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Konami have confirmed that V1.0.0 will be delayed until spring time of 2022. A tough pill to swallow but lets be honest here.. it needed to be done. Go fix it Konami!

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  1. Easily the best thing they could have done. Just pull the game off the store. eFootball is a complete shambles and I can’t believe they spent over 2 years on this mess 🤦🏻‍♂️

    You should play some older games. I really enjoyed the summer videos where you played the classic football games.

  2. This is a very good thing us the future of the game remember that the unreal engine 5 will be coming early next year Soo let’s see 👀👀👀

  3. Since I saw the statement from Konami I’ve decided to delete my e football off my ps5 it’s just feels like a demo and no full game version it’s a thumbs down 👎 I’m sticking to fifa

    • @Juho Stèn I thought that as well until I looked on their Twitter. They may be the minority but they’re the loudest there. I’m so sick of mobile games and their style of microtransactions being put into AAA games.

  4. Play a career with Barcelona with the current squad as is… adding Depay, Aguero, Gavi, Puig, and other youngsters, and bring them back to glory! On PES 21.

  5. When you’ve had 2 years to work on this shambles of a game, this is disgraceful. Konami may as well scrap the whole thing now because nobody is going spend any money on it whatever they do.

    • nah, PES players are migrating to FIFA, and they Will not give pes a second chance. most of them atleast, bored of FIFA? nah FIFA 22 has amazing career mode, detailed, amazing graphics unlike PES. it looks like master league has not given any good treatment at all by konami and its incredibly boring

  6. i don’t know how to play without a secondary press😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢. i keep quitting the game after few minutes.

  7. FIFA 22 is clearly the best choice. No game is perfect but the upsides of FIFA far outweigh the cons. FIFA has the most comprehensive package available today.

  8. I cannot see them releasing the game when the football season will be about 2/3 done. Who will want to buy an out of date football game.

  9. What an embarrassment to PES. They messed this up royally. Took two years to create crap but promised and amazing game with a trailer of Messi before all of this began. Took two years to do nothing! What a shame! Instead of gaining fans they instead lost quite a bit I’m sure.

  10. Nah not the right decision. They have butchered it. A demo until. Spring when the new fifa will be getting revealed 😂 embarassing.

    Just scrap it because 2023 will not now happen because they have spent 3 years trying to put out a playable title.

    Honestly it’s only a select few hardcore youtubers that give this rubbish the time of day. PES is dead guys, accept it. E Football is as good as dead too now

  11. content idea, how about comparing PES over the years? comparison of 2013 up to 21, maybe do 1 vid per game showing a few matches, etc and then a final vid talking about whats good, whats bad, and which one you felt was the best.

  12. 0 for execution, Konami. Damn. Game has absolutely no soul, which is what made many of the previous PES games so enjoyable. Shallow as a puddle, soulless, and janky, this one. KYS, EFootball.

  13. Fifa gameplay is much improved this year. Play fifa career mode but like a normal pes master league. 30 min videos without the 4+ hr streams. If streaming play ultimate or online seasons

  14. I’ve just played a game now and it’s still an absolute shambles. Loads of pop in and blur in the horrific pre match cut scenes and they didn’t fix those ridiculous suits. The fact that they took 2 years and this is what they’ve delivered and now delivered is incredible. A complete mess

  15. There is an info that 2k Sports contacted FIFA for the license (there are rumors that EA will lose FIFA license). They want to make a football game. Is this good news?

  16. They couldn’t make it with two years development, so what makes you think they’re gonna make it in six months!?

    The game is dead already.
    They should start working on E-Football 2023 already.

  17. There is no point delaying the update for 5 months. Other 5 months and a new game could be launched. Better work on that and completely cancel this garbage from the store and use the time for the next PES/efootball 23. Also it better not be free. Can’t expect quality from something that is free to play!

    • I mean there’s a lot of free to play games that are quality it’s not the price that makes the game it’s the devs behind it

    • @Presley Hughes name one quality game that is free to play. Is all about the money dude. You want a decent product with a lot of mods, you will have to pay

  18. what u should do is play PES 21 story with one bottom 2nd league club…like fully moded with all stadiums and stuff but use the real broadcast camera please! 🙂

  19. They said they are bringing a new mode with original teams whatever that is supposed to be, the game does feel better they fixed the cursor freezing issue that really bothered me especially doing the team selection online was a nightmare but that’s running smooth now they need to add so much more an option to save team data for a start

  20. This game will be broken in the Spring. The basecode is a mess, like Cyberpunk, theres nothing they can do because of the foundation

  21. See here the death of konami footbal. Yes maybe its fixed in march or may but meanwhile FIFA is creating a new game for that year. they can better skip this game aswell.

