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#PES2022 #eFootball2022 #efootball
So we do have some actual gameplay folks to wet our appetite until we can officially can get our hands on it September 30th. Let me know what you think so far in comments!

⏱️ Time Stamps:
Intro: 0:00
First Match (Man United vs Arsenal): 05:27
2nd Match (Man United vs Barcelona): 22:50
3rd Match (Bayern vs Arsenal): 35:09

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  1. Remember folks this is off camera so judging the graphics is hard to do. No, the turf doesnt look great but once we get our hands on the actual game then we can make some proper judgments.
    Leave your comments either way! What are liking or not a fan of?!

  2. 4:23 I agree. I wish they could make it look similar to team colors. For example, Manchester United would have color scheme of Red and White with little touch of yellow. I know its just little things, but that what makes presentation look good! 🙂

  3. The guys who were playing sucked so I don’t think we can judge them, the game does look promising but we can only judge once we have it hands on

  4. I saw these videos b4 and honestly I’m not as disappointed as I thought I’d be. The gameplay, of course, is just as slow as the online performance test they released in June. As for the graphics, if this is what Konami plans to give us, I’m sorry, y’all failed. The grass is ass (hey, that rhymes), the spectators are horrendous and the player models look fuzzy to me. Also, they can’t expect people to play their supposed esports oriented game without it running at least 60 FPS. What are folks on last gen consoles expected to do with this? The only thing that could have made this worse is if we had to pay $60 for this. Thank god it’s f2p.

    • They have more than half a month to make amends. I’m sure this will be better, not sure if the gameplay has the new unreal engine since it’s released later of 2021. The cutecenes look nice and the GUIs too. I like how they show you where the club is from in a map. Hope it’s better once they get the hold of the new engine. Pes wasn’t that great when they started using UR4, so i’m confident efootball will improve in the later years

    • Also, at the 2nd match, you can clearly tell the TV was connected to a laptop. This is probably why the gameplay is laggy and utter shite

  5. Seems like the blue bar represents Manual passes and shots? If so, that’s promising (for the presence of the manual button)

    As for graphics, Konamis did say the next gen update is going to be post lunch

    • @NAZISH SHAIK I played the mobile one, but I don’t understand with your statement. Maybe you referring to circle on player, yes it will be blue when sprinting. But the bar, I think there’s no blue bar, even there’s no bar when passing in pes mobile

  6. For the second gameplay it is definitely ps5 because one of the guy that was talking literally said it in Cantonese and in my opinion the tuff on the second gameplay was a bit better

  7. There is still a glimpse of hope left for us! I like the gameplay even though the turf looks horrendous as the Old Trafford ground looks nothing like this one in terms of patterns. However, the players’ stature looks pretty good as well as the shadows and shades, even better than pes21. It takes time to get accustomed to new controls but then again I believe this game is better than fifa in terms of gameplay.

    • @Super Console Gamer each time you comment, you repeat your stupid opinion about efootball that “efootball is shite” Let’s agree it’s shite. As a matter of fact, I wholeheartedly love scat . So what? Sod off

    • @Adrian Jackson leave that imbecile alone. He constantly leaves negative comments. I assure you that he is one of those plonkers who will secretly play efootball but don’t have the balls to admit it’s a decent game with great potential to be better.

    • @Siavash Nasiri YouTube is from a country of opinion as am I. If you don’t like my opinion too bad for you, go back to Disneyland. Pes 22 is trash. Period.

    • @Super Console Gamer a country of opinion? What you say is more like sewer of opinion as all you say is “crap, garbage and shite”. Kid😂

  8. I hope with mods we can fix this awful turf and colours of menus. The game is still looking raw. Player face emotions is the same. Player models doesn’t look good 2 for me. GK have same aminations. Idk about this game. At least it’s free, because I wouldn’t pay a cent for it

  9. theres nothing to break here mate..they had 2 year..they made worse soccer game than pes 2021..just laughable company konami..thats what they are…

  10. Don’t care much about grass but the gameplay looks good. You can remove the circle. You could remove it in the network test. I hope online ranked is PA1 max..

