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  1. We will get a proper FIFA 22 Player Career starting next week folks!
    Otherwise, go play a match a day and get some legends when the game “properly” launches 😏

  2. I jumped it after the patches and its actually a bit better and it does look good on the ps5 but man I wish there was master league or something I could play instead of playing online or just exhibition.

    • Hey man do you know what happened to Lelly? He hasn’t uploaded anything for a month or so…Marriage life got him or what..? lol

    • @Realisteek X He’s just busy, yeah him being married of course takes up more of his time but sometimes he doesn’t upload for ages then comes back so don’t worry, he’ll be back to raging lol.

  3. the defending is really hard,why are the defending players always running to the back of a player??!!!,and some of them just turn away,or run away or just dont react!frustrating!

  4. Online Football doesn’t interest me , maybe in a few years time Konami might have a game offline at the same level as PES 21.

    Using a chance deal…..Jesus this sounds like a game show lol .

  5. Started playing efootball again, online I’ve had some really good games and starting to get the hang of the dribbling it can be quite realistic tbf

  6. Now that’s what Konami need to do ppl… Let’s continue to put pressure on them now they are changing things that they took out of pes 21 and putting things back in

  7. Been Loving playing online oN efootball. Especially when you go against players Who can really play. So many exciting games! And it feels realistic 🙂 Loving it. Just need more teams now

  8. Fred 🤬
    🤬 Are u out of ur mind 🤬Robby Fermino presses light years better than Fred. 🤬
    I would agree with u if u suggest Rice, Kimich, Kante, Jorginho or Rodri, but Fred 🤦‍♂️ u know nothing, Jon Snow. 🤢🤮

  9. The pressing stat should simple be called work rate. To play for man city you need a crazy work rate, Bernado Silva is like 2 players in 1, while you have to beg guys like Bruno Fernandes to help out in defense

    • This doesn’t add up, it’s the coach who sets the pressing, it’s the team style, Bernardo does not press that much when he plays for Portugal, he does when he plays for Pep inside Pep’s drills, that’s why I don’t like an individual pressing stat even though having work rate would make sense: pressing is always a team strategy

  10. I commented this on a past video of your’s “Hey man, I play Pes online on Steam as well as on mobile and both accounts are linked to Konami. Both have different coin balances and players, etc. What will happen to my mobile team if i connect to Efootball 2022 on Steam first (as it will be released before Android). Please help me out as I do have somewhat more coin balance and better players on mobile. Thank you.” Any information would really help. I am still waiting to sigin to efootball 2022 with my konami account.

  11. A pressing stat (it’s basically a Tendancy) sounds like a tactical nightmare. The last thing you want is a stat that makes the AI leave his man to help you out.

    Or maybe I’m missing something and it dictates the quality of the press and not the tendency TO press?

    Cause it came across as an alternative to the previous “press a button to press” option.

  12. For GOALS I think a combination of Team press and Pressing stat should be it. Cos when you think of actual football one player doesn’t just press. Pressing is a team game. Using one button to do secondary pressing for me is archaic and we should move forward even if people like it, we know it’s not realistic. Just pressing pressing pressing for the whole 90mins it doesn’t happen

  13. Been playing PES since PES 4, but I’ve no intentions of even looking at this game until it’s released in working state in 2022-2023.

  14. Does any one know answer to this question, as every one knows pes 21 is being removed, but im thinking about getting gaming pc but i still wanna play pes 21 as e football isnt doing anything for me, so is pes 21 being removed for pc users aswell, or is it just console ??? Cheers.

  15. who ever coming up with a football game should actually check efootball 2022 and take notes. we all know how terrible 0.9 was but i think 0.9.1 has great potential and a much demanding game compared to previous pes…i wish it was konami that was asking how they should have implemented the team pressing cuz people are abusing the shit out of it right now. anywayi am one of the those that look up on the new gameplay system. ps: no devs should ask the community how their core gameplay should operate… they should be gathering and play testing instead of asking random people atleast for such crucial things.

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