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One of the better matches i’ve had with plenty of goals and late drama!
Apologies for the low framerate, bloody Bandicam didn’t do its job!
If you want to see the full match live, you can watch it here:

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    • can we get a save pes or bring back pes petition please, Brit I know you’re saying this is better but even so it looks like a ps3 pes

    • It has potential. I like some things I see. Dislike others. Will try it tonight. One thing that they need to include is much better net physics. This developers apparently have no idea how to implement realistic net physics into a football game like Football Kingdom had. FIFA has some excellent net physics at the moment.

  1. I’m beginning to think the new passing system is contextual, meaning that if there are players quite close to you the passing maximum power and animations are changed versus if passes are made to players further out. The point I’m making is half a bar of power to a close player results in a player rolling the ball off but half a bar of power to a player 20 meters away results in proper punt. This means the passes feel super inconsistent because you can’t tell which context the game is deciding the pass will be made.

    • Konami should have made it so that less power – pass to nearest player, higher power – pass to further player. It will be more intuitive.

  2. Is this laggy or something with frame rate? Or this game just sux in general. Don’t mind me I’ll back to pes 21 until next year.

  3. THIS GAME NEEDS 5 YEARS TO FIX…. on full manul it’s hell on under level and when playing on assisted it’s also hell the players just don’t want to take the ball next to them!!!
    EFOOTBAL IS CRAP, GARBEGE DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME IF YOU VALUE YOUR TIME!!! it’s a broken mess! there is nothing…. all the beautiful gameplay we loved about PES is gone!!
    it’s look like PES play like garbage look like garbage… there’s nothing new from the presentations part!!!
    please do not play this shit!!!

  4. The legendary Ricky I’m always happy to hear your analysis, I believe once the PRESET TACTICS is ready in the formation the AI will do better in both DEFENDING AND ATTACKING, and I also hope we get back the ADVANCE INSTRUCTIONS, I prefer efootball in the marking then pes21 because you mark manually, shielding the ball is amazing and also have to be smart when switching the cursor if not the defensive line gets broken and also the formation gets deformed. Unlike pes21 where X which is for pressing is overly automatic. EFOOTBALL RIGHT NOW IS BASICALLY NAKED

  5. Surely it needs a lot of work, even though things are now more positive than previous. The animations still need a lot of work, plus that the gameplay needs a lot of ameliorations. Responsiveness still remains a big issue, let alone that tactic setting. In PES, the behavious of the friendly AI was according to a tactics setting, so they went your way. I believe that this whole setting is missing, that’s why a lot of things are absent, like team pressing and other relevant stuff. Yes, there is a big potential, but Konami needs a huge lot of work to amend this as an acceptable game- it’s another two years of development for me, if they sit down seriously and make all the relevant and important tests. I have heard you before saying that Konami got lazy, this is the proof. I’m afraid that the game goes to a direction of an arcady game, which I don’t like (my personal opinion). Have a nice time.

    • That just makes the player you already control go and and mark the opponent tighter..not a second player from you team..He’s talking about SECOND man press..

  6. Its embarrassing how shocking this game looks 😂 don’t blame the game for an animation that makes him shield nothing and let the ball run out…wow

    •’s the player’s fault that he presses the shield button when he doesn’t have to..What you want the game to do? Ignore his command? Of course it’s gonna play his command even if it looks ridiculous like he’s shielding the air but it’s the players fault that he pressed the button in an inappropriate situation..It’s the same in Fifa also by the way..If you press the button when your player is not marked then he shields the air..People need to learn how to play instead of always blame the games for their fuck ups..

  7. The extra steps you mentioned and the player switching must be my biggest issues with the game… not the only, but the biggest ones…

  8. The game looks so clunky. I can’t see it getting better, I can’t see it getting back to the old school pes days. They’ve lost their way. In a time where plenty of competition is sure to come out to rival this and fifa/ea.

    • @David Sabillon yeah not since the update mind. I enjoy the watching the content but passing online and touches are so delayed it’s not enjoyable. Players literally stop depending on connection before being able to pass.

  9. I like the phase and the animation better before the update. The animation does not look smooth and real anymore. When they used mocap, they record it and put it into the game without changing the speed. You want it to be snappier, but that is not realistic because your body is not snappi in real life, if the player pass the ball and keep containing balance. So the new challenge is to think faster on the next passes or two. And if the opponent can’t do it, then he or she will have a problem. But that is how it is in real life to. When my shitty Danish team vs. ManU. ManU will win the game. Ofcause the players are faster and there thenic is better, but they think faster and react on that. And the real life animation eFootball had made it even more competitive.