  11. They might have put it on manual the same way we all put it on fully assisted at first, konami making the options sound backwards. It does look freeer and looser and less on a rail, more freedom and control

  12. Grass definitely looks like an early build. As the ball and players foot at the start look floaty and Pogbas foot went through the ground when he was tackled. So reckon there still working on it. Maybe adding damage to the pitch or something and it’s not ready?

    • Grass is totally different from the Barcelona part of the gameplay trailer, but similar to some other parts. I think you’ll be a bit left out graphics wise on last gen and I hope this is last gen footage.

  13. idk why but i think this gamme will actually be fine, i think the game is more fluid..players feel more flexible idk, besides the graphics i think with some updates and mods this will be even better than pes21 lol

  14. Embarrassing. This is just a poor mobile port of PES. Made by a small dev team from a company that most of its revenue comes from…. mobile.
    Kudos for Konami that were able to port the same physic and collision bugs to the Unreal engine. What a scam.

  15. Still using Auba’s hair from PES 17 lol…Seriously i’m not impressed with this E-Football at all…If you want online EA’s FUT is miles better and offline Fifa 22 will be a finished product in a few weeks.
    All Konami have done is piss off the remaining PES fans and E-Football offers nothing..Agree with Ricky this game might be great in the future but now no.

    • @alra2heed Just to add if the gameplay was so bad why does EA’s FUT make over 1 billion profit every season ?
      So millions of players are not enjoying the game because of bad gameplay right ?

      Fifa sells because it’s better than PES in every way ,yes the gameplay is not perfect i always use sliders in career mode myself but for playing Fifa for years you just accept it..PES has better gameplay but PES is dead.

    • @Craig BarlowSales don’t mean anything when you start the comparison look at cyberpunk as example they sold over 10 million cope but the game is bad and evan they take it from ps stores and xbox alos, what i mean is the seals don’t always mean your game doing well and also don’t mean always you doing bad , the way you play is the one that rules and I’m old FIFA player .. I know how things are going there, EA is smart company that takes advantage of young minds who don’t understand in video games (they don’t understand physics, graphics, animation, you if You were smart when you will not bought the game every season with nothing changed, just simple things that are changed for you to be deceived because you do not understand the field of games

    • @Craig Barlow also you know the kids love gams like that, easy, arcade, fast pace…like fortnite they enjoy it

      pes= sim
      Fifa =arcade

      in the end of day it your choice, it’s depend on you rmentality and taste

    • @alra2heed Nothing to do with mentality or taste your a PES fanboy what Konami are offering is a bare bones game and your going to take it like a bitch.

    • @alra2heed Cyberpunk was ok on PC the only reason it was bad on last gen was because of lies from CDPR management lying about the performance and stability bad choice pal.
      The copies what was took back was mainly PS4 and Xbox not PC.

  16. Did you see the reflection?? This must be some Konami staff playing the game. The sit in an office and they were all asian and you could see the emblem on the wall
    Just hope you can change game time
    P.s the circle you can turn off. You could turn it off in the Beta also!!
    The faces look good but the Body terrible. You don’t see any details like in FIFA
    Why the hell was the circle ⭕ in the replay 🤣
    P.s. This light bar was also in Beta. They talked about it

  17. I remember Japanese youtubers getting confused with the change of X button and O button when the New Football Game. These guys seem like pressing X for corner kicks…

  18. This looks garbage. Every year its the same.. Let’s give them feedback

    They have had years of it and this is what we have…. Guf

  19. Honestly speaking, it doesn’t look as bad as I first thought especially from what we’ve seen from the trailers. Kit textures, stadium lighting, player faces and model all look decent. However, the grass and crowd graphics need major improvements, so let’s hope that’s improved in the upcoming updates. In regards to gameplay, I think we each to need to get our hands on it before being to judgemental. All in all, I expected better from what we are seeing, but there’s a little glimmer of hope. Let’s wait and see.

