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PES 2021 | 4-2-1-3 Pro Tactics – Most Used by PRO PLAYERS!


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Hey guys, welcome to a new video series where I’ll be sharing you pro tactics including formation & instructions which are being used by many pro players and myself as well.

0:00 Intro
0:27 Formation & Positions
1:24 Attacking Instructions
2:03 Defensive Instructions
3:01 Advanced Instructions
4:13 Gameplay Highlights
5:49 Outro

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  1. This is what i call the “Scum” formation, it relies on the game’s technical problems rather than the principles of the sport. You may win 80%of the matches through brute-spamming passes but you will stay a “C” no matter how long you spent.

    • @kether82 we are losers? We are obliged to use pass level 1 due to eFootball.Pro League rules. If we had to play on full manual, we would play full manual. You can’t blame the players for that!

    • @Filip Stević eFootball.Pro League is the only and official Pro competition. I’m part of it as a player and playing pass level 1 is mandatory. Don’t blame the players, blame the game

    • ​@Indominator94 hey bro ignores that guy. He’s a fucking kid who need to grow up. I love your videos and your opinions man ! keep up the good work, just ignore these idiots dont waste energy on them !

  2. Me and my friends make a league every weekend, im gonna try and win it with this strat. I was wondering what game speed do pros play on?

  3. I’ve tried this formation before and it’s hard against a player that keeps possession, I feel Like I don’t have enough players in midfield

  4. You are great bro but i’m very confused that which pass support level do you use in new meta. When i played this formation i used to play with lv1 but sometimes it causes passing mistakes

  5. I would like to ask your opinion about “tight marking”. Is it efficient for you? And if not why? Keep up your great work

  6. That’s some sweaty formation and encouraging other people to do so is just wrong . Play the game instead of abusing game mechanics ffs

    • It’s how most of the pro’s are playing and playing online in general must be seen as competitive. So if people don’t like to sweat, they shouldn’t be playing online then.

    • Ridiculous reply and point you have made here. You show a complete Lack of respect, sportsmanship and Shame but playing this way online does require those three traits to begin with.

    • @Bid  I’m just sharing the truth and to be honest, what is the reason of playing online? People want to beat others right? Btw I’m not using this formation myself, I’m sharing these tactics to the ones asking me what the most used formation is by pro players 😉

    • Playing for prize money is completely different and it’s PES fault that 4cb 3cf is what is effective.
      Playing online as a normal person isn’t all about winning, this win at all costs mentality should be discouraged.
      For every one person that wanted you to make this video, there’s so many others who’s gaming experience is ruined by having to play against them, win or lose. I don’t know if you can’t see that or don’t care but either was it’s not cool in my opinion.

    • I play online for fun, i try to win but i also try to do stuff to find new stuff .
      It important to me how one wins
      Just winning anyway isn’t winning. If someone lag to win would you be so ok about?
      I get a lot of people messaging me and saying they like play vs me that a win.
      PES has so much , many never ever get close to doing or seeing it .
      The winner at all cost means peoples game play is painful boring too .
      I get your point, but encouraging people to play anti football and to just do anything to win means the variety takes a hit too .
      I play with 2nd teams online but many who think they have to win will still play with 5star.
      How you win should be important too.

    • Because of defending conservative, your players won’t press when losing the ball. They will fall back and they have a lot of space and time for their teammates to fall back, which makes it less risky.

  7. Like your every other videos, nice and clean one. Can you show your favorite tactic. Wish u luck with Arsenal in competitive arena! 🙂

    • @Nicolas Guarda sigo siendo manco.. jaja..
      No. jugando Myclub, soy más de posición y salir con el juego limpio. Con el sistema 4-2-1-3 con extremos. Me gusta que los laterales tengan Llegadas. Y pues ahí luchandola.. esta parte de enseñanza entrará en los juegos fuera de Myclub.. 👍🏽👍🏽
      No entro mucho a la consola por ahora.

