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SpoonyPizzas here guys, this is DEFINITELY my go to 4-3-3 tactics from now on. These are absolutely perfect from an offensive and defensive POV with practically no weaknesses. So many options going forward whilst defensively solid. I’m LOVING this formation and tactic – you HAVE to try this!!

Tactical links used to create this video:-

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  1. Great stuff, I like this style of tactics tutorial a lot. Breaking down the inner workings of the formation. I tried wing rotation on a 4-3-3 before but wasn’t sure about adding the attacking fullbacks, the defensive tactics here were the missing piece

  2. This formation also gives a lot to my likes, too. The two DMFs give a lot in the defensive coverage, plus that you “drown” the opponent. Very good for ball possession tactics, especially if you have players with very good skills with the ball, like PSG. I would also add as a defensive strategy the Deep Defensive Line, as the defensive line is too up for my likings and I would like a bit more cover against counters. Of course, with PSG you have a good amount of safety in the back, thanks to the fast defenders, just a bit more coverage in case you have slower players fits better, in my opinion. Another thing is that the CMF plays more the role of the playmaker rather than assist in the defense. Marco Veratti, who is used this period, makes a weird option, as the Italian is mostly of a defensive player rather than an attacking one. This happened because many of the CMFs were injured and Mr Pochettino had no other option than put him in this position. In my opinion, Draxler or any other similar player fits better there and Veratti interchanges with Gueye. Marquinhos can also play in the DMF position. Have a nice time, mate, see you in the next video.

  3. Anyone know ,why is so little stadiums from france league on Pes ,its same thing on fifa 21 its weird special for fifa ,by the way cool again video spoony

    • No as it allows less transition when attacking, especially as the defensive line is quite high too, so 1v1 defending is OK and the 2 DMs plug the gaps when the defence is sat deep (see my example when I move Marq out from defence)

  4. last few weeks , i lost many times against zidane’s tactic, idk why but his tactic allways find a way to score against me,the old zidane wasnt dangerous but this one yes.

  5. Great video as always mate! Could you do a video with Arrigo Sacchis 4-4-2 formation and tactics he used in ac milan and the Italian national team during the late 80s-early 90s?…

    • @Spoony Pizzas He basically used a fluid 4-4-2 with extremely high and compact defensive line that pressured continuously the opponent to steal the ball or force an offside trap. Tifo has also released a 3 min video called ‘the high defensive line’ with his tactics. When in possession he advised the use of immediate counter attacks with short vertical passes from the centre. When playing against very compact defences he attacked from the flanks with crosses and centring targets. Positioning of players was also quite flexible. If you manage to replicate it in game, give us your thoughts please!

    • @Spoony Pizzas I just searched for it, a guy on pes 2020 already managed to do this celebration, with pushing on R3 with having a yellow card)) His aim was to test if he can have 2 yellow card with 2 of this kind of celebration )) BTW, you use what mod? I didn’t see all you vids yet)

    • @Spoony Pizzas Okay I Understood! Thanks For Replying ☺️!But Can We Switch The Defense Area(Containment Area As If Opponent Might Not Play With Winger So) As Wide To Centre?

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