  20. I am thinking with the layout changing now for pass support levels… maybe the guys are playing on level 4 thinking its fully assisted but of course its all changed now and level 4 means manual now?? all i can think because no way are players this awful seeking to play manual passes NO way!

  21. Football terms i think EA Sport’s get what football is about a team sport why in career mode we get players complaining if they aren’t playing regular if you as a manager offered them that role for example Auba being first 11 benching him would upset him.
    players get injured as well for long time like a crucial ligament injury, whatever you think of Fifa it’s a more whole football experience…..Konami are going cheap.

    Edit: not a fan of EA or Konami but i see EA making more improvements towards their game then Konami.

  22. Honnestly, i just think that the player (at least on the first gp, don’t know if it is the same player now) is a noob. He seems to be bad at football games in general. I like the transition during corner after the shot, the camera does the same zoom and the same focus as PES 21 but because there isn’t any pause we can see him running to position to be ready for the corner kick. It ad a certain fluidity to the game flow.Update : i do think that the white cones are the former “arrow” you could point to a player to make him run by using right stick and L1.

  23. The only good thing I’m seeing here is the player builds, and the fact that agile players like Saka actually look agile. But the players arms look massive and the lighting, colours, crowd, turf and colour scheme look dreadful.

    • I think that’s because Leno throws the ball with backspin which explains why it returns back a bit. Nevertheless I agree it still doesn’t look great

    • @AndyJ of course it isnt good, especially the way how goalkeepers throw the ball. It looks like their hand isn’t even connected to the ball when they throw it.

    • @AndyJ Yeah, the backspin is the point he’s making

      Once again though, this isn’t the final build. So if you have issue with this, remember that there’s a different game coming out on the 30th

    • Yeah right. And if you notice, the extent to which the ball lays off before a goal kick after the goalie tosses, varies and adds a bit more randomness. All in all the cosmetics look decent.

  24. Those japanese peeps was playing it on the ps5 u can see them on the team selection and one of them holds the controller up, but wot I’ve seen at mo I’m not impressed with it..

  25. I expect the game will be ported to Unreal Engine 5 so i still have hope the graphics will look more “next-gen” in the future. Gameplay looks alright, might be better than PES2020/21 but it doesn’t look like it has improved much for a game that’s being developed for atleast 2 years, maybe it feels better when we actually play it.

  26. Hi Ricky they still need to address the goal keeper kits they clash with the away team arsenal in yellow and david de gea in yellow its so wrong simple things like this go along way and also the grass is shite!!!!!!! the colour of it is horrible on the eyes no pitch patterns

    • You’re one of those prats who will secretly play efootball but don’t have the guts to admit it’s decent. Try to get your bloody head round it, ‘efootball is a decent game with a great potential to be better’. Repeat this until you comprehend it.

    • Dont you dare tell me the bullshit that I cant accept change I was a fifa fan way back before I switched to pes on pes 19 I insulted the game been trash and I stills and I played It later on I felt like playing the best game in the world later on the 20 demo came out and I felt in love with pes but this efootball doesn’t sound promising

  27. Worrying stuff: Terrible crowd, terrible grass, bugs (like pogba’s feet as you mentioned). Let’s hope this is an early build and it will be fixed.

  28. Is it me, or does it look like the attacking/defensive lines at the bottom look like there could be more options? The white line looks pretty thin, like there’s a couple more options either side? 🤔

  29. I read some of the comments and am shocked that there are actually people who are excited about this… how low has the bar gone down jesus christ how desperate fifa and pes make us for a proper game that we even accept this bullshit. 2 FUCKING YEARS for a mobile game, I honestly have no hope to get a proper football game in the next year or even years 🙁

    • @Junior Richards lol yea you mean UFL and GOALS , two games where we do not have even one video of anything but a trailer for one game and not even pictures for the other… lol I wish I would believe it but they wont be anywhere near ready this year and even if they are, what makes you think small companies can compete with the budgets of EA or Konami. And after pretty much more than 10 years of playing this shit FIFA and Konami games I think its fair to complain lol

