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    The latest news for eFootball 2022 and GOALS folks!
    New campaign with a chance to snap up Raul and GOALS showcases a brand new website and teaser trailerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    • To be honest Ricky, I’m excited about Goals and UCL, but I’m much more excited about the MS playthrough. It would be really great if you could try getting players from big teams that never really got a chance or starplayers from small clubs, players like Van De Beek, Zaha, Lingard, Saint Maxima (I know my spelling is probably wrong), Aarons (wingback)…. whether you get them as free agents or loan or even buy them, it’s fine in any case. Then create a bench of young players you’ll develop that will replace your starting 11.

  2. I must say, the Devs of Goals are being smart. They are promoting a video game with NFTs services and features, without mentioning the word that much. Unlike others who mainly promote the word, and then forget to say what it offers, naturally getting all the hate from the users.
    An NFT is nothing more than a system of digital rights, whose security is validated by the Blockchain (a kind of public and transparent accounting ledger that is practically impossible to adulterate). In reality, its use in this kind of games isnt very different from the Counter Strike GO item shop, where you buy and sell skins or knives, except that the system is decentralised.

  3. Hey TheTrueBrits, I don’t really know why we need to care about Efootball 2022 news like this… the game is trash… they need to work on the game for the time, then when they finish they need to show us why we need to care about this shit… I all ready forgot that this shit exist and I think a lot of people forgot this too!!

  4. Is this going to be made by the same PES developers that made Efootball 2022? Also it will interesting to see what blockchain they use for the in game items.

  5. From the two options in the poll. Wolves, but I really wanna see some uefa action incase we don’t get a 2nd season. Man united. Would love to see you try to replicate ragniks tactics & what type of defensive players you would recruit. Even if it isn’t man united just a top team that’s in uefa.

    • I don’t know. Man united playthroughs are plenty although there is Ronaldo now😒 might sound odd but I’m quite bored of seeing their kit. Other teams in the epl are dull to use too from personal experiences. Only Liverpool and united are exciting clubs imo

  6. Its funny how all these new football games even the one from scammers have a better website than the almighty konami and probably they will have a better game menu too

  7. How to unlock Raul in E-Football

    Get drunk ,eat plenty of mince pies and those 40 games will be blurry and a flash in your memory.
    Seriously nobody is going to play this lol.

  8. Currently playing Fifa 21 using Fifer’s mod and enjoying it…If it was PES use the Virtua Red patch sooner play these over E-Garbage ,Goals or UFL crap had enough of these online only companies trying to ripp off players out their money using football games.

  9. NFTs will be the next money making gimmick. They will ruin games just like microtransactions did. More development spent on the money making crap than spent making the game good.

  10. Plz go for wolves,
    Wolves is just fun to watch and play
    Just like in real life and the players are really entertaining like
    Jose sa,traore,raul,pedro neto,neves,kilman,etc

  11. Don’t feel like goals with have real players or real teams? Not sure why just feel like there going down the esports route and everyone will make custom teams.

  12. Please go with Valencia we want to see some laliga action for once after all it’s the best league in the world 😒😒😛

  13. e footy is very good now they fixed alot of the bugs,takes abit of time to get used to,but the gameplay is far better than skating fifa!

  14. GOALS sounds like a medium to propagate NFTs with a backdrop of football…. Funny how they talk about a ‘skill gap’ while making shooting fully assisted.

  15. I played on release and wasnt impressed by the gameplay, thought id try it again. Unfortunately the game is so limited in choice unless you purchase things now that ive removed it entirely and wont be back. As you’re a pes streamer ive unsubscribed for that reason only.

    P.s. the one game i started i scored 1st in the first 5 mins. Then from kick off i couldnt move my players…ive dropped pes entirely. Good during my childhood but no effort at all was put into this release, absolutely none, i will never be touching a pes or anything from komani again. I was told this took 2 years to make, i cant justify spending money on any konami game now at all im case it turns into an absolute shitshow like this game has

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