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Pep Guardiola Tactical Masterclass – Formation & Tactics | eFootball PES 2021


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SpoonyPizzas here guys, today we’re looking at a formation and tactic used by Pep Guardiola this year with Manchester City and we’re taking on Chelsea in the Champions League Final!

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  1. Man I don’t know how but every new video of yours is what I was waiting for. I have a City master league so I’ll love this. Thank you a lot.

  2. I wonder why you use a fluid formation to get the full backs to Go central and the dmf to become a cb.
    Is the result much different of you use „false full backs“ and „defensive“ on rodri?

    • Yeah Rodri wouldn’t move into a deep defensive position, he just stays back during attacks (ahead of defence instead of 3 man D) then false fallbacks often sit as a ACM inside RMF/LFM and other CMs/ACMs…. And they move inwards at a later phase in attack/possession of the ball. Hope this helps mate

    • @Spoony Pizzas the explanation about rodri is quite logical when in think about it and to know how exacltly false full backs work is quite helping actually.
      I Need to try it out now in game and obeserve them a bit 🙃👍

    • @Spoony Pizzas Hey Spoony!
      One thing I noticed with changing player positional areas using fluid formation isn’t very good in PES. The players don’t straight away go to their positions but take their time to go from wings to centre or from centre to wings (sometimes even waiting till play is reset by ball out of bounds) maybe because how PES moves other players to replace players you move from their position and they don’t go back automatically until their position is free. I hope they fix this AI in future.

  3. Hey,when you try to recreate real life tactics is really important to take a look to player style of play (Prolific Winger ecc.) because they determine the movement a specific player does on the pitch!
    I’d say styles of play value 80% of the result.

    • @Best ix oh ok thank you, so can you explain how “finisher” means “inverted” in football terms? Because I have never heard that term before

    • @Best ix I don’t think it is the type of inverted that Pep uses tho, it is more like Luke Shaw who will invert and make runs toward the box, not invert and sit back in the CDM position

    • @Adam Maidment so,if you want a
      R/LB like a CDM you should use a player that has higher defensive awareness than offensive awareness,that has “finisher” player style and use the “inverted fullback” instruction.
      Otherwise you can use the fluid formation and set it as a CDM in attack,but I don’t really like that option because it kinda messes up the formation structure

    • @Best ix ok mate I will try that. Up until now I have been looking for defensive full backs and then using inverted fullback. I will try both and see which performs better.

      If I change the player training (for example, Luke Shaw from attacking fullback to defensive full back) will they immediately play in the new training style or does it take time or is there a transition period to complete the training?

  4. Of course a comment from me is demanded… Well, like you, this formation is more interesting, as Guardiola likes very much to play with low for tactics rather than high for tactics. That’s why he keeps benched many times Gabriel Jesus and Aguero and plays often with a meso-attacker in the front- plus that all his choices of CFs are players able with the ball down rather that good at headers. Though, it seems to me like a 4-3-2-1 or rather a 4-1-4-1 than a 4-2-3-1. It reminds me of the 4-4-2 tactics of Jorge Jesus, copying his tactics of the very successful Benfica of 2011 to 2014, when the Eagles of Lisbon had won two consecutive doubles. I believe that- this year at least- he prefers Sterling over Bernardo Silva in the SS position, to exploit his speed, invasion and acceleration, while the Portuguese has better passes. One or two times, I’ve seen Mahrez as SS and Bernardo Silva as right winger. Another thing I’ve also seen, but not as often, is that when in the attack, he keeps Rodri (or Fernandinho, who has exactly the same gamestyle) as DMF and sometimes he gives him an Anchorman role, while I’m sure that Gundogan is the dedicated Orchestrator and Kevin de Bruyne is the Creative Playmaker either as AMF just behind the SS or even besides the SS, in something like a 4-4-2 formation with 2 SSs. At the same time, though, I think that he keeps his wing backs in their positions, but he plays them as False Wingbacks rather that pushing them in the CMF role, thus leaving the Hug the Touchline strategy aside, so as to have a more compact center. And I also have the impression that he pushes his wingers in the RWF/ LWF and in the same line as the SS, so as to play with reverse foot tactics, which are his favourite. I had seen that in Bayern in Bundesliga, when he didn’t start Lewandowski but with Muller as the SS. But you are right when you say that his sides are vulnerable in counters, as he hasn’t developped a adequate answer to these situations, because he likes to keep his defence rather high in the field. Have a nice time.