    That new update were unfortunately a big step away from the Sim. And a step towards FIFA. But what we can agree on, is that the ball was to slow. and still is a bit to slow.

    Next time you watch real football on stream, try to pay attention to the “animation” of the players, the way the momentum and balance shift, how many steps a play take to adjust to the ball before he pass. or shoot. And compare that with the eFootball we have now, and the eFootball we had before. And you can clearly see what looks more real.

    We are use to snappy Controls, in PES and particularly in FIFA. So we the think its normal, but in real life it is not.

    Look at this video, and the how smooth and real the animation look and compare to now.

  10. It doesn’t matter if it’s improved or not. There’s no point playing it when there is only a choice of 8 teams and a five minute match.

  11. 15:28 can’t lie these things happen in real football, players are in a flight or fight mode, it’s very intense down there in ur own box, and players need to be VERY intellectual to get the ball away from danger

  12. I was debating downloading and giving this game another go…then I watched this video and decided that I’ll wait until the spring. I play strictly offline, so a 5 min game is really not that enticing, and the lack of responsiveness is just going to infuriate me. When you press sprint, you’re player appears to be on train tracks, barreling down a hill and there’s very little you can do to alter their trajectory. You’ll end up running out of bounds, or into a defender. When/if they fix these things, the game is going to play so much better, and different. Right now, you have to anticipate what your opponent is going to do (pass, or shield the ball) and if you guess wrong, you’re done. You’ll never recover in time (especially because the switching is unpredictable).

    This patch definitely made the game more playable. But a 5 min demo isn’t worth the hard drive space on my console.

  13. What’s the saying. You can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig. In this case a dumpster fire from Konami. The lead developer has resigned and Konami is taking PES 2021 off the store so something is going on. They normally don’t sell their franchises but I bet come spring they scrap this.

  14. In my opinion they should bring back the gameplay of PES 21, improve the responsiveness and add new controls including sharp kick and physical defending to build up on it. The pase of PES 21 was perfect but dribbling of efootball 22 feels better.

    • Glad your opinion isn’t what determines where PES goes coz PES21 was dog shit. Past two years, 20 & 21, were easily the worst I’ve experienced in PES. Glad that game lives on borrowed times **evil laugh** 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  15. Also player model needs to be improved, they are all the same . Look at Bruno his arms are so muscular compared to real life. And please add player ID as all the players run and move the SAME.

  16. I think the animations are too intricate and dramatic. I get how they were trying to make it look. But even in real life the players move and react faster, and can stop immediately. But as a result every single animation is taking ages, the players feel like double decker buses, it’s just ridiculous considering you’re also trying to learn a new way to defend, and there isn’t even a legacy option like FIFA. I think this is something you notice in your first build and try to fix, because it’s pretty obvious and they have PES 2021 for reference. I don’t know how they end up launching the game like this, it’s way worse than the PES 2014 at launch.

  17. This game is finished, it doesn’t matter what updates Konami make to it the damage has been done. Nobody is going to spend their cash on this crap.

  18. Why do people come from playing Fifa and ask for eFootball to be faster? I haven’t played Fifa and I think the pace is fine. The game still needs work but making it faster would be a lazy easy fix. A game can be sim pace and be responsive. That’s what Pes fans are asking for.

    • Most of his complaints on passing was just his own lack of understanding. Even his opponent in this game moved the ball a lot quicker and the pace was decent.

      At the tail end of the second match before his equaliser… See how proper he passes and moves the ball quickly? That’s cos he took the right touches.

  19. I’m just praying the game modes are good. If they’ve had this much trouble with the game play then how much work has been put in to game mode who knows

  20. I don’t want to rant but the potential is in you. The game is soo much better in this state than PES 2021. You need to play more games… Clearly you have a lot to learn about both dribbling and defending too… I have been watching you for a while now and I enjoy your content, but not for the way you are playing. I’m not saying that you are bad. You are soo much better than other people I have played against online. Is just that I personally don’t think you have enough finesse in the dribbling and defending part of the game in order to say definitive things that need to be changed.

    I for one don’t care that much about anything else than gameplay (like nets physics and entrance videos and crowd). I’m not saying that this stuff isn’t important because it is. It’s just soooo far down the list that it doesn’t bother me at all.

