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We sit down and fire some questions at Mr Barry himself after his brief spell with eFootball earlier this month. Cheers Barry for coming on and be sure to leave your thoughts on his thoughts below!

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My name is Ricky AKA TTB (TheTrueBrits).
I have a huge passion for PES having grown up playing the series for the last 2 decades & Commentary has become a bigger hobby of mine since starting my YouTube channeI. I have also covered numerous PES League events.
I try to upload new videos daily, however sometimes life gets in the way!
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  1. Lots to talk about folks so sit back, relax and have a listen to that lovely irish accent 😎
    Cheers Barry once again for stopping by! 🙌

    • @Daan Abbring ye i understand, personally I haven’t bought a Fifa since 15, that’s when I switched back to PES, but this year’s PES so far just looks very disappointing 😅

    • @Tony Well, we haven’t seen a lot of it. For FIFA we’ve seen a lot more and it all looks disappointing to me. Yeah, the keeper animations and net physics are nice, but that doesn’t make the gameplay any fun.

    • @Daan Abbring haha that’s cos there’s literally nothing to see 😂
      Mate I personally don’t give a shit about either franchise, not like i got a stake in either conpany and both are trash when it comes to ethics, whatever is the more fun to play is all that matters and for sure PES been better in the gameplay department….total embarrassing trash in all the others tho 😂
      And EA….they literally copy and paste the same crap every year and get kids hooked on gambling mechanics, ah well, we’ll see what comes of it when both games are out 🤔

    • Such fucking liars they are, him and Spoony’s Pizza. Rick im sorry you had to make this video but now you can see it was all BS. Konami shills.

  2. I’ve became so addicted to your vids, now I’m always waiting for you to make one and drop it 😂 keep doing your stuff TTB and we will keep supporting ✊

    • Player ID presents a chance for certain players to be different eg. You could actually ensure Messi dribbles his way 9/10 times while Neymar plays exactly as irl etc. without player ID you have the possible problem that fifa has where all of a sudden you’re playing burnley and they start pinging passes like prime Barcelona

  3. PES 2021 just suck ass… unplayable to me… collisions just stops momentums effectively for player AIs… and don’t let me get started with the OP CPU AI when they WANT to be OP… will efootball be any better along the years?? who knows..

    • @Oronde White I told you I buy both games eveey year so which one of us would have the better judgment if anyone is a fanboy it is you …

    • @aron worrall fan boying and speaking facts is too different things difference between me and you is im not in denial that pes doesn’t have the most perfect gameplay but you seem to be in denial of which one is better when it’s clearly pes, so to answer your question youre the one with the fan boy activity

  4. So in short it is still PES but improved as expected for a new game but only heading into an online PvP heavy focused direction. Shame.

    • I really hope you can press even if its more manual. If they just got rid of pressing so people just need to run with Neymar and Mbappé and beat 1v1 situations with skillmoves like in FIFA the game is going to be garbage

    • You can press in fifa, but you have to be good. Not just holding square and x, or just turn on red attacking script, and you can leave your controler. Manual defending in efootball (pes) is big win.
      More skill needed and more skill gap in the game. 😉

    • @RopeM M You can’t press on FIFA. Watch the best players, there is no pressing. Just dribbling on the box with 1 player. Skill gap my ass.

    • @J M They don’t press because its not like in Pes. 😉 You are 2:0 opponent go red and thats it. AI pressing you automatically and the game go crazy.

    • @RopeM M Yeah you rely on AI to defend. That’s exactly my point. That’s what wrong with FIFA. It has nothing to do with skill. The defensive system is handicapped so attacking is easier, which means all the tactical approaches that makes football fun get thrown out of the window in exchange for an arcade experience where you can easily get to 1v1 situations.