  30. I think the flashing line means your other player u want to make a forward running like l1 on ps4 for fifa21 gameplay alright then who played it were dreadful I think the blue line could mean fully assisted as all the passes were straight to them I will wait until I play it to judge it graphics looked pretty good yeah I agree the shooting looks very hard does seen more manual shooting lets see what it like 3 weeks time

  31. I will be honest, this looks awful, nothing like pes 21… it seems like the modded pes 21 will stay the best football game for some time

  32. 🤣😅😅 watching your review always makes me laugh , your reaction to when Pogba was fouled 😅, I’d just buy fifa if this is what we get rip konami . This is worrying the players disappeared and its an offline match , offline is meant to be more graphical and smooth.

  33. Hello, Ricky. Nice to have a break-down of a gameplay. Well, surely it’s a WIP (Work In Progress), so no judgement of the graphics, physics etc. Lot of work needed, it’s obvious. I have two things to clarify to you, as I’ve played both normal and manual. First, the first match has to be Superstar difficulty, as the Legend difficulty has to be unlocked. I think that Konami follows the same path as in PES, so Legend difficulty is not accessible so early. And it’s definitely a test of the Beta version, or the demo version, if you prefer, which traditionally for Konami is held in China, the biggest market in the world in terms of e-games. So, no surprise that the menu is in Chinese. The last two matches are versus matches, where the difficulty plays no role: I’ve watches countless such matches here in Greece. Second, I’m pretty sure about the passes. The green bar is the normal control, as it changes colours according to the power you apply, like everything we know from PES, so it means that this part hasn’t changed. The blue bar is the manual cotrol, as it barely changes colour, unless you go full power, so it seems that they changed the colour of the manual control to blue (I don’t know if you like it, I don’t). The white angle you spotted sometimes is the pass guide: it determines what angle you send the ball in the direction you choose for the pass. The two guys must have set the Guide option in the On position in the main menu. I’ve seen it sometimes when I tried the manual control (to which I’m even worse than junk, tbh…). As for the others, you clarified them better than me. Have a nice time.

    • @Eric Elo , no, mate. Because, if you notice more carefully, it often points not to the direction of the run of your player. It’s the guide of the pass that you intend to make and it gives you in what angles you can pass freely.

  34. So this is actually the pc version, well at least the second video you showed was. You can see the pc plugged in, so it’s probably being broadcasted through the TV. So Ricky you might have to rethink everything about this video because, this means we’re still yet to see any console footage. 😐😪

    • They were recording it live so that’s all that is. Check the button inputs, all display PS buttons. I would be highly surprised if it was PC as they never have early events with PCs, always console

  35. I honestlt don’t need to play this to see how bad it is.

    It still looks sluggish as all hell, bad AI, bad ball awareness, shitty refs, bad collisions system, suuuuuuper duper slow gameplay…

    This is the same PES we’ve been having, just eve worse.

  36. 14:27 It’s interesting how the quick GK doesn’t switch to the view behind the keeper, it maintains the normal match camera.
    41:17 Look at Smith-Rowe’s right foot. It’s practically 90 degrees to his leg.
    43:12 What the hell is going on there. The ball boy throws the ball onto the pitch, the Bayern player grabs it and just wanders off with it.

  37. I’m not impress a bit 2021 and this game naar. A game that they told us to wait for 2yrs to fix everything lol..took the Good things about pes and put in some useless stuffs gameplay suck look at the position and the runs of the players

  38. I really dont like the fixed shadow of the ball on the ground. Its always right underneath the ball, even if there shouldnt be a shadow

  39. Wondered if the white cone flash is a change of player selection, but seems to come from the attacker in this sequence, but changes the defensive selection. Could it be that defensive manual switches are relative to the direction from the ball?

  40. Gameplay is actually on a gaming laptop
    Pay attention you’ll see the laptop screen at the bottom sharing it on the tv

  41. The game looks awful if I’m being honest and I’m not talking about the graphics, I’m talking about the smoothness of the gameplay. Players sliping and sliding everywhere and players looking stunned when tackled which results in a small delay. I hope its more polished and refined than this on release, we at least want responsiveness and smoothness, it has a PES 14 vibe about it, very unfinished.