    • And about the “definitive changes” part, I was talking strictly about gameplay stuff… There are still some things that need to be changed but the AI controlled defenders act so much better than before. I for one would say that the defending needs only some slight improvements and the dribbling is jist awesome as it is.

  21. bro I really like your content because I think you are a genuine person, but this gameplay is the worst thing I have ever seen, actually 20 fps and the gameplay is worse than pes 2014. how can you praise this? also please look at this gameplay again? it is less then 20 fps It hurts my eyes to watch this

  22. This is much better than the previous build and i‘m kinda having fun playing it… but then again it‘s just online friendlies with one team. You can‘t even switch teams…

    All they need to give us now is online and offline friendlies (offline with more setting options, like difficulty, match time etc), all the teams with the ability to switch online and an edit mode… and we‘re good until spring 2022.

    I mean spring 2022 is so far away from now… i don‘t think i‘m gonna play this game very much, if i have to keep playing with the same teams against the same teams over and over again. Why not let me play with Liverpool, Real Madrid, Inter Milan.. they‘re all there already in the game files!

  23. eFootball looks so hollow. Konami should never have given up on PES especially with all the new football games coming. Shame but after 25 years it’s time to hang my PES boots up.
    Can’t play this game it’s Horrid!

  24. I have just seen a few games being played on XBOX original for the nostalgia and believe me when I say the graphics are identical to this. The fact that Konami is making us play this IS BEYOND ME.

  25. Ok, I said this already but I’m willing to die on this hill.
    Not having second man press doesn’t make the game “more manual”. It just removes a basic function that is essential to football. Pressing is second nature in football, is not a complicated action so there is no reason for it to have a complicated input on game. Casual players and kids like it because it makes dribbling easier. and competitive players don’t care about it because they are not looking to play simulation football but to beat other people.
    Imagine if in NBA 2k you couldn’t double team a player, players would just try to beat the defender 1v1 every play, the game would become trash and all the complexity goes out the window. Is the same with football.

    • Yep, exactly. In PES 2021 I use second man press to have someone pressing the attacker while I use someone else to track another player, which actually makes the defending more manual because I’m trying to manually cut off a pass or track down the man.

      It’s obvious they got rid of it to cater for mobile players. Just look at the way holding L2 functions. They still just run straight at the player. L2 should be jockey, but they can’t do it because it would be too hard for mobile players to jockey while defending, that’s why it does it automatically for you when just using the left stick on its own.

    • You don’t need to give example from NBA 😉 😅,, in real life football if a player want to waste time , the other team will press with two players to get the ball , it’s hard for one player to get the ball , it’s essential in footbal or at least just maintain press with second player.

  26. The game is slow, there needs to be a balance of fast and slow movements, the ball has to roll faster than the players run, of course depending on the power and distance. The ball just feels like a very heavy rock thats hard to pass around. The shots are just horrible. The stupid of players is just absolutely annoying. It’s just a very bad game. They were supposed to make the game better after 2014, but the only thing they did is make it worse.

  27. Just needs the ai making the correct player selection. Apart from that, there’s few things that annoy me in this game. Penalities would be one, yes. FIFA’s are good. The AI actually miss some, as opposed to eFootball on target always.

    But I’ve no problem with the speed. And teammate press, I never used it, so don’t miss it. The players runs I do miss a touch tbh.

  28. The thing is I done think you can play efootball/pes …..its not fifa. You must and should play it like a real life situation if you want to enjoy the game. You make to many bad passes because of wrong timing and you press the sprint button every time you should calm down.
    When receiving a ball never hold the sprint button

  29. Players makes mistakes when they are not balanced unlike fifa where even if the player is falling down the pass is still very accurate which is very ridiculous

  30. Riccardo mate I’m not trying to troll but this is still so shit! I suggest scrap the Derby playthrough and Play PES 2021 update everything to the 2021-2022 season and do a master league with a mid table EPL team.

  31. I don’t understand the hates, this is feels exactly like pes 2021 with more various ways of attacking and defending, only control button are changed, I like animations and player models look more like football players now, kits more realistic.

    • @Chris once you know how the games works the gameplay is insane, It’s almost like real match, more midfield battle than end to end…for me efootball is the most realistic football games ever made.

