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PES 2021 | 4-3-1-2 Pro Tactics


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Hey guys, welcome to a new video series where I’ll be sharing you pro tactics including formation & instructions which are being used by many pro players and myself as well.

0:00 Intro
0:29 Formation & Positions
1:43 Attacking Instructions
2:54 Defensive Instructions
3:47 Advanced Instructions
5:12 Gameplay Highlights
6:20 Outro

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    • Yes, because Anchor Man means he will be sitting deep protecting the backline when it comes to defending. In an attacking point of view using the defensive instruction on him will makes sure he stays at the back as well when attacking

    • 4222 or 433 might do with it, because with 3 cb they’re not having backs and that’s where the space is for you to break down their defense

    • Make use of the wider areas and play on possession, players using this formation like to make use of high pressure. Keep possession and wait for your opponent to leave some gaps behind the lines 😉

  1. Nice video like usual 🙂 nice tipps Question: when we use a counter target on one Stricker the second one drop a lot and only one Stricker against almost 3 defender for me it’s not effective. I use Anchor on one Stricker even with attack on the middle otherwise my stickers are going to the wide, defensive on dmf and counter target on both Stricker.
    Let me know if it’s a good setup or not please. Thanks

  2. thanks for sharing, i guess i will fine tune my Genesio-Team a lil bit now. Any tipps for player styles on certain positions? Hole Player on the AMF maybe? Target man on the counter attack striker?

    • These are my personal preferences for 442 diamond formation:
      1 ambidextrous striker on the right that can hold the ball/win aerial duels (Rummenige, Ronaldo)
      1 fast striker that can dribble the ball and will cut inside with his strong foot (eg Mbappe, Romario, Torres, etc)
      CAM: hole player, if possible ambidextrous with long shot/passing traits
      (eg Harvetz, Bruno Fernandez, Dele Alli..) If you dont have a hole player and you have a playmaker/classic n10 I suggest you to select the “counter target” advanced instruciton on them or they will drop really deep and you wont be able to form the triangle with the AMC+2CF. I have Messi, Ronaldinho, Zico and many more classic n10’s and if I dont put the counter target instruction they will drop rly deep, leaving my 2 cf’s without support and clogging the midfield.
      cms: box to box, if not possible, hole players can do the job aswell (Kanté, Saul, Nedved, Henderson, etc)(Tiago, Pasalic, Pellegrini, Milinkovic Savic)
      dm: anchor man or destroyer, I prefer anchor man specially if you play with offensive fullbacks (Fabinho, Ndidi, Barrios, Casemiro, Vieira)
      fast offensive fullbacks with speed and if possible, with good physical contact and defensive skills (robertson, trent, davies, alba, mendy,)
      1 strong cb like VVD, Skirniar and 1 fast CB like Puyol, Lucas Hernandez, Denayer, even davinson sanchez featured edition is pretty fast
      a GK that can play the ball (Ter stegen, Alisson, Ederson)

      *** if u play vieira at the DMF id put a defensive wingback like wan bissaka or pavard at the right flank or kimpembe/lucas hernandez at the left flank

      Hope this helps, im not the greatest player out there but im 800 points in both matchdays and ive only played the game since this years edition and ive been using this strategy since day 1

    • @Indominator94 Thanks man! What I meant was when you receive the ball in the box how do you do the first touch so that the player rolls the ball and sets it up for a shot immediately. I have seen many good players do this (and you did that for one of your goals in this video) but don’t know how to do it.

  3. Thumbs up to your video and good luck to the competitions!!In general,The diamond works perfectly against the formation that PSG is using in your video.Of course you play in a higher/top level than i do,but PES still holds some simulation elements in the offline (only) modes,so for casual gameplay,u can have both possesion and long ball in diamond,by using a regista (playmaker) as DMF and a tall,target man as a CF paired with a fast striker.Also,this is the favourite formation of the great Johan Cruyff (RIP) both as footballer and manager (total football).The flying Dutch was causing havoc from the AMF position,since as soon as they had possession of the ball,the diamond was trasforming into a 4-3-3 ,leaving the CFs to the touchlines as wingers and away from the AMF,who was becoming the main threat from the central areas,leaving him to move freely into any gaps or take advantage of 1vs1 situations.Wing rotation,hug the touchline,counter target and attacking mentality may help to reproduce in PES,if u have suitable players and always and only offline, of course xD.

  4. Thanks for sharing. Top vid, can you do a video with controller input on for a match? or live stream with controller input. Just wanted to how you defend real time.

  5. I also use this formation. Havnt tried with maintain positions tho. Keen to try.

    Do player styles play a role? Playing prolific wingers out of positions? No hole player in AMF?

  6. Ga deze zeker is testen 😉
    Bedankt Yos, je zal snel op 10K geraken 👍
    Ik speel altijd “Possession Game” eerst de tegenstander uitputten en dan aanvallen 😉

  7. I use this exact formation as well!! I also like to use Tiki Taka to modulate between counter attack and possession style. I sometimes also put the amf as an SS depending on their stamina or over all chemistry. I find using a Classic No 10 in that role to be the best. Being that sallah is a roaming flank I imagine putting him there effects his movement.

  8. Bro, make video how to get options when the opponent puts the defensive midfielder marking directly the AMF ! 😛 because with that formation a big part of the chances that are created the ball always come from the amf 😀
    Cheers beast!

