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The Ultimate Formation & Tactic | eFootball PES 2021


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SpoonyPizzas here guys, this is the best formation and tactic I’ve found post Data Pack 6, tested against the 3 most popular formations in this video and more since extensive playthrough – I’m literally battering teams on Legend difficulty. I came across this formation and tactic when messing around for my Data Pack 6 Review. It worked well on Data Pack 5 but with a slightly adjusted support range for Data Pack 6, it’s perfect and it’s a 3 at the back formation that works against Legend difficulty!! :O

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  1. Please can someone do me a favour? If there’s ANY manual through-balls / shots or lofted passes (you’ll see a targeting tool appear) can you timestamp please? Thanks

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    I’ve tested this formation further against 3-4-3 and 5-3-2 producing similar results!

    Switched to this formation during a derby game just now (03/06/21) as I was getting mauled in the first half and won 🙂

  2. 10:12 Look at your LMF movement. I think konami has improved LMF and RMF movement, they’re better at tracking back opponent’s wingers, making 3atb more viable. I’ve noticed this pattern of movement in my games too, even though i was using wingback instead of deep defensive line when i play 3-5-2, so i don’t think it’s a matter of advanced instructions.

  3. This is a brilliant formation i play it with the wide men making a front four at times, players who use the dpad need that kinda space to play

    • Why would you be using a d-pad, man? I bet your left thumb has become flat and no longer has a fingerprint hahaha, am I right?

    • @Jay Vicky haha not at all i use the inside of my knuckle if that makes sense, i find it easier because i can feel the neutral zone of the dpad but cannot with the analog as its to sensitive, it does give me an advantage in the way i play which is abit unorthodox

  4. Hey spoony, do I need to have tall defenders for better defensive line because currently in my master league I’m unable to have clean sheet. On an average I’m having 1 clean sheet every 9-10 matches

    • I LOVE Egypt man…can’t wait to go back when this covid is over. Probably my favourite place on Earth (and I’ve been to a fair few places!)

  5. Hey spoony, love a good tactics video! You mentioned that you set Fred as defensive, as with kimmich in a previous video. Is this just done by setting him as a dmf or is it done through individual play styles? I always find Fred gets forward even tho I have him as a dmf? Thanks

    • Defensive midfielder and defensive in advanced instructions too. Doesn’t matter on playstyle as you see in video…if you forget even an anchor roams forward

    • @Spoony Pizzas cheers, il have to have a look for defensive in advanced instructions. I’ve never noticed that option before, to apply it to a single player. Keep getting done on the break 👍

  6. Great vid Spoony. Played Burnley last night in my ML, was Pushing for the last UCL placem lost 1-0, just could NOt break them down, and as soon as I got the ball they had 3 men swarming around me.
    Like you, and thanks to you, im using the VirtuaRed v2 Mod which is awesome, do you use any additional game play mods on top? ie a modded exe or dt_18 file? or just plain vanilla ?

  7. Does VirtuaRed V2 mod can run with Smoke Patch?

    Wonderful vid btw, needed to learn about the tactical to beat these teams

  8. Hello, I am using Pes 2017 and I want to apply this formation but there is no Defensive in advanced instructions,what should I do? Thanks!

    • Hmmm there’s not much you can do. You could aim for an anchorman, I don’t remember if they behave differently

    • @Spoony Pizzas So,can I stay with “Hug the touchline” and “Deep defensive line” in advanced instruction without “Defensive” ?

    • @Matthieu RANDRIAMAROTIA I think so, see if there’s a way to prevent him going forward (maybe a fluid formation copy n paste the formation and when in possession of the ball make him a CB

  9. Well, not a bad solution. Of course, it works well as soon as you make the right choices upon the marks. The player needs to choose the players who will have the certain characteristics that apply to the disadvantages of the opponents. One thing I would definitely apply is this: never apply to your DMF the Anchorman tactic and in my opinion the best traits to have for your DMF is either the Destroyer or the Orchestrator, depending on what you want to play, counter or ball possession respectively. The reason is that in this way, the DMF will move by width in the field, so that he is able to cover the sides of the defence, steal the ball and start your own counter, which has high probability to catch the opponent displaced. If you apply the Anchorman or if the DMF has the Anchorman trait, he will stay in the middle and he will leave the sides empty for a fast winger to make crosses unchecked. Otherwise, you have full pressure through all of the width of the field, as you have at least midfielders in the wings (Spoony uses wing attackers in his formation), plus one playmaker, the AMF, and a deep playmaker, the CMF. It is very close to the 3-1-4-2 of the 2020 edition, just by adding a bit more depth in the build-up and a bit more move by using the SS- CF combo. Have a nice time!

    • @Spoony Pizzas Will certainly do so.
      In your previous formation my right and left defenders did tire quickly and so did the LMF and RMF.

    • Yeah that happens consistently for me too. It’s cuz they cover the most ground and usually do the most sprints.

    • @Spoony Pizzas I prefer the Bayern formation.
      I often have 80% of the ball and many shooting chances.
      Tested it 30 times even with 3 star teams works like a charm.

      Thanks Spoony 😉

    • They do differ slightly but experiment. Martial for United didn’t have a playstyle (greyed out – I actually believe this makes it a true SS and is the best type imo.

  10. Hello Spoony, thx been waiting for this tuto. Like i said, i play on ps4, if you play on ps 4 whats your gamespeed for data pack 6?