      Pressing shouldn’t be done by the AI. It should be an user input action. Pressing being easy isn’t a problem because if the attacking side is organized pressing at the wrong time should create holes on the defense. But if there is no pressing it means you can’t punish uninspired attacking like through passes and running with your forwards to force 1v1 situations. That’s why people play Fullbacks at centerbacks, they need the speed to catch up with the forwards. If FIFA had pressing and a healthy and balanced defensive system you wouldn’t need to catch up the attacking players with speed, you could beat them with correct positioning and outnumbering them.

  5. First time looking at TTB listening instead of talking 🙂
    OT – What software was used for the remote interview? Zoom? How do you get the backgrounds, the labels?

  6. I’m glad I heard u can remove this silly circle under player.. Definitely gonna play whatever they offer, cause can’t be worse than FIFA terrible gameplay I’m seeing these days!

  7. This game sounds wack af. 😑 Hard to really trust people who get invited… You know. They don’t want to be tooooo honest cause they get a taste for these events (perks of doing YouTube as an actual job) and don’t want to risk the wrath of the companies not inviting them anymore and losing their “celeb” status among the community…

    • It’s free to play, install it and play

      If you don’t like it Uninstall it…

      Stop being a cry baby and go and code your own game lol

    • I mean Barry was pretty clear on what needs work etc. Even stated the gameplay is around a 5/6 out of 10 right now at its current state. It can sounds “wack af” but until we actually get to play it, its all speculation. As Elvis said, download it, play it and if you dont like it, then it’s not for you!

  8. The players are slower and have lower stats because the legends and Icons will have the high stats, mbappe 90 speed and legends easy over 90

  9. Great video as ever! Two things: 1) is it possible to slow down the speed to -2 like PES 21?
    2) with the dash buttoned having been moved to RT, are we gonna witness different speed levels in accordance with how much RT is being pressed down? This is the whole point of changing the dash button, I take it?

  10. Even for a free game, I have little interest. I’m someone that really only likes to play as teams I have an interest in and none of mine will be in the game until who knows when. I have no interest in online or just playing random games against the AI. I guess I’ll be waiting for months to hit this one up as edit mode and Master League are my bread and butter. Some say try it out because it’s free but I don’t like any of the teams, so the experience wouldn’t be enjoyable. I think too many people are giving Konami a free pass on this one. The whole reason we didn’t get a new game and just an update last year was so that they could bring us this totally revamped experience in the Unreal engine. To be blunt, the fuck have they been doing then all this time?

  11. Fifa and pes/efootball both have good and bad points but for me efootbals negatives are far greater and this is coming from someone who buys both games evey year …. people say oh but the gameplay in pes is better but it really isn’t.. in les you can score the same goal the exact same way over and over again and once you figure it out it’s almost as if its a cheat code…. the atmosphere in pes is terrible the faces are 50/50 the Coventry is terrible replays terrible … sound of kicking ball shocking….. lack of game modes .. all in all pes dose some stuff good but fifa dose more

  12. I’m actually somewhat more encouraged after this. My biggest concern was the defending being more FIFA-like but I’m glad to hear he enjoyed it

  13. If you can manual RUN into the player on the ball then its fine, so THANK GOD the right stick flick MARKING has not been removed… However
    the defending is a HUGE RED FLAG for me… For those who have experienced the rigged, sabotage, handicap, gameplay in My Club 2020 -21.. How much more CONTROLL are they going to have? In influencing results and making sure the NOOB, newcomer, casual, less games played player wins! And sticks around buying coins!
    So them making defending like this will just help them HIDE the rigged momentum.
    No finesse shots??? WOW

  14. if defending is hard on a manual level, and no team press.. No AI press?
    It may be possible to keep the ball for the full 90 minutes and time waste?

  15. Dam… MIDNIGHTKID is very stand off ish the more the video go’s on. PEZ IS DEAD, at least for the next 3 months-a Year?

  16. Feels like the reduced stats is just basic player cards. Leaves room for leveling up, and also for all their featured/icon/etc players which will be chock full of 90+ is my guess.