  22. Two years for this. What is the point of a spring release? The season will almost be over. Just scrap this year entirely and focus on getting next year right. Take in all the feedback and listen to what has been said from the fan base and build the product we want to see. The fact it needs another six months work says to me the developers must have walked out at some point proper to release and they’ve scrambled to get something barebones released for launch.

  23. This is actually good news, because there’s no way they could’ve shown something decent by working on this mess for a mere month.

  24. I dont know what the mode is called in english but in pes21 you can set up a team by steeling players from the opponent. So that might be fun watching Ricky play and curse the COM. 😎

  25. It will be cancelled and shut down in 6 months the way it should be. They don’t even deserve the licence teams they have. Just hurry up and give up stop embarrassing yourself.

  26. Play modded PES 2021
    There are few very good gameplay mods on EVO web.
    Play master league as a 2nd division team. We have all year anyway. Lot of time ⏰

  27. Idea for content
    Would be difficult but review every konami football game starting from ISS just to see what’s changed over 2 decades. Could be a laugh 🙂

  28. I played 200+ games (yes maybe I enjoy a bit of torture) online and have to say I hope they only do adjustments that don’t completely change the game. It needs adjustments in critical areas like defender behaviour and maybe passes and shots need a bit more punch here and there plus the whole physical defending kind of works but just looks odd at times (same goes for collisions). One thing I really like is that you always have a chance to act and react which emphasizes the 1v1 experience. This however is overshadowed by strange behaviour of defenders and also I’m under the impression that manual passes or random “pinballs” throw off the defense. If they stick to the 1v1 idea and fix some of the odd stuff happening and tweak a few things it should be good. I just hope they don’t crank up the speed to FIFA levels in which case we all just can buy FIFA and move on as it has more content to offer. Also a 1v1 online with friends they should release before spring. I don’t mind matches with randoms obviously but being able to play a friend online with a friend should he an essential day 1 feature.

  29. Some issues have been fixed but wbhy won’t they fix the stuttering issue ?
    It’s still pixelated in PC and runs with low fps.. And they still won’t let us play more than 5mins

  30. Wht v can do is keep bringing them in hall of shame after every new updates … So tht they bring back the photorealism after known thr thr is no other waay… ✌

  31. It’s crazy that they go into fixing issues and at some point they decided, well…November 11 is impossible because of the sheer amount of problems we have to fix. The obvious question that baffles me is, how on Earth did the game ever release to begin with because they obviously knew these problems existed. Impossible not to know as they tested and trialed the game and saw all the issues that existed. WHO then said, cool, lets release it? Did Konami force them despite the developers complaints maybe? This is an epic failure somewhere along the chain of command of EFootball/Konami. I am going to say though, PES has been a good if not great game for many years and of course in the old PES 5/6 days. I am willing to give them a chance. The idea they are saying ok, lets take 5-6 months to fix this disaster. It is possible. This is not a Cyberpunk level of disaster type of game, with massive ambitions and failures. It’s a pretty simple sports game in the end. It can be fixed, and eventually at least be as good as PES 2021. Lets see what they bring us next spring, I guess…

    • I’m ngl lie mate I’d say it’s on par or if not worse than cyberpunk at least that games acc playable nowadays especially with mods it can turn into a class game this was a shambles from Konami tho I have no idea what they were thinking putting this out feel like they need a whole new revamp from UI to gameplay adjustments

  32. Ttb let konami take even 2 more yrs if they have to but they should deliver at long last. Am still waiting for ML for pes 21 derby county. That is what Made me follow this channel. Please don’t disappoint

  33. Hopefully they will be nice and give us some updates to pes2021 to keep it current, such as kits and roster updates for online.

  34. I will continue my journey on PES 21 – I only play Master League, and I am still loving it loads. Perhaps they could do a team update to PES 21 while they fix the latest version.

  35. They don’t have to fix it. They should just sell the brand to someone else…and make this joke of a game that they call eFootball a mobile game only…cause that’s just what they wanted. Let mobile gamers play mobile games…

  36. They couldn’t do otherwise, but honestly V1.0 must be as clean as brand new Ferrari car… I would like to see a product that is something solid. Downloading the patch as we speak…let’s see.