  8. Which myclub manager got the 3 cf switch possible? coz I have this formation but my manager cant only switch them to ss and still so wide cant be narrowed.
    Thanks for the info. 🙂

  9. actually i have some questions for you
    IN MY TEAM i have isco ,ozil,partey and pogba plus depay and LACA up front , show i am just trying to figure out some, formation to somehow fit them in the starting eleven . Theres one thing i want my midfielders ( especially when I am playing against defensive – oriented teams) to start their attempts from the wide and then while i am manually cutting insinde with one of my midfielders i want the rest of the midfielders plus the forwards to come close show i cant actually make some combinations.I suppose that 41212 willdo for what am asking , but i would like to haave your opinion plus what are the preferable advance , attacking and defensive settings for this type of game. Also i would like my players especially the forwards to make runs behind the defence or some times drift wide if there is not much space…

    Thank you in advance!!!

    • I can say now that after a few games it feels very much like playing as my “sweaty” opponents.

      Not my cup of tea, but definitely a very effective one. My regular styles are variants on your 4-3-1-2 tutorial. I’ve also had some successes with lesser teams with your 5-1-3-1 formation from PES.

  10. I feel like some comments are missing the point that this is a “play to win” formation, and winning matches is literally a pro’s job. I agree that it’s overpowered though, and I’m happy that the pro cup is 3v3 since it makes it easier to defend against 1-2s and more entertaining to watch. I’d still be curious on your thoughts about fluid formations and going full red/blue!

    Btw, good luck with Arsenal! I’ll stick to Celtic just like last season and I feel like counter target is helpful with Edouard to make good use of him the whole 90 mins.

    • Thanks for the tip with Edouard! I also really enjoy playing Celtic in Online Tournament, where I try the different formations. They have a good variety of people on all positions. It helps that I’ve had a sweet spot for the team since Henrik Larsson’s time. 😉

      I do really like your username Minanda PES – ML Default is a favourite offline mode and I have great respect for the older games.

      And lastly, big congrats to Indominator!

    • @RockaDoodle I like to use Griffiths as a sub and the Edouard-Griffiths combo in the 2nd half has been working well for me. Good luck, maybe we’ll face each other!

      I mostly remember Larsson from his matches with Sweden but I do like Celtic as well 🙂

  11. Thank you for you nice video Men I really appreciate. What I want to see and I think the most important in game play is the curseur switch to select the right player. I Wan to know how it’s possible to choose the right player as quickly as possible to better defend. The most of the time I can read what the opponent passes but the most of the time I can’t select the right player even using the R3. I have played against many top ranked player in myclub and I was impressed how they can always choose the right player to cut my passes. Thanks a lot in advance

  12. What about the defensive line? It will not work if you play with weak defenders such as Argentina, I hope you can help me with a good formation and tactics for Argentina 🙏

  13. Related question: When playing against a similar formation, do you recommend playing offside trap to combat long ball against CF? Most times I manage to clear away, but other times I’m hopeless.

  14. I just switched from fifa a few days ago to PES. The community is much more kind and helpful. I needed to get away from the toxic pay to win structure of EA. I appreciate your videos as these help A LOT for someone who is struggling to adapt to the simulation style of game.

  15. I always combine Tiki Taka & Counter Attack from attacking instruction. It looks weird though, it really work. We have a lot of chances to make not only 1-2 passes, but also 1-2-3 passes(ha ha).

  16. halo, i’m just play ps4
    how to move player position when set formation like that ?
    move to the left, middle or right

  17. How this is fun in my club?! Please stop playing like that and thinking you’re a God, there is people that what only enjoy game. Viera, mathaus and Gullit should be banned.

  18. You got the containment area part back to front: if your opponent has wingers, set containment area to CENTRE to make them play in the middle. If your opponent plays through the middle, set containment to WIDE to force them to play on the wing

    • Containwide wide means your players will be compact, if your playing a team who likes to play down the wing it’s best to use wide containment as it makes sure your players spread out more etc

    • @Karizma231 no, double check the definitions in the game/on forums. Wide containment means “force attacking team out wide” and centre containment means “force attacking team down the middle”

    • @Akara Etteh The Music That’s what I always thought as that’s how its explained in the game. But if you look at Spoonys Pizza on youtube, he test them both and proves they are indeed what I said, mad confusing for real.

  19. Hi, not related to this skill but could you please guide me how to do this roll ball skill by Ronaldo in this video. It’s used by most pro players and they do it as they trap the ball as well. Seems like a skill people like to spam but quite effective Thanks so much

  20. thank you very much, bro. But I think you may have made 1 point not very accurate, that is:

    On the Defensive setting, on the option “Containment Area” there are 2 options “Wide” or “Centre” … By the explanation of PES themselves:
    “Wide” mean: your team will try to block all forward passes into the center, and force the opponent to attack in the 2 wings.
    “Centre” mean: your team will try to block all forward passes into the 2 wings, and force the opponent to attack into the center.

