a sick squad without buying it. but if you really want those players you can pay.. its just depending on your preference.

  79. Laughable 🤣 they didnt even make a 21 pes so what have they been doing,i was expecting the best pes ever made on the next gen and its a demo 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  80. Geez, this looks like huuuuge mess. This game looks like…i dont know….very early alpha version which you can pay 40/80 usd? And what else then? You wait 2 months for your content. My first though on this was…i would be harsh now…like a scam. What if people doesnt like what they purchase 2 months (bugs, unfinished product etc) earlier and konami says no we dont want back your money? Scam…pretty much…

    All this about efootball is huge mess

  81. What did u expect ! It’s all about online now money 💸💸💰💰💰 that it is ! Hey at least u weren’t bitching about FIFA not being a simulation! Enjoy E Football guys it’s the bomb ,🐖🐖🤡🤡

  82. Mental this is, if what they had shown us up till this point was amazing it would make more sense, another terrible decision by Konami, the whole team need sacking

  83. @TheTrueBrits – I have some info about gameplay showcase. Polish youtuber said that in this week we should have some leaks from closed test (so far I know SpoonyPizza is there) BUT Konami changed their mind and the gameplay will be showed to us in the nex week 😉

  84. Their marketing and promotion of the game is amateur at its best, always has been. They really need a new team in place for this side of things.

  85. For me PES is death, we even can talk about simulation when a player did not goes to the ball when it drops over him!!!! Even worst he goes away I played PES for many years, but when the best game, wants to be like its opponent, it comes in disaster, its like EA already brought Konami to kill PES but no one knows. A shame, really 🙁

  86. a Bundle is 40$ .. what about ML and BAL ? 60$ ! That’s no longer free to play ! .. its like they have released Pes Lite on Launch 😒!

  87. I was actually excited by this game. Now they’ve completely ruined it. RIP PES was nice knowing you. All this fan base will turn to FIFA now.

  88. Disgusting that this Pre order has come out before we even have much info about actual game, pes/efootball is done. I don’t want to play a mobile game on my ps4
    Efootball is going to be trash and fifa is the same as its all ways been an arcade game for sweaty immature adults. Il carry on playing pes 2021 with 2022 season patch

  89. Konami: “We’re making eFootball free to play…”
    Me: “Ok cool, guess I’ll just downloa-”
    Konami: “…You need to pay us for these other things.”
    Me: “What? What do I need to pay for?”
    Konami: “You’ll see ;)”
    Me: “Uh…ok. So I’ll be able to enjoy extra paid-for items at launch then. Guess I’ll consider buyi-”
    Konami: “You need to wait for two months to make use of the stuff you paid for ;)”
    Konami: “I know right?! Our new colour scheme is so trendy.”

  90. We’d like to pay more if it’s bout offline modes/master league.. Konami should realize that. Their offline mode gameplay is the game changer. Not these premium players.

  91. What confuses me the most is this has been dropped whilst the base game that launches on the 30th, launches with no microtransactions. This bundle is only relevant for November. So where is the correlation.

  92. Can someone please confirm, this content which is payable, is it just something for myclub, or whatever it will be named in the future??

  93. A free to play comes with a price…how the mighty has fallen Konami.., have to wait 2 month’s to finaly understand how the dam mode really is , Comon seriously we only have no demo only gameplay leaked play by 2 players who have not played a decent football game 🙄, I not paying anything we are promised a”free to play”

  94. Their trying to cover themselves for the year ahead, £40 will cover them because it will be like your buying the game for the first season. Jokers!

  95. I should pay $40 for free-to-play game. Should I? It’s ridiculous. Free game must cost 0 dollars.

    ps: Ricky where are your glasses?

  96. With each press release from Konami about this game, I’m feeling more and more like they’re trying to sell me a used car, with very high mileage. All feels a bit disingenuous to me.

  97. Takuya Kozuki really ruined Konami as a game developer, they should just sell off all their videogame brands while there’s still a modicum of value left in them.

  98. Seabass should launch a kickstarter for a new easily moddable singleplayer football game, even if it ended up being shit I’d still support it as a fuck you to these other dirtbag companies like Konami & EA who just wanna scrounge money from children by getting them addicted to gambling with online monetization lootboxes. Even the other recently announced football games are of the same ilk as the big two, so it seems like no dev wants my money while they all chase “literally” the same online WHALE!