  17. Really good informative vid, fun watch, I’m still going to sit tight on until master league is released. Ricky on your point on pens, no it doesn’t depend on your play style, the lack of pens in the game has been a big problem for a while now

  18. They are games ffs! Made and created to have some fun. There is nothing real because real football is elsewhere. Do we have fun when we play them? Good, that’s it, nothing else is needed. 😉 Enjoy them

  19. 6:20 I know they have the official Man United chant in the performance test, so I think they have some official chants there at launch.

  20. Only three people in the World have given an in depth review of PES 22 and only one of them is Irish . .I heard you use new R2. .Barry the Irishman. .. .. great interview.

  21. I’m looking forward to this game even if it appears to be immature and raw, so to speak! The slower-paced it is, the better it becomes.

  22. Play the PES TOO (sarcarsm), Why bla, bla and bla? I do not care. If they release the game Already! I only see youtube videos with bla, bla and bla and not real footage. Keep winning money like this, but people will not watch videos like this, they pause and see if there something interresting.
    Is not 7 days to go, it’s 52 days for full game. 🥵 🤡
    And i get it, they don´t wanna show the full pes, full outdated without any dlc package in, as usual, lastest years people complain about the player stats no full transfers, and they made the data updated 2 months later as DLC 2.00. Konami is smart, they read the trolls in steam fórum, but this office likes to be quiet.

  23. Why does Konami’s Marketing strategy for this game resemble what you would do when you’ve cooked a meal for your love interest, but you won’t tell them what it is until they sit down at the table?

    So besides the nets, crowd, player faces, grass, etc looking crappy, the rest of the game looks great? What…the ball? LOL!

  24. 2 years in production and Konami talking about photorealism. All of this is underwhelming. But well done to TTB for his interview style. Letting The Midnite Kid talk freely so we know his thoughts with little interruption.

  25. Halo mate. Thank you for your feedback. Did they take your advice to improve the game or they just said OKEY to your feedback?

  26. TTB, I feel sorry for you on spending $100 on fifa22. I paid the ea play for $1 just to test fifa22 and thanks God that I didn’t pre ordered that game..gamplay is BAD. Something is wrong with gamplay. Hope efootball is good like Barry is saying

  27. Growing up is realising that fifa youtubers like w2s and ksi didn’t love the games that made them. Then realising truebrits speaks with honesty and passion because he loves the game.

  28. I like the way you let the guys speak when you interview. Really good technique and not often done by many people who interview. Keep up the great work matey. 🍻

  29. Sounds promising but gonna take a few years to perfect.
    If you wanna play with 9 teams and are happy to wait several months for Master League this is the game for you.
    If your a PES player I’d play fifa 22 this year and maybe eFootball 2023 will be more like what we were used to with PES

    • Na as good as fifa looks n sounds it just isn’t and won’t ever be… scoring a goal in pes, the rewarding feeling in pes is always night n day difference than fifa, and that is why we play pes until now, and this new efootball we all hope holds up to at least half our expectations…

  30. Will download and play it , already lost hope with the finesse/controlled shot ,wondering how I’d play a football game without finesse or even 2nd player press .even though I’m a tiki taka guy, I’d still like to do individual tactics and settings like ( false 9 or anchoring )but then all that is gone. at the end of the day its free. So might just get fifa after 8 years . I don’t believe konami on the idea that its not a full game what else are they going to add ? ( full teams, improved graphics , grass and net)? Fact is they already created the basics of the game which no update can change, updates will only fix issues and bugs. Why is even fake /feint shot R1 like that’s dead

  31. I’m glad there’s no manual team press. There was no skill to it, if from what it does sound like the other aspects of defending has been fixed so there should be no need for team press

  32. We will try it out and hopefully the gameplay is good and going to be improved if Konami is going to check all the feedback and see what is needed by most people.

  33. can’t complain too much it’s free.. I’m pissed that the commentary is the same…thats been a major hate for me in every PES game. I’ll probably play the free edition a bit but can’t see me buying the add-ons unless it’s improved a lot more than what I’m hearing. Will wait and see what it’s like before deciding… it might be great on release. Here’s hoping.