    • @Wishawlad Konami said its 70% done, we can’t really say anything until we play the game. They have more than half a month to make amends. Let’s hope they actually use this time to fix the game. Mobile perspective, it’s the most impressive game football game that I’ll ever see.

    • @Hello it’s me! got it. Good point. Let’s wait and see. Only a few weeks. If not, the 21/22 option files for PES21 will be the way to go. Cheers.

  42. Maybe the loose gameplay is because it’s on manual, it does look more free maybe the gameplay would look better by someone who has a greater level of skill and control.

  43. You would think the animations would be improved using unreal but they look exactly the same especially the goal celebrations. There still so stiff looking.

  44. Graphically the game looks awful the gameplay looks awful the whole thing is just trash I certainly will not be bothering with this free or not it’s not worth the time downloading it to uninstall it 10 mins after

  45. I can’t believe they’d even release something like this it’s actually laughable and then charge us for master league 😂😂 think there smoking too much spice

  46. At this point all i want is konami to get rid of the frozen pictures before the transition everytime you press skip especially in a PS5 era that shouldn’t be a thing anymore

  47. Gameplay looks rough as toast to be honest. Players running into eachother, AI letting the ball roll right past them. Meh, not much hope.

  48. It’s not just foot planting. The way they kick the ball is terrible. Theirs this jankyness. They kick like a 2 year old. Add that with the ball looking so heavy and floaty when kicked. It just looks wrong.

    There are a ton of other things I could pick at. But if Konami can’t be assed then neither can I.

    Love ya Ricky, but I seeing some big cope here saying early build ect.

  49. 17:39 the ball that was thrown out eventually disappears, if they are going to make it that there is no transition screen (black screen) at least make an effort to animate a ball boy going to retrieve the ball. I really hope this game turns out good

  50. I feel the PES 2014 vibe in this one, just look at the time from when the bar fills up and the time he completes animation, it takes a loooong time, that was the main problem with 14, and I see that problem here, I don’t like that.

  51. garbage. people shouldn’t buy into this efootball crap. single player offline is what built the gaming industry. pes 2020-21 is miles better than this.

  52. Looks absolutely horrendous literally looks like a mobile game. What are Konami playing at they couldn’t care less so dissapointed was expecting so much more. Wonder if they will put all the eggs in the my club basket and try and get as much money out of its consumers.

  53. The transition among the animations, looks smoother, which is nice. But for sure the colour scheme of the UI is ugly as hell. It’s a punch in the eye! Blue, yellow and pink! Who’s the genius behind it? I really hope Konami will create a place where people can place their feedback in a simple way, in order for the game to shape up the way we want. It’s in their best interest listening to feedback, otherwise they risk to put “PES 2022” into junk in no time.

  54. Looks a bit better, but it still suffers from the same bugs and gameplay errors than PES 20. And lets no talk about graphics, in general its the same or worse. Maybe the lighting is a bit better, but that was also good in previous PES, so….

  55. How can they ruin the grass so badly? Every year it barely gets better and yet there are several fantastic modders they could hire for not a lot of money (in context to the size of Konami) to do it for them. It’s just embarrassing, this looks dreadful.

  56. PES 2018 looks way better than this, two years on this?! The animations look worse than ever. This better be an early build otherwise it’s game over.

  57. no black transitional screen was already in a iss/pes/we game in the form of iss pro 98 on the n64 way back in 1998 but it was from the konami team based in osaka not the “main” tokyo team

  58. Arsenal a 4 and a half star is a sick joke. They’re awful. The manager is a joke.


    The colour scheme is disgusting. It’s just appalling. No one should have passed that through quality control.

    When scotty mctotty turns though he’s stuck in an animation so it was pointless turning the wrong way.

