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Go leave your feedback folks!
Survey Period: 26 October 2021 02:00(UTC) – 29 October 2021 1:59(UTC)
LINK to Survey –

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  1. Konami are playing around.. They know what they need to do.. They’re Just playing dumb and trying to get ppl on their side with fake feedback stuff.. They wouldn’t listen anyway.

  2. FIFA 22 isn’t a good game, it’s not a realistic football sim, tactics don’t matter, wingers don’t track back, and skill moves are too overpowered, the fact Konami can’t even produce a product that’s on par with Pro Evo 5 or 6 is embarrassing.

  3. An Efootball 2022 survey? That would be like someone shitting on your door step and then asking you to fill out a survey. A: Was it smelly? B: Was it a big brick?

  4. When I look back pes 19 in compression to efootball (pes) 22 it is literally night and day how did they get efootball 22 so wrong everything about the game is poor to be honest pes 19 and 21 season update WITH MODS are the best of the franchise 🤔🤔

  5. Konami surveys are pointless, they done this on ps3 onwards… An absolute shambles.

    Only deluded people are believing this will be playable next month. Its a joke game

  6. The sharp touch is when you are dribbling, not sprinting, then pressed and release the right trigger, to knock the ball pass the defender.

  7. I got an error message today regarding”denuvo timing” on the Steam version. Is there a reason for a poorly optimized and FREE game to come with denuvo?

  8. I hate this kind of survey. I don’t feel it does much good with the format for most of the questions. Saying “I like it more/ I don’t like it so much” is not good feedback. Its useless.
    And Konami so far has shown that they don’t care either. The survey data will probably end up in the trash, as it has always been…

  9. The base is broken! a couple updates will not change the game. maybe in two years it will work but i do not see a comeback from eFootball!!

  10. Nothing could be survey under a mobile engine, they can change nothing better base on a mobile game. They could only fix some slippery and unlinked body movement.
    Imagine it, how complicated control can a mobile game could be? Konami had changed the direction for their football game as mobile market is more benefit than console and computers. That’s what they want.

  11. That survey is a some bullshit. Handing it out a few weeks before the patch comes out. If you’re making a football game for all these years and doing a great job overall, I expect them to have the expertise to know if a game is shit or not and what to do about it if it is.

  12. Theyve been getting feedback about the colour scheme for many months, from many people, and were happy to ignore it, now when the turd hits the fan they want to pretend to listen

  13. dkm don’t they play this game at their offices?? Konami need to stop fking around they know what garbage they put out plus this survey is so damn long as well lmao.

    they never act on the surveys/feedback anyways

  14. Its not fun to defend bcz defenders are like trucks. They have to turn a block before responding to the attacker. It so stupid

  15. Ya that’s right tell everyone to blindly rate 1-2 in Survey so that they make everyone’s survey useless right …. Stupidity at it’s peak!!!
    Give survey if ur really serious abt answering it and if not don’t do it and stop wasting everyone freaking time 🤬
    No wonder why they don’t take surveys seriously guys like u r the reason 🤬

  16. Only right solution will be separating mobile players and focus on two separate games. Dont mix mobile engine with pc and consoles. What they expected?

  17. They should just release the full version and master league as well..fix the reaction time between the passes and else then we could have a nice game maybe

  18. Even if efootball kind of fix this game they aint getting my money for at least another year ,they had a great game last year and all they had to do was fix some minor issues and they bring a game made for a phone👌

  19. You really think they’re going to listen to feedback? 🤣 When in the last decade have Konami listened to ANYTHING we’ve put to them, there’s literally no point. They don’t listen and they don’t read it. They make the game THEY want to make, not what we want.

  20. Efootball looks so bad I haven’t even bothered wasting my time downloading it… It’s free and I won’t even bother with it…that tells you all you need to know about this game. 2 Frickin years and this is the worst game they’ve produced. They should have stuck to it being a PS5 only game. They’ve shot themselves in both feet with this game and will have lost a lot of people who swapped from Fifa. I just wonder how many people are actually playing this FREE game at any one time. It’s gotta be incredibly low.

  21. Not a fan of playing PvP Exhibition matches Online or Offline! Am a RTG player career or master league mode I dont care! The only Pvp I play are Cup or League competition! 😩

  22. I took the survey, but it might just be another waste of time. They don’t have enough time and recent years show how little they care about people’s feedback

  23. I really hate that surveys are not properly utilized. For example they could just have a few presentations in the game notification menu of different pitch colour patterns and let us fans vote which looks better. Same goes for passing animations and ball movement. Let us fans guide you konami because you clearly can’t see shit to save your Life after all that sharpness and awful color palette you put out

  24. If you believe in the Easter Rabbit and Santa Claus and the Grinch. You do believe in Konami. Maybe the Grinch is leading Konami right now ?! 😉

  25. We’re gunna be half way through the season before they release a patch which we all know isn’t going to fix it and I’m not putting money into a game for half a season of updates.
    This survey is stupid, they gotta be complete morons if they need us to tell them what’s wrong in a survey.

  26. Submitted my survey I left a message at the end saying…..please Konami just get the gameplay sorted first visuals can wait.