    • @Max Petrozza hi bro are you sure??? Is efootball 22 gameplay better than PES 21?? I am playing PES 21 and 19 right now. Kindly suggest

    • @Prashanth yes much better, it’s frustrated at beginning because you don’t know how to control, you need to learn the new control

    • @Max Petrozza I am not concerned about the controls, everybody can learn the controls. What I am concerned is regarding the gameplay, are the ball physics, AI, passing, shooting, attack, defense etc better than PES21? KINDLY SUGGEST

    • @Prashanth ‘realistic’ is subjective, for some people fifa is ‘realistic’..for me yes it’s more realistic and the most important it’s more entertaining, I like the midfield challenge in efootball, you can’t spam with unrealistic tiki taka passing as in fifa.

  32. They should never have gotten rid of jockey and second man press. Both of these were clearly decisions to make it more accessible for mobile players. You can’t even swap L2 with X without it also swapping them on the attacking controls. Why the hell aren’t they separate???

  33. Its just not like fifa…. The animations are realistic…. Yeah it’s kinda mess sometimes… But I think efootball is more of a simulating and real game…. If u see those animations of those sharp cuts and finnese dribbling those are very real and there are more of them like that…. Real humans and players also take time to see the ball and balance themselves also….

  34. You know what. I really liked the gameplay. It feels fresh and more freedom. That is my opinion. I give hope to Konami

  35. Defending is fine, I was like you at first terrible at defending and concede many goals and shots, but now every matches I played only end up 0-0, 1-0 and few shots.

  36. I have played a lot of eFootball online so far & I actually found even with the first build that with time, it did seem to get better as I got better at it.
    Taking controls out of a game (team press / player runs) is a backwards step to me, not a next gen move but I have got used to defending & keep many clean sheets.
    The ground passing needs to be stronger/faster but running with the ball at other players & long ball passing is beautiful!
    Refs are easily better than PES 21 but still poor, you can be put through on goal, only to get called back for a foul on your player.
    Back in the day I used to play master league a lot but for many years now, I only play online, as I prefer to play real people & I must say that this is the less laggiest PES ever.
    If you have all the bars you probably wont have a problem with lag but its never going to be the same as offline.
    In your analysis of defending, I would of stepped up with the defender, playing him offside, it works well in this game.
    & how comes for pens, you have blue circle showing where pens go, when I play, I don’t get that, I have to predict where blue circle is, to aim?
    I must admit I am really enjoying this game (maybe cos I’m winning nearly every game online 😎)
    The game certainly needs more work, but its still the best football game around for me!

    Footnote: There is a serious amount of people that quit online , YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, DON’T PLAY IF YOUR GONNA QUIT, RESPECT YOUR FELLOW PLAYERS!!! 😁😁😁😎

  37. Been pes player for years. Game is flawed. But one biggest plus. Network connections for online matches are for first time butter smooth on PC.I hope they just give us back the old controls.

  38. Despite the many graphical flaws, I prefered the game play the way it was on release day. It was slower, more manual and more punishing to those that only know high press and sprint. You’d had to think about your actions a lot more.

  39. So, I guess it’s not my aptitude that’s lacking in defending, the game is genuinely hard. I want my defense to be as calm as your cat in the background, in the next update for this game.

  40. when they launched pes 2014 i kinda enjoyed it, i liked the realistic approach (which it was back at the time, it’s been 8 years now), and i defended the game
    but this 2022 thing… this is an absolute mess
    it doesn’t even look better than 2014, let alone feel
    i’d be ashamed if my name was put in the credits

  41. Have to say the GTA Trilogy Remastered has some grass i saw on vice city and even that grass which is an open world game looks better than efootballs one. The colour and how it looks compared to efootball’s grass lol

  42. I have to admit I love this new gameplay. If you play it like real life and reduce running all the time, it becomes a lot more easier. Since you’ve been playing FIFA so much (which 90% of it is just running), it’s going to take some time before you get the hang of it. I’ve seen a lot more positives from the recent updates. Cosmetics needs serious revamp and upgrade, but football SIM is coming back for sure.

  43. Great insight, as always. I do think eFootball has made some improvements over the PES formula, only in some areas so far. For example, the dribbling is much improved, both the mechanics and animations of it.

  44. I really like the idea of what they are trying to do. I loved that PeS over the years try to facilitate playing football tactically. Fifa is just kick and run.
    However, the switching of players is still delayed.
    Not sure what it is called but there is a like a pull when the overall play is moving in a direction and ur trying to counter that.

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