  37. Konami should atleast update the pes 2021 team roster and kits while we wait for another 4-5 months…however, I feel a lot of partnerships will pre-terminate their contract due to this mess where the clubs are not fully represented

  38. Well, hopefully that means they’ll release the 1.0 version on Unreal Engine 5 since it’s releasing early next year. Imagine they mess up with unreal engine 5 as well 😂. Wouldn’t put it past them tbh.

  39. This mobile game is dead. I am waiting nothing and dont care about Konami no moore . They wanted to deliver us a cheap mobile game and milk us with coins. F….you Konami and this is the last goodbye from a 20+ year loyal fan!

  40. @truebrits..I like your content..Been a PES player since ISS 1997. I cant believe that the full release release is in spring 2022.Three years waiting Bro… Do you think that Konami put on more content before the release in Spring 2022??? i Prefer some pes 2021 content…. please no FIFA…. I Rather play footballmanager 2022… Greetzz..

  41. unfortunately Konami is busy making gacha machines, don’t think that this team has capabilities to deliver a decent football game

  42. Efootball cyberpunk 2077 edition.

    This game is worse than pes on ps1 20 odd years ago, that was a fab game but how in gods name is it better, its a game 4 generations ago. Gaming has seriously gone backwards, the talent back in the day must of all retired.
    Imagine being told after playing pes6 or any of the gems back in the day that this is where it would end up? Id of never of believed it.

    RIP Pes 😞

  43. tbh I’m happy that they did listened to us and postponing is the best thing because what’s the point of playing a broken game

  44. What if konami realized this early on.. at may which they should be knowing the current forms of the game..
    Decide to take turn to refit the 2021 version of the game for efootball 2022 and ask for apologies for further delays which eventually will happened anyways.
    They buy times we can still play.
    If they reach out to the mod communities and make the mods an official update they can even make the games like a completely new game at this point.

  45. Loads of time to earn in game currency then…. 500k each day for six months and you’ll earn 90 000 extra + extra event money, if they continue with events. That’s a good start financially.

  46. do you really think it going to be spring before they release it because when will they release the new title. do you think they will just update it agsain

  47. in 5-6 months nobody will care.
    also they lie, I can barely see any difference in the mess that efootball is from the version before it.
    GARBAGE company !

  48. I’m all for taking as much time as possible in order to release a good game, but they already took two years and this is what we get? I have lost all faith in Konami. #MakePESGreatAgain

  49. What’s the point? Launching a football game right before the actual football leagues end? Just scrap it and get your 2023 in order!

  50. there are some people who honestly believed they’d fix everything by November after Konami conjured up this garbage after 2 years 😂😂. Spring 2022 is such a vague release time i doubt version 1.0.0 will even be released on time. the season would be ending if i were the partner clubs i would terminate the contract

  51. No more negative talk now. Konamis football games our the peoples football game. Let’s get behind them now to get better and delivery what we know they can and will do ⚽

  52. How can they just destroy a game like this if were not ready should had launched another Pes in 2022 then in 2023 efootball

  53. Some kind of challenges in PES 21 or Fifa. I know this take time but here is few ideas:
    1. Start series with ManU after 11 fixtures (real time fixtures) and try to won EPL or try to get in UCL. You can plow through this first 11 matches on easiest difficulty and lowest time.
    2. Almost same as above – try to save Norwich/Newcastle/Burnley from relegation or try to save G.Furth in Bundesliga (they have only 1 point after incomplete round 11 – 8 pts behind 15th Eintracht)

  54. What we’ve been experiencing for a while..
    Konami can’t be trusted.
    And no, they won’t deliver a complete game you’d enjoy in 6 just months..
    You’d play their mobile-game on next gen the spring of 2022..???

    No you won’t.

  55. Spring! So when the football season is about to end. What a joke. My money is staying firmly in my pocket. Pes has been on a massive decline ever since they started caring about licenses. Get back to your roots Konami!

    • They could have added minor league licenses and still have good gameplay. That’s a poor excuse to valdiate their laziness

  56. So after years of running FIFA close in spite of all their handicaps, and even making far superior games from the the actual football/tactical/gameplay perspective; Konami picked the year when FIFA lost its exclusive license deal with the actual World Football Administration (“FIFA”) + made another piece of shit game that’s little more than a kit update to straight up commit fucking unprovoked harakiri. Even if they had literally re-released PES 2021 with a roster and kit update, better commentary and better aesthetics (especially in menus) – they’d have probably eventually beat FIFA sales.

    Jesus Fucking Christ, what a sad end. Hope UFL or 2K (if they get into Footy Sims) put up a real fight.

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