  27. *Responssivness needs work and needs to be snappier* I don’t agree with that. Its much more realistic as it is now. It will take to the players feet are in a position to Pass or kick the ball. And I like that. Also the motionmatch also does that the player has to be in the balance to be able to turn or receive the ball. So to me is eFootball much more realistic than PES is. I think you and others have a other opinion on what the Devs want with the game, and what you want. You want PES rather than realism. Believe it or not, as i said many times. I don’t think eFootball is that bad. The realism is bigger, the animations looks amazing and smooth, way better than FIFA. What need work is like you say, more variation on shots, Passes ect. Need a lot of work.
    The ragdoll physics need a lot of work. same is with the AI. But the control of your player and the way he move realistic is to me amazing. But sure, I know that will be gone soon. is to realistic for you, I will miss it.

    • Yes you are right. After my initial frustrations, I went back and played a few more games and found it to be enjoyable both online and offline. Some of the goals during my playtime do look fantastic and realistic. I can see the direction of what the devs want the gameplay to be, the game just needs a few optimizations to iron out the bugs (and overly aggressive rugby style tackling). The tactics are simplified, but I do notice how different tactics makes the AI players play differently.

    • @K.L. Exactly! People were frustrated so they did not see what the game really is and can be. I wish people see it in tme. Before we loose it.

    • @Jimmi Pedersen people are frusturated because they got a fucking unfinished alpha state game after 2 fucking years and a fake trailer! Slowness or response times are different love to everyone thats not even half of the issue. THE GAME IS BROKEN BEYOND FIXING. IT WILL BE COMPLETELY PAY TO WIN. THESE GUYS WANTED 10 DOLLARS FOR A FUCKING SAVE SLOT DONT YOU EVER FUCKING READ?

  28. Honestly Konami should just watch youtube and see all the issues, bloopers and glitches to their hearts’ content. Its all there…

  29. Konami has officially been demoted to EFL division seven. They don’t even know what they stand for anymore. Everybody at Konami that was responsible for ePants should be fired. They’ve literally gone from releasing a flagship sports game every year to taking surveys on a mobile-quality disposable. This survey stuff is worse than junk mail. They clearly have zero confidence in themselves. They may as well hire a bum off the street to point them in the right direction. They haven’t got a clue what they are doing. It’s a five billion dollar company and their video game department is run by morons.

  30. Not even that bothered at the moment. I’ve played maybe 20 games in total, including games I’ve quit because of ridiculous input lag online. Buzz has completely gone for this game. Whatever they do from here, I’m not too bothered what happens. Lost interest in it. Players all feel the same, no playerID, everyone plays the exact same.

  31. eFootball 2022 is more realistic than PES 2021. How can you not see that. The game is way slower like in real life, and you actually have to play some good football to score goals. Play eFootball and then watch a real game. It’s identical

  32. I don’t quite agree on the perception that the overall game speed should be increased. I think the speed of the ball when passing should be increased, but the running speed should be decreased, because it feels a bit too fast at the moment.

  33. Agree with other comments a PES 2022 update with the new engine would have been better than this efootball, I play on xbox and steam, but my pc cannot play efootball.

  34. F*ck them with their survey , did they ever listen to the community suggestions and requests????
    No never !
    They do surveys they don’t even read, community sent them documents for improvements they didn’t read.
    And to use survey monkey to do their survey wtf
    Like a bunch of amateurs , can’t even code their own survey !
    Guys don’t waste your time filling out this bullshit…it’s just to make believe they will do something.

  35. You have to laugh….
    Konami spent 2 years making this trash and they have to put a survey out and ask us what’s wrong with it!
    Really Konami?
    Did you spend 2 years with your eyes closed!

  36. Am not doing any survey, this is one of several surveys over the years and yet they brought us 🤬🤬 efootball. Am sure FiFa is taking advantage of this to better their sliders for PES players.

  37. Meaningless survey. It won’t affect the game properly. The developer must know what’s a game should look and be like. It seems Konami doesn’t have a QA team. Ridiculous.

  38. They can take another year if they want to. Just release a decent game, I can’t bring myself to play, let alone pay for Fifa again

  39. I’m confused. You mention about the game launching. The game is out, that isn’t a demo that is the release. People need to face the fact that it is God awful. I just feel bad for the people that actually paid for it for all the so called modes that will be added. Worst football game in the history of gaming from all aspects.

  40. i dont understand how you can give such high scores??!!!!…haha!!,,but seriuosly the QC people in charge need to be sacked!

  41. Question 1
    In your opinion how shitty is efootball?

    A. Slightly shitty
    B. Really shitty
    C. Kinda shitty
    D. Big fuckin shit sandwich
    E. All of the above shitty

  42. You can go back to the ps1 era and it have better gameplay than this. How they fucked this up so bad is beyond me.

    Feels like a game made from some people that just got into making games.

    Suck my fattie Konami 🖕

  43. This is how you know those guys who supposedly played the game and the game was amazing they were f-ing lying, shills. If Konami really had an amazing build like that it should be out now.

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