  59. I have a feeling the transfer is not going to be up to date when the game is released. It’s gonna say “available in a future update” lol

  60. I would be happy with this game if they had 3 months to make it.. but they’ve had two years to make something and they’ve gone fifty miles backwards. They haven’t even changed the in-game cutscenes between players/refs, the menu’s colour-way and interface is horrendous, the gameplay is worse and it’s such a pathetic excuse for a football game. The only thing they’ve added are the pre-game and half-time cutscenes which is just embarrassing for 2 years of development. It just speaks volumes about people on earth who will actually accept this rat-piss garbage of a game after all the great football games we’ve had in the past, and eat it up like food on a baby’s spoon. It’s sad where football games how ended, even when developers get 2 years to make one.

    • I don’t think you know how much work it takes to make a game. It takes a lot of time. I’m suppressed how much they have done in to years. I don’t know what you had expected. You do also need to remember that they are making the game to 6 platforms and not only that, they have to make sure the crossplay works.

    • @Jimmi Pedersen We all know how long it takes to make a game. Thats why we allowed konami an extra year to come out with this as we all know that another year was absolutely necessary, again, as we know how hard it is to make a game. But what they produced is no more than rat shit. If the game was completely new and revolutionised from the ground-up, and it had bugs, that would make sense, its a new game, stuff like that happens. But this “efootball game” is a literal copy and paste from pes 2021 and they still managed to mess it up. And i know its on a new engine and that brings its own problems, but we gave them a whole extra year to figure that out, and they still couldn’t!! Don’t be fooled by the new cutscenes they don’t mean anything, its all cosmetic. They managed to add what FIFA adds every year, in 2 years and what, just a few cutscenes pre-game??? Pathetic. What an excuse of a game. If you are defending this piece of garbage, I don’t have anything to say to you homie

    • @El Shan I don’t agree. First of all its not a copy-paste and the reason for that is that is not possible as the fox engine have a other code langue than the Unreal Engine. And before we play it, we don’t know if it god or better than Pes21.

      We also don’t know how old the clip is. AI is a very big thing in a football game, and it takes very much time, so revile the behavior and relation to each other. More animations is in the polish stage. And in later updates. And don’t forget at covid19 also could have a effect on the time.

      Lastly. See how long there has been radio silence about the project, that tells me, that they are not happy themselves how far they have gone with the project, but I think they feel that they have to release. Still unfair to judge before they official shows gameplay and we are playing the game.

      Take a look at Battlefield 4 it took over 3 years to make, and it was unplayable close to a year after release

  61. 2nd and 3rd matches are definitely PS5, you can see a glimpse of the joystick as one of the guys comes up. I think it looks much better than 1st match, making me think that no. 1 is on PS4 and no. 2 and 3 are on PS5.

  62. How hard is it to employ a advertising agency to fix the god awful graphic design of this franchise??? Players will be experiencing epilepsy playing this game.

  63. Something small I actually liked to see is at 9:35 the AI kicks the ball away very fast, basically as soon as they can. An issue with the AI in current PES is that in a situation like that the AI will try to dribble out with the ball there, or even turn into you basically gifting you the ball, giving you a free shot on goal. I haven’t seen the rest of the video yet so I don’t know if it will be consistent with those clearances but I like what I see in that regard. The rest of the gameplay I will have to play and judge for myself, I am going with the lowest expectations possible which will help.

    Also really like the contact between defenders and attackers when a ball in the air is coming their way, looks better than in previous PES games.

    Again, just trying to be positive, all I pray is that the game is at the very least decent and that Master League is improved from last year when it comes out.

  64. About the last gameplay. I think that the black screen says more. I think this was filmed at Konami, and it looks like they are evaluating stuff to the guy behind them. Looks like he is taking notes. What they are talking about pointing at and so on. It could also be a gaming journalist.

  65. 28:43
    Look at the tv reflections. It seems to be the Konami headquarters (I think). This might be a old build (a feedback from the college’s kind of build)🤷🏽‍♂️

  66. i cant believe the formation screen has been changed from vertical to a horizontal view. if it aint broke dont fix it!!! another thing to have to adjust to for no reason. they cant help it can they?

  67. They had 2 years to create this game which will be barebones during launch and a lot of animations are carried over from the last game? Seems like they should have a lot more going for a game that has been worked on for at least two years.