  34. I don’t like the full manual defending system..
    If I want my player to go get the ball, he should be able to do that (with his passive attibute)
    Just standing and Jockeying in front of the ball doing nothing, waiting for my command will look stupid.
    Some sort of assist will be needed..
    Whats difference between a good defender and bad defender if I have to manually defend every single time?

    • It sounds like it will get very boring. Imo the 2nd player pressure is the best past of the game. Many times I send the 2nd defender and with my player I defend an open space to intercept balls and kill passing lanes. With this new system it just won’t be possible. It will be very generic and bland. To me it’s just a scheme to create more one on one situations that they seem to be pushing so much. This isn’t street fighter, the team concept should be enforced not taken out.

    • against good players or legend ai your defense will get exposed easily when you’re using automatic defending (pressing x) or 2nd player pressing (square). i’m playing pes 2021 and i’m done doing that. i get better results using all manual defending.

    • @truth seeker in the current PES 21 defending system, if you want, you can still manually defend or tackle double taping that X button.. If they can rework/revamp, that will be better.
      Most people just hold the X button and ends up with unnecessary collision or mistimed tackle.

    • In FIFA because of similar defense system, gameplay seems like there’s no defend and attackers are overpowered.. It’s because many players finds it hard to manually defend at the right time.. Defender just stand and let ball go by.. Making it look unrealistic.
      But in the recents update(FIFA 21), it’s good to see that they have started using auto blocking system more often which makes the game look more realistic and believable.

  35. Love your videos,I’m a huge pes fan,was worried a bit with all the crappy videos Konami put out in the pass but it’s great you got someone that have actually played the game,now the excitement is back on again.

  36. No disrespect I guess he had to be very professional in his critique of the game.. My take, the game will be trash basically that’s why what we getting come Sept 30th is a *DEMO* .. 5/10 for a almost ready game is utter garbage for a game that’s been in development for ages…

  37. The new defensive set up worries me. Defending with secondary player pressure is an art form. When you do it right it’s so enjoyable to shut teams down. I don’t see how playing defense without proper pressure in certain areas of the field would work. I feel it will create so much open space for the one on one situations they are pushing for. Sounds like it would get a bit boring after a while.

  38. I don’t understand when people talk about playing *FUMA, i throws people off so much but now with manual defending it’s very much welcomed.
    I welcome both anyway

    *maybe not fuma passing, but at least PA1 with very little assist.

    • No cause keepers are better and the shooting is also a bit less powerful.
      The balance is something that konami should find.
      But because defending is hard , does mean also that you can’t defend, to the opposite, if you learn how to defend, then it will be really hard for the rival to score.

  39. Why are we anticipating a mobile game. There will be not much Improvement in 3 month time span. We already played the demo it was beyond unacceptable after all the promises.

    • It was a online test, the game they played was a demo, and it was very very different from the online test.
      Both graphics and gameplay is a lot better than the online test.
      And it’s clearly not a mobile game.

  40. Has it escaped everyone’s attention that this will launch as a really pathetic Demo?

    9 Teams.. what?
    Only Exhibition games against the CPU, no actual game modes… WHAT?
    Online play

    errr thats all?

    6 Stadiums?

    I don’t care how GOOD this “Game” looks, its pathetic that Konami are doing this to us.

  41. The Midnight Kid is a legend for what he’s done for the PES community over the years is unreal. I’ll put you in that bracket as well mate.

  42. The shooting has changed in Fifa since 15 you can pick where you want to shoot from it’s been more advanced than PES imo and i’ve been playing Fifa for over 20 years since the start..So yeah it’s not as easy now..This is where PES fans don’t understand Fifa they all think it’s this skatey football arcade game which it isn’t.

