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Over the last month, UFL has show Zinchenko in game and some other little hints. Today we go over everything you need to know about UFL so far.
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  1. The name “EA Sports FC” has been trademarked recently by EA in the UK and other countries, that could be the new name for the series.

  2. This can’t come soon enough, I genuinely can’t play either FIFA or PES/eFootball anymore, I just find modern day football games awful to play. This will be such a refreshing take on the genre. I just wish the game would cost £50 or whatever and then get rid of every single microtransaction out of the game.

  3. These people really made an online football game when Fifa is the established one already. They couldve taken advantage of the fact that Career mode and Master league are trash.

    • In 2021 they are both trash concepts that just don’t meet the demands of online gaming. Offline will NEVER be a priority why don’t you people understand this.

    • @Digital Footballer Yeah the old fifas used to be so good. One of my favourites is fifa 08, the career mode was really in depth for fifa too and like you said, everything was taken away. All the amazing features. All the newer fifas just aren’t as fun. The current graphics, gameplay (to an extent) etc combined with the old features and you’ve got the best fifa ever. Idk why they remove all the features. They’re adding back create a club like it was never gone and its still not as good as it was and they’re getting praise for it

    • @M .S Go back about 10 years, it was. And on many games offline is the priority. the F1 games come to mind for example. Its just EA Dont prioritise it because they don’t get as much money from it

  4. Until I see actual gameplay I won’t get excited about it. Even mobile games can show headshots and cut scenes that look great but then be trash on the field like the new pes

  5. This looks like they are hidding something… like eFootball campaign. Just talks no gameplay or actual in game graphic. And when the gameplay arrived… well we all know.

  6. Sadly it doesn’t come out on PC and I am never going to buy a console, so I will have to stay with eFootball. Hopefully with updates it will improve. In Twitter UFL mentioned that they are considering PC release so maybe there is hope ;D

  7. You could have conquered the world with amazing career mode/master league concepts but you decide to just make an online game instead? Meh

  8. Let’s hope that they don’t let as down like eFootball did . 😒👎 I wondering which commentares duo they have . 🤔

  9. For all the Fifa players that are one kick off goal away from going crazy. This may be it. Finally, the 20 years of pain is coming to and end. I hate EA and will never miss Fifa. Take your DDA, SCRIPT,45th MIN GOAL and …. I hate you EA

  10. Love your content dude! And we really need another player in football game producers. Fed up of EA, and Konami is strugling af.

  11. LoL at the pretense that you don’t know what “available as in-game items” means. It means they are gonna microtransaction this game to the brim. Everyone wants some of that sweet FUT revenue.

  12. I don’t get why they don’t LEARN from the shittyness of Fifa and PES and make a football game everybody loves and can’t stop playing. Multiple game modes, a GOOD career mode with many possibilities and a smooth and big edit mode. Like the old PES. They have plenty of time to do it lol.

  13. It’s crazy we’re in a time where doing a simple offline league or cup is something we shouldn’t expect in a football game?

  14. Meanwhile FIFA pricing the same game for years. Only changes are the cover and the price is getting increase 😹🏳️

  15. Gameplay looks terrible not to mention Graphics! Can’t come on The market în 2022 with a game that looks like FIFA 2002 🤗Im sorry, it s a failed project and will remain that way!

  16. the graphics look good but the game will never be close to even beating FIFA as the best football game and we can’t trust this game as it isn’t out and its a free game, its not guaranteed to be good, it might be the same as Efootball.

  17. All games these days are aimed for online play only so for me a waste of time this same as FPS online I feel has actually killed gaming

  18. This game is dead out of the gate with no career mode simple as that FIFA have no competition already and we haven’t even seen this game yet

  19. They will avoid pay to win until they have rich shareholders if this game become successful they would soon change … Because that is a business that is how it works

  20. Whilst I may be disappointed, either way, I’m excited to play this, supposedly free-to-play and skill based which is great. Also they are getting licensing for various different clubs, hopefully most (if not all) clubs in due time. Also excited to see the graphics in action and whether or not the gameplay is the downfall of the game.

    A big downside is there’s no offline. With FIFA having a very bog-standard, rigged career mode system, it would have been good to see them take advantage of it and completely outshine other Football games in terms of offline modes. Also excited to see how consumers will get players in online mode and what system they’ll use to make it “fair-to-play”. Overall very excited. Also, COYH ⚒️⚒️

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