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Thomas Tuchel says what we all think – Talk Chelsea


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I think it’s been clear for some time as a UK citizen to see just how incompetent and corrupt our Government are, you only have to look back at the parties they have thrown during lockdown and a time where they imprisoned everyone else in the country in their own homes.

Has anyone heard anything more of the Sue Gray report on that by the way? No, me neither.

Now, they are trying to deflect their own incompetence by using our football club, Chelsea FC. Yes, I hear the rival fans claim we are playing victim when the real victims are in Ukraine. Of course, I’m not doubting that, and I’m not doubting that anyone in ANY war right now not to mention Yemen amongst other countries, is suffering more than Chelsea fans, because of course they are. That though, is not the point.

But are the UK still buying fuel from Russia? Yes, is the answer. Is that not helping fund a war? Yes, is the answer, again. Hypocrites.

Boris Johnson and his cronies have sanctioned Roman Abramovich for his alleged links to Valdimir Putin. Fine. OK, but WHAT on earth does that have to do with Sue who works in the Chelsea Megastore who has now lost her job for now and is wondering if she can even pay her bills for March? Absolutely nothing.

What about Barry from London, who cannot go and watch Chelsea play this weekend because the UK Government are not letting the club sell tickets? How is that going to affect Roman Abramovich whilst he sits on his yacht in the Bahamas drinking margaritas?

It’s not a case of who’s suffering is worse, it is a case of unjust actions and punishing the wrong people, and a case of people needing to look past what it is that the Government are trying to deflect from here.

Chelsea fans have absolutely NOTHING to do with Abramovich’s alleged involvement in the war in Ukraine, neither does Thomas Tuchel, neither does Kai Havertz, neither does Emma Hayes, neither does the kit man, neither does the academy coach, neither does the 8-year-old academy player, yet they are ALL being affected. How is THAT punishing Abramovich?

“Sanctioning Roman Abramovich is easy, wrote Martin Samuel in his Dail Mail article last night. “Steering Chelsea FC the hard part. If the interest of the Saudi Media Group is genuine at £2.7billion, there is also now be a huge decision to make.

“Let it through and this will be the Government that sold football out to Saudi Arabia, just at a time when politicians were pontificating about fans taking back control. Block the deal and they may well have rejected the best offer, for no good reason, considering Saudi owners of considerably greater toxicity have already been welcomed through the door at Newcastle.

“Abramovich’s ownership of Chelsea has already shone an unwelcome light on the Saudis at Newcastle, where Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman appears simultaneously to be overseeing the restructure of a defence and the levelling of parts of Yemen. Comparisons have been drawn between wars fought in Europe, and those in the Middle East.

“Yet the Saudis are our friends. Meaning theirs is an acceptable war.”

This war is fine, because the Saudi’s are Boris and his cronies’ pals…. Apparently.

Thomas Tuchel hit the nail on the head earlier as well.

“I don’t know if this is the most important subject to be discussed in parliament at this time,” Tuchel said when asked about Chelsea fans signing Roman Abramovich’s name being discussed in parliament. “Maybe we need to worry about priority of discussions there.”

Again, another excellent point. What the hell are these clowns doing about ANY wars, let alone the Ukraine war? How are they spending their time? Stopping Chelsea selling tickets and closing their club shop? Yeah, that’ll do it lads, that’ll deter Putin, he’s off running scared now.

We get it, you sanctioned Abramovich, fine, but why on earth something wasn’t put in place to allow Chelsea FC to continue as normal whilst proving no profits are going to Abramovich, is simply ludicrous. But I’m not surprised with this pathetic and incompetent Government who are continuously shambolic.

I hate writing about politics by the way, and I hate that they’re making me now write about politics every day! Deal with Roman fine, but let Chelsea trade and be normal, it’s needed by the community worldwide.

If Chelsea’s game goes behind closed doors this weekend, which was silly to ask by the way and won’t happen. But if it does, wait for the Downing Street parties again, because they’ll think the country is in another lockdown!

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