  11. Hi. I’m using the PS4 version – do you manually adjust the player positions? For example, the wingers in the standard 352 on the game look to be narrower than what is shown on your formation screen. Similarly, the strikers don’t appear to be as deep, and there are 2 DMFs instead of 1 DMF and 1 CMF
    Keep up the good work! Many thanks

  12. Yesss, thank you so much Spoony, finally i can play some real football on Legend level, Superstar was so easy for me, but now i can enjoy the legend level football on my Master League save, and im using Man Utd, so far its going great with this setup, i cant wait to trash Burnley🤗

  13. Hello,can I make Rodri as defensive midfielder but without the “Defensive” in advanced instructions? Because in your game you make him as a defensive midfielder but without the “Defensive” and it looks very well.

  14. Try playing against bayern, I am not able to get the same level of comfort, space, passing options as I would when playing against other teams

  15. I think it’s more a matter of who’s playing than the tactics only. You play amazingly while I can hardly smash anyone. 😉 Nevertheless, I like the tactics and found it to be one of my favotites with some modifications. Thanks for another great video!

  16. Also you vids are great ,however think I preferred when you show the full formation on screen instead of a little side screen ,let’s us get precise positions

  17. Hi spoony bro, I am stuck and confused regarding which monitor to buy for ps5. Right now I am still using normal 22 inch 1080 monitor for ps4. I will get Ps5 in few months. Kindly suggest regarding the specs of the future monitor upgrade.

    • If money is no issue. Aim for 27″ 4K HDR 1ms input lag. Otherwise…as it’s a monitor and you’re probably close 2K 1ms response time/input lag. The 1ms is important but check reviews too

    • @Prashanth I use a HDR 4K TV for my PS5. They’re cheaper usually thank a monitor but….monitors have much better response times. My TV has 23ms I think…sooo kinda delayed input from controller to what’s going on screen.

    • @Spoony Pizzas if we sit at close range ( 2 to 3 feet distance between eyes and monitor) is 32 inch necessary( 4k is useless on monitors below 28 inch, so 1440 resolution on 27 inch monitor is better than 4k with 27 inch).Also how much of difference is between 1080 and 4 k resolution? For 1080 – 22 inch, 1440 – 27,28 inch , 4k only for monitors beyond 32 inch. Isn’t it?

  18. All looks good until you play scripted ML. When your team plays good till the script is activated. Then, all of a sudden your players can’t even make a straight pass and the referee becomes blind. As well as your strikers are ALWAYS offside.

  19. Very nice formation & tactic breakdown against cpu. Would love a vs online video with the same setup against the most used online formations. I’m still using your 451 and 433 formation online (vid from sep 2019). Struggeling against diamand formation and very aggresive players.

    • @Spoony Pizzas Spoony, do you published that counter formation video? I can’t find it though. Btw, thank you for all your tutorials (and funny efootball 22 moments too)

  20. This formation doesn’t work. Got absolutely smashed by Liverpool and City in my ML on Superstar. All other teams just stick 10 men behind the ball and I can’t do anything.

  21. @spoony Do you score that many goals when playing FUMA? (I know your great at both FUMA/not FUMA, just curious about the quantity of goals) PS.: Great editing/video!

    • Thanks dude, I’d probably score more from range with FUMA (outside box) but miss more inside the box chances. I’m pretty clinical without FUMA. Id say, Basic is easiest, advanced and then FUMA, in that order mate and welcome to the channel 🙂

  22. Thanks for this video, i really needed it. Just one question, is it just me or some games the AI seems to be cheatin and suddenly unbeatable?

  23. Spoony jm waiting your best formation and tattics for Venezia my id pes fui67KIKI, when its possible j like play Vs you to pes 21

  24. Ill be honest, i used this formation and tactics and its far the worst ive ever used. Players are way to far away to pass to.

  25. This setup transformed my master league season, using Nottingham Forest on my first season after promotion to the Prem I was struggling and straining and stuck in mid-table. After using this suddenly my team felt completely different and I ended up qualifying for the Europa League. Cheers Spoony

  26. hey spoony, when you played using man city, do you change cmf to dmf on rodri? it’s cmf on fred but im curious if i played with this formation on team like madrid or barca who have good anchor man. and is it also good for playing against human? thanks!

  27. Just annoys me how unrealistic this game is tactically. I mean liverpools front three would smash this formation irl without proper wingbacks

  28. Thanks, just been trying this. The other good thing I’ve noticed about these tactics I would like to add, is when their keeper punches out the corner it drops to your CM rather than a full back 👌🏻

  29. Do you know of any MyClub managers closest to this? Best I can find is Gasperini, so far so good, but there’s a couple of differences. Wide attack, and high compactness defence. Thanks for sharing again though ✌🏻

  30. What a brilliant formation this is Spoony, used this formation in the England Div2 with Reading FC and default mater league players so most my players were like 60 OVR then i get promoted to the Premier league through the playoffs then 1st season in the Premier league i go and win the league with a average team compared to the top 5 teams in this league. I find this the best tactic so far, cheers Spoony.

  31. I’ve just been testing this formation again recently on MyClub using Gasperini (who is the closest) and the results have been fantastic. Your centre forwards should be good passers of the ball to feed it to players, and not only will your CM get plenty of space you’ll find that your RM will get plenty of space at times because they’re ignored. I scored a screamer with Ronaldo on the right, but tend to use Beckham there and he whips in the crosses for fun. Thanks Spoony, hope you’re all well mate.

  32. Also I would like to add that if you put your tactics to a +1 attack it seems to help if you’re using a player like Roberto Carlos on the left mid, as naturally they won’t push up as much.

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