  68. That arrow thing that popped up around the 28 minute mark almost looked like the cone of vision from MGS. Like your cursor director was pointing one way but it was highlighting you could see another pass on if that makes sense?

    If there’s something like that then I quite like it.

    Also they had PS5 controllers so it was PS5.

    It reminds me a bit of FIFA 07 on 360 for the same looseness of control and flow of the game. The very start of the Frostbite engine and it was clearly a WIP but it was quite fun for being less rigid than PS2 era games.

  69. This is totally different from what they showed on the trailer..👏🏽👏🏽 well done Konami, but you guys can do much better.

  70. It’s good if they change the defending mechanics. I absolutely hate defending just by using 1 or 2 players to press and running to a ball like a mad man. It’s ugly af

  71. It’s a sketchy version, almost like an Alpha there. Certainly was redone from acratch. Gameplay has sadly a Fifa style and rythm especially the players pass and shoot without a realistic body position… I still prefer Pes21 gamrplay until now. And I am not sure gameplay is related to game engines

  72. Another bad move from Konami. God knows why, they let 2 persons that have NO CLUE about football, play and record the game. Of course it will be on youtube, making a bad advertise for the game. Konami is totally lost on promoting this game. Terrible color and design, awful trailers and now bad players showing the game.

  73. stop defending it Riki! you goin be more disappointed then all of us in the end. don’t buy what you don’t like, there’s no other way of getting things better. Obviously you have to get it, but we don’t

  74. Here’s my thoughts on this video. Don’t like the circle underneath. Do like the fluid transition between gameplay and ball boy adds to that realism. Some cutscenes are great like coming out of the tunnel some are still forced. The color scheme is atrocious. Gameplay wise I do like it ads weight on players when stopping and turning. Graphics couldn’t really tell since it was off camera.

  75. Guys playing the game play it like fifa wrong to do.. renan galvani said it’s new has be played different than before..pes officially dead😦this is new bare bones have think this is new company just starting out unfortunately have wait until very least year from now before we see where konami are going.cutscenes good for master league not sure about crowd noise or commentary

  76. I wonder if the blue bar is the soon to be implemented “snap” shot and “snap” kick.. or whatever it was called. Because I think the controller overview showed it was the same button as sprint… which means all these guys are probably holding it down by accident.

  77. The ball hovering above the grass actually indicates that there is a “layer” missing in this version that they’ll add. That’s good news because it’ll make the pitch look more natural (right now it’s just too flat).

    • @Saahil_Guitar You’re underestimating my sarcasm … I’m just glad people like you are energizing the community with their inspiring comments

    • @Albi Wiedersberg Are you really being sarcastic? From a game development perspective, adding a layer of 3D grass is not that big of a deal and might be added before the final release. Yet I would not say it’s an indication, we simply cannot tell right now.

  78. Them lads playing te game make me look like messi on pes (it will always be pes), I can only think that they are using a steel toecapped boot as a controller because I have never seen such shit play.

    Im hating the circle, really hope you can turn it off as it takes you out of immersion. What I’ve seen so far looks OK, I’ve been really worried about what’s going to happen to my all time favourite game, but now I’m more positive. I think in a couple of years we might be looking at a better great pes again. Just hope master league returns quickly as that is all I play on, I have no interest in online play.
    Thanks for another great video

  79. I think it looks good. I’m hyped to try it out after a decade of playing Fifa only. Also the banter on Arsenal 🤣 lmao, they cant catch a break

  80. This is out of the subject,

    Save yourself and pray that God will forgive you for your sins. Dear God, I know I’m a sinner, and I ask for your forgiveness. I believe Jesus Christ is Your Son. I believe that He died for my sin and that you raised Him to life. I want to trust Him as my Savior and follow Him as Lord, from this day forward. Guide my life and help me to do your will. I pray this in the name of Jesus. Amen. God forgives your sins through the sacrifice of Christ.
    And enjoy a clear conscience, eternal life, forgiveness, and fellowship with God.