  99. This will be the final nail in the coffin for Konami. They’ve ruined all of their game franchises since Kojima left and pes was the thing keeping them afloat but this will end them. This game will be shelved within 2 to 3 years and Konami will file for bankruptcy when they also inevitably cock up a silent hill reboot. It’s a company full of buisnessmen now and not a single game creator in sight. Catastrophic failures

  100. Easy solution : Play the game online until November and when these pre orders come to live go offline 😊. No offense but whoever buys this pre order is nothing but a stupid.

  101. Dilemma. Continue with pes 2021 on ps4 or play fifa 2022 on ps5.. Hmm. Haven’t played a fifa since Fifa 99
    Goinf against all principles

  102. The efootball team are such a bunch of amateurs it’s actually hilarious 💀 is there a bunch of 12 year olds running things because it feels Liebig

  103. Great video, you give us the facts and your opinion, we can make up our own mind but i agree with your comments, keep making the videos, i swapped from fifa to pes on last installment but now i think i will be swapping back again unless some drastic changes come about, regards gary

  104. Efootball (pes) was good for master league not there own ultimate team….they won’t compete with fut it’s to big and it’s better in the online sense. Efootball should stick to offline modes they are king’s at it

  105. the more i know about this game the less i am interested,konami is a freaking joke,such a horrible company,enough is enough.Hopefully this game flops so hard on console

  106. Very disappointed, also while on the subject the official euro 2020 game that was pes2021 still does not have complete rosters and I don’t think it’ll be updated now

  107. So, this technicaly isn’t a free to play game as it’s missing all the modes and 99% of the teams, it’s just a demo and they know that people will pay for this as most of us play PES for Master League and BAL.

    What the fuck Konami!? Free to play, but you still need to pay for it.

  108. Basically “We haven’t finished the game in time for our regular yearly release date, so we’ll just release a demo instead”.

    They must feel that they absolutely have to release something against FIFA.

  109. Tbh as someone who doesn’t play the online or ultimate team style modes I’m still not convinced I should waste any hard drive space on this “game” right now

  110. FIFA is starting to look real good right about now. My hope is that the new UFL game isn’t on some bull shit. The UFL might be the future.

  111. Some serious bad decisions have been made..and they are too far along now to go back on things…I will try FIFA this year…I just can’t be doing with this mess.

  112. Ah man, why change something that’s been working for many years? Why Konami, WHY?! RIP Pro Evo, ( still ISS to me ) we had some great times.

  113. Wow. While I would never tell anyone how to spend their money, companies will keep doing things like this if there are people willing to pay for it. I’m afraid this trend will only get worse, and once great franchises will turn into a cash grabbing, micro transactional hell hole.

    It’s a shame that nowadays when a company releases a complete, transaction free game, it’s seen as a refreshing pro consumer change. That used to be the standard not long ago. What happened?

  114. Was so hopeful for this before the reveal. EA were incredibly vulnerable and the very obvious window of opportunity seems to have been missed. The new game appears to be doing the “brand” more harm than good. PES20/21 were actually better titles that Fifa overall but this one looks to have widely missed the mark. I already preordered fifa for the first time in four or five years and Konami will have to try again in 2023 with a full product, proper launch, a year to work on the bugs and flaws plus hopefully choosing a new colour scheme that doesn’t make my eyes bleed!

  115. In the past I’ve always looked forward the the new PES coming out, and starting a new ML (I only play offline) for the first time in years I’m not going to bother getting it even though it’s free!!!!

  116. I spent 3 days updating pes 21 for this year’s season on ps4 and from what i hear the pc community will be keeping pes 21 going for years.

  117. Ok well, you know what… Fak you konami, fak you fifa, this year I will stay with captain tsubasa. I got sick of these rip off companies, I play the konami franchise since super nes (international soccer), I didn’t loose even one year and this is the first year I will not play nothing of football games because I can not stand all this situation.

  118. I can honestly say that after playing this game and its various iterations for many, many years (im 50) there is no way I will be going anywhere near this (unless it can be modded significantly). Absolute shambles and a company that clearly has no faith in their product. I always bought PES and always trumped it’s gameplay over style. Frankly, FIFA will now commit the coup d’etat and we will see PES slowly and painfully wither away and die.

  119. Cheaper than pre ordering Fifa at least. Why pay a pre order price for a free to play game, make sense Konami, yes you get extra stuff but still. This is why I’m sticking to Fifa again this year and I’ll get it at a discount price after it’s out for a while. 👍🏻😂🤣

  120. But EFootball 21 was the same “trial” with about 8 teams for free and then you could purchase PES 21 for full content, sounds like a similar model to last year but just released in a different order … and surely no one expected a full PES game for free?

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