  5. Incredible work Spoony! Love your team tactics. In PES, the game just feels totally different and great when you actually play the teams like their real life counterparts.

  6. With Manchester City and Pep Guardiola, there aren’t fixed tactics. They play differently like instead of rodri dropping deep, one of the fullback joins to make a back 3 and the other fullback like Cancelo joins the DMF to form a double pivot which helps with keeping possession and also sometimes using strikers like Aguero or Jesus.
    Spoony has done an incredible job with this lineup formation and I suggest playing around with it and rotating players on the bench to get the most out of Spoony’s tactics.

    • Yes thats the proof guardiola is master of 4-3-3 formation because he have many setplay using that formation and i remember when city play against psg he even play counter attack with that formation

  7. Iv been playing with 3-4-3 for 8 years when play PES. Thats very fun, and i know every single one, how to attack and defend. And what kind of the player should we place in best position. And u have to use fluid formation for the best. In pep formation in real u have to use 3 formation, deep, middle and high, the key is cancelo, and de bruyne

  8. Hi spoony what is your online PS+ id? Id like to try to play with you, just want to see how far my pes skill is. I learn alot from your video. Thank you spoony! Love from Indonesia

  9. I take it this is from the PC version of PES? coz if it’s the PS4 version I need the details on the patch 😂

  10. Is this ps4 spoony?
    How do u get all thier real faces and the champios leauge how is that possible in ps4?????

  11. Hey m8, d’you know anyway we can get players to block basic passing lanes? Most teams in real life seem to do it, but in this game, the players just scramble about and let the opponent pass to whoever unless you just control the players one by one which isn’t feasible most of the time.

    • Its one of the stadiums in line to host it at the time of making the video. Now there’s Wembley and some place in Turkey.

    • @Spoony Pizzas yes haha and it became meme content once Aston Villa expressed their desire to have their stadium host it

  12. Hey I tried this formation and one thing I noticed the CDM keeps playing everyone onside, Fernandinho seems to run back behind the 2 CB’s playing the attackers onside, Spoony have you noticed this?

    • Yes I had this too with Rodri. It’s cuz we’ve made him a defender. Not sure why he plays /sits so deep tbh. That’s not normal, must be a DP5 change.

    • @Spoony Pizzas Think the only way round this is to make him a CDM in possession and use the ‘defensive’ strategy on him

  13. Spoony quick question as I know you play on PS5 too. In the replays, do you also get a curved line down towards the bottom right ? very faint, it’s like a shadow caused by something. But happens at any ground for me. Only during the replay.

  14. I have a question, why sometimes when I play online , it seems that the opponent team players are on drugs , they are running like crazy all the time and much faster than my player , even if my team is better team like PSG and the other team is like West Ham Utd , is there a secret, plz help

    • Probably an attack/defence strategy thing. Does it feel like you’re being suffocated? If so, see my one tip you must know video

    • @Spoony Pizzas I do not think it is about strategy, the players running so fast and never get tired even towards the end of the game , Im thinking there is something to press in addition to dash button to make them run like that

  15. Unreal manager but like to see what he can without all that money. Thats why Fergison and Lippi two greatest managers for me. Even Jose with Porto and Inter they should never of won them Champions leagues.

  16. It’s not a fluid formation in my club so this isn’t a lot of help buddy.
    People don’t need local match settings help,they need my club settings help.

    • There are fluid formations mate and 65% play Master League (offline) only 30% play MyClub. If there’s enough interest, I’d cover off the MyClub formations. I’ll be bringing out a counter formations video soon.

    • didn’t think anyone played it offline any more didn’t realise,
      It does my head in online so might go back to master league myself but playing the comp is just a bit dull buddy yaa know,🤷🏼‍♂️
      but it needs to be better online for sure.👍🏻 Heading down for team mates is like giving the ball awayand every 4th or 5th pass it’s like it can’t compute it online,very frustrating. Hope the new one is better.👍🏻

  17. Pes 21 been disappointing to me lately. I cant seem to find a tactic that works for me. I really like how klopp and guardiola play. Mostly guardiola. But nowadays, i can’t seem to find the balance between attack and defense. I can’t defend and can’t create enough. Lately, i’ve resorted to 4-2-4(knight MD’s lfc tactics) but despite creating am alwaya outnumbered. Already watched your tutorials for best tactics. Any tactical help you can suggest bro.

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