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PES2021 Best Formation | AJAX | Triple Threat Tactic | Target Man,Wingers,Hole Player & FB Finisher


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Lets take a look at how to setup the formation and tactics for AFC Ajax in PES2021.
FORMATION: 4-3-3 (4-2-1-3)
TACTICS: Target Man (False 9) with Wingers, Hole Player And Fullback Finisher Tactics

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    • @LFFL yass

      btw isnt target man player who wants cross and scores with headers?

      You said he’s something like false9 😀

    • yes. target man is a modern CF. they will drop down in between defensive and midfield line like a false 9. basically, pass the ball to the target man who will pass to the player out wide who will then cross it back inside to the target man. this mean target man will move back into the penalty box after passing the ball. but the false 9 instruction, the CF usually will not do that and stay outside of the penalty box.

    • there are a lot of ways to make hole player combo. for example the switcheroo tactics (roma and al sadd) that i posted before is a combo with creative playmaker. hole player is very useful

    • it will give you various attacking approach but i would put defensive instruction on one of the fullback to make it safer at the back

  1. Tadic as a central midfielder, and Gravenberch benched? Since the day Tadic signed, I have never seen him play as a CM. Striker or left wing, nowhere else. And Gravenberch was propably the first player to be on the sheet as a CM. Best talent we have in Amsterdam.

    • @Ct 033 if we put box-to-box or destroyer at the left CMF, he will run forward which will clash with the fullback finisher (tagliafico). using anchorman (llansana) or a box-to-box (gravenberch, kudus) with defensive instruction is also possible but this mean it will make the tactic less fluid because they will stay behind. since this tactic is about attacking through the left (to utilise the fullback finisher), we want the left CMF to be a bit flexible, which can be achieved by using orchestrator or classic 10 or a player with disabled playing style (creative playmaker is disabled at CMF). ajax do not have classic 10 or orchestrator, so thats why tadic is there.

      the right CMF will depend on you. since the fullback finisher is going up, we want at least one player to help the 2 CB. so, either put defensive instruction on the right CMF or the right FB. in this video i put it on the CMF, so, its better to use player that has higher defensive stats ie martinez. we can put the defensive instruction on the fullback, that way we can use gravenberch or kudus as the right CMF who is better at attacking.

      but of course, the tactic in this video is to utilise both fullback finisher and target man. if both are not used than tadic can play at the top as SS creative playmaker who will act similar to target man which allow hole player to go into the penalty box. and both kudus and granverbech can be used as CMF which mean tagliafico will run out wide like a normal offensiv fullback.

    • @Roberto C. i use a fluid formation with 4-3-3 in defence. Attack with 3 central defenders(Blind, cvm becomes cb) Lb and rb become lm and rm (train as offensive full back). One CM (orchestrator) and one CAM (hole player). Left winger, central forward and right forward.

      My possession and defending tactics are the same as Lffl.

      Tadic, Haller, Neres/Anthony
      Gravenberch, Blind
      tagliafico, Martinez, Schuurs, Mazraoui

    • @Ct 033 i still play pes 2020 and i use 433 fluid too but with some differences:

      neres, tadic, zyeech
      gravenbeek, martinez, vandebeek
      tagliafico, blind, veltman, mazraoui

      I have to say that starting eleven in 2021 is pretty much better/stronger

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