  43. For me the collision system was the most important topic with Konami in general, i don’t want to play a football game where the fouls are just getting ignored, add the no injuries to players and PES fanboys say this game is more realistic like a sim utter bollocks imo…PES 21 on PC was a joy to play but even that was terrible at times…Thanks Barry for your impressions and thanks Ricky as always.

  44. Thanks for the video. Really good. I’m a MyClub player. What it sounds like is that every single person will have the exact same team and that’ll be boring. I have four teams which I play with to keep things interesting.

  45. As a Man United fan, I really wish you hadn’t given up on the man united channel you had started up, I really love listening to your takes

  46. “There’s a brilliant game in there somewhere” Konami has so much potential. I don’t know what the problem is. Essentially we get a demo on September 30 and then We get “PES lite” which has always been F2P in November. Then we don’t have a date for master league. BAL has not been announced. What is going on?

  47. Okay a well put together video with some information required. Was happy to see proper advert boards during game play. What got me worried was the COMMENTARY!!!!! Please Konami read these comments for Pete’s sake.more stadiums and proper kits, PC gamers bypassed all these shortcomings by using MODS ( Thanks to Jeremiah and Co) .

  48. 4000 new animations? How many of the old ones are they going to replace? Are these 4000 new animations are an addon to the current ones or just replacing them?

  49. he played a code that we wont even touch it …. trust me i see the way they did it to get trusted sources talk about the game before the launch.. but they gave them the best code from the devs … but the game totally different at launch. Konami been lying ever since… im not hype at all ..not now.. I let the year go and then i will get back to it.. when devs and modders do their magic.. again
    true brits yourself and md r true pes legends

  50. The fear i have is if Konami listens too much to the feedback of those people who don’t like the manual stuff and they end up making the game more assisted It’s going to be a massive missed opportunity to have something nice instead we get the same shit that ends up making the game frustrating.

  51. I love that they are overhauling the stats. Many things I’ve been asking for pes to change for years this guy is confirming in his impressions. Again, I just hope other people who tried the game and have negative feedback about these changes dont have a big say and make Konami revert back to how things were. If you like assisted, fast ping pong style pit bull pressure go play fifa.

  52. I’m feeling more optimistic about this game now.
    The idea that form arrows now have a measurable impact on player’s stats is huge for me. In the past it’s simply a case of if a player is on red form, you play someone else if you can. Even a youth player.
    But now, a first team player on red form and therefore decreased stats might still be a better choice than a youth team player. So now you have that decision to make over who you pick rather than always dumping the red form player.

    Also, he mentioned that the AI changed formation after going 1-0 down. I’m assuming that he was playing Exhibition type matches. I don’t think I ever seen the AI change formation in an exhibition match and I can’t remember it happening in a ML match either.

  53. I’m disappointed from what I’ve seen and heard so far, considering Konami have had a lot more time to improve the game this time round.

    I’ll set my expectations low and hopefully I’ll enjoy it once it’s released 🤞

  54. If the defending has been changed then no casual player has got a any chance against a pro anymore. Shame there wont be that exciting underdog vibe to get you over the line or scrap a winner against a good player.

  55. Its so like the new konami to make the defending a lot harder and then deliver a broken system to go along with it. How you supposed to defend with a bad collision system and unresponsive inputs?

  56. Cant wait for my player to blatantly ignore the ball within a stretch of his feet and I cant press × to chase the ball automatically. Rip

  57. Went to a local arcade last week & saw tons of ps3s with pes 8/9, and I was so amazed by the vibrant graphics, wild post fx and the green lush grass. O.O Shame such an old game looks better on a ps3 than efootball.

  58. Why oh why did they have to change defending like how it is in FIFA 🤬 I just cannot get into the jockeying, tried to learn how to master it on FIFA over the years I just can’t get into it.

    Don’t think I will be playing Pes or FIFA after playing both games since the early 90’s

  59. Ricky surely this guy was lying?? I’ve played the game now and it’s awful, even the graphics on my 8k Samsung q950r are terrible. Wtaf the guys a fraud?

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