  81. From the ball movement and gameplay, looks like Konami also trying to approach FIFA fans. I still hope they focus to the PES Community feedback, especially offline mode improvement, such as Master League

    • You’re joking, this game arent even half as similar as FIFA. One look at the defending and you can already see its not infested with AI assistance like FIFA does.

  82. The game will constantly be improved but as of this now, the gameplay is already looking a million times better than FIFA 22. Excited for the game to be released!

    1) At 10:34 look at Pogba’s leg after tackle
    2) PES 18 and 19 grass looks better. WHERE IS THE GRASS?
    3) At 10:02, does Shaw use THE FORCE to tackle? Because there is CLEARLY no contact.
    4) Honestly, this isnt solid PS5 material uet. The cross-platform thing is reducing the graphics.

  84. The light ray thing looks like it triggers a supporting player run.

    It’s definitely played on a PS5 as you can see from the players waving controllers around before the third game. Or was it the second? 🤔
    Either way it’s in there somewhere.

    Great contact as always dude.

  85. Blue bar does look like some kind of manual control, it appears when the arrow of the player’s circle is pointing towards a different direction than the ones their body’s facing.

  86. it would cost Konami nothing to get proper players of the game or even the pros to test out the game then upload the video/stream them playing. What a shambles

    • The gameplay is the same engine as the previous games. They ported it over to Unreal Engine and just used unreal engine for graphics and crossplay. So the gameplay is the same engine. It won’t ever change.

  87. I think what they’re spending on the last 2-3 years maybe to build up the base/ground so that it’s future proof, or maybe simply to make it work with all platforms. I’m not from game development company, but in other software engineering industry, whenever we’re going to re-architect a product to a new version, it’s normal to ensure the base core modules and architectures correct first and easily extensible before adding those nice-to-have stuffs. After that, it’s gonna be very easy for us to add features as there’s no “major refactor” that needs to be done and no risk of breaking everything when adding new things. They’re probably doing the same thing, porting things to ue4 and make it work with their in-house gameplay engine to get the core things like passing, tackling, ball physics, etc (maybe a very basic version of those things too).

    I hope that’s what they did. Or they could just simply trying to make mobile works with the rest of the platform and that’s already taking most of their 2-3 years haha.

  88. The defending controls has become fifa Type no pressure only just come closer to the opponent and intercept that’s the thing here which makes user look terrible

  89. The setting stuff on the 34th minute is about the stadium
    Starting from the top is Stadium (Allianz Arena of coz, the home stadium of Bayern Munich
    Time: Night time
    Season: Summer
    Weather: Sunny
    Turf length: Normal
    Actually these guys are from Hong Kong, and they said it is the demo of efootball 2022

  90. I’m from Hong Kong, I just watched the original video. Here are some information to share, the players are from Hong Kong local magazine “PCM”. They tried the game at Konami HK. This version is not finalized, they said it’s the beta for media to try on, it’s only about 70% of the final release. They were playing the PS5 version.

  91. Although the turf looked bad I must say it’s at least looked better than FIFA which the turf just doesn’t rendered at all.

  92. Turf looks shocking but the gameplay I’m actually impressed with. Considering plenty of things will be added past launch. For the bare bones, I’m quite happy with the look of it. Still looks a lot more like real Football than FIFA.

  93. Not as bad as I was expecting it to be. Some animations seem to be much more fluid and movement seems much less restricted than in Pes21. Player models look accurate for the most part, but have strangely blocky shoulders and long shorts. Really wish they would change the free kick and penalty mechanics to be more intuitive. Definitely can’t call this next-gen but I will say they at least made some worthy improvements.

    and please fix the color scheme expeditiously

  94. I think this game is great for the future, the models look great so do the cut scenes. Gameplay is hard to tell because let’s face it these two are awful at it. they just need to listen to us and keep patching the gameplay.

  95. the way the ball moves with the player is like old pes style that fifa took and it seems that most players like it

    maybe its one of the reasons why ppl go for fifa cuz its more simple

  96. Graphics look somewhat good but can’t judge yet properly because it’s on a recording but look at the presentations..