    Therefore, if your opponent is attacking on the wings, and you want to defend on the wings, then: you should set the containment area to “Center” –> which contradict with what you said in the video…

    Is that right? what do you think ?

  21. Can u tell me how u are changing this options? I mean i can’t choose formation, i have blocked all switching options like attacking style or build up.

    • It’s probably because you’re playing MyClub mode. In MyClub you have to sign managers with certain formations and their tactics. If you’re playing in a normal offline exhibition match or online divsions you are able change formations and tactics manually.

  22. Thanks for the clear explanation! But, why didn’t you show us how it’s gone to 3 goals for your enemy?

  23. taking advantage of the stupidly programmed game and making it league of legends instead of football is so cancerous that everyone that uses this should get banned. even with 0 skill you can manage to win with overrated mbape that irl is shit player but in game better than messi and ronaldo together.

  24. hello genius !! your videos are very good, congratulations! Question what DT would I recommend similar to the video in myclub? thank you

  25. So man, I did the instructions and everything you put in the video, but I used a different tactic, but it was 4-2-1-3, would it make any difference in the style of play?

    • I always advice players not to use the same formations or tactics others use. It’s good to expirement the same tactics on a different formation that suits you mate. As long as you feel comfortable playing with, use it! 😁👍

  26. Formation 4 3 3

    Neymar Ibrahimovic Messi
    Di Maria
    Marcelo Luiz Dijk Alves
    This is my drem team from 2010-2020.

    • Because you’re playing myclub and you’re limited to your manager’s game plans in myclub. It’s only possible to fully change positions in online divisions or any other mode except myclub

  27. I have very serious problems with moving players on the I want to move them. How can i do this. Mouse is not working…

  28. What I find missing in those kind of videos is constantly missing a whole point of tactics. It’s always 11 vs 11 and formation is always a ‘rock paper scissors’ kind of game. There will be always some formation wich you can win almost every formation but not all. So the answer for question “What is the best formation?” should be “it depends”. What I miss its deeper understanding of those dependecies and how to find zones opened by your opponent. – Still best channel about PES – Best Regards 🙂

  29. Thanks for the video but how can I download this type of your game mine is not like that of your own please help me I want you tell me how to download that your game please

  30. Top bro thanks for the tips plus one subscriber didn’t know you had a channel I’ll follow you in time

  31. May I know what advanced instructions you using, my players seem to behave differently than in your highlights. 🙁
    (Great video btw :333)

  32. Came across a player playing this formation, beat him 4-0 😂, used marking to mark his AMF, cut off his supply to his forwards, and attacked on the wings, used a deep defensive line so that he couldn’t get away from my defenders

    • I’m not by any means a superstar at this game. But I know the game of soccer enough to know how to beat this unrealistic and unbalanced formation lol.

    • Just before you are about to touch the ball, hold R2 (on ps4) and then your player will do the dummy run 😉

    • I assume you play MyClub mode. You can’t change formation manually in MyClub, only in online divisions or efootball mode

  33. Which game mode is more used by pro players? Myteam? mL? bAL? I mean what makes you to become a pro player with sponsors?

  34. I been 4-3-3 since FIFA 10 when I started. It matches my style of play. Always 1 CDM and 2 CM. And one CM more like an attacking Mid and and true CM and destroyer CDM who can shoot from distance and posses well. Wingers who can make incisive runs as well as cross well. And always and I can’t stress enough always full backs who get forward but have stamina to track back a lot as they’ll be attacking a lot

  35. Dude, I remember you from PES 18. We were playing PES league qualifications, the one where most players have to get 10 in a row if they want to qualify for the next round. You were losing 2:0 and got out of the game. The game was void. Absolutely terrible and unfair to call yourself a pro, yet you used to cheat like that.

  36. Please leave a very good and new composition of the Paris team with the presence of Messi, Ramos, Valiantom and Ashraf💙

  37. Don’t you only use advanced tactics and defense and the rest? , Don’t you use counters or anchoring? Please give me a detailed answer. Thank you.

    • Hey mate. I usually started with just defensive and counter targets. Depending on how the matches go, I use some other advanced instructions based on my opponent’s playing styles

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