  9. Everything was nicely put. Awesome bro. Subscribed👍🏼

    Also can you give further explanation about what player style fits the most for each positions on this formation?

  10. A classical Inter FC formation on older PES’s with (Adriano – Martins and Eto’o – Milito) especially now with Lukaku and Lautaro together. It worked for me really well on pes 2020 and now on 2021 all do i change advanced instruction sometimes of course and defensive ones aswell.

  11. Thanks mate, I’m currently 850 rated and this is my first full year playing PES since I switched from that garbage of a money grab called FIFA. I loved the diamond formation and also because of Cruyff. My question is, can you do this in myclub since the managers you buy already have their own set of tactics? I didn’t know you could play around with that or am I wrong lol? subscribed, keep em coming! 💫💫

  12. Surely high defensive line aggressive and frontline pressure will give opponent easy 1v1 chances if they use fast attackers and through balls an loffted passes? How to prevent that.

    I like the idea to press and not give them time to play but the risk of easy 1v1s results in playing a more all out defense approach.

    • Great approach mate. If you’re exceptional in defending, you can easily cut pass lanes or just stay in front of the deepest attackers with your backline. Otherwise you should go for all out defense to play more safe at the back. I don’t advice people to play frontline pressure, it’s just being used by many pro players and myself as well. If it works out, then you should definitely go for it.

    • I don’t want both strikers to stay up front, I want them both to make seperate runs to variate in the attack. The one without Counter Target will make the most runs from the back to the front, which will create better dynamics in the attack, but on the other hand it takes a lot of stamina. Using Counter Target also saves stamina.

  13. What difficulty is this also formation and playing depends a lot on what attacking level the opposition is playing need some tips when the opposition on red full attack or one below full attack

    • Defintely is a good option as your DMF stays at the back to have at least 3 at the back when your backs are standing high up the pitch 😉

  14. Hey man !!! The Big teams plays by itself. You are an idle player. If tight, play with the small team . . Now go play barby 👋

  15. Thanks a lot🙏🏽 , I used the formation to beat my friend 15 times but he has now found a solution by using 4-1-2-3.
    Pls what formation can I use against his 4123 ?

  16. I choose tactic like you …
    advanced setting – off- defensive and attacking fullbacks … def- deep defensive line, swarm the box … is ok?

    Which manager is properly for this tactic with myclub? 🙂
    what camera do you use? Thx

  17. Ini formasi yang gw pake banget dan sama strategi nya. Bedanya hanya support range gw pake 8 dan AMF gw majuin dibikin SS. Nice video bro

  18. imo it is also interesting to drop a CMF to DMF and put attacking left backs on advanced instructions, specially on teams like bayern that have a lot of good defensive players to substitute when they get tired… it’s working for me!! great video.

  19. Hi bro in your channel do in myclub? I use fischer is almost the same tactic except in defense he defend for wide and not for the center,my question is if the advanced tactics in this video works for that trainer i hope u answer me and hi from mexico

  20. I honestly think it’s the worst possible game, you have to play for amateurs in order to win a match, fifa is the best he has ever beaten … this game shit doesn’t even have graphics.

  21. Just look at pes mobile youtubers like ‘ruma’ … pes mobile users are really good at this game..there are many pros.. but in the console version there Arent many good players

  22. Thx for the vid im a possessionslut tried this custom with the same setup, but chose “wide” and “possession” instead of “center” and “counter” (I know counter is meta but I just can’t help myself😜) I must say it works like a treat! Thx a bunch

  23. by your words ” containment area is recommended to set to “center” as most players prefer to play through the middle” but that s weird is not it? You prefer to contain the opponent where it has more players. Logically, should not you pressuring them to go “wide” since they would have less wide players… ?

  24. I was in the middle of quit the game and u bringed me back with those instruction’s, thx you are a real pro 😎❤️

  25. I’m so crap at this game 😢 fifa is shtt n I just keep loosing HELP PLEASE. HOW DO YOU STOP AUTO SWITCHING.

  26. Saya baru move dari fifa ke pes, main online selaku ketemu player yang make formasi aneh ditumpuk ditengah, jadi engga realistic aja formasi begitu, aneh, di fifa ga ada yang pake formasi formasi aneh begitu

  27. hi i play pes21 on pc offline with friends is there a patch/mod with which i can create a tournament with only 4 teams the konami cup has minimum 8 teams???

  28. It’s the best formation for me. I’m almost invincible with the formation. I use a SS instead of an AMF though

  29. I think this is the most op formation in the game. I used this in Serie A and suddenly the league becomes farmer league. I can even beat, not only beat, humiliate scripted match team.

  30. Please make a video about formation or play style can counter this bull shit strategy. I lose many match with opponent’s using this strategy.

  31. Great tactic man! The only one that worked out for me in ML. Just wanted to know if the CAM should be a Hole Player or a Creative playmaker ?

  32. Could you kindly tell what are the suitable playing style for footballer on this formation? Also I’d like an explanation why and what are the best playing styles

  33. Hello,i would like to advice.
    I played with friends and random choose teams,can you tell for that games,what is the best/universal formation?

  34. Do you only use two types of advanced tactics, counterattack and defense? Is there a reason why